Project Management Professional (PMP)® Student Profiles:

Student Profile: DonnaLynn Hall, PMP

donnalynnhall 2017I am a computer programmer and have been in the field for 25 years. I also love volunteering and giving back to the community. I am also a full-time caregiver on top of working full-time. I have also written a book in 2010 called "A Week to Remember". I started a non-profit called "victoryfromabuse" in 2010 as well.

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Student Profile: Uttam Thakur, PMP

Uttam ThakurPMPLast 4 years I am managing projects and encounters so many ups and down and changes which feel me to get a formal certification and enhance my practical experience with a Standard practice and follow them which attract me towards PMP certification.

I started looking on Certification a Year back and I Highly recommend to go through PMBOK it give you a basic understanding and platform and a kick start. It is very clear the exam is based on PMBOK so it must be understood.

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Student Profile: Leo Spychalla, PMP

Spychalla Leo30 years working in New Product Development of vehicles and components for automotive, marine, motorcycle, snowmobile, lawn & garden, LED lighting, and the railroad. I’ve realized that the principles and practices of project management are consistent no matter what product you work on. The formal knowledge and training afforded to me from PMI will help me to establish Project Management Policies and Procedures consistent with industry practice.

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Student Profile: Rishi N. Khanduri, PMP

Rishi.N.Khanduri PMPI have a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical (Electronics & Power) Engineering & a Certified SAP-Production Planning Consultant. I have been in the Manufacturing & Information technology industry for almost 15 years now. As a Project Manager, I have lead projects for North Americas leading Beverage Manufacturing Companies.

PMP Handbook not only provides the information on your official foray into Project Management, but also gives you an approach you need to follow for your exam preparation. Reading it twice is advisable.

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Student Profile: Simon Evans, PMP

 Simon EvansI am a biomedical research scientist and have been directing grant sponsored research studies for the past decade. I spent 5 years in the Seattle biotechnology industry between receiving my bachelors degree and returning to graduate school at Oregon State University. After completing my doctorate I moved to the University of Michigan where I have spent nearly 2 decades.

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Student Profile: Reginald K. Smith, PMP

Screen Shot 2017 05 02 at 10.00.50 PMAfter retiring from the U.S. Army, I was hired as a Field Artillery SME in support of government contracts. The projects I have led were geared towards military training, logistics and operations. I currently am employed by the Engility Corporation supporting military operations in SW Asia. 

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Student Profile: Mark J. Brindle, PMP

Mark J. Brindle PMPI started in the telecommunications industry right out of high school, through attending the trade school ITT. My early work was involved with the defense department contracts involving "SDI" or more famously known as "Star Wars." From there, I moved into the institutions of Higher Education.

My first education project was involved with a large communications (voice/ data switching systems) refit at Stanford University, in California. From there, I moved into a FTE position at the University of California at Berkeley (GO BEARS).

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Student Profile: Neelosh Selvaraj, PMP

Neelosh Selvaraj PMPMy background is masters in Electrical Engineering, and I have been in the Automotive industry for over 12 years, and work for a multinational company, and in Project Management role for over 4 years. I have managed projects for OEMs such as Ford Motor Company, and General Motors.

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Student Profile: James McManners, PMP

JamesI was raised in rural Arkansas, and after high school, entered the United States Air Force and was trained as an Air Conditioning Technician. Once completing my military service, I worked for GE Aerospace division as a Plant Operations mechanic. At the age of 32, I decided to move back to Arkansas and start my formal education. I received a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Arkansas State University and an MBA from Webster University. 

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Student Profile: Lucia Lawson, PMP

LuciaProject Management is something that many of us do instinctually—we manage our lives, our families, our homes and our careers.  Doing it efficiently and properly is another thing all together.  I have a legal background and worked my entire career in the financial services industry when I was approached by a was a project manager for a construction company.

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Student Profile: Jan Pamp, PMP

Jan Pamp PMPI’m a Master of Science in Physical Engineering and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® from Sweden. Currently @Sony Mobile, I am passionate about software, hardware testing, automation, production and IS/IT. Studied Business Knowledge at Executive Foundation (EFL) in Lund, so I am very suitable for commercial parts. Want to take roles such as Director, Senior Manager, Program Manager, Main Project Leader, Account Manager. Global profile, lived in China for three years, and made business trips to US and Japan.

