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Customer Reviews for The Project Management PrepCast

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PrepCast Works!


I used the PM PrepCast almost exclusively for my PMP study and I passed the first time with 4 Proficient and 1 Moderately Proficient ratings.   I found The PM PrepCast and the exam simulator to be very thorough, easy to understand and a terrific value.

Reno , USA, NA

Outstanding Professionalism

I began on mid January the PM PrepCast Online Training Course and I have to say that the content, organization, overall ergonomic and friendly interface and compliance with the PMBOK guide, is sincerely of an outstanding professionalism. The course not only provide the student with a comprehensive explanation of the PMBOK 5th Edition but does not hesitate to provide aside matters that are related with the practice and methodology for the daily activities of the Project Management.

This course will serve for sure after your Exam. It's really one of the best personal investment any project manager, student or practitioner, may realize. The content is oriented to perform a clear and easy understanding, as well as to improve your overall knowledge of the Project Management exercise.

I haven't hesitate to ask OSP to participate in training initiatives to propose their course and aside features. If you are looking for state of the art training, OSP provides one of the closest ones, for English and Non English speaking students. 

Hollywood, United States

Aced the sucker today!


I truly, truly utilized a strategy that focused on understanding why the concept worked the way they did. Rita Mulcahey's text was a life saver in this regard. I used Rita's text for a week and a half to "validate" everything I already learned from Cornelius' PM PrepCast and Simulation exercises. I am not a great test taker so going into the exam, I had my doubt about "passing" but I continuously took solace of the fact that I understood the concepts enough to be patient with every question. I went into the exam scoring "60-70%s" in all simulation attempts on the PM PrepCast site. In all attempts, I used all 4-hours for the exam. I wasn't doing great with the time, and I think it was largely due to bad habits that lingered on as I always "second-guess" myself and did not always feel confident of the answer choices I pick. Each practice test I took, I spent at least three days reviewing all the answers and referred to the PMBOK text for gaining more understanding of the knowledge areas. That was how I studied the text. That was the motivation I needed to read the text - I needed an excuse. Well, these simulation exercises or practice tests helped me with understanding the manner in which the questions will be thrown at me. For the most part, there was a similarity between the simulation and the actual test. In fact, the PM PrepCast may have been too difficult for me, but it was good after all. I used the PMPBOK text, Rita Mulcahey's text, lots of Wikipedia references for concepts not covered in the text, for example, contract types, organization theories, quality management planning theories, etc. Today on the real exam, I was very comfortable at what I knew and was patient with each question. I used up all 4-hours and had no time left. I struggled with at least five math problems on EVM (earned value) and critical path. I struggled with these because they were not the typical direct calculation question type, they were purposely complicated and needed time to work on. 
If you are like me that visit the bathroom like ten times in 1-hr, be mindful of liquid intake. I drank too much water going into the test and had to use the restroom like two times. I didn't really like the fact that my clock was winding down while I was out, but I needed to stay hydrated (so plan for this) - Make sure you know your test center enough to anticipate uncertainties. My exam was 8am and I got there at 7:10am. I didn't check in till 7:45am because I wanted to study the dynamic of the staff, understand the building enough to know how far the bathrooms were from the training suites and calm myself down.  Also, it was important that I got a good night rest. I got a good 8-hrs  sleep and woke up four hours before my test to do a quick review. It was very helpful to me. I wasn't studying to gain new knowledge; I reviewed some concepts that I needed to stick one last time before the test. For example, the conflict resolution types, communication methods, ITTOS and contract types - I realized I always get this mixed up. Rita Mulcahey's Process Chart was my last review before heading to the exam. I liked the way she breaks down this process. There was no way I wasn't going to understand it and her intent for creating that chart worked for me. It was great! Finally, Rita's text on how to address change request helped me a lot in the test. I may have gotten up to 40 question alone on Change Request related questions (No kidding:-), and I couldn't thank her enough for it. 
Finally, Cornelius is genius. I heard his voice all through the exam. Those podcast man, those podcasts was everything! I credit the 3 months of listening to Cornelius speak to me everyday. He spoke to me about each knowledge area and the sarcastic way of delivering a very dry concept and making it fun is something I will never forget. I snapshotted some useful slides and reviewed them when I was having dinner or just doing laundry. It was a great way of reminding myself that an exam was around the corner. It kept me on my foot. Finally, having a PDF version of the PMBOK text was super-helpful. I was able to use my cellphone and keyword-search when need be, to land on specific areas that I needed to review. It was money well spent. I hope this was helpful!
Patience Adagba

San Leandro, USA, Genentech

Excellent Preparation Tool

I used the PM Exam Simulator along with two books and passed on the first try. I achieved proficiency in every area. The questions were remarkably similar to that of the PMP and generally the explanations given were outstanding.


