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Student Profile: Alphonse Rutayisire PMP

Alphonse Rutayisire PMPI am an African Australian, Husband to one beautiful wife only and a father to three lovely children. I am also an IT professional with over 12 years’ experience within the NGO and private sectors in Australia, South Africa, and East-African countries.

My past roles included all aspects of the system development life cycle, Office, Windows Client and Server, SharePoint, Office 365, management and delivery of IT projects to meet organisational objectives.

As a member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS), Project Management Institute (PMI), Microsoft Certified Trainer Community, I hold global professional industry certifications as a Project Management Professional (PMP), Australian Computer Society Certified Professional (MACS CP), Microsoft Certified IT Professional SharePoint Administrator, Microsoft Certified IT Professional Enterprise Administrator and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I am committed to helping people maximize their full potential and assist organisations take advantage of latest technologies through mentoring others, training, leading and directing projects.

The first week of exam preparation can begin as far back as a candidate can possibly want it to be. In all cases, this is the most important week of all weeks that will follow. You have to be determined, inspired and be motivated enough to persevere. PMP exam preparation is a project. It has to be initiated, planned, directed and executed, monitored and controlled and it gets closed when you receive a PASS. Below is my reason, passion and resolve to go through the PMP Certification journey.

Most people would agree that Internet has become the conduit of the Third Industrial Revolution or Digital Revolution. This revolution is allowing users to consume media and use business applications from anywhere, anytime and virtually from any internet connected device. In other words Transformation is happening and it is happening very fast especially for an ICT professional like me. For many businesses if not all, there is too much at stake. Businesses have to find trustable personnel with knowledge, skills and experience but also and more importantly those with an outstanding personality, with demonstrated innovative approach and who have generated positive impact or outcomes. This is the kind of conversation I went through during my first week of exam preparation. I analysed the market, researched and purchased Cornelius’s online training materials and decided to pursue a PMI global credential called PMP. Even if you are an experienced professional in your chosen career, there comes a time when many people are called but few are chosen. Certification will generally help you become the chosen one simply because it shows some form of professional commitment, a specified level of knowledge and in fact a presumption of technical expertise.

I decided to spend the last 3 days before the exam in a relaxed hotel environment, away from home and within walking distance of the Prometric exam centre in Melbourne. On the second last day, I revised exam simulator notes and questions that I never got right the first time I took the test. One day before the exam, I ensured that I could easily apply all the 106 formulas as practiced in the PM Formulas.  In total I have gone through more than 3000 questions. In essence, the last 3 days are not meant to be heavy study days but rather an opportunity to recollect and brush up on few uncertainties not from many sources but from one credible resource. Cornelius’s PM Prepcast meet this requirement. Lastly, when is Television watching Not Good News? You guessed it! When preparing for PMP and approaching the exam time particularly during your last three days.

Alphonse Rutayisire MACS CP, PMP

Training for Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®, and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®