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Student Profile: Dennis Domino, PMP

Dennis DominoI started working for Philippine National Oil Company-Energy Development Corporation (PNOC-EDC); a power industry player in the Philippines, in 1991. It has been my sole employment for the past 25 years until I applied for early retirement on June 30, 2016 to pursue other interests in Civil Engineering like high rise building construction, ports and harbors, airports, rails and the likes here and abroad. This would then fulfill my goal of becoming a well-rounded civil engineer. 

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Student Profile: Annette Hackenberg, PMP

Annette HackenbergAs someone who has spent the last 14 years as a manager in the aerospace industry, I value continuing education and professional credentials as an important element of professional success. Because much of my experience involves managing large military training projects, I decided to pursue the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification.

Reading the official PMP® Handbook is essential to understanding all of the key requirements and project management principles and terminology.

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Student Profile: Jerry Tarley, PMP

Jerry TarleyI'm the father of three small girls at home, ages 5, 2, and 1, with more than 22 years in the Construction Industry; beginning as a laborer in my early twenties, and presently working as a consultant with a concentration in Federal and Military projects.

I have performed successfully as a Project Manager across the world; including the middle-east, Africa, the Caribbean, South Pacific, etc. One of the keys to my success has been applying the principles of the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), which is not yet as predominate a requisite in the Construction industry as it should be. 

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Student Profile: Chris Love, PMP

Chris LoveI have over 20 years in IT, technical support and management of global support teams.  I have managed a number of small projects along the way from construction to software and hardware rollouts.  

I am currently a consultant working with clients who need to revamp, revitalise or implement technical/customer support departments as well as website design and instructing on various topics from defensive tactics to use of force.  I had considered taking the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam for quite awhile before I actually took the class and got it done.

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Student Profile: Bruno Bergallo, PMP

Bruno Bergallo PMPI live with my wife and my two daughters in Bahia Blanca city in the south of Buenos Aires province in Argentina. I am a professional engineer with a huge background in gas pipelines, petrochemical industry and power generation.

I work for Pampa Energy the biggest energy company in Argentina, nowadays I am Site Manager for a new power facility of 101MW located in Bahia Blanca. I always be involved with Engineering, Project Management and Construction Projects. Around ten years ago I found the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) in the Project Management Institute (PMI)® website a powerful tool for my routine work.

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Student Profile: Thomas Okedi, PMP

Thomas Okedi PMPThomas Okedi is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® with over 12 years’ practical experience of managing Development and Humanitarian Programmes in Uganda, Somalia and Cambodia. He has also implemented short term assignments in Kenya, Tanzania and Iraq.

A Candidate for the IFRC-TISS Online Certificate in Disaster Management and a Graduate of MSc. Public Health and Bachelor of Community Psychology; Thomas uses tailored, contextually respectful and capacity enhancing approaches in the management and implementation of development and humanitarian interventions.

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Student Profile: Farhiyo Igal, PMP

RESIZEI am a wife and a mother of four. My family is a huge part of my success and the lead support of my career, I wouldn’t have accomplish this if it wasn’t for their unlimited dedication in my pursuit.

I have been managing projects for ten years for Technology & Telecommunications research and developments and other engineering products. I have come to believe that better project managers are those who can properly execute the PMBOK and make their decision based on what’s better for the project and not their own interest. Thus getting certified was icing on the cake.

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Student Profile: Alissa Jandrain, PMP

Alissa Jandrain PMPI have been working in Project Management for 12yrs in the school software business. Our company was looking to take project management to the next level and asked if I would be willing to accept the challenge.  I gladly did.  This was a certification I thought about for some time and was now at a point in my career where I was ready to go after it.

The most difficult part for me in my PMP studies was seeing the big picture and how everything interrelated to each other. But through my PMP® Exam coaching classes and formal teaching I understood the concepts but didn’t quite grasp how everything interrelated. 

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