My PrepCast - takeout

NTT Data, Inc

OSP PM PrepCast:
- I mainly watched videos of Knowledge Area or Processes which I found difficult learning through PMBOK or scored less in mock exams.
- The videos were very detailed, helps us to connect
OSP PM Exam Simulator:
- I completed 8 mock exams in OSP PM Simulator
- OSP PM Simulator is really good because there was explanations for correct and incorrect choices for most of the questions. I didn’t find this in other sites.
- I couldn't agree with answers of some questions so I raised clarifications through email and  received quick feedback in a day
- Mock test helped me to understand how long I was taking to answer 200 questions. I planned my final exam according to this. I utilized about the same time in final exam as well

Laveen, United States, NTT Data, Inc

Excellent Resource

I recently passed the PMP exam (4P, 1MP) on my first attempt and felt that I had to leave a review for the resource that I truly feel was the most critical part of my success, PM PrepCast and the PM Exam Simulator. 
Even though I had extensive PM experience prior to taking the exam, much of it was in the government sector where things such as cost/scope/quality control did not exist (or at least not in the way most people would think). Because of this, I started my study with gaping deficiencies in key areas. I spent months (6+) reading from other resources but never really gained any traction until I came across PM PrepCast.
The PM PrepCast videos are well produced and Cornelius Fichtner is a very engaging narrator. Even the things that feel dull and repetitive are done so with a purpose. The fact that you can download the videos in advance to play at work or in the car is also very convenient. The only negative I could come up with is that the website used for delivery (nanacast) is a little dated and has some annoying quarks. That said, it is functional and gets the job done well.
The most valuable tool I found is the PM Exam Simulator. I took most of the exams and felt that with each one I was gaining confidence, learning my weaknesses and improving them with each attempt. The questions are about as close as you can get to the real exam without being shut down by PMI for violation of terms. So much so that there were several times on the real exam that I could have sworn I had seen the question before. It was that spot on. If I had to force a negative it would be that the simulator puts too much emphasis on basic ITTO questions compared to experiences of myself and many other test takers. Otherwise the structure, difficulty, and tone is comparable to at least ~90% of the exam.
For the price, I would challenge anyone to find a better value.
Best Regards and Good Luck!


Solid but a long haul

The PM PrepCast & PM Exam Simulator was my sole method of studying for the PMP.  I only made it through Quality Management, and relied on my testing results analysis to get me through HR and the remaining chapters.  I felt like the exam questions were a little too tailored to the exact material covered in the PM PrepCast podcasts however, and I had a few logic questions that I fell flat on in the exam.  Some questions have detailed explanation, some have weak to no explanation in the answer bank.  I was scoring MP to BP on average on my prep tests, but passed the exam with 3 Ps and 2 MPs.  I don't feel like the prepcast was more difficult, rather, I was trained in enough question types that I was able to field the exam itself successfully - and for that I am grateful.

Gainesville, United States

Best Bang for the Buck!

Talk about breath and depth...the ACP PrepCast modules contains a dense array of very relative Agile information, in a very easy to understand format. Although at the time of this writing, I have not taken the exam, I'm confident the courses, along with the suggested reference materials, have prepared me adequately for the exam. In addition to the video modules, the program offers extremely interesting and relevant audio interviews of qualified practitioners in the given discipline (e.g. Kanaban, Agile, Scrum etc.), which further enhances the learning experience. Last, the exam simulator is an added bonus, which from what I've seen thus far will definitely aid in my exam preparation and more importantly, boost my confidence with the the material. 

Great work Cornelius...keep up the great work! 

Coppell, USA

Simple & Clear explanations


I purchased PMPrepCast to Learn PMBOK and earn 35 contact hours. Each prodcast was well organized, simple and clear to understand. This makes my learning easier and a swift task. The visual presentations and advanced concepts podcasts were an added advantage.

I truly enjoy the presenter's approach, tone and flow. He sets a good example of ethics by being neutral while presenting other PM products as well as sample questions.

One challenge is faced was the incorrect sequence of prodcast when I download them in my iPhone. I don't know whether it was due to my lack of knowledge about prodcast management in iPhone or some other reason.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Arla

PM Exam simulator Review

I have studied for around two months for the PMP exam. I knew that it wasn't an easy exam but the PM PrepCast prepared me very well. I have also used Rita's book and the PMBOK as an additional reference.  The PM PrepCast and Rita's book approach the exam in a very different way, which I found very beneficial. 
However the most important tool that helped pass the exam was the excellent exam simulator. It gave me confidence and helped me identify my weaknesses. I found the exam somewhat easier than some of the questions in the simulator.  My scores in the simulator were between 78 and 86.5. If you are consistently scoring 80 % or above in the exam simulator then you are ready. In the end I scored Proficient across 4 process groups and Moderately Proficient in initiating.

