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The Project Management PrepCast is Great

Hello I'm Marco Calle from Ecuador. 

The Project Management PrepCast for the Project Management Professional is great and really usefull. The best are the exams include in each lesson. 

After read the lessons and lesing the audios a went to take the exam and I could approve in the first try.  The lessons are really good and easy to understand. 

Cuenca, Ecuador

Thank you

Thank you Cornelius,
 Its because of your teaching style and methods that not only helped me pass the exam but even appreciate the subject.


Passed the exam with Above Targets

Thank you so much for this amazing material. I can't say enough about the quality of your programs. The prepcasts are so detailed and explain everything in an easy to understand format with real-life examples. The simulator was also a huge help. I went into the exam more than prepared. Thank you!

Milton, ON, Canada

The PM PrepCast helped me pass my PMP!

Passed my PMP on the first try in November! I got the PM PrepCast with exam simulators bundle to help me prepare for my exam. I could say that it was a good decision and well worth the money spent. I read Head First PMP before viewing the podcasts.  The podcasts served as a review of what I read in HF.  The eight practice exams that I took helped me learn how to pace myself as well as gave me a good practice of answering questions. Although the actual exam questions were harder, I believe the sims prepared me for them.  I would highly recommend the PM PrepCast with exam simulators.


ACP Exam

Saudi Telecom Company

I am glad to inform by the Grace of Almighty and preparation thru PM PrepCast tutorials, Simulation Exam and some additional material helped me successfully clearing my PMI-ACP exam this week (27th Nov-2017).  I got 4 AT, 2 T and 1 NI .

Lessons Learned:-
- After my first training giving @ my company, i failed the exam based on their tutorial and exams which was written within few days after the training. Then i purchased PM PrepCast Videos and simulation exams which was most recommended as per my survey.
- I started studying since last 3 months [2 hrs during business days & 5-6 hrs during weekend] and went thru the following material:-
            - Video Tutorials from Prepcast (Twice)
            -  PMI-ACP Exam Prep by Mike Griffiths Book  2nd Edn(Twice),
            - Whizlab tutorials (Once).
            - Simulation Exams from PM Prepcast []
            - Key were PM PrepCast  VideoTutorials and Book on Exam Prep from Mike Griffiths
- The first three simulation exam after just after watching the Videos, which didn't give me satisfactory percentage. Then i reviewed the videos once again, read Mike Griffiths book and reviewed whizlab tutorials and then the last simulation was satisfactory. 
- During my study i tried to focus on understanding and learning the concepts along with the Domains and Tasks in the exam outline.
- Video tutorials twice, Mike Griffiths book twice, whilzlab material once.
- Went thru all 4 Exams in the Prepcast exams (which were helpful due to situational questions) and their REVIEW [most important].

- The exam this week was 99% situational questions and the exam pattern was entirely different (almost no direct questions). I think PMI has already changed the pattern of Examination.
- It took me 2 hr 45 Mins to complete and 15 minutes quick review.

PM PrepCast need the make its exams a little bit more situational with long questions and their answers.
Aspirants needs to understand all concepts and try to understand and map Tasks in Exam content outline 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Telecom Company

Thank you for greatly mastered program!

rollApp Inc.

PM PrepCast program helped me to accelerate my studies, so finally it took me less than three months between the program purchased and successfully my PMP exam passed. Highly recommend PM PrepCast Training with Exam Simulator.

Dnipro, Ukraine, rollApp Inc.

Simulator worth it

All the PMP exam simulator worth it. If you manage to get 80% on all the 6 simulators then you will pass the exam for sure. 



First, let me say the PM PrepCast was great.  I took 8 practice exams, as well as the pre-test.  I did fairly poorly on the pre-test, but my scores improved and I consistently received about 85% correct on the last 4 practice exams.

I recommend the PM PrepCast.  After taking each practice exam, I read the detailed explanations for the questions I got wrong or wasn't confident about, and then I read the references in the PMBOK if I wanted more information.  I would not have been as prepared as I was if I had not used the PM PrepCast.

As evidence of the PM PrepCast value: I passed the PMP Exam on my first attempt. 

Thank you!


Passed the PMP on the 1st Try!

PM Prepcast was such a valuable and flexible tool that I used to pass the test and did so on the first try! Thank you!

Los Angeles, USA

Thank you for the excellent material

I would like this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the PM PrepCast . I took the exam simulators and this really helped in clearing the PMP exam in the first attempt itself.  I will recommend this to anyone who is preparing for the PMP examination.



Great PMP Prep

The PMPrepCast is a great, user friendly way to learn the PMP Exam materials. The Podcasts are easily accessible on multiple formats and the quiz questions really helped me prepare for and pass my exam on the first try! I highly recommend using the PMPrepCast along with a workbook when preparing for your exam. 

New York, United States

Great Exam Preparation Tool

After having being a project manager in the engineering and construction industry in Europe for over a decade, I was looking into the PMP certification some time ago, but found the PMBOK guide as well as printed exam preparation books dry and unmotivating and did not follow through with the certification process.

Four months ago, I gave the PMP a second thought and looked for online study resources. My main requirements were: PMI registered education provider, audio-visual format suitable for offline use, large number of PMP exam sample questions, realistic exam simulator experience, way to earn required contact hours, and price worthy.

I am glad I found the PM Prep Cast, which offered more than I had hoped. I purchased the PM Prep Cast and PM Exam Simulator bundle, alongside the current editions of the PMBOK guide and Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam Prep textbook and spend between 2 to 4 hours per day studying or answering sample exam questions.

Two weeks ago, I passed my PMP exam above target at the first attempt. Content and difficulty level of the PM exam simulator were close to my actual PMP exam. Learning about my knowledge deficits and focused studying of particular knowledge areas and processes is what made me walk into my PMP exam confidently and to complete my exam well within the time limit.

My thanks go to Cornelius and his team for their great products.

Carsten, Frankfurt, Germany


Cost Effective & Guaranteed success

The PM PrepCast is an excellent study material for the PMP Exam. My friend suggested it to me. I too read a lot of customer reviews and thought it was too good to be true because of such high success rates. I thought the exam was nothing but a daunting experience only a few succeed with. Even during my prep process, when I scored 78-85% range, I still thought to myself, what if the real exam was something entirely different. Well, after writing the exam on 1-Nov-17 and scoring a perfect score (5 Above Target for all domains) I can now vouch that PM PrepCast is all you need.

PM PrepCast has a very clear set of instructions on how to best study their material. Their videos are of very good quality, easy to understand. The material content provided is more than enough for guaranteed success.

The PMP Exam Simulator is definitely the main highlight. It gives you the real feel of the exam. The simulator gives a sound explanation with references to PMBOK and external sites for all the questions. The simulation involves scrutinized statistics which identifies your strong and weak areas to improve. Overall, the Simulator takes your learning process to new heights at an exponential rate.   

I passed the exam on Nov 2017 with "Above Target" on all five domains which is the best result you can achieve. 

Doha, Qatar

PMP Success-5 Above Target

City of Anaheim

The PM PrepCast has been a great tool for me in getting prepared for the PMP Exam. Topics are presented in easy to digest sections with language that cuts through the technical jargon of the PMBOK guide. I took a LONG TIME to actually set a test date and sit for the exam, but the PM PrepCast has been the soundtrack of my life for the last several months and I know I was much more prepared for the exam because of it. The fact that it did not expire allowed me to keep learning over time, so when I got serious about sitting for the exam I had a great base of knowledge to build on.

I used some external study guides (Head First PMP and Rita) but I found that listening to the PM PrepCast made me so much more familiar with the topics I was reading about, the knowledge from the books really stuck. The self-assessments are also an amazing tool. The questions are representative of what you will find on the test, if not more challenging and detailed. I paired all of these resources with the PMP Exam Simulator also offered by OSP Int'l and completed 2 full length exams and a handful of shorter quizzes just to boost my confidence before exam day.

After simulating the full 4 hr exam, I was prepared for the mental challenge the real PMP Exam provided and found I was far more relaxed than I had anticipated. I was thrilled to get the notification of passing the exam, and pleasantly surprised to see I achieved Above Target ratings in all 5 areas. The PM PrepCast is the real deal and will help you take, and more importantly pass, your PMP Exam!

Thank you Cornelius! 

Fullerton, United States, City of Anaheim

Extremely Helpful

I used the Project Management PrepCast and practice exams exclusively in preparing for the PMP exam.  I found the material to be extremely helpful in studying for the exam and I'm confident in saying I wouldn't have past the exam without the information I obtained from the PrepCast.



Keppel Shipyard Ltd

PMP is really very tough exam and without project management experience it is very difficult to pass. The PM PrepCast really very helpful for study material and PMP simulator is the best tools for PMP exam and it can find real feel for the final exam. PM PrepCast for enhancement of Project management knowledge and PMP simulator is exam preparations tools.

The PM PrepCast and PMP exam simulator are my first recommendations to anyone seeking PMP certification.

Really PM PrepCast is worth and I would like to thanks Mr. Cornelius Fichtner and his team for a wonderful products for PMP Exam preparation.

Best Regards

Mohammad Kamruzzaman

Singapore, Singapore, Keppel Shipyard Ltd

Highly Recommended

The PM PrepCast is an excellent study material for the PMP Exam. I heard all the PrepCast while reading along the PMBOK guide, which strengthened my understanding and memory of all the concepts. All videos are of good quality and downloadable that you can start your study at anytime and anywhere. 

The PMP Exam Simulator is another must-buy tool for preparing the exam. The questions help you tracked your understanding of the materials, as well as giving you a chance to familiar with the exam momentum at home. It worth to take all the exams and read through the explanation of the correct answer.

I passed the exam in Sep 2017 with "Above Target" on Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling, Closing domains, “Target” on Initiation domain.


Excellent Prep Resource

I have started to prepare for my CAPM by first reading the PMBOK, at the beginning I was motivated to learn about it, since I have no experience as project manager but I wanted to make a change in my career with something challenging and exiting. I lost my interest as there were topics that I didn't understand from the book. I did my best and finished the book because I have read before that I have to read the book at least twice.

Then I bought the PM PrepCast and start taking the video lessons. Cornelius Fichtner voice was motivating and kept interested with very well organized slides, specially, the exam questions at end of each module helped me to test my knowledge. I wish that someone told me that I should start from the PM PrepCast then to the PMBOK than the other way around it would take me lesser time.

As per the advice of Cornelius Fichtner I bought the PMP exam prepbook and it was a good book, help in concentrate on the concepts that most refereed by PMI exam questions. Then after I start to take PM PrepCast Simulator, I like it because it helps me to choose which KA to test my knowledge in and read more in that area when the result indicates that I need improvement. I tired other PMP simulator offered from other websites too and I saw the difference. Once you have read the book and attend all the PM PrepCast video you will recognize the good simulator from the bad one.

So my advice is use only the PM PrepCast and don't waste your time with the other available simulators. PrepCast simulator prepares you for the tough question and a lot of situational questions that will help you not only for the exam but also in real life.

My experience on the exam day was very good, I was prepared, tried to check the center location a head of time, the staff was friendly, comfortable environment and the actual exam questions were so easy I finished my exam one hour earlier. 

I passed my exam with above target rank and I owe that to this PM PrepCast. Now my career will proceed as a professional certified project manager.

Thank you for everything Cornelius Fichtner.

Annandale, United States



As a professional project manager at work, it was really hard to find time to attend workshops or crash course or even study at home, however, PM PrepCast allowed me to study 10-20 min in between break at work for 3-4 times everyday on practicing short tests/quizzes, today, i passed the exam, largely due to this facility available by PM PrepCast, and a great quality of Questions, relevant to actual exam.


Ryde, Australia, Cummins

Passed the PMP on 10/2/2017

I am proud to announce that I am now PMP certified. The PrepCast simulator was very instrumental to my exam success. I took 6 mock exams via the simulator and averaged 81%.  Thanks to the Prepcast staff. Highly recommended


I Passed!

Northrop Grumman

Thank you so much for providing this material and training for my PMP exam. I went through all the Podcast lessons and took 4 separate practice tests and Dan's 6 week review session. This is the best source for your PMP studies! Thank you again.


Lorton, US, Northrop Grumman

Convenient Exam Prep!

University of Iowa Health Care

I was thrilled to discover the PMP Prep Cast through a colleague in our PMO. I listened to the videos during my 8+ hrs of commuting each week to supplement the reading I was doing. I especially enjoyed tips on developing my study plan, taking the practice exams and the anecdotes and memorable visuals throughout the course. I was well-prepared and confident as I passed the exam the first time. 

Grinnell, United States, University of Iowa Health Care

PMP Cleared

Hi everyone,
I have cleared my PMP exam today with above target grade. I found PMP Exam Simulator very helpful for preparation purposes.
Good luck everyone! 


