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PMP Exam

Sanria Engineering & Consulting Pvt. Ltd

I am very happy to inform that I earned my PMP yesterday (11/27/2020). I thank PM PrepCast team for providing such a helpful tool which really matters for PMP aspirants. I took PM PrepCast Exam Simulator which was very helpful for my understanding of PMP.

Thank you so much PrepCast team!!!! 

Mysore, India, Sanria Engineering & Consulting Pvt. Ltd

Best Exam Simulator Ever

After re-scheduling my exam 3 times, it took me 9 months to finally set on a date to take my PMP exam. Even so, 3 days before the exam, I have no confidence passing the exam at all as I have procrastinated a lot while studying the PMBOK guide. Luckily, I came across this website while searching for prep exam papers to help strengthen my weak understanding of the Project Management Processes. With the mindset that I need to pass the exam before they change the syllabus next year, I swept through 4 papers in 2 days. With all the explanations given in details on the questions that I have answered incorrectly, it helps build up my understanding and confidence (Note: I failed my 1st prep exam attempt before passing the remaining 3) going into the actual exam. Was pleasantly surprised that the way the exam questions were phrased were almost similar to the prep exam questions. Result? 4 Above Target and 1 On Target! It's really money well spent. I'm not encouraging anyone to follow my method of studying because it can be very taxing. However, if you are looking to build your confidence to pass the paper, this PMP Exam Simulator is definitely the one you must get.


Passed on my first attempt

Thanks to The PM PrepCast I passed my PMP certification on my first try! The PM PrepCast program offers near identical interfaces and questions as the test itself. The questions are robust and challenging and do a great job at explaining why the right answers are right and why the wrong answers didn't make the cut. It helps you focus on problem areas to address weaknesses and is user friendly and intuitive. Hands down the best tool I used to prep. 

Odenton, USA

Fantastic Preparation Curriculum

I used a combination of the PM PrepCast videos, the PMP Exam Simulator, and reading / reviewing the PMBOK Guide. 

The sequence I took was

1)    Read through the PMBOK guide 1st time.

2)    Listened through the training course tutorials.  I played both the online versions and downloaded the podcasts to my iphone for playback during daily dog walks.  This part was very helpful as I was able to play the podcasts at 1.5-2x speed during the walks.

3)    Re-scanned PMBOK Guide.

4)    Took Practice Exams for approximately 3 weeks leading up to the real exam.  

These three items are more than sufficient to prepare for the real exam.  The PMP Exam Simulator was particularly helpful as it taught me how to understand the PMBOK guide and not just read or memorize it.  I typically answered 20-50 questions at a time in learning mode, though I did not use the hints / answer option during the tests.  If I had a break, I would quickly answer 10-20.  The real exam is now split in half, so I practiced 100 questions 2 or 3 times to get used to staying focused for that duration.  After the practice exam, I would go back and review my wrong answers.  

After a while, I got pretty good at picking up the nuances of a question and how to eliminate potential answers.  For the last 10 days or so leading up to the exam I iterated between practice tests, reading sections of the PMBOK guide, and re-watching specific portions of the tutorials.

The one recommendation I would have is to include the ITTO only practice test to be in learning mode as well. I took that several times, but I had to select the entire 200 questions vs. 20-50.  I still would only answer 20-50 at a time and review my wrong answers, but the overall test would indicate I failed each time because I didn’t answer the other 150.  Not a big deal, but seeing ‘fail’ each practice test may negatively affect some.

Overall a very high quality product that I would recommend to anyone!

Springfield, USA

Passed my PMP Today in First Attempt


I was studying casually now n then little bit since October 2020 and had a plan to appear in exam by first quarter of 2021 due to my work load. It was an eventful morning on Nov 05, 2020 when i came to know that PMP exam is changing from January 02, 2021, i got petrified that i have only 2 months and i havent studied anything, i thought to give up but then saw 2 videos of PMP passed professionals who prepared for their exam in 14 & 30 days, it gave me some hope, one of them advised to subscribe to PMP Exam Simulator.
I started my serious studies from Nov 06, 2020 and on Nov 11, 2020 i subscribed to PMP exam simulator. i found it really helpful in my preparations as it made me visualize the processes. The details are provided about each question and option which is very helpful.
I am delighted to announce that today i passed my PMP exam in first attempt :) well, even i cant believe it :) 
thank you so much PM PrepCast.


P.S. Please add more questions with min 2 appropriate/close answer choices out of which the candidate has to choose the best one.


You won't regret it!