Thank you for your excellent products!

Montreal, Canada

Essential to my PMP Exam Success

I signed up for the PMP exam, and due to work/family obligations, I only had 2 months to study before writing the exam. I discovered the PMP PrepCast program and immediately signed up after reading reviews from various sources. Boy am I glad I purchased the program. Without the materials from the PrepCast, I don't think I would have passed my exam on the first try.
I had already finished my 35 hours of PM education contact hours, but it's been more than a few years since I completed that initial education. So when I saw that the program included both the exam simulator and the knowledge area materials, I knew it was the right fit.
Through speaking to past PMP exam takers, I found that pure memorization wouldn't be an effective method to tackling the exam, so I knew that I needed to find a resource that could help me best understand the material. Cornelius' style of breaking down the PMBOK information and presenting it is easy to understand and grasp, and also makes it much easier to remember the material in an effective way.
I can't recommend the program enough, and really do attribute it to my PMP examination success!

Toronto, Canada

Best source i come across for PMP Exam Preparation


I believe PM PrepCast is one of the best source for candidate aspiring bag PMP. No doubt about questions database but following are the best things i liked about PM PrepCast
1) Explanation of write answers: They provide in depth reason for best choice along with example and clear reference from PM Book.
2) Expert personal input: in case of dilemma, expert provide further detail and reference on email. This clear confusion and give eminence clarity about topic.
I strongly suggest to consider PM PrepCast service to all PMP aspirant.
Pinakin Rao PMP, CSM, ITIL

Ahmedabad, India, SPEC INDIA

PM Prepcast - A complete course

ATT Consultants Co. Ltd

PM PrepCast is what i would recommend to anyone who are interested to learn through visual aids. I would say that if you can really listen to the entire prepcast couple of times, that should be enough to establish a solid foundation to pass the PMP exam. I listened to the PM PrepCast one time and then studied the PMBOK guide once, made notes and took the exam. It was good enough to obtain 'Proficient' score in 4 out of 5 domains and 'Moderately Proficient' in one domain, all within 2 months from the start of preparation.
PM PrepCast is a clear and a detailed explanation of the entire PMBOK guide, i sincerely believe that this is the most comprehensive course out there for people who want to get their contact hours online

Bangkok, Thailand, ATT Consultants Co. Ltd

Got my ACP certification on the first try, thanks to the Agile Prepcast!

I got my ACP certification on the first attempt with about six weeks of preparation. I used the following two resources exclusively:

1. Podcast: Agile Prepcast by Cornelius Fitchner. There is so much of material included which covers both the breadth and depth of each domain. Definitely a lot more than what you might need for the exam, but helps a great deal in developing the agile mindset especially to be prepared for the exam. Even if you have prior experience in Agile/Scrum, etc, the material discussed in these podcasts helps you reinforce your understanding and calibrate it towards the exam and avoids getting caught up with the trick questions and narrow down between two or more almost correct answers or even narrow down among all the seemingly imperfect answers.

2. Book: The PMI-ACP Exam: How To Pass On Your First Try. This book has two practice exams of 100 questions each and a code for a free one week trial to their website (velociteach) which includes an online exam simulator with 100 more sample questions.

Thanks Mr. Fitchner! You are an awesome inspiration to me and you show so much passion in what you teach thru these podcasts. Keep up the good work. Best wishes for all the ACP aspirants!

Fremont, USA

Student profile

Hi All,
I had gone through lots of training classes, boot camps, but was not successful in clearing my PMP in first two attempts. I had the last opportunity to get through and after hearing a lot about The  PM PrepCast I wanted to explore it. I am very happy that I opted for PM PrepCast which helped me to get the concepts clear, and really helped me clear my PMP! My dream came true!!
Thanks for helping me!!

Vancouver, US


I used The PM PrepCast to get required 30PDU for PMP application and also as part of my learning together with Exam Simulator.
In general PM PrepCast is complement for other study materials/books. You can watch it at any place at any time. I used it at the end of my study so it was much more like refreshing my knowledge. I did not manage to watch all videos, I saw ~70%.
Exam Simulator is must in my opinion if you want to pass your exam on the first attempt


Couldn't have done it without you

I studied for 4 weeks and was confident going into my PMP Exam.  I had used the lectures, the Exam Simulator, and some outside materials.  If you listen to what Cornelius and his associates tell you to do, you stand a very strong chance of passing the PMP Exam the first time.  They provided me with a clear approach, structure, and guidance that made the preparation objectives both realistic and effective.
Thank you so much!


