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Customer Reviews for The Project Management PrepCast

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Course was good, practice exams were great!

Thank you Cornelius and team for putting together a strong package of products to help project managers gain their PMP certification. 

I watched the PM PrepCast end to end. From there, I read the Rita Mulcahy book (with quizzes after every chapter), took 4 of the PM PrepCast's practice exams, and was good to go. Passed the exam Above Target on first try. 

I'll be honest, I didn't realize at the onset it would be 60 hours of material, I thought it would be 35. That is my one major gripe, I wish this were blasted in flashing neon letters before I decided to sign up. Or better yet, maybe you could produce a 35 hour version... because if I'd known it were 60 hours, I'd not have purchased the product. Cornelius is great at explaining the material, it was most definitely thorough training, and I wouldn't have passed without it. I do think it could have been packed into 35-40 hours without much loss of quality, though. 

The exams themselves were really great. In contrast, with the Rita Mulcahy practice questions, I frequently read explanations for the ones I got wrong, and felt myself grow irritated, because the question itself was worded poorly. And not in the "PMI makes questions intentionally vague to simulate the real world" way, just legitimately poorly worded questions. This was not the case with PM PrepCast, and thus I learned more from your questions than from "the other guy!" Thank you for your consistent attention to detail.


First time Pass for PMP

US Marine Corps

My experience for 1st time pass of the PMP exam. I have 4 years of management experience and I studied for the PMP exam for 3.5 months. The most beneficial steps I took towards passing the exam were the following: read the PMBOK in it's entirety and took notes to reference, studied the PM Prepcast formula guide and created flash cards, and completed all 8 of the PMP Exam Simulator. The practice exams help with developing mental endurance for the 4 hour exam. The learning quizzes helped with immediate feedback on right and wrong answers on learning concepts. The PM PrepCast videos were beneficial for material I struggled with but watching each video in succession was to time consuming for my schedule. 

Henderson, United States, US Marine Corps

Thank you PM prepcast!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Cornelius and the PM PrepCast team for their help in providing a great program for getting me prepared to pass my PMP exam.  I passed on the first try today 5-13 and felt very comfortable while taking the test.  Particularly I appreciated the way the program dealt with individual topics and knowledge areas but also brought them together so you were able to understand the inter-relatedness of the processes as they ebb and flow through the project life cycle.  It is a lot of dry material, but they do a great job to keep it light and entertaining.  A great resource and a great value.    
Thank you PM PrepCast!  Another PM certified!


Thank you.

I passed my CAPM exam last 08 May. I read through the PMBOK and used The PM Exam Simulator to gauge my understanding. I then summarised the key points of each knowledge area and used The PM Exam Simulator again. As what others have mentioned, the sample exam here is similar (if not more difficult) to the real one. I remember that I encountered 2 questions in the real exam that appeared in the practice exam. Overall, the PM Simulator helped me condition my mind, align with the thought process, and manage my time appropriately. Thanks so much. Worth every cent! 


A must in the PMP exam preparation

I have recently passed the PMP exam and the PM PrepCast - together with the PM Exam Simulator - has been my best friend throughout this journey. I loved the training lessons and the way the videos and the whole suite were organized. Concepts were clearly explained, I could easily follow along on the PMBOK Guide, and I appreciate that some topics - that are not part of the PMBOK Guide while being included in the exam contents outline - were discussed and fully explained in the video lessons. For my preparation I watched all the lessons, including the optional ones, as I found them useful too, to gain further insight on specific topics.

I have tried other courses in the past, before finding the PM PrepCast, and comparing the two experiences I definitely recommend this one: I liked the fact that it elaborates on the main concepts and provides justification, helping you deeply understanding the processes and their relationships - as opposed to just reproducing the very same concepts presented in the PMBOK Guide, with no relevant insights, basically summarizing each chapter of the PMBOK. At least this was my experience and I found the PM PrepCast fully matching my studying and learning approach. 

An added value for me was the possibility to watch them as podcasts, so that I could take advantage of my time commuting every day to study for the PMP exam.

Also, I appreciated it is truly up to date and aligned to the 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide - I would not give it for granted!


Best simulation ever

Besides reading the PMBOK guide and other resources this was the only one that could help me understand my gaps. Highly recommended.


Loved, Loved, Loved the Prepcast

I love the "The PM PrepCast for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam)".  I took the PMP exam on February 24, 2020, and passed.  I was very dedicated to studying EVERY day after work and on weekends.  I knew I had to block distractions for a short time and it paid off. The PM Exam Simulator became my best friend. I would not have passed without it.

Really, after going through almost all of the simulator questions (except 10%), spending 81 1/2 hours in the simulator, as well as my other study materials, I thought the real exam was easy. I had taken the Velociteach PMP Bootcamp back in December and used only it along with the PM PrepCast to study.  I referenced the PMPBOK Guide in addition. 

I thought the PM Exam Simulator questions were well written... I felt good all throughout the test. Honestly, at the end as I was waiting for my results, I thought I must pass... and if i don't then I would not know how to proceed. I had followed all of the suggestions using the Prepcast and Velociteach.

I forgot to say.... that I failed all of 6 simulator exams (60s) and the 7th exam I took the Saturday prior to the real PMP" scheduled exam and scored a "74".  But i managed to score overall on the PMP exam with "Above Target".

Studying for this exam requires a lot of time and commitment.

Alexandria, USA

OnVUE Online PMP Exam

NEXT Engineering Consultants

I have just completed my OnVUE PMP Exam Online and Aced it with 5 Above Targets in all domains.

Thanks to PM PrepCast as I have praticed all 6 out of the 7 full exams and the ITTO exam. I averaged 78.5% in first attempt. I never scored more than 81% and below 74% on all tests. The level of PM Exam Simulator difficulty is slightly higher than that of the PMP exam however it is preferred to practice with harder exams to achieve best results.

Highly Recommended!!

Dubai, UAE, NEXT Engineering Consultants

Very Good


The PM PrepCast is the best choice to learn to prepare for the CAPM or PMP exam. The explanation provided by Cornelius Fichtner makes it easy to understand the content. Difficult topics and formulas are made easy to remember. Good confidence in passing. 

Brampton , Canada, Loblaw

Exam Simulator is THE BEST!

Sciencebydesign Labsystems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

No matter what material you use for the study. If you miss the PM PrepCast & PM Exam Simulator, the chances of passing the exam are very less. And PM Exam Simulator is one of its kind. I would say blindly subscribe to exam simulator, attempt all the practice exams in the simulator, study the explanations for wrong as well as write answers and that's it! The chances of your passing the exam are far more than without simulator.

Thane, India, Sciencebydesign Labsystems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Premium Quality Simulator -PMP exam!

Many thanks to PM Exam Simulator. Cleared my PMP exam in my first attempt! 
I would strongly recommend to go with PM Exam Simulator for their complete preparation.
It was very organised & useful in preparing myself for the exam in a short span of time. Worth the money.
Thank you again team for the wonderful product.

Chennai, India

Passed my PMP today!!

Passed my PMP today with “Above Target” score in  4 of the  Process Groups!! So glad I invested my time & money into this course. This simulator will absolutely help you align your thought process to answer the exam questions with great confidence!Perfect Simulator! Buy it today!! 
Thank you Prepcast team!!!


Great Product!

I found the PM PrepCast course to be tremendously helpful and a perfect companionship to the PMBOK Guide. For those working through this course as a prep for the PMP exam, I highly recommend using the PM Exam Simulator. I completed several practice tests and scored Above Target on every section. 


Go for it! Buy PM PrepCast: great investment!

Buying the PM Exam Simulator was the best decision I took. Thanks to the PM Exam Simulator, I passed my PMP certification with excellent results. This was my second attempt (note that the first attempt, I had not invested in any simulator) and even though I knew the PMP material, it was because I used the PM Exam Simulator that I could experience questions similar to those from the PMP exam. Thank you for this great tool. Thank you PM PrepCast team!

The Netherlands

PMP Exam Simulator Review

AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad

I recently sat for my PMP Exam and PASSED with flying colors! All thanks to the PM Exam Simulator. I would strongly recommend it to anyone sitting for their PMP Exam
The sample questions which were very realistic, relevant and challenging truly helped me in my preparation for the exam. I also liked the easy to read and understand analysis and statistics reports feature.
Thank you for such a wonderful product, keep up the good work!

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad

PMP Exam Simulator


Gracias Cornelius el simulador fue realmente genial, para pasar con exito mi examen,,,,, aunque preferi tomarlo en espanol me sirvio muchisimo como una guia principal.

Thanks Cornelius..... The PM Simulator was great, and it help me a lot to pass my PMP.  I took my test in Spanish bur I used the PM Simulator as the main guide.

Columbus, 3, Convergint

Was able to pass PMP on my first attempt

I took part in a PMP boot camp and read through all the recommended PMP prep books. I still wanted to get the actual feel of the exam and its 4 hour stressful ordeal. So I signed up for the PM Exam Simulator from PM PrepCast. I was able to improve my bookish knowledge. The exam results give you insight of the sections that you are weak and needs improvement. The PM Exam Simulator does a good job at explaining why an answer is correct and why the other choices are wrong.
Thanks to all the knowledge gained from the PM Exam Simulator. I was able to pass the PMP on my first attempt with 4 AT's. The actual exam was much harder than any of the mock exam that I did, but still the experience with the exam simulator prepares you well. 
Jerry Ittiachen

Brunei, Brunei

amazing exam simulator


Thank you for making such an amazing PM Exam Simulator ,which gives a very real exam experience.
I cleared my exam and never once felt nervous during the real exam because the simulator exam questions had aligned my thinking process very nicely.
Thank you Mr Cornelius Fichtner.

pune, india, datapoint

Great Content for PMP Certification

Thanks to PM PrepCast I passed my PMP exam  with flying colors!. The best thing that happened to me while preparing PMP is buying PM Exam Simulator. It helped me understand and identify the gap in PMP concepts and the PM Exam Simulator was definitely key to my success!. Will definitely recommend PM PrepCast for PMP aspirants.

Bangalore, India

PMP Exam Simulator- Most Relevant and Must Buy

I found the PM Exam Simulator content inline and relevant with PMBOK 6th edition. Many other competitor exams provide content not available in PMI syllabus and confuse you. You will a very good explanation on each right answer. This will help you on how to look for keywords, how to read questions and co-relate it to the knowledge area to select the right answer.
Even though this simulator is slightly expensive than others, i highly recommend this to all participants since you are paying for the right content and the hard work of Cornelius and his team. Be rest assured that you will not find these questions in the actual PMP exam but they will be very similar to what this simulator provides for the PMP aspirant. You will also get data on your exam results by knowledge area, process wise etc and there is a clever analytics page that provides info on where you stand after each exam and how to correct/adapt accordingly.  Go ahead and buy this PM Exam Simulator without a second thought, its a wise investment to achieve PMP.


passed yesterday with above target


Thank you so much for the great PM Exam Simulator which helped me clear my PMP yesterday with above target in 4 domains and target in one.
My best wishes to the entire team.

pune, india, datapoint

Passed PMP

I passed my exam today. I prepared my exam using Rita Mulcahy's material but used PM Exam Simulator. I also purchased Rita's exam simulations but I didn't find it challenging enough. I would highly recommend PM Exam Simulator as it is very close to actual exam simulation plus PM Exam Simulator covers everything in detail which really helps in all areas of PMP.


PMP Exam Simulator

Thank you Mr Cornelius Fichtner your PMP Exam Simulator was of great help to clear the PMP exam.

Bangalore, India

You get what you pay for

Buying the Exam Simulator was the best choice I did.  It helps a lot to focus on answering 200 questions for 4 hours -sometimes it is overwhelming. After that, you will need 4 or 6 hours for studying the detailed explanations to (1) understand the answer and (2) identify gaps. Furthermore, each question includes a PMBOK reference. You can tailor the quiz feature with a lot of options and the number of questions (by domain, by knowledge area, answered incorrectly, etc). I answered 1400 questions (7 exams) with 73% correct in the first attempt, didn't do the ITTO exam and yet I passed the exam today (30/01/20)

Dublin, Ireland

Amazing content!

The PM PrepCast greatly assisted my PMP exam preparation and provided me with real life situational questions to really test your understanding of the PMBOK guide! It also mimics the computer based test in the PMP exam to ensure aspirants confidence levels are at ease when sitting the 4 hour long exam. Thanks again PM PrepCast for the great content, will definitely recommend to future aspirants who are seeking PMP certification!

Melbourne, Australia

Passed with flying colors in 2 months!

Penn State / ABRL

Thanks to PM PrepCast I passed my exam in a short period of time with flying colors!  I had no idea where to being in my studies and a friend recommended this system to me.  It helped me understand how to frame my studying and the PM Exam Simulator was definitely key to my success!

State College, United States, Penn State / ABRL


I passed PMP on my first try with above target in all domains. I used the PM PrepCast and the Exam Simulator. Both are excellent products, PM PrepCast helped understand PMBOK and provide real examples. Exam Simulator helped with time management as well as training the brain in how the exam questions would be. I would recommend these to anyone starting their journey. 


Excellent practice exams

I was very happy with the level of difficulty, variety and structure of the questions. The questions were worded similarly to the actual exam and the answer descriptions were a great way to further learn. 
I highly recommend the PM Exam Simulator to all who are preparing to take the exam. 


Valuable addition on the way to your success

Used PM Exam Simulator for both my PMP and PMI-ACP exam prep, passed both from first attempt. Using PM Exam Simulator was extremely beneficial as a final part of my studies and helped a lot to review my knowledge from different perspective, determine areas for improvement and catch up on missing parts quickly, simulate real exam environment and gain more confidence to succeed in the test center. Highly recommend this product, ROI will exceed your expectations. 

Burlingame, USA

3rd time was the charm thanks to PM Prepcast

When I came across The PM PrepCast, I had failed the PMP exam twice and had only about two months left before my exam eligibility period was going to expire. The PM PrepCast video content and especially the exam simulations took my studying to another level and truly prepared me for the exam. I wasn't able to make it through all that was offerred but I am happy to report that I passed the exam on my third attempt. I honestly don't know if this would have been the outcome if I did not purchase the PM PrepCast. 


PrepCast Exam Simulator Review - Highly Recommended!!!

Hi everyone,
I don't usually leave feedback but, in my opinion, this is an absolulely necessary PM Exam Simulator to prepare for the PMP Exam.
The questions are cleverly written and together with the detailed explanations they really help you develop the critical thinking needed for the real exam.
I waited to take my exam before leaving this feedback - I passed on Dec 07, 2019 at my first attempt with Above Target in All Domains. I now feel to recommend it without reservations.
Phan Tien Vu, PMP, PSM


PMP Certification

Great to come across your PM Exam Simulator. It was an excellent tool for exam preparation. Thanks!!


Get PM PrepCast TODAY!

I cleared the PMP exam today!  I owe this do purchasing the PM PrepCast. Trust me, it is the best investment one can get in order to prepare for the eaam. I give thanks for Cornelius F. for the online training and simulators. 


Very Useful Tool for PMP Preparation

I used the PM PrepCast as my main source of study for the PMP exam and used the PMPBOK guide mainly as reference material. I was pleased with the podcasts although they are very long in duration but you can listen to them on 1.5 x or 2.0 x speed when comfortable with the material or specific sections. I did this a lot, otherwise it would have taken a lot more time for me to prepare for the exam. I found the classificaiton of "required/ recommended /optional" in the lesson directory useful to pick and choose what to study. In particular the self-assessments at the end of each chapter were very useful and I would suggest having even more of these. I combined the PM PrepCast with the PMP Exam Simulator which was extremely beneficial and I would highly recommend.

London, UK

Passed PMP Exam

The PM Exam Simulator was the most beneficial study and preparation tool in my path to passing the PMP exam on the first try. I read the PMBOK twice, studied other resources, and prepared with notes and other study guides. However, by using the PM Exam Simulator, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and then focused on reviewing and improving the weak areas of my knowledge. The exam simulator is also a tremendous tool for time management on the exam. My initial experience was spending far too long on each question, but after taking several full length simulated exams, my time management skills greatly improved to achieve the right pace for the exam. Thank you for developing and maintaining the PM Exam Simulator tool. 

Los Angeles, United States

Thorough and helpful

The PM PrepCast was really helpful at covering all the material while making clear what would be needed for the test. I used it as the foundation of my studying by creating notes on important points to study in the days coming up to the test. After completing the Prepcast, I used the practice tests to hone in on areas of weakness. My only critique would be that sometimes the videos could be a little lengthy. I actually got 4 AT’s so it clearly prepared me well. 


PMP credential achieved

As a part of my study and preparation for the PMP exam I got access to the PM PrepCast and the PM Exam Simulator in addition to the PMBOK and Rita's. I did not listen to the full series of pod cast but only took s few selected in each knowledge area. For me personally I did not gain additionally learnings from these compared to my classroom training and reading the two books. While taking the exam simulator I learned this was more fruitful for me so after going through the books I used these question for fine tuning my knowledge. Post processing the question and answers to a lot of time but this really helped me connect the dots and prepare me for the exam. While doing the exam I was in doubt if I would make it, but after receiving my score I as happy I invested all the time in the PM Exam Simulator. Reflecting on my final score I think I could have saved a couple of hundreds questions or so.


Value for Money


Today, I passed the PMP exam on my first attempt after having studied using a combination of the PM PrepCast and the PMBOK Guide.  I studied for 2 months and took a total of 6 PM Exam Simulator tests.  I found the podcasts useful and informative, although at times it appeared that certain topics were omitted while others were belabored a bit too long.

One suggestion for the podcasts - I recommend that all of them contain review questions at the end.  These were helpful to drive home the main points of the lesson, and they also provide the real world preparation one needs for exam success.

Adamstown, USA, Parsons

Excellent Guidance!

The PM PrepCast materials (tips, daily quizzes, podcasts) were an excellent reference during my PMP Exam preparation and led to my success. Keep up the good work and positive contribution to the Project Management arena!

Nairobi, Kenya

Passed Exam on First Try

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

Due to the tutorials and practice exams provided, I was able to use the experience to propel me to pass the exam on the first try.  Thank you Cornelius!!!

Topeka, United States, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

Great Questions in Simulator

I would like to thank PM PrepCast for their excellent PM Exam Simulator which helped me immensely in understanding the type of questions that came in the PMP exam. I would recommend this simulator to anyone who plans to take their PMP exam. Thank you!


Finally Passed-10/26/2019

Finally passed my exam! I am going to be very honest here, for it may help someone who finds themselves in the same predicament I was in. I failed my first 2 attempts at the PMP. I realized I needed to drastically change how I was approaching the exam in order to be more effective. 
1st Attempt: Took a boot-camp in July 2018 that had an exam simulator/Read PMBOK.
2nd Attempt: Continued with PMBOK and watched some YouTube videos.
3rd Attempt: Got Andy Crowe's "How to pass on your first try"  (I scratched out first and put 3rd). Got a Udemy PM class, PM PrepCast Formulas, and this PM Exam simulator and passed on 10/26/2019.

Don't be me. Give yourself plenty of time and most importantly, seriously, put in continuous reps with the PM Exam Simulator.  Write down where you're weak and filter in that category. Approach this endeavor with a PM mindset and relax on test day. Literally, this exam simulator was the reason I finally got this weight off my back. Don't hesitate, worth every penny. 


Passed 1st attempt!

Excellent coursework and the PM Exam Simulator is a "must-have" tool. Thank you PM PrepCast team!

Vancouver, Canada

Best resource ever for PMP exam prep

This was by far the best and cheapest purchase when prepping for the exam. I tried other solutions like Brain Sensei and reading the PMBOK and they did nothing to prepare me.With 5 prep exams through PM PrepCast, I passed on first try with Above Target in all categories.


Passed the first time!

The PM PrepCast was really helpful for me to understand the overall process of getting prepared for the PMP exam. After watching the videos I had a good grasp of the material and this made it easier to study for the exam. The PM Exam Simulator was well crafted and in line with the questions I got on the exam. A must if you are preparing for the PMP!

Inglewood, United States

If anyone I know was preparing for the PMP exam, I'd direct then would


I'd highly recommend lessons on the PM PrepCast to anyone looking to complete the 35 contact hour requirement which is mandatory for the PMP exam. Lesson content is well structured and lucid, making for a fun learning experience. It also helps that listening to the podcasts constitutes about half the "study effort" needed for the exam - I could read through the PMBOK guide quite fast after completing the PM PrepCast lessons. 
The podcast feature makes lessons accessible via mobile phone which is a huge time saver, since you can continue watching lessons while on the go. I especially appreciated the "speed adjustment" feature since I am used to a faster pace of speech than the natural pace of the tutorial (it's a geographical thing!). I loved the fact that I could increase the speed to a level I found comfortable, based on how familiar I already was with the area being covered.
I used the PM Exam Simulator once I had completed studying the PMBOK guide and I found it very useful. Each answer had a detailed explanation, and the "Live Feedback" feature is particularly useful to get additional clarifications or to provide feedback on any specific questions in the practice exams. Definitely would recommend! 

Manama, Bahrain, Protiviti

Passing PMP in 2 wks!!!


As a project manager in a reputable food company for my last 6 years, PMP was a certification that was missing in my curriculum, I had planned for it 3 years ago but after having a baby girl, this event changed my focus for a while. After few years, my wife and daughter decided to stay 2 weeks with her parent's house and this was the perfect situation I was looking for to focus on PMP exam. I've already done a instructor led course for the 5th edition few years back so I decided to go for self study + PM PrepCast only once I didn't have time to seat for classes again. This was my best choice. I've studied an average of 5 hours per day on week days and 8-10 hours on weekends. My strategy was to read the PMBOK fully first and then watch the PrepCast later to reinforce the knowledge and concepts of it. After doing only 1 PMBOK full read + 1 PM PrepCast session, I've used the PMP Exam simulator from Cornelius Fichtner also to check my awareness and scored 78% on my first try. I got a good number but I was surprised with the time pressure once I had to run a lot to complete on time. I did a second simulation and scored 82% and managed my time better avoiding wasting much time. Without the simulation for sure I would struggle during the Exam due to "time" not knowledge. The simulator helped me to understand that I really need to focus on reading the questions only once carefully. If you read each question 2 times you don't have enough time to complete the whole exam and this is key. After taking the second simulator I took one day without study and went for the exam in the next day. After a lot of tension I managed to pass the EXAM and was really a wonderful feeling to achieve it after 15 days of really hard work.

Dubai, UAE, BRF


Hello Cornelius,
I wanted to take the time to express my sincere appreciation to you and your firm on such an excellent training application.
I failed my first attempt back in Dec 2019 and was ready to just quit, but then I found your PM PrepCast training application and decided to give it one more try.
Well, I listed to each and everyone of your videos - they were informative and yet simple to understand all of the concepts.
The simulator quiz and 2 hr exams along with the explanations helped drill the processes.
Then, I took your advice and joined Coach Dan for his weekend boot-camps and weekly one-off sessions. 

I definitely have and will continue to refer your PM PrepCast to anyone that needs that "extra" push.
Thanks again and take care


Hardwork Pays Off!

I cleared my PMP on June 3rd 2019 and I would say that PM PrepCast Simulator was a blessing. I did attempt all the full mocks and practiced KA tests under "Timed Quiz". I would recommend future aspirants to use prepcast and not use random free or paid resources. Prepcast is closest to the real exam and the way each answer option is explained in detail helps us in bridging our knowledge gaps as well.

Kudos to Prepcast Team and their efforts.

Boston, USA

Passed thanks to the PrepCast

After figuring out I couldn’t self study I found the PM PrepCast. The podcast option is awesome and made my learning truly mobile. I used them daily and took notes.  The quality lessons paired with the PM Exam Simulator is a must for passing the PMP.  Thank you for a wonderful program 

Liberty , United States

Training for Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®, and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®