I found Project Management PrepCast very useful. The information is relevant and well explained. The podcast lessons are easy to navigate and well broken down and organized. The PMP Exam Simulator is AWESOME! I like how the Simulator walks through the question, tips and answers both correct and incorrect.

Katy, United States

PM Prepcast Study Materials


I followed these steps to prepare for the PMP Exam:
1) PM PrepCast Tutorials (online and podcasts):  First I reviewed the tutorial videos to become familiar with the subject matter and used the podcasts to optimize my daily commuting time.  The videos were easy to follow and were easy to block-out study time. 
2) PMBOK Guide:  After reviewing the tutorial videos I referenced the PMBOK guide to deepen my understanding of the PMP exam material.  
3) Details:  I also read through the PMI Code of Ethics and the PMP Formula Study Guide on the PM PrepCast website as study aides. 
4) PM Exam Simulator:  After ~4 weeks of study I shifted my focus to use the timed quizzes and sample exams in the PM Exam Simulator.  After each quiz I reviewed the question details to understand why I missed a question (which key words I missed, key concepts, etc.) and I also used the analytics to determine which processes and subjects where I needed to focus.  I went back to the PMBOK Guide and The PMP Exam - How to Pass on Your First Try by Andy Crowe to review those materials again.  As a follow-up I took timed quizzes for specific subjects.  I recommend taking at least two full sample exams to become accustomed to the duration and pacing of the actual exam.   

I spent ~4 weeks reviewing the study materials and another 5-6 weeks of sample quizzes and exams to prepare for the exam. 

Frisco, United States, n/a

Passed on the first attempt

Hi everybody,
First I purchased the small package with the videos(The PM PrepCast Elite). It was great to listen, but it is a lot of hours/material. As busy as we are all, if you work full time, I got lousy and did not spend soo much time as I should. Then I took advantage of the 4x 6am to 8am  class in August. The good thing about the class was, that you are morally forced to  listen to all the units to keep up. Could I have mastered the exam yet? No!
Fact is unfortunately, you have to dig in unit by unit and there is not really a lot of written material, so I made it myself, more just videos AND several 200 question exams!
This is, how I made it work: I printed 49 pages  with the title of each process and the definitions.  Every Sat. I took a 4h-exam and during the week, I reviewed  my mistakes and made notes in the different process sheets. 
In addition, I developed also "documents" like the Project Charter, Project Management Plan, Scope Management Plan etc. and added information.
At the end, you have to learn it in your own way, paste and how you understand and memorize everything.
Last Tuesday I passed on the first attempt.
Good Luck,
Judith Hage, PMP



I, 100% attribute my successful passing the CAPM exam to the PM PrepCast Elite and simulator.  Designed for maximum flexibility to suit your needs its a fantastic product and will recommend it to all my colleagues.


Passed on my 1st go

The content of the PMBOK guide isn't the funnest material, but Cornelious really tries his best to make it fun. The PMP Exam Simulator was very identical to the actual exam. In fact, I thought the simulator was actually a bit harder. I got an 80%. average passing score on the PMP Exam Simulator, and ended up getting Above Target for my 1st CAPM exam. I highly recommend!

Vancouver , Canada

Excellent material!

SBM Offshore

I bought the PM PrepCast with the PM Exam Simulators and it helped me greatly! I used the online lessons specifically for the chapters/processes the first 2 simulators told me I need to improve. Cornelius has such a nice way of talking and approaching the subjects that keeps your focus sharp. So, I thought the material was very good. Mostly, though, the PMP Exam Simulator are key! When I noticed right in the beginning of the exam that the questions were pretty close to the simulators, I felt so calm and confident that the exam went very smoothly to me - it wasn't new. I'd seen it, been there. - So, this helped greatly.

Rotterdam, Netherlands, SBM Offshore

Excellent Product

I passed my PMP exam on the 22/10/2020 from the first try and got Above Target in all 5 process groups. My studies for 7 months were based only on the PMbook guide 6th edition, the PM PrepCast Elite course and the PMP Exam Simulator. I would like to thank Cornelius Fichtner for this great product and recommend anyone who want to take the PMP exam to use it.

Beirut, Lebanon


at present brake at home

Dear Mr. Cornelius Fichtner  and his team,

It was great 
pleasure to inform you, that after start using your PMP Exam Simulator ( 8 mocks package ), finally achieved my PMP certification on 4th November in Chennai India. I got 3 AT, 1 Target and 1 Below Target.

This is my 3rd attempt, earlier 2 attempts I did in Muscat ( both time I didn't do proper time management and study methodology), this time I wrote my exam in my home town Chennai India, after having lots of ground work and preparations, I bought your MOCKS. It was wonderful set of questions aligned with exam patterns, your explanation for each and every question with reference to PMBOK page and additional notes was too professional and very good eye opener for any PMP Aspirants.

Many thanks to you personally and to your team members for my achievements.

My Exam Experience :

Apart from your PMP Exam Simulator, I did PMI India free mock couple of times, which is bonus added to your mock platform. my exam questions was 25 % too lengthy questions with lengthy answers options.  I can able to attend each and every questions with confident, only because of using your mocks plenty of times, with timing and quiz mode.  This time I experienced NO problem in English language, few questions was unclear, but I can able to figure out with the experience gained from your mock platform.

My Suggestions :

If you could make the questions font size bigger and similar to PMI style, that will facilitate to read the questions quicker and understand the content easily, because guys in 40+ will be using mostly spectacle. Students also feel the same exam effect.

Need future Help :

Next I plan to start preparation for RMP certification, is your organization  will provide RMP mocks and other study guidance like PMP ?
I unable to find any information's regarding RMP in your website !!

Many thanks once again and kind regards,
Srikanth R
+91-98415 31461
EMAIL : [email protected]

CHENNAI, INDIA, at present brake at home

Great learning experience

Thanks for the great tool. I cleared my PMP assessment in the first attempt.
Advantages: Makes the concept clear. Explanations and reference to the PMBOK is really helpful in preparation.
Suggestion: Anyone taking exam I highly suggest to complete at minimum 4 - 5 exams and spend at least  4-8hrs per exam to analyzing the answers and concepts behind them. This is very important.
All the best to all.
Stay Safe, Stay healthy.


Great investment!

I purchased the PMP Exam Stimulator and Formula List to supplement my studying in preparation for my PMP Exam. It was the best investment I could’ve made towards prepping for the exam. The questions in the PMP stimulator were challenging but also informational. What I loved the most is that every question had an explanation as to why the correct option was the answer and also why the other options were incorrect. Each question also referenced where in the PMBOK guide you could find the information provided and it was a great reference point. I just took the PMP exam on 10/31/20 and I’m very thrilled to say that I passed the PMP on my first try! I’m considering taking the PMI-ACP exam as well and I will definitely be coming back to PrepCast to get the Agile PrepCast Elite course.

Lake Forest, USA

PMP Exam Simulator

I highly recommend any PMP candidate who wants to get right the first time around and pass the exam, invest in themselves and purchase the PMP Exam Simulator. I purchased the tool on the advise of a colleague who failed the exam and then purchased the tool. It made all of the difference for him and for myself. The simulator questions are quite challenging but prepared me well for the "real" exam. Without the tool, I am confident that I would be taking the PMP exam again.  Thank you Cornelius for developing a solution which is a critical part of the preparation process. 

Houston TX

Pass My PMP Exam!!!!!!!!!!

Dart Container

I only wish I could give PM PrepCast 6 stars. I took my exam today (10/30/2020) and passed on the first try. You have now gained a lifelong customer. Thank you, a million times over.

Lansing, United States, Dart Container

Prepcast and Exam Simulator Only for Me

The PM PrepCast and PMP Exam Simulator were the only resources I used to take and pass the PMP test with just 9 weeks of preparation.  I am a visual learner and the Prepcast really worked for me to understand the concepts and real life experiences.  I also made good use of the exam simulator to continually check my progress.  

Folsom, United States

Pass my PMP exam

DXC Technology

Many thanks to you guys. I passed my exam on Friday, 23 October. My preparation included Rita Mulcahy's PMP Exam prep book, 9-th edition and your valuable PM Exam Simulator. Confidently can say that the questions in your exam simulator were very close to the ones I had on the exam. These 120 USD I spent were the best investment I could make. I took all of the 8 exams, failed the first one and IITOs. I had poor time management during the trial tests, I had the same problem during the exam. Didn't have enough time to answer the last 2 questions, still I passed on target. Technically, I passed with first attempt, statistically from the second. On 1st July I attempted to take the exam from home using my work laptop. Although I wasn't within corporate firewall's environment I couldn't control my pc's mouse or touchpad, it was like my computer was hijacked. The Procter advised me to restart the laptop, by the time I restarted the machine, the time to answer the security questions had run out. Hence my exam got cancelled as I failed to agree with theirs security policy. I am sharing this issue to raise a concern, and advise everyone who is planning to take the exam from home to use their personal laptops. The corporate ones have security's setting and the Pearson vue  software may interfere with those. Good Luck!

Sofia, Bulgaria, DXC Technology

Passed 1st Attempt - AT/AT/AT/AT/AT

I cannot thank PM PrepCast and Cornelius enough!  They were the reason I passed on the first attempt with all five domains above target. And after 7 months together, I kind of miss not studying with them every night....just a little. :)


This works! I passed on the first try.

I started with The PM PrepCast in March of 2020 and pursued my PMP as my quarantine project. I set daily goals for myself and was sure to read each chapter after I finished listening to the corresponding course. I buckled down and each night after work, I went to PM PrepCast school. I finished the PM PrepCast course in May and scheduled to take my test virtually on July 2. To study for the test, I read each chapter, again, and took the corresponding PM PrepCast test for each chapter. After reading the chapters, I began the test PMP Exam Simulator. The PMP Exam Simulator is AMAZING! I don't think I would have passed without this tool. I failed a lot of the first tests that I took, and I think it was because I was not used to that type of questioning. I spent about 3 weeks using the PMP Exam Simulator and it was so worth it. I did 2 practice tests, taking it at the same time that I would on July 2nd and without breaks to make it as real as possible. Those practices really helped prepared me for the real test and I know I wouldn't have passed without it.

The PM PrepCast is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about pursing the PMP.

Bethlehem, USA

Feedback about PMI

Good afternoon,

So far, I've found the content very good but I only covered 50% of the course. It is very well explained in a very pedagogic way. What is missing a little  bit in the form, it is the interactivity,. For example with interview, a video would be more vivid with subtitle since not everybody is English native speaker. Some courses could be like the one explaining Kanban, more visual. But all in all the course is very complete, well structured and covering a lot of topic.
I am very happy with it.
Thank you for letting me sharing my first thoughts about the course.
Best regards 
Jerome Aubry


Prepcast is worth & useful.

Shell India

I got Above Target in all 5 process groups. Here is my take on Prepcast. The PM PrepCast is a great tool to pass your PMP. It has scenario-based questions to get us ready for the real exam. I recommend using PMP Exam Simulator in the following way to get the best results after attending instructor lead training for PDUs. 1. First read PMBOK once. Do not spend more than 2 hours for each chapter (3+ 10 process groups). 2. Attempt 2 full tests and review each question (each review takes 6-8 hours as you need to understand why your is answer is right/wrong and other choices are right/wrong. 3. Read PMBOK again. This time, you will get to know what to read precisely from the review exercise. Highlight important points on PMBOK. You may spend 1-1.5 hours on each chapter this time. 4. Attempt 3 more tests. This time, review only incorrect questions. 5. Skim through PMBOK. This time hardly 30 minutes for a chapter. Attempt last 3 tests. You will see improvement in your percentage. 6. Use the right-click option to strike and eliminate the wrong options. This is very important. When you look at the answers, you can eliminate 2 easily. Strike them off. After selecting what you think is correct, do not strike the closest answer option. When reviewing incorrect answers after the exam, read the reason why the closest answer is right. If the correct answer is not the one you chose or the closest answer option that you didn't strike, it means you either have been doomed or got that concept completely wrong into your mind. Revisit this concept on PMBOK. 7. ITTO test (8) is not much useful for real exam. Don't worry if you got even 50% in that test. More than 80% are scenarios based and 18-19% are direct answers. You may get 3-4 questions related to ITTO. 8. if you score around 75%, you will feel that the real test is far easier than these practice tests. I felt it. Use this PMP Exam Simulator effectively and streamline your thoughts from concepts to correct answers to the questions. All the best for your PMP examination.

Bangalore, India, Shell India

Very useful study tool!

The PM PrepCast is a great tool to use to study for your PMP. It is perfect for all kinds of learners, such as auditative and visual!


Prepcast and Exam Simulator Were Exceptional

I did a 9 week crash course using mainly the PM PrepCast and the PMP Exam Simulator.
I was able to pass the PMP exam first try.

I watched the PM PrepCast videos all the way through to the end and then referred back to them periodically as needed. Cornelius is "Expert Judgement". After the first month, even though I had not gone through all the videos, I felt prepared enough to take the Prepcast exam to get my 35 hour certificate and passed at 75%. I then signed up for the PMP exam for five weeks later so I could stay on-track and finish quickly to get my life back. I continued with the videos and referred back to them on trouble areas. I did the self test before watching the videos in each group to know what my weak points were so I could pay extra attention to the explanations.

I did not read the entire PMBOK guide. I read the first 100 pages. I did not reference any other materials than the PM PrepCast videos and the PMP Exam Simulator. I am a visual learner and have always done well with lectures so the Prepcast videos were awesome for how I learn.

The PMP Exam Simulator was key in learning also. I would take a quiz and then go over my missed questions and any that I guessed on. I never had any open books or notes when I took the quizzes and exams so every quiz or exam would be just like the real thing. In going over the missed questions and guessed questions, I would read the entire question again, go through all fo the answers, the reason for the right answers and the reasons for the wrong answers. I did take notes on all of my wrong answers to make sure that I was understanding the concept and why I missed the question. I also marked all my guessed questions and found that I guessed right a little more than half the time by at least eliminating two answers and guessing between the last two. Even if I guessed the right answer, I treated it as a wrong answer and went through process the same so I could get a better understanding of the concept.

As I progressed through the quizzes and built up some stats in the exam simulator, I started taking additional quizzes on the knowledge areas and domains that I was having lower scores in. I was eventually able to bring the percentages up to or beyond target. The process went: Test, review, check stats, create new test with new questions in problem area and then repeat until the stats got to target and above on answering the question the first time. If I continued in the knowledge area without significant improvement, I went back to the PM PrepCast videos and then repeated the test process again.
I really could not ask for a better study guide than what the team at PM PrepCast has put together.

Folsom, United States

I passed

This course is great. The PMP Exam Simulator was awesome and was definitely harder than the real test. I got a 76 on my first simulator test and decided to take the real exam the next week. I did even better on the real exam than I did on the PMP Exam Simulator. Great program, great price!







First Attempt - PMP Cleared with Above Target in all areas!

I could not believe on myself passing the PMP exam and Yes I have done it . After months of hardware and dedicated study I was able to get over the line and that too with fabulous result scoring - Above Target in all Knowledge Area !

- I must say the PMP Exam Simulator questions really prepared me for situational questions . I took all 8 exams on The PMP Exam
Simulator ( Passed six with 71% average and failed 2 ( just under 65% - Exam5 & ITTO) but still I was feeling little unprepared as I try to refer to online reviews/guideline and never had known what level of preparedness I would need.
- My preparation included
Udemy - PMP by Sabri C.
Rita Mulcahy PMP Accelerated learning book
PMP Exam Simulator .
Believe me I did not refer to PMBOK 6th edition after going through few chapters initially as I could not logically link how everything connects together and whats happening where and interrelationships. 

Explanation of incorrect/correct answer on simulator really prepared me well with detailed description , so as style of questions I am expecting and way its presented .

Thank you Cornelius and Team for preparing such a nice simulator which makes you exam ready. This is one of the best course and more than value for money .I would highly recommend the PMP Exam Simulator to future aspirants .No doubt this would be best investment on your journey to PMP ! Good Luck.

Melbourne, Australia

Best Prep Exam Questions

I began and ended my 8 month PMP exam preparation journey with PrepCast tools. This was the first preparation material that I purchased when I decided to take the PMP exam. I did not know much about formal project management as described in the PMBOK guide, so PrepCast lectures helped me understand the PMBOK guide (which felt a foreign language at first). However, I realized that I learn better by reading rather than listening, so I purchased Sohel Akhtar's book. Later a colleague referred me to Rita Mulcahy's book. Both of these books were very useful in learning and understanding the material. However, I was still having a very difficult time with ITTOs. One day while browsing the PrepCast Forum for lessons learned, I found that someone had shared their ITTO Excel sheet. This Excel sheet, (though 80% complete) was one of the critical factors in passing the exam, as it helped me visualize the ITTOs and connect the dots about their association/connection with various processes and knowledge areas. However, even one week before the exam, I was still waffling and uncertain of my ability to pass the exam. I then chanced to read a post on the Forum that PrepCast Simulator exam was very similar to PMP exam, so I decided to take test myself with the Simulator exams. Scoring between 80-90% on 4 exams suggested that I was likely ready for the PMP exam. I agree that the PMP exam question format were almost identical to the PrepCast Simulator exam.  I took the PMP exam on 28August2020 and was so relieved to pass with 5 ATs. Thank you, Cornelius, for your organization's great help in my passing the PMP exam. The lectures really helped to distill the PBOK guide. I also found the Excel file to capture exam test results very helpful. I have already started listening to the PodCast to collect PDUs. 

Durham, USA

PMP Earned

Expert System

PM Exam Simulator was really helpful in achieving my goal.

Rovereto, Italia, Expert System

2.5 Months Prep, passed on first attempt


I wanted to make the most of my time working from home during the Pandemic. I purchased the PM PrepCast in June and by Mid-August I had passed the online-proctored PMP Exam. The PM PrepCast provides relevant scenarios to make sense of the principles offered in the PMBOK Guide. When watching the lectures, one feels the ITTOs are redundant, but then you realize, so is the exam, and it's necessary to learn how to apply them for each process. The Excel Document with the lesson syllabus and times is very helpful in setting goals and timelines for when you can study and complete the course. As anyone will likely tell you, the PMP Exam Simulator is the most beneficial tool in helping one study for the actual exam. While the actual exam was worded slightly differently, the PMP Exam Simulator is a great resource to indicate how you will do on the actual PMP exam. 

Charlotte, USA, Corning

Exam simulator

PMP Exam Simulator was very helpful. I cleared my exam on 10th sep

Hyderabad, India

Thanks PM PrepCast


I passed my PMP exam with 'Above Target' in 4 domains; 'Target' in the remaining 1.
PM Exam Simulator was really helpful in achieving my goal.
The designed mock exam material with intense level of detail on each of the answer choices are really helpful to crack the ambiguity & also to understand the concept required to pass the exam
Highly recommend PM Exam Simulator for the PMP aspirants.
Thank you team PM PrepCast

Adliya, Bahrain, NCR

PMP Earned

PM PrepCast Exam package was the most valuable tool during my studies. After running through the hundreds of questions provided, I was able to improve my score and earn my PMP certification. Money well spent!


Cheap , Easy to understand and most convenient way to pass the exam

NTT cooperation

The Project Management PrepCast for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam) : 
I downloaded these videos in my Phone and listened to them while I was commuting to my work.
In total I could study all videos two times. 
please keep in mind that I'm using one hour train to get to office.
So I was actively listening and watching videos.
As result I would say it was very cheap , Easy to understand and most convenient way to pass the exam.
so I highly recommend for anyone whom are looking to pass the PMP exam at first attempt. 

Tokyo, Japan , NTT cooperation

Very helpful - all you need is the PMBOK and the exam simulator

I passed my PMP exam in my first attempt - Above Target throughout!

The Exam Simulator was a great help in understanding how to use the PMBOK book to my advantage. I read the book once (gave up on the thought of giving the exam since it was so boring!). Came back to the book a few months later and made up my mind to give the exam. This is when I sampled the questions from the free question bank on PM Prepcast. 2 months later, after being a little more prepared, I signed up for the full fledged PM Exam Simulator. Here's how it helped:

- Taking an exam the first time and going through what I got wrong, opened my eyes to the kind of questions the real exam will have. I understood how the questions are framed and what they intend to test our knowledge on.

- The next 2 exams helped me understand how to read the PMBOK. It let me understand that I need to pay close attention to the language explaining the different areas well. I read the entire book 4+ times.
(Make sure you go through what you got wrong! And if time permits, what you got right too. Also, mark the questions that confused you, go back to these after - whether you got them right or wrong! The simulator has great functionality that makes it easier to do all of this.)

- The subsequent exams helped me focus on a few areas in the PMBOK that I need to pay attention to, the sections that I was weak in.
My scores were in the 65-70 range throughout. I got an 80 in my 6th exam and a lower score in my 7th. It didn't matter though as I did great in the exam.
I would totally recommend the simulator. It really helped provide context and relevancy to what I was studying. This is tough to achieve with studying alone.

Granted, the PMP exam questions were slightly different than the simulator ones. But it didn't matter too much, the simulator conditioned me well to answer the questions correctly. It helped me get into the minds of the exam takers in a way. 
My only criticism would be that each exam tended to focus too much on one topic - so if you take longer gaps between exams you may get a bias that that particular topic is important in the exam than it really is.

Newtown, United States

Really worked for me

This was my second resource for passing PMP - I did my learning through a course on Udemy and then practiced questions with the PM PrepCast Exam Simulator. I have to say it was worth it. In just over 5 weeks I obtained a PMP pass, AT in all domains. I found the questions really well written and by studying the explanations it helped to get me in the PMP mindset - somehow getting a question wrong then doing the reading helped cement the course content in my mind. I really recommend this product!

London, UK

Great Course

I used the PM PrepCast video course to prepare for my PMP exam, which I passed this June 2020. I was very happy with the quality and detail of the videos. To study, I read the section of the PMBOK Guide and then watched the video while reading along again in the book. The videos kept my attention, making studying not so dry as well as aiding in retention of the information. After going through the videos, I used the PM Exam Simulator to finish my studies, and took a total of  3 practice exams (earning scores between 75-80%).

I would recommend this course for anyone who is preparing their PMP exam.

Madrid, Spain

PMP Exam Testimonial


I used the PM Prepcast and the PM Exam simulator to prep for my exams and I was successful in my first attempt. I listened to the entire pod cast once and then started practicing with the Exam simulator till I was very confident I was going to smash the exams. I didn't have to memorize the ITTO tables or formulars. 

Dubai, UAE, Wirecard

Passed above target in all levels w/ Prepcast

Passed above target on all levels on my first try thanks to PM Prepcast.  I started with the video and courses and also purchased the PMP Exam Simulator.  The videos were helpful, but I can't stress enough how vital the exam simulator was.  The questions are very similar to the actual test and really give you a great idea of where you need to focus your efforts to better prepare.  Also, there are over 1,500 questions, so you won't see anything on the exam that you haven't seen in some form on the exam simulator.  Overall very happy with my decision to purchase the Prepcast.  

United States

The best thing happened in 2020

2020 is a difficult year for many of the professionals trying to advance in one's career. The PM PrepCast was the best choice I made in this difficult time. The training was excellent and easy to understand. And most important, the support I got to extend because of a change in my schedule and work-life balance was overwhelming. I passed my exam today on the first try and I am truly grateful. 


Bridging the Gap

I started out with Rita's material book and PM Exam Simulator package.  Read through it once and took notes for the entire book.  I then created a Mind Map of the entire PMBOK ITTO and Part 2 of PMBOK.  Rita's exams were a good start but Don's product here just "bridged the gap" and connected all the dots.  
In principle the approach was excellent because he tied it directly to PMBOK with direct references.  Utilizing a 1600 question bank explores an entire world of nuances in PMBOK guide.  He spreads the questions around the entire proportioned syllabus of the PMP Exam Content Outline so eventually you will get a well balanced knowledge gain for this exam. 

Further, the Post Exam metrics are monster.  If you are numbers/metrics guy like me, you have a plethora of "work performance data/information" to analyze and track your progress. 

Excellent Product!!!



I initially was using Rita Mulcahy's prep book and took the test in 10/19 even though I knew I wasn't fully prepared, and not surprisingly failed the first attempt.  Afterwards I did some research and found the PM PrepCast with glowing reviews so I figured I'd try it.  I purchased both the training course and exam simulator and began viewing all of the podcasts.  They were such a big help with breaking down the information in the PMBOK, which I'm sure you know is pretty dry and boring.  Once I felt more prepared I began using the exam simulator, which I quickly saw was very similar to the question style of the actual exam.  This simulator made a huge difference in preparing me for the exam and I tested for approximately two weeks before retaking the exam.  I ended up passing this past weekend with 3 above targets and two targets and I couldn't have done this without using the PM PrepCast.  While Rita's book was a big help I believe the PrepCast is what gave me an edge on passing the exam and I highly recommend it!



I purchased both the online course and the exam simulator.  This combination is a must.  The online courses went thru the material and satisfy the 35 credits to sit for the exam.  Going thru the exam simulator enables you to be familiarized with the type of situational question you get on the exam.  I bought the Rita Exam Prep book, it was absolutely useful for me.  The material are broke down into chapters and it explains the concepts more in detail.  I went thru the exam book twice and did all the simulation exams.    

Rockville, USA

Good Content RECOMMENDED 100%

Weatherford International

I came to know about PrepCast form a friend who used their content and was very happy with the results (he passed on his first attempt). I literally had no expectations. The first thing you will notice of course when compared to other programs is the price. The prices is the same and even lower compared to others and that is a big plus to begin with. Once you see all the content and options that you will get for that amount then you go for it and that's what I did. The video lessons first time you see them you will think: THEY TOO MANY AND TOO LONG but to be honest Cornelius voice and the flow of the content makes all the videos interesting and not boring at all. The content is explained in a very easy way to digest (because the content is a lot), you have questions, rational thinking and even jokes from Cornelius every now and then. At the end of the journey you will find yourself watching all videos easily. I advise everyone not to rush and watch the videos patiently to understand and of course glance through the PMBok parallelly and everything will fall into place more easily.

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PrepCast Classes and Exams

Standard Chartered Bank

The PrepCast video lessons were very useful and clear, easy to understand. it is also very useful that it can be downloaded on laptop, mobile phone and tablet, and allowed on more than one device, so that I can choose my mode of study. I have no reason not to, when it is available everywhere in my hand. the instructions to watch the introductory video of every chapter first before going back to watch all the detailed videos was also good. it helped me form an overview before deep diving into each chapter. its also good that the videos are broken down into decent sizes, no more than half hour, which is about the attention span i have before i start day dreaming. it also is useful for going back to watch specific videos on areas you want to revise on. the preparation course also provides practice questions for pre assessments, and per chapter. it helps to give you some practice to know if you have a decent understanding, before you proceed to the full sized mock exams. 

I have attempted questions by PrepCast and ExamPrep by topics first (Rita and Head First only first four chapters), before I went on to attempt PrepCast Mock Exams. I did 7 out of 8 mock exams by Prepcast, 100 Oliver Lehman questions and the PMI practice exams. my scores were ranging between 71 to 78%. PMI practice exam actually gave me a big red fail for hitting 75%, on Saturday, two days before my exam. that really gave me a bad hit. fortunately it has turned out well.

I feel that doing the mock exams makes a huge difference. it shortens the learning curve and helps to understand better how questions are being asked, and how answers should be selected. the thought process is not something that can be learned by mugging the books alone.

Prepcast Exam Simulator stood out from all the other mock exams, because of the detailed explanations for each question. not just on what is the correct answer, but also why each other answer choice is not the best answer (not necessarily incorrect, but not the best among the four choices). this helped me to really understand the question, and why i have gotten the answer wrong. it is also a good practice to mark the question for review when yo are unsure of your answer, AND to review it, even if you GOT IT RIGHT. this helped me to understand why i was right, and reinforce it.

I honestly feel that without PrepCast Video Classes and Exam Simulator, I would not have been able to pass on a first attempt, and with five ATs! it is definitely the worthy investment of both time and money. 

Singapore, Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank

I passed the PMI-ACP exam on the first try thanks to PM PrepCast Agile video lessons and exam simula


I used the PM PrepCast Agile video lessons and exam simulator to prepare for the PMI-ACP exam. This satisfied the education requirement for my application (I wasn’t even audited). More importantly, I found the materials very well organized and insightful. I passed the exam on the first try and I give PM PrepCast much of the credit. Thank you for your great work. 

Fresno, United States, Freelance

Passed PMP on 1st try, thanks to PrepCast

Nothing will substitute studying long and hard in order to pass the PMP.  Once I thought I understood the basic principles, I was ready to take some mock tests.  The PrepCast Simulator is by far the best around.  I did some research and everyone raved about PrepCast, and for good reason.  I did use some other sites for testing as well, but most did not provide any in-depth explanations on the questions / answers.  The volume of questions was pretty impressive and I liked how I could filter on specific sections (i.e., procurements).  The cost of the Exam Simulator far outweighed having to pay for a retake.  It also provided me with some confidence going into the actual exam.  I would not have passed without the PrepCast Exam Simulator.  I'll definitely use PrepCast again when I go for my next PMI examination.  Thanks!


Motivation to be PMP certified soon

I cleard PMP exam in my first attempt by taking PM PrepCast as a tool to analyses and reflect my preparation. I really liked the questions which was so real time that it helped me to read and practice on lessons which i scored less and failed during my preparation.
When did i Start my preparation?
I attended Classroom training for few hours which briefed me about different lessons and topics that i need to concentrate so that I plan a Exam date.
Nov 2019 - Jan 30th 2020 was my preparation time. I selected my exam date as Jan 31st and I cleared.
My Journey from Nov 2019- Dec 2020
Resources used - PMBOK guide and Rita Mulcahy and my favorite PMP Exam Simulator 
1. Nov 2019 -Dec 2019 - Only reading lessons from PMBOK guide and then also referred Rita Mulcahy 9th edition, I read one lesson from PMBOK guide and refer back to Rita's book for better understanding.
2. January month I purchased PrepCast and every week Friday attempted for one exam just face the truth forgetting about results Pass/Fail, just wanted to see my confidence and preparation about the lessons. I use to fail but no worries every week i was improving but the determination to take Simulation exam increased week by week. 
3. I watched many youtube videos for different lessons and topics. Only self learning, reading blogs, browsing case studies. All these can be done when you have read PMBOK & Rita atleast twice.
I hope the above information is useful who really want to be PMP certified. For further queries and preparation please reach me out. I will be happy to assist. Thanks and All the best!

Bangalore, India

Passed PMP on 1st Try

I was a bit skeptical about buying online training but I didn't have time in my schedule to accommodate in-person training.  I bought the PM PrepCast online training materials.  I mainly used the podcast materials.  This allowed me time to study on my own schedule, usually in a 30min to 1hr increments at night.  It takes a long time to do this.  I studied the materials and took notes like lectures in college.  I also made my own flash cards and practiced examples with the formulas.  The training materials were great.  You can study the PMBOK all you want (and you should), but there are things outside the PMBOK that are helpful to know/understand.  The PrepCast materials help with some of that information but there is also an element you are only going to get from experience.  Overall, I would rate the PM PrepCast materials for the PMP as excellent.  I would highly recommend this training materials to others, especially if they need to parcel out training due to high work loads or work/life balance issues.


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