My Rosetta stone for the PMP Exam

The PMP PrepCast was my companion for many months learning, reviewing, understanding the PMP point of view of the profession. After a first (and second) lecture of the PMPBoK, it was just confusing. I started to wide up the sources: internet, articles, and a couple of books. This is "against" some of the common tips, which recommend to focus to optimize the effort. My scope was not just to pass the exam, but to improve myself on the way.
Few tips, that worked for me:
- try to put in practice the different disciplines, apply the knowledge to the day to day work. If it is not possible, try to find some previous work experience related to the argument or that could be improved if it was used the PMP-way. This way, the ideas remain more solid.
- take the PMBoK seriously, all of it. Do not understimate any knowledge area.
- once you feel "almost ready", fix the exam date. It will help to focus and to accomplish the last effort.
- practice with the simulations exam: do the exam and review your responses. Take some days between consecutive exams.
I would like to conclude giving an honest thank you to Mr Fitchner and his team for the work done within the PM PrepCast. As he said once, the market needed a quality training tool for the PMP. He identified it and jump for it. Thanks sincerly!

Bertrange, Luxembourg

Good tool

University of Toronto

I really appreciated this tool- it was very close to the real exam but the pool of questions could be even more comprehensive. I would highly recommend it. I passed the exam with help of this tool

Toronto, Canada, University of Toronto

PM Prepcast Review for PMP

The PM PrepCast was the best thing that happened to me. I passed my PMP exams on 1/27/2017. I took 8 PMP simulators and all short quizzes, and they were spot-on in preparing me for the PMP exam. The videos were full of  information and properly discussed. I also got clear direction for how I would approach questions in the actual exam and it gave me a lot of confidence to sit for the exam.  I have and will keep on recommending The PM PrepCast to friends.

Bowie, MD

Dawn Sun

The PM PrepCast was an excellent tool that helped me prepare for the actual exam. Nothing caught me off guard from the test itself. Having taken the exams using the Exam Simulator that is offered by Cornelius was also extremely helpful. If you go through all the prepcasts, extra podcasts, and the practice exams, you will be more than prepared to walk in on your exam day. Just be aware that each test center has their own way of doing things. I finished my tutorial in 2-3 minutes and was about to start writing my brain dump on the scrap paper that I was provided when the test proctor came over and told me that I was not allowed to do so because it was against PMI policy. It was supposedly a new policy that was implemented a few months ago. So, I was forced to start my test immediately and another test proctor had come over and distrubed my exam a second time to exchange out my scrap paper. Needless to say, I was fuming because: 1. I was caught off guard because my method to anchor myself for the test was no longer an option 2. I was interrupted twice during the actual test due to the test center's inefficiency 3. I lost time against the clock because I had to reset my exam taking mindset. I still passed my test with plenty of time to spare even after cycling through the questions twice but my advice is to expect the unexpected on your test day. If you have studied more than enough up until that point, you've got it and don't let the unexpected psych your confidencee. Good luck!


Perfect On The Go

I loved this product I could use it anywhere and from any device. As a busy mother of two and working full time it really helped me to maximize my study time and stay focused on goal of achieving my PMP. I liked that it gave real examples you could relate to. It was great that you could stop it and go back to re-watch something if you wanted to re-absorb the content. The approach was very holistic in teaching the ITTOs. I also used the Exam Simulator which really gave me the experience of what a real test would be like. How much time it would take. What the questions would be like and to figure out my test taking strategies. Thanks so much!

United States

PM PrepCast - Primary Source for PMP Exam Preparation

I obtained my PMP Certification on November 21st (PMP Number - 1982003). 

Study Period: Two (2) disciplined months or 8-weeks. During this time, I put in 2-3 hours of study time on weekdays, and at-least 16-hours on weekend days (8-hours on Saturday and 8-hours on Sunday). I did a total of six  (6) practice exams, five (5) of which were using the PM Exam Simulator. First was the 'Pre-Course Self-Assesment' in which I scored 71.8%. My scores on the PM Exam Simulator were as follows - 77%, 80%, 75%, 78% and 83.5% . The frequency of the study exams were - one exam a week, on Sunday mornings (Weeks 3 through 7). The 'Statistics' section available on the PM Exam Simulator page helped me compare my performance to others that had taken the exam and the actual PMP exam. Scoring in the high-70s/lower-80s consistently gave me sufficient confidence before the exam. 

Study Material Used: My primary source was the PM PrepCast, which I regularly watched every day. Following each module, I took the Assessment tests that were available as pdf attachments at the end of the module. The Formula Study Guide from PM PrepCast that contained 105 sample math questions covered every topic/variety required for the PMP exam from the math perspective. Another tool that came in very handy was the PM Process Mindmap created by Kim Snyder, PMP. The Mindmap is accessible via this link - As I listened to Cornelius, I scribbled my own notes on each slide, adding to the map. This eventually became a quick reference guide for me leading up to the exam day. The amount of information contained on each slide was invaluable. A word of caution - there are a few minor mistakes on the mindmap from Kim, which can easily be corrected along the way. Additionally, I received a copy of the Rita Mulcahy book from a friend who had just completed the PMP. As there wasn't enough time to read the book, I worked through the exercises at the end of each chapter just days before the exam. The last and final resource I used was the PMBOK Q&A book, which is easily obtainable through Amazon. As the PMBOM itself doesn't have any Q&A's at the end of each module, the PMBOK Q&A book is a very useful resource to have. The Q&A book contains about 250 questions and answers. With this said, I will have to declare that I have no read through the PMBOK or the book from Rita Mulcahy. PMBOK as everyone is aware is 'dry' to no end, while I had no time to read the Rita Mulcahy book. 


  • At the very beginning of the exam preparation (before starting the Prepcast), I memorized the 47-processes. I started off by filling an available template, and after a few days gave up my dependence on the table and moved on to drawing the whole table and populating it with acronyms within 2-3 minutes. This was extremely important as it helped me connect the dots as I listened to the PM PrepCast. 
  • I listened to the PM PrepCast twice, once at normal speed (50+ hours), and the second time, I speeded up the video by 20-35% depending on which topic was being covered. This helped me go through all the topics in under 30-hours, and it became a great refresher. 
  • As I listened to the PrepCast, I tried connecting every topic/subject/keyword I could to actual processes/people at the firm that I work for. This correlation made it easier for me to understand some concepts and remember the process flows. In fact, this helped in more ways than one - I started to identify areas where the firm I worked for was doing things well and by the book, and areas where there was a definite room for improvement. For concepts that required a deeper understanding, Google and YouTube resources were a no-brainer. 
  • Questions contained in the Rita Mulcahy book were lenghtier and much harder than the PM PrepCast or the PMBOM Q&A Guide, but all three sets of questions (exams from PM Exam Simulator, PMBOK Q&A Guide and Rita Mulcahy) were quintessential in preparing for the exam. 

United States

Highly Recommended!

I did some research trying to determine the best way to get my educational hours for the PMP exam.  PM PrepCast had great reviews and the price was fantastic in comparison to in person bootcamps. The lessons are in depth and cover everything from applying for the PMP to what to expect the day of the exam.  The simulator is the most comprehensive  source I have come across!  The mock exams help train you for the marathon that in the PMP Exam.The PM PrepCast and one other resource helped me pass my exam on the first try!!  I am excited to see they are releasing an Agile simulator so that I can continue my studies. 


Excellent tool


After six months of preparation I'm pleased to say that I have passed the PMP exam on my first attempt partly thanks to Cornelius Fichtner's excellent PMP training package. I started the journey by reading the PMBOK, followed by Head First PMP. Then I purchased the PM PrepCast that includes the PM Simulator. I practiced all the 1,800 questions, including attempting seven mock exams scoring 75%-87%, scored 83%-87% on the last three mock exams. I can't reiterate, practice as many questions as you can online but ma sure to avoid websites that offer free practice questions that are poorly written. 

If you score anything above 80% on simulator's mock exams, you have a higher chance to pass. Just stay focused and calm, and build confidence - one way to build is to pass quizes and mock exams. PMP exam is tough, but it's not impossible to clear it. If we all could do it, you can do it too! 


Khoa Tran

Dear all,

I get my PMP certification from the 1st time and want to say thank you for your great product and service. It took me nearly 4 months to prepare for the exam. I did try to read the PMBOK guide 1st but it's too dry for me to understand. I gave up and used Head First PMP book to understand the structure, the terms and definitions of the PMBOK. They had some pratice questions in the book for you to practice and remember the lessons.

After reading the Head First PMP, I bought the PM PrepCast for a deep dive into the PMBOK guide. I watched 2 to 3 episodes per day (about 2.5 hours but less than 3 hours per day). I found it the most reasonable time that I can reserve for my study as well as my brain to digest a vast amount of knowledge provided. Because I read the Head First PMP book already, I can watch the episodes at 1.3 faster speed (I used window media player as I don't know how to do it with iTunes PC version). As your suggestion, I didn't learn by heart the ITTOs but rather understand the purposes of the Input/Output. After 2 weeks, I also passed your test and got the 35 PDUs to apply for my PMP application. 

Then, I jumped to your simulation tests. Started first with the 3 free tests then the 9 real tests. I spent 4hrs for each test, marked the questions that I didn't know the correct answer to review them after the test. A day or 2 days after the test, I read the test results especially the questions that I answered incorrectly or the marked questions (whether I answered it correctly or not). At this time, I used the PMBOK for a details explanation. Luckily in the test explaination, you stated clearly which page that I can find the answer in PMBOK guide and it's very useful for me. And it is how I read the PMBOK :)

I practiced all the tests, sometimes didn't happy with the answers then I used the 'Live Feedback' function. Whether feedback is correct, it's always helpful for me. I found it's similar to the real life class where I can ask my teacher if I'm not yet fully understand the question. The response was usually within 3 days, fanstatic!!!

The ITTO test (PMP exam 9) was very interesting but I was exhausted after that tests. I used the statistic results function, to know which knowledge area that I need to focus more after the tests. I also used Timed & Learning quizzes, and selected the incorrect answer questions to review my understanding of PMBOK after all. I did not have enough time and just practiced each test 2 times but my results were consistent at that time.

After that, about 2 weeks before my exam, I viewed all the episodes about SCRUM, Agile, Critical Chain Method... (the ones were not metioned in PMBOK guide but needed for the PMP tests). I watched them also to broaden my project management knowledge in case I use them in the future, who knows.

In summary, I would like to say thank you for your great product and service. It's worth my time and money to invest on PM PrepCast and I'll recommend it to everyone going to attend the PMP exam.


PMP Success

I just want to state how much I appreciated the PM PrepCast..

Not only did it assist me in passing my PMP exam but it also helped me become a better Project Manager by providing the right detail in a very logical order.

I also have to put a plug in for the exam simualtor as well - really helps to give you an opportunity to confirm what you know and where you need to focus additioanl efforts.

Thanks again for putting thsi course together...Well worth the cost and time.


PMP Precast Exam Simulator - THE RESCUER!

The PM PrepCast Exam Simulator - THE RESCUER!
This was an EXCEPTIONAL CASE that OSP International, Inc. has "STEPPED UP" and helped me to prepare for the PMP Exam at the right time to get through the PMP Exam. OSP International, Inc. has been DEPENDABLE when I NEEDED them the most.
Here is the history, I have enrolled for PMP Exam Simulator - Premium Exams with 1800 questions for 90 days to practice the "test" PMP Exams. The questions, exam contents, explanations and everything else is so meticulously designed and developed. I practiced for couple of months and then because of personal and professional critical situations, I could NOT practice and did NOT enroll for the "actual" PMP Exam. Later, when I was ready to prepare for the "actual PMP Exam", I realized that my 90 days has expired for practicing the "test PMP Exam Simulators". Then, I approached the OSP International, Inc. customer service and explained my situation and requested for an additional 90 days extension as per their  "2.3.4 Free 90-Day Extension for Customers who did not Pass the PMP Exam" and even though I was "NOT satisfying" all of their conditions in order to "extend the 90 days extension" - OSP International, Inc. and the customer service has stepped up and HELPED ME IN A BIG WAY and extended online access to test PMP Exam Simulator for an additional 90 days. Later, I practiced a lot and PASSED the "ACTUAL PMP EXAM".
Passing the "ACTUAL PMP EXAM" at the "actual exam center" involves several factors first of all, the candidate has to be in sound situation in terms of physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually to give 100% input so that at least "75% output" or "PASS"  can be seen on the screen, then one has to have comprehensive understanding of PMBOK concepts, the type of questions that are being presented or offered at the time of "actual" exam, some are simple and others are more complex and complicated, reading, understanding, analyzing the questions and then zeroing on the "correct answers" at that time within 1.2 minutes and attempting all the 200 questions and then getting the least may be probably "150 or 160" questions correct and to see  "CONGRATULATIONS ON PASSING THE PMP CERTIFICATION" on the computer screen after waiting for near about 5 - 10 minutes processing of the scoring in the background, I will consider it as "LUCK" at the end and above all in my humble opinion.


Sr. Director-Projects

I passed PMP in 2007, when I used to practice Project Management regularly. I moved into Program and Portfolio Management and did not collect the required PDUs yearly - resulting in loss of credential at the end of 2011. It's almost 10 years and now I am 53; naturally was very skeptic of passing the exam again. However, the PM PrepCast helped me in practicing and finally passing it again in 1st attempt and yes, I did that quite confidently - courtesy PrepCast.

United States

Passed the First Time!

I loved the course! I watched through most of it once and it mades the topics easy to remember and understandable.  I also read Rita's book and when I felt I needed to understand something better, I read more in the PMBOK guide.  I studied non stop the month before the exam, but before then, I studied casually for about 2 months.  I passed the first time, but the test was stressful!  It was similar to the practice tests I took through here, but nothing I found anywhere was exactly like the real exam.  Overall, I loved the PM PrepCast and Practice tests and I would recommend them to anyone.

United States

PM Prepcast feedback

I purchased the PM PrepCast from Cornelius to prepare my PMP exam.

I have been more than positively surprised by the very high quality of the Podcast both on the content and on the form. Biggest bang for the buck so far ( I am 51 :-) ) to prepare and successfully pass an exam.

I can only warmly recommend this PM PrepCast.

I continue and download the free podcast from Cornelius which contribute to enhance my project field knowledge.

This website is really a Goldmine for Project professionals !

Christian Koch


PM PrepCast

The PM PrepCast was the component that made the difference in passing my PMP exam. 

The study material is presented in manageable amounts easy to fit into someone's schedule.  I frequently listened to the Podcasts while driving.  The PMP exam simulators were key in helping me judge when I was ready to sit for the exam and what course content I needed to review.

I passed my PMP exam on my first attempt on Monday, November 7th.

I have recommended this program to my colleagues who are preparing for the PMP exam.

Thank you,

Ann Marie Childs


A "must watch" show to prepare for your PMP Test !!!

I had the opportunity to prepare and achieve success in my first PMP test by using two different books, attending an excellent preparation class, and by using the PM PrepCast alongside with the PMP simulator by Cornelius Fichtner. I used the PM PrepCast as an essential tool for reviewing and solidifying the knowledge I gathered from my studies. I took the time to watch ALL videos - almost everyday - and jot down several notes to create my own review sheet. One of the best things I can point out by the "PM PrepCast" from Cornelius Fichtner is the organization of themes and topics. I would call the work Mr. Fichtner has prepared for the "Prepcast" a real masterpiece. Extremely organized and detailed content covering all the processes, with its definitions, inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs, not to mention superb insights regarding Earned Value Management formulas and the different theories for the Human Resources knowledge area. The PM PrepCast is a must watch material for preparing and reviewing your studies, and I thoroughly recommend it for anyone interested in taking the PMP certification test.


Purushottam Mukkundi

I passed my PMP exam. This PM Simulator is really great to tool for preparing the exam. I practiced several times using this tool to manage time and improve speed of reading the lengthy questions. I strongly recommend this tool for those who are aiming for PMP certification. Thank you again.


A end of short journey

I called my experience as a journey for two reasons mainly, first, the experience of day-by-day listen an episode became part of my day as the breakfeast, second, after some time of journey, Cornelius prove yourself a good mate in the journey, I already miss his advices.
So, as a reasonable testimonial should be, here the goods and bads in my opnion:
The goods
- Really focused content and coherent explanations
- Plain and easy to understand english speech (important to foreigner guys like me)
- The organization of the topics and lessons make easy to understand the natural flow of agile pratices
The Bads
- Some lessons take so long and became hard to keep up to the subject
- The visual content could be improved and do more than just be a milestone of the speech


Very valuable PMP exam learning tool

I passed my PMP exam 14th November 2016

I purchased the PM PrepCast. I was very impressed by the content and presenting style of Cornelius. I am someone whose mind wonders, and you kept me engaged. I also liked that you did not just take the content from the PMBOK, but added your own examples to aid in the learning process.
After listening to several, I found myself speaking your words along side you, on the slides that listed the processes and process groups within a Knowledge area. Repetition and a subtle way to teach your students :O)

I also purchased your exam simulator – I truly believe that is what helped me the most when I sat my exam. I completed all 9x 4hr exams. My biggest tip is that preparation for the exam should include sitting simulated 4 hour exams and reviewing the answers. It really helped to prepare me on the focus required and I learnt such a lot, from reviewing the answers, not just incorrect ones but all the answers.


I passed my PMP exam!!

Hi Dan,
This is Kerry Soltysinski.I wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam!! I'm still a bit overwhelmed, but I'm sure it will set in soon!! I sat there, my heart beating a mile a minute...then, to see the "Congratulations..." was such a relief (as compared to the "Unfortunately...").
As you know, this was not my first attempt, but rather my third (and last shot for this application).After my second attempt, I had to step back and assess what can I could do different for the next time because what I was doing wasn't working (obviously).
Right after I got home after my second failed attempt, I got online and first wanted to know how many people fail it twice (had to see how I compared - that's just me though).Then, I started reading about how important it was to take practice exams.That was one key thing that I did not focus on and one thing that I could do different to improve.I did comparisons of many simulators.When I came across the PM Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner, I jumped right on it and got the simulator the very same day.
It took some time before I activated it.  What was great was the free 30 minute coaching session (another thing I could do differently).That is where I was introduced to you.From there, I joined the 6 week online training course.This really helped me to look at questions and apply logic differently.
Your guidance and help, and applying that to the practice exams in the simulator is exactly what I needed to do differently to finally "get it."
Perseverance and hard work is key, but I couldn't of done it without your help, so thank you!!
Kerry Soltysinski, PMP 


When you have a busy life

I studied for the PMP exam on my own, rather than attend a bootcamp.  As a busy professional working full time with three young children and a husband, I needed to squeeze in study time whenever I could.  My method was to read a PMP study guide and take notes first.  Then, I purchased the PM PrepCast and downloaded each poscast on my mobile device.  Each day on my commute to and from work, I played one podcast.  I had already read the material in the study guide, so the podcast was actually sinking in and making sense.  I was able to think about examples I had read previously and the notes I had taken while listening to the the podcast.  I found that at the end of each podcast i was getting most, if not all, of the questions correct.  By the time I got home from work each evening, I had already listened to an entire podcast and taken the exam.  I had more time to spend with my family since I was doing my studying in the car.  I would recommed the PM PrepCast to anyone who wants to reinforce the material found in study books and has little time to devote to studying after work. 

United States

Bhavna Prajapati

Thank you! I PASSED the PMP exam. I used the PM PrepCast and It was very helpful.



I took this course as a last resource to finally prepare for the actual exam and I spent about two weekends doing various simulations. I must say the PM PrepCast was well organised, and very useful. I passed the exam in the first go. I highly recommend the PM PrepCast for anyone with years of experience, with exam anxiety and especially if you are struggling with grasping the concepts just by reading the PMBOK texts. I suggest using this over the last 1-3 months before sitting for your exam, increasing duration and question complexities as you get closer to the exam date.


Mayur Dhand

I cleared my PMP exam in first attempt and PM Simulator helped a lot. The practice exam format prepares you well for the exam and is very close to the orignal exam. I liked the timed/learning exam mode and the fact that it's compatible with your mobile, which makes it easier to access anywhere. I will strongly recommend this simulator for the people aspiring for PMP.

Thanks a lot!!


The PrepCast content is superb

The PM PrepCast is a sure fire way to grasp the specific concepts, terminologies and ubiquitious ITTOs of the PMI standard. The audio pace of the podcasts, the speaking style, and the examples all contribute to a smooth and easy learning experience. You do need the patience and commitment to go through all the content - but it is certainly worth the effort. Another piece of advice is to jot down notes for future reference when listening to the podcasts.

As an aside, the quips at the end of each podcast, with references to popular TV and music, brought back some pleasant memories.


Thanks, I passed!

This course accompanied me on all my commutes to my office 2 hours away.  Thanks, it really helped.


IT Project Manager

I found The PM PrepCast Podcast Video sessions very helpful along with PMP Exam Prep Essentials Study Guide and Simulation Exams. The video session was easy to download to my iPod which allow me to review anywhere at any time. I would first listen and watch the Podcast and then refer to the chapter in the PMBOK and workbook to understand in detail. It was also important to do the exercises at the end of each chapter, and then test what I learned. The PM PrepCast offered several video sessions that build on a strong project management foundation. Signing up with the course allowed me a couple of free one on one coaching sessions, which gave me guidance and direction on the best way to study and answered any questions I had. The Podcast was not only useful during my study session I was able to listen while driving, cleaning, traveling, resting, whenever opportunity revealed itself. Another important detail...PM PrepCast was affordable. PM PrepCast really stands out as a high-quality exam preparation course and it helped me to be successful with passing the PMP exam, which allowed me to keep my job.


Good Preparation Tool

I have studied using PM PrepCast and I am completely satisfied with the material.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

I passed my PMP exam on first attempt using PM Prepcast.

Hi Cornelius,

I would like to thank you and the whole PM PrepCast team for the great tool PMP exam preparation tool, and that's the PM PrepCast cast and PM Exam Simulator.

Finally, my first attempt for the PMP exam was a great success! I did a lot of preparations and took me more than 10 months to prepare due to work schedule constraints.

I am proud to recommend PM PrepCast and PM Simulator Exam to everyone preparing and planning to take PMP exam. It's a great tool for your PMP Exam preparation and you will ace the exam on the first try.

Saudi Arabia

Good value for money

I have purchased the PM PrepCast, the Formula Study guide and access to the Online Simulator from OSP International LLC. The PM PrepCast was an excellent resource taking me through the whole PMBOK guide & