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Customer Reviews for The Project Management PrepCast for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam)

Dawn Sun

The PM PrepCast was an excellent tool that helped me prepare for the actual exam. Nothing caught me off guard from the test itself. Having taken the exams using the Exam Simulator that is offered by Cornelius was also extremely helpful. If you go through all the prepcasts, extra podcasts, and the practice exams, you will be more than prepared to walk in on your exam day. Just be aware that each...

Dawn Sun
Release Date : 04-01-2017

Perfect On The Go

I loved this product I could use it anywhere and from any device. As a busy mother of two and working full time it really helped me to maximize my study time and stay focused on goal of achieving my PMP. I liked that it gave real examples you could relate to. It was great that you could stop it and go back to re-watch something if you wanted to re-absorb the content. The approach was very holis...

Amanda Andrzejewski
Release Date : 04-01-2017

PM PrepCast - Primary Source for PMP Exam Preparation

I obtained my PMP Certification on November 21st (PMP Number - 1982003). 

Study Period: Two (2) disciplined months or 8-weeks. During this time, I put in 2-3 hours of study time on weekdays, and at-least 16-hours on weekend days (8-hours on Saturday and 8-hours on Sunday). I did a total of six  (6) practice exam...

Ashok Chandan Naik
Release Date : 31-12-2016

Highly Recommended!

I did some research trying to determine the best way to get my educational hours for the PMP exam.  PM PrepCast had great reviews and the price was fantastic in comparison to in person bootcamps. The lessons are in depth and cover everything from applying for the PMP to what to expect the day of the exam.  The simulator is the most comprehensive  source I have come across!  ...

K Jones
Release Date : 23-12-2016

Excellent tool


After six months of preparation I'm pleased to say that I have passed the PMP exam on my first attempt partly thanks to Cornelius Fichtner's excellent PMP training package. I started the journey by reading the PMBOK, followed by Head First PMP. Then I purchased the PM PrepCast that includes the PM Simulator. I practiced all the 1,800 questions, including attempting seven mock...

Release Date : 23-12-2016

Khoa Tran

Dear all,

I get my PMP certification from the 1st time and want to say thank you for your great product and service. It took me nearly 4 months to prepare for the exam. I did try to read the PMBOK guide 1st but it's too dry for me to understand. I gave up and used Head First PMP book to understand the structure, the terms and definitions of the PMBOK. They had some pratice questions in ...

Khoa Tran
Release Date : 19-12-2016

PMP Success

I just want to state how much I appreciated the PM PrepCast..

Not only did it assist me in passing my PMP exam but it also helped me become a better Project Manager by providing the right detail in a very logical order.

I also have to put a plug in for the exam simualtor as well - really helps to give you an opportunity to confirm what you know and where you need to focus additi...

Luigi Panozzo
Release Date : 17-12-2016

PMP Precast Exam Simulator - THE RESCUER!

PMP Precast Exam Simulator - THE RESCUER!

Release Date : 15-01-2016

Sr. Director-Projects

I passed PMP in 2007, when I used to practice Project Management regularly. I moved into Program and Portfolio Management and did not collect the required PDUs yearly - resulting in loss of credential at the end of 2011. It's almost 10 years and now I am 53; naturally was very skeptic of passing the exam again. However, the PM PrepCast helped me in practicing and finally passing it again in 1st...

Amar Ray
Release Date : 13-12-2016

Passed the First Time!

I loved the course! I watched through most of it once and it mades the topics easy to remember and understandable.  I also read Rita's book and when I felt I needed to understand something better, I read more in the PMBOK guide.  I studied non stop the month before the exam, but before then, I studied casually for about 2 months.  I passed the first time, but the test was stressf...

John Horn
Release Date : 13-12-2016

PM Prepcast feedback

I purchased the PM PrepCast from Cornelius to prepare my PMP exam.

I have been more than positively surprised by the very high quality of the Podcast both on the content and on the form. Biggest bang for the buck so far ( I am 51 :-) ) to prepare and successfully pass an exam.

I can only warmly recommend this PM PrepCast.

I continue and download the free podcast from Cor...

Release Date : 08-12-2016

PM PrepCast

The PM PrepCast was the component that made the difference in passing my PMP exam. 

The study material is presented in manageable amounts easy to fit into someone's schedule.  I frequently listened to the Podcasts while driving.  The PMP exam simulators were key in helping me judge when I was ready to sit for the exam and what course content I needed to review.

I ...

Ann Marie Childs
Release Date : 00-00-0000

A "must watch" show to prepare for your PMP Test !!!

I had the opportunity to prepare and achieve success in my first PMP test by using two different books, attending an excellent preparation class, and by using the PM PrepCast alongside with the PMP simulator by Cornelius Fichtner. I used the PM PrepCast as an essential tool for reviewing and solidifying the knowledge I gathered from my studies. I took the time to watch ALL videos - almost every...

Marcel Nadal Michelman
Release Date : 29-11-2016

Purushottam Mukkundi

I passed my PMP exam. This simulator is really great to tool for preparing the exam. I practiced several times using this tool to manage time and improve speed of reading the lengthy questions. I strongly recommend this tool for those who are aiming for PMP certification. Thank you again.

Release Date : 25-11-2016

A end of short journey

I called my experience as a journey for two reasons mainly, first, the experience of day-by-day listen an episode became part of my day as the breakfeast, second, after some time of journey, Cornelius prove yourself a good mate in the journey, I already miss his advices. 

So, as a reasonable testimonial should be, here the goods and bads in my opnion:

The goods

- Re...

Marcelo F Marques
Release Date : 24-11-2016

Very valuable PMP exam learning tool

I passed my PMP exam 14th November 2016

I purchased the PM PrepCast. I was very impressed by the content and presenting style of Cornelius. I am someone whose mind wonders, and you kept me engaged. I also liked that you did not just take the content fr...

Alison Smith
Release Date : 15-11-2016

I passed my PMP exam!!

Kerry Soltysinski, PMP
Release Date : 15-11-2016

When you have a busy life

I studied for the PMP exam on my own, rather than attend a bootcamp.  As a busy professional working full time with three young children and a husband, I needed to squeeze in study time whenever I could.  My method was to read a PMP study guide and take notes first.  Then, I purchased the PM PrepCast and downloaded each poscast on my mobile device.  Each day on my commute to...

Kristi Miller PMP
Release Date : 12-11-2016

Bhavna Prajapati

Thank you! I PASSED the PMP exam. I used the PrepCast and It was very helpful.

Release Date : 02-11-2016


I took this course as a last resource to finally prepare for the actual exam and I spent about two weekends doing various simulations. I must say the PM PrepCast was well organised, and very useful. I passed the exam in the first go. I highly recommend the PM PrepCast for anyone with years of experience, with exam anxiety and especially if you are struggling with grasping the concepts just by r...

Allen Sebastian
Release Date : 00-00-0000

Mayur Dhand

I cleared my PMP exam in first attempt and PM Simulator helped a lot. The practice exam format prepares you well for the exam and is very close to the orignal exam. I liked the timed/learning exam mode and the fact that it's compatible with your mobile, which makes it easier to access anywhere. I will strongly recommend this simulator for the people aspiring for PMP.

Thanks a lot!!

Mayur Dhand
Release Date : 00-00-0000

The PrepCast content is superb

The PM PrepCast is a sure fire way to grasp the specific concepts, terminologies and ubiquitious ITTOs of the PMI standard. The audio pace of the podcasts, the speaking style, and the examples all contribute to a smooth and easy learning experience. You do need the patience and commitment to go through all the content - but it is certainly worth the effort. Another piece of advice is to jot dow...

Yousuf S
Release Date : 27-10-2016

Thanks, I passed!

This course accompanied me on all my commutes to my office 2 hours away.  Thanks, it really helped.

Martha Raney Taylor
Release Date : 12-10-2016

IT Project Manager

I found The PM PrepCast Podcast Video sessions very helpful along with PMP Exam Prep Essentials Study Guide and Simulation Exams. The video session was easy to download to my iPod which allow me to review anywhere at any time. I would first listen and watch the Podcast and then refer to the chapter in the PMBOK and workbook to understand in detail. It was also important to do the exercises at t...

Kim Samuels
Release Date : 12-10-2016

Good Preparation Tool

I have studied using PM PrepCast and I am completely satisfied with the material.

Furrukh Rao
Release Date : 10-10-2016

I passed my PMP exam on first attempt using PM Prepcast.

Hi Cornelius,

I would like to thank you and the whole PM PrepCast team for the great tool PMP exam preparation tool, and that's the PM PrepCast cast and PM Exam Simulator.

Finally, my first attempt for the PMP exam was a great success! I did a lot of preparations and took me more than 10 months to prepare due to work schedule constraints.

I am proud to recommend PM PrepC...

Gerardo Gatchalian, PMP
Release Date : 05-10-2016

Good value for money

I have purchased the PM PrepCast, the Formula Study guide and access to the Online Simulator from OSP International LLC. The PM PrepCast was an excellent resource taking me through the whole PMBOK guide & more. Reading each chapter in the PMBOK guide after listening to the PM PrepCast made it ...

Zsolt Viczian
Release Date : 28-09-2016

Highly recomended

I have been a project manager for approximate 5 years but it was not until May 2016 that i decided to get serious about getting my PMP certification. I discussed with other colleagues in my compan...

Elvis Zambrano
Release Date : 26-09-2016

PMP Best Friend

I just can't thank enough !!

The PM PrepCast is all you need if you really want to pass the PMP exam. Each chapter is important in this bundle and the simulator is top notch. You don't need any other exam simulator if you have this. 

I passed my exam studying only from PM PrepCast and PMBOK. Don't overburden yourself with plethora of study materials. You need to have your c...

Sarmistha Biswas
Release Date : 26-09-2016

Excellent Product

I was very pleased with my subscription to the PM PrepCast. I found the course content easy to follow and the concepts were very well explained, making it very easy for me to grasp. It was simple to download the videos on Podcast and I watched it during my daily commute to work. I appreciate the occasional sense of humor that never failed to make me laugh. The study tips and self-assessment tes...

Stephanie Goh
Release Date : 13-09-2016

Thanks for the great product!

I would like to thank Cornelius and PM PrepCast team for this great exam preparation tool.
I passed my PMP exam in the first attempt on August 30, 2016, being a mom of 20-months old daughter and working full-time.
During my preparation I tried a lot of mock tests and I can say that PM PrepCast is the best one.
If you are hesitating to purchase it or not, be sure it is worth the i...

Natalia Lepleyskayaia , PMI-ACP, ITIL, PMP
Release Date : 11-09-2016

Blood, Sweat and Fears

Hi Cornelius, preparing for the PMP-exam reading the PMBoK Guide was a boring and tedious endeavor for me, but, of course, a definite must. As we know, it offers only a single learning channel with a little bit of visualisation added, by using the flow charts. From a learning theory and practice point of view, that is by far not enough. Besides, it cannot be expected of a Standard to consider l...

Volkwart Schmid
Release Date : 10-09-2016

The best way to succeed in PMP exam

PM PrepCast is the best way to prepare for PMP exam . Success is guaranteed

Chandrasekar Balasubramanian
Release Date : 04-09-2016


I have passed my PMP exam in London in August 31st.

In terms of value for money, I believe the PM PrepCast is great!

Nicola Ballarin
Release Date : 05-09-2016

PM simulator is a must!!

I passed the exam on August 29th and I must say, the exam was much harder than I anticipated. I started watching the PM PrepCast videos in February, about 2 hours per night (including time used to stop the video to take notes) and usually a full day on weekends, so it took me about 5 weeks to complete the videos/final exam. Being able to watch and listen to these videos on my commute to work in...

Shelly Au
Release Date : 02-09-2016

Testimonial/ Review

Once I had realized that I was eligible to sit the PMP exam, I was extremely ecstatic. As the feeling of joy dwindled, then I was hit with the dilemma of choosing a reliable training package. As a result of a relentless search, I found the PM Prep Cast which offered the opportunity to access a free trial before purchased. This part of the service captured my attention immediately. On perusal of...

Kevin Cooper
Release Date : 02-09-2016

Great Product

The PM Simulator is indeed a very high quality Product. The practice questions are very close to the difficulty level of those that you will see on the actual exam, and maybe even a slight more difficult at times. Take as many of the tests as you can while marking those that you needed to take a guess on for review afterwards, and MAKE SURE that you take the time to review the questions you've ...

Lewis Graham II
Release Date : 26-08-2016

Passed PMP Exam from First Trial!!

Many thanks to PM PrepCast team...

Passed the PMP exam on August 18th....

Waleed Salem
Release Date : 23-08-2016

Great tool to prepare exam

The PM PrepCast is a great tool to prepare for the PMP exam. The different chapters in the e-learning are well structured and nearly never boring. 

Michael Driftmeier
Release Date : 19-08-2016

Passed PMP Today

I passed my PMP today after going through the PMBOK as well as the PM PrepCast. I would recommend this to anyone.

Edward Mungai
Release Date : 17-08-2016

PMP Exam Preparation

I prepared for about 9 months before taking the PMP.  I purchased the PM PrepCast and went through it first, then submitted my application to take the exam.  I reviewed the PM PrepCast more over the coming months and also studied Rita Mulcahy's book PMP Exam Prep.  Both these methods helped the other, so I suggest that others wanting to obtain the PMP credential use at least two ...

Brian Lundell
Release Date : 11-08-2016

Th PM PrepCast Saved Me

I highly recommend the PM PrepCast! I was one of those people who only needed the education credits in order to get my PMP; I had everything else locked up. All the options available online were super expensive and were going to take a really long time for me to complete. I was so excited when I found the PM PrepCast - here was a way for me to get the education credits I needed on my schedule. ...

Jessie Mallory
Release Date : 10-08-2016

Simply the best to prepare for PMP exam Certification

I passed my PMP exam on June 15th this year. I couldnt have done it without the help of PM PrepCast is actually an understatement considering what a big help it was during my preparation. Thanks Cornelius and PM PrepCast team. First up I started preparing seriously for my exam exactly 7 weeks before the exam. I had postponed the exam for various reasons and till 7 weeks before really hadnt done...

Dhiraj Hathwar
Release Date : 21-07-2016

Good review

The PM PrepCast is the best way to prepare for PMP. Cornelius Fischner did a great job by preparing the videos . His explanation is very clear and his pronouniation is very clear . 

I was able to download the videos and watch on my commute which saved me a lot of time and was very convenient .

Also the assessment questions and chapter end questions are very helpful . I gave...

Naser Jaidee
Release Date : 16-07-2016

Lalit Duggal

Team, Thanks a ton !!. The PM PrepCast is very handy and helpful. It is simple and properly designed to help digest the content. It is a good knowledge base for me to revise my stuff after my PMP certification as well.

Release Date : 12-07-2016

Husband and I Passed First Time With PrepCast

Both my husband and I are project manager and found the PM PrepCast to be the most useful learning tool. We purchased the tool separately as he took his test years before I did, but we agreed of all the different classes and books we bought, the PM PrepCast was the resource that provided the most real world examples and best level of detail. I have since recommended it to several of my friends ...

Jennifer Sharp
Release Date : 11-07-2016

The PrepCast did what it had to

After 20 years of managing projects, i found myself between contracts and some free time so i signed up to take the PMP certification. After doing that i did some research on the best way to prepare for the exam and The PM PrepCast seemed to be a concisely recommended method of ramping up for the test. I had 2 months to cram for the test. I watched the podcasts and took detailed notes and it wa...

Release Date : 05-07-2016

Excellent product at an amazing price

The PM PrepCast (with PM ExamPrep) is the only product that I used with my PMP preparation besides PMBOK.  The PM PrepCast made it very easy to learn the content required for the PMP exam and make me a better overall project manager.  I supplemented my PMP studies with PMBOK, but as many have stated, PMBOK is a tough read.  I started my PMP studies in early March 2016 and success...

Jon Jorgenson
Release Date : 30-06-2016

Cleared PMP exam in first attempt

I came to know about PM Prepcast via online research. It has got lots of positive feedbacks and decided to give Cornelius a chance :) . No doubt the product has so many good reviews on Net. I am proud that I have selected prepcast over others. I must say please do take the bundle with the online exam. You get 9 exams (200 questions each) +1 Full ITTO exam (200 questions) + customized quizzes. T...

Release Date : 00-00-0000

Cleared PMP in first attempt

I came to know about The PM PrepCast via online research. It has got lots of positive feedbacks and decided to give Cornelius a chance :) . No doubt the product has so many good reviews on Net. I am proud that I have selected The PM PrepCast over others. I must say please do take the bundle with the online exam. You get 9 exams (200 questions each) +1 Full ITTO exam (200 questions) + customized...

Release Date : 00-00-0000

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