Better than in-person seminars!

Based on customer reviews in the internet and the price, I purchased this product for the preparation of PMP exam.  Since this is a PodCast, it was easy to access whenever I had 10min or so, e.g. via PC and smart phone, and updated versions were always provided promptly.  
Regarding the contents, the instructor was talking as if he were my friendly private tutor, so I was able to keep focused on the screen, unlike other on-line seminars where you get bored and start processing e-mails.  I do not have many PMP-holders around thus was not familiar at all with the PMBOK Guide terminology.  But the lectures were easy enough for me to understand.  Looking back, I also noticed that the contents also covered in-depth knowledge which even PMP-holders do not know.  
So, I passed the exam on the first try and happy that I purchased this product.  

Tokyo, Japan


PM PrepCast practice exams/questions played a big role in helping me prepare to take the exam.  The questions are worded much like the exam so you get more familiar with cutting through the minutiae so you may focus on the core points of the question.  Very glad I used this service.


Tulsa, USA

Great Help

I have just written my PMP exam and got a pass.
As PM PrepCast and the PM Simulator as my go to resource and Rita as a backup I manage to pass with Flying colors.
Thanks to all of you for making my exam a success and all the hard work so worthwhile.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Great course content


I used PM PrepCast as well as RMC, Headfirst and Joseph Phillips to pass my exam on August 30, 2017. I found the online tests very helpful for my preparation. The only thing I think was a little disruptive in my learning was the number of ITTO questions that kept coming up. It almost gave me the feeling that I would have to memorize them when in reality, there really are very few questions about ITTO's. The quizzes and tests gave me the ability to find where I was weak and go back and address those areas. I would highly recommend PrepCast.

Renton, USA, Boeing

PMP Success

EN Engineering

The PM PrepCast was integral to passing the PMP exam (Passed August 28). I used the PrepCast to meet the required PM educational requirements, but even afterwards I listened to the PrepCast religiously to study during my 2 hour (each way!) commute to and from work on repeat. I listened to the lessons over, and over, and over. I ended up being audited twice! The quality of the PrepCast material was excellent and I was able to pass the PMP exam with about 2 weeks of book study. I would be happy to discuss my test prep and test experience with your team. I cannot recommend the PrepCast enough.Bravo Cornelius and team!

Sacramento, USA, EN Engineering

Passed PMP Exam

I took my PMP test yesterday 8/17/17 and I passed on the first try.  I attribute my success to the online simulator.  It really helped me prepare. I did the tests and anything I missed, I was provided with a reference from the PMBOK guide which helped reinforce my learned.  The online simulator is definitely a valuable tool.  Thank you PM Exam Simulator.  Great Tool.

Dr. Lori Johnson-Payton


I am a PMP - Aug'17

PMP is really a tough target unless you know the flavor of real exam questions. I am not putting here my detailed journey of study. As every body does even I studied PMBOK 2-3 times, took some mocks etc.. I am here to share my actual exam experience.
No. 1 - A non native English speaker might find the language tougher when compared to mocks.
No. 2 - Most of the questions were not related to my field of profession, so you need to be prepared for jargons of other industry which makes you get nervous.
No. 3 - Hardly 10-15 moderately easy(which test your deep understanding) numerical questions appeared, where you need to score 10/10
No. 4 - Questions tests your knowledge on the documents, reports, plans and their contents. Have a personal flow chart of data. Know what document/report/plan precedes what document/report/plan.
No. 5 - You need to imagine a worst situation in your project and answer yourself what immediate action you take next or what document you refer first or whom you report this to etc. These are the kind of questions you can expect in the real exam.
No. 6 - Remember most of the mocks help in making you sure that you know the content of the PMBOK but real exam has the application part of it. So, choose mocks that tests your application skills.
No. 7 - No questions will be simple and direct. Every questions will have a situation (tricky and tough situations you rarely face in real world) and asks your opinion.

Lastly I thank PM PrepCast for being a part in my PMP journey.

Thank you

Bangalore, India

Passed PMP exam thanks to the PM PrepCast

Thanks to the PM PrepCast, Exam Simulator, Flashcards, and Formulas, I passed the PMP exam on my first attempt.  I found it very helpful to skim the PMBOK chapter, then listen to the corresponding modules, I started studying in mid-May and took the exam in mid-Aug (that's about 12 weeks, I worked on about one chapter per week (also studying formulas and flashcard early in the process) and left 1 week for practice exams).  Having the audio and visual components of the PrepCast made all the difference for me, it was so much easier to learn the information than trying to read the PMBOK word for word.  Having so many practice exams available was invaluable, it was especially helpful to see the correct answer and corresponding PMBOK reference.    Thank you PM PrepCast, job well done!

Saint Paul, United States

Solid Comprehensive preparation


PM Prepcast was the ONLY tool I used for the PMP, aside from a PDF copy of the PMBOK.  I did not buy any other study guides, use any other workbooks or videos, or any other exam simulator.  I put in 1-4 hours towards studying, note taking, and self-testing per day, and I achieved my PMP six weeks after purchasing PM Prepcast!

Portland, United States, 1972

Worth the Investment

Department of Info. Tech.

I recently took my PMP and passed.  I attribute my success to using the PrepCast Exam Simulator. I have since recommended the PrepCast to some of my colleagues as a tool for preparing for their PMP/CAPM exams.  Thanks a million!!

Nassau, Bahamas, Department of Info. Tech.


i learned more concepts and understan in deep the T&T that used each process without memorizing them.
The way of introducing the informations is too helpful that can utilize what you learn in both answering the questions and in real life


Excellent Learning Experience

PM PrepCast had helped on continuous learning of Project Management concepts and methodologies, I am PMP and use Prep cast for enhancements of my knowledge on Project manage and keep my self updated on PMBOK revised concepts on Project Management.

Skokie, United States

Pass PMP within 2 months

Volvo Group

I successfully obtained my PMP certificate within only 2 months (Please note I have CAPM certificate before I took PMP exam). The PM PrepCast and the Simulation Test definitely helps me a lot: not only provide the requested 35 Contact Hours but also give me guidance for my self-study.

My master schedule is: I finished all the videos provided by PrepCast and read PMBOK chapters along with the videos in 2 weeks; read the Rita's preparation book in details in 2 weeks, finished all tests in the book; went through the PMBOK again for some points I missed in 1 week; went through the Rita's book again for some important concepts in 1 week; started the Simulation Test provided by PrepCast in 1 week; Recap the ITTO summary page of each knowledge area in the last week.

I have some lessons learned from the test day: do not be panic if you feel the question formats or types are different from the ones you did in simulation. Just calm down and understand what is the real meaning of the question and pick the best answer; There are many questions in my case linked to Change Request and also PMP/Project Documents; Take your time and use out the 4 hours. I usually take 2.5 hours for the simulation test but in the exam day I took more than 3 hours to finish and use the remaining time to review the marked questions. So be prepared if you use more time than in the simulation test.

I hope the points above will help those future PMP holders!

BR Lei

Volvo Group

Awesome Study Material


Just passed the test to earn the certificate for the 35 hours I need to achieve my PMP. 

Many Thanks to Cornelius Fitchner.

Great Product...

I even recommended the PM PrepCast to my friend so he could earn his PMP.

Melbourne, USA, Harris


Hello PrepCast Community,
Glad to share that i succesfully cleared my PMP exam yesterday on the first attempt with 3 Ps & 2 MPs. I had 2mins to spare & no time to review on the exam.I would like to thank the whole prepcast team especially Cornelius Fichtner who is doing a fantastic job.I purchased Prepacast with Simulator bundle & its worth every penny. I studied Rita & PMBOK few times along with  daily dose of  Youtube. No other training or boot camp.
My 2 cents for those who are reading this to know if this product will help you to pass this exam ?  "Yes Absolutely"
* Study PMBOK/Rita
* Practice Exam Simulator on 200 Question exams. This is a MUST. I took 7 tests & kept scores +80% in all which gave me huge confidence to face the real one.


I passed the PMP exam at first take July 25 2017

Thank you to PMP Exam Simulator! I passed the PMP exam July 25, 2017, at first take. I couldn't believe because the context, structure and style were really different from the simulator. However, as long as you practice the simulator full exam (4 hours), you will discover your knowledge gaps that can help you to study more on weak areas and help you to closely imitate the procedure of the exam. The greatest parts in the simulator are on how each choices are explained elaborately, and if you have some questions for clarification, just make a feedback and wait for 1-2 days until you received the answer of your question.
Finally, I would like to thank all the team and staffs who were working hard to help PMP aspirants to achieve their dream, especially to Stan Po and Jonathan Hebert who were persistently answered all my questions and clarification in the feedback portion. I hope the simulator should be more focus on the situational topics questions and make the choices even tougher to help the students to feel the "real" difficulty of the exam. The choices of each question of the exam are very closed and tricky (usually 2-3 choices are very closed out of 4 choices) which you only have to choose only one best answer. I felt that I couldn't pass because of the situational questions (70-80%) but I was shocked that the Congratulation greetings appeared on the screen after I finished the exam which I taught was a miracle. Thanks be to God! I got 2P,2MP & 1BP.


Thank You

Microsoft Innovation Center

I was planning to schedule my PMP exam on 18th of July, but by the 16th of July I came across PM PrepCast Exam Simulator and decided to dedicate one more week to get better prepared for the test. It was a tough week, almost 12 hours of preparation daily, two full tests daily and revision of PMBOK,  Rita Mulcahy's book, Fast Track and anything that was possible to find online!

It is a cool tool that provides a lot of new information and better prepares you for EVM situational questions, time management, ITTOs and other knowledge areas. I took my PMP today and PASSED! I am sure if not PMP PrepCast Exam Simulator, I wouldn't be that prepared and confident!!!

Thank you once again!

Yerevan, Armenia, Microsoft Innovation Center

Awesome Resources !!!

I had been preparing for my PMP exam and at approximately the 14 - week mark, I felt I needed a simulation tool that would reflect the exam. I colleague of mine recommended Prepcast and "Boy - was he right!" I added the resources to my repertoire and when I sat down to take my test - I felt like I wrote the test. My recommendation to anyone is - 
1) Read the PMBOK 1st to get the high-level view
2) Rita Mulcahy's PMP Prep to drill down for more granular information
3) Bat clean - up & do the PMP Exam simulator with the Flashcards

* It made the difference toget me over the hump !


Passed my CAPM !!!!

Hi All ,

Yes I cleared my capm exam . The PM Exam Simulator is very similar to the actual exam .
It very much resembles to actual exam . I went through PMBOK twice and used Rita's CAPM 
book for understanding ITTO . ITTO is very important in CAPM exam and this package contains ITTO exam to check your knowledge that's really great !!  
I would totally recommended the PM exam simulator to increase your chances of clearing it.
Its worth the money and time you invest in this simulator . Very much helpful to know where you stand after taking each practice exam . 
Awesome Exam Simulator !!!! 

Arlington, USA

PMPrepcast nails it down for you!

Deutsche Bank

I was really confused regarding where to start for PMP preparations. Then I saw advertisement for PMPREPCAST. After reading a few reviews decided to go for it. Used to listen the podcasts during my commute followed by the end of lesson exercises. I also enrolled for PM Exam Simulator. That really helped with all the podcasts and exercises, along with the exam simulator, I never really even opened PMBOK guide and scheduled my exam. I was already feeling confident and did make it in the first attempt. Thanks again to PMPREPCAST and PM Exam Simulator.

Hillsborough, USA, Deutsche Bank

PrepCast Study For Success

S&ME, Inc.

I just successfuly passed the PMP examination with Proficient in 3 of the 5 process group domains and Moderately Proficient in the remaining 2. For me, the PMP PrepCast was integral in providing the means to learn and understand the concepts required to successfully pass the exam. As we all know, the exam is designed to evaluate your understanding of Project Management concepts and the PMP PreCast provides you the opportunity to conveniently obtain this knowledge and apply it to your project management experience.

Thanks Cornelius!

Knoxville, USA, S&ME, Inc.

Passed with PM PrepCast!

Passed the PMP exam 2 weeks ago with the help of PM PrepCast. I started with reading Rita's book from cover to cover to get an overall idea of Project Management as I had no formal training and many concepts were new to me. Doing this and watching the PrepCasts helped me gain a good overall understanding of the PM concepts. The PrepCast really does explain the concepts thoroughly and the Exam Simulator is extremely helpful to test what information you retained and what you didn't. On my first attempt, I had only scored a 52% mainly because i needed to brush up on my concepts, memorize vocabulary, and hone my test taking strategy/skills. After spending a full week of intense studying, I was able to complete the simulated exam on my second attempt scoring an 82.5%. I took 6 simulated exams in total (1 per week), reviewed all the question i marked or got wrong, made notes to clarify concepts and problem areas, reviewed vocabulary flashcards, reviewed ITTO's from PMBOK Guide, and googled many concepts to gain even more understanding. Doing all of this scored me 3 proficients and 2 moderately proficient. Highly recommend PM Prepcast if you want to pass the PMP exam!!


Passed on First Attempt!

After studying off and on for the past year or so, I finally took the plunge and sat the PMP exam. Fortunately, I passed on my first attempt. The PMP Exam Simulator was an essential tool in preparing me to pass the exam. I highly recommend using the timed simulation portion, this prepared me psychologically for the testing environment, as well as built up my endurance for sitting and concentrating for that long. The simulator allowed me to figure out my pace for answering questions. I only bought the PMP Exam Simulator a week before my exam and I am so glad I did. If I had known how useful it was, I would have bought it months in advance. As such, I didn't score nearly as high as was recommended to pass - my scores ranged from 67% to 72% on first pass. I then went back and reviewed all of the questions I answered incorrectly and made notes as to why they were wrong. I focused a lot on Closing questions the day before, using the study mode in the simulator. In addition to the Exam Simulator, I used Rita Mulcahy's PMP exam prep which helped to "translate" a lot of the PMI's way of thinking, Joseph Phillips' PMP Exam Prep for Contact Hours and encouragement (also included questions and study aids.)


Passed first try, thanks PMPrepCast!

XPO Logistics

I started the journey to obtain my PMP certification 3 years ago. Over the years, I acquired more project management experience and joined the PMI volunteer community. After the groundwork was laid, I was ready to make serious study plans in winter of 2017. I previously attended two other PMP prep courses, but I must say that PM PrepCast was by far the most comprehensive solution that prepared me to pass the PMP.

In total, I dedicated two and a half months of concerted study effort to pass the PMP. I used PM PrepCast as a commuting companion and as a study partner. I spent a great deal of time in the PMBOKv5 itself, and found that the key to my success was understanding the visual relationship between knowledge areas and processes. Cornelius knows this and has crafted the PM PrepCast to provide the student with an integrated, holistic understanding of the PMBOK framework.

Additionally, I wouldn't have passed the PMP exam on the first try without the excellent PMP Exam Simulator. This was the key to understanding how to succeed in the actual PMP exam. I completed 5 4-hour simulated exams, each one tested a different aspect of my knowledge and spurred me on to study new aspects of the framework.

The PM PrepCast and PMP Exam Simulator are my first recommendations to anyone seeking to acquire the PMP certification. Thank you Cornelius!

Portland, Oregon, XPO Logistics

I owe my success to the PM Simulator

I started preparing for my PMP in May 2015. That was the time I had very minimal idea about what PMP was, what resources to follow, where to get trained and the contact hours. After googling , I came across Edwards site.  And this is where it began. Edward mentioned his study plan, and the suggestions regarding the study guides to follow, the mock exams to give, and also regarding the PMPrepcast. After doing some research, I decided to purchase the PMPrepcast for training and contact hours. I also did purchased the Simulator of 1800 questions. However,  due to unforeseen circumstances I could not think of PMP till this year Feb 2017(Flash forward- 2 years!!!). I had almost lost hope and thought that I lost all that money  on PMPrepcast membership  and Simulator  which must have expired now in 2 years, and now I have to go looking for another trainer. But I thought to contact Cornelius Fichtner and the team of prepcast again, to see if my account can be re-activated.  To my delight, they responded back in a day, with all the instructions regarding how I can reactivate my account and use the Podcast and the simulator. One of the best decisions that I had taken, is purchasing the simulator. I cannot thank you enough for all the guidance and the immense amount of knowledge that you have shared, which has helped me all through out. Finally I cleared my PMP today 12th June 2017 after rigorous amount of preparation and trying to leave no stone unturned.

My preparation material:

  1. Headfirst PMP – I love head first series. It works for me always, and I am more of a visual person. Went through it twice. Very diligently did all exercises and reviewed all wrong/right answers.

  2. PMPrepcast - After, that I started listening to the PMPrepcast and sidewise making notes. Did not cover end to end podcast, but went through the main knowledge areas. Making notes on the side, helped in absorbing the lessons. It was like, Cornelius was my private tutor, and Cystine was the teaching assistant. The slow and steady pace and repetition of the concepts, got slowly imbibed into me.

  3. PMBOK – Then comes the dry one. Since it is a must, which I had heard, I started picking up the areas and categorizing them, which I felt are inter-related :

    1. Stakeholder Management and Communication Management

    2. Risk and Quality

    3. Time , Cost and Scope,

    4. HR

    5. Procurement

    6. Integration.

  4. Rita Mulachy – I did all its exercises , alongside PMBOK guide, after every individual chapter.

  5. Edwards Notes- I followed Edwards notes, wherever there were confusing concepts. I also studies certain knowledge areas from his notes. Formula sheet. EVM explanations.

  6. After this , I felt much confident and thought I should go for Mock exams:

    1. Did all the free mock exams, which Edward mentioned in his blog: namely, Oliver Lehmann (Online),Headfirst, PM Exam Simulator, Simplilearn, Oliver Lehaman and Edwel.

    2. 9 Full PM Simulator exams – 1800 – This is the paid Simulator. And for any PMP aspirant, I would recommend it. I had completed taking all the 9 mock exams( all timed). Went through all wrong answers especially, and made notes, of all the concepts which I was still getting wrong. On the exam day,  I was so pleasantly surprised, with the questions, as I felt, I have solved similar questions in the simulator. I always have time management problem,  but having solved all the mock exams, really helped me in the real exams, and I completed in time. All the practice was real worth it, and if you solve all the simulator questions, I can bet on it, that you will clear your PMP. Trust me.

  7. Had downloaded certain free PMP apps on my mobile- run tests on the go, like bus, cab etc.

  8. All this might seem overwhelming, but people clear exams, with less mock exams too. My friend gave total 4 exams and she came out with flying colors. For me, I knew I need practice, lot of practice, so I just did whatever I could.

  9. The most important thing is to review your answers after mocks, that really helps, because we understand the reasoning and concept behind why a particular answer is right or wrong. Blindly giving mocks, would not help.

I cleared my exams today,  with the below :

Domain Name

My Results


 Moderately Proficient.





 Monitoring and Controlling



 Moderately Proficient

 I had promised myself, that the day I clear my PMP, I would share it with Edward Chung and Cornelius Fichtner. It would not have been possible without you both. If my experience can help anyone on the road to PMP, I would be glad I could help. Lastly, as we all know, practice, practice and more practice!! .. that’s the secret to success :)

Mumbai, India

Best PMP Examination Resource

It took me 2 attempts to clear my PMP Certification. After failing my first attempt for which I only prepared for 3 months I was looking for good, solid project management online training modules, and that's when I came across Cornelius's PM Prepcast. I instantly decided to purchase PM Prepcast Elite. I would like to highlight the key benefits of purchasing PM Prepcast Elite:
1) Very affordable (After researching other PMP preparation modules, PM Prepcast Elite fit in budget very well, plus I think this is really value for your money) The lessons and PM Exam simulator are so upto to the mark and prepares you very well for the PMP Examination
2) So simple and easy to use. Plus you can use across multiple devices, so you can study anytime as per your schedule
3) 9 PM Exam simulator are so detailed and gives you an exact simulation for the actual PMP Examination. The support also offered with this PM Exam simulator is exceptional, answering all your questions.
4) The PM Prepcast lessons are so very detailed and easy to understand when compared to PMBOK Guide, the PMBOK is easy to understand once you have gone through PM Prepcast lessons.

Thank you Cornelius and your team for working so hard and coming up with PM Prepcast. Great product. I recommend all PMP aspirants to definitely purchase this product.

Anurag Singh, PMP
Certification Number : 2039347

Irvine, United States

Great supplement to the PMBOK guide

This product was a great supplement to the PMBOK guide and the humour injected into the lessons made some otherwise dry topics more palatable. The student interviews were great for providing insight into others experience and helped me feel comfortable with my approach to my certification process. The expert interviews at the end were also great and offered inspiration / practical tips readily applicable to work. I read the PMBOK guide, listened to/watched the podcasts, subscribed to the exam simulator and 6 months later, not only did I pass my PMP exam but perhaps more importantly, I have found a renewed passion to project management.


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This interview with Simona Fallavollita (LinkedIn Profile) was recorded at the magnificient Project Management Institute (PMI)® Global Conference 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. We discuss the how, what, why and when of the changes that are coming to the PMP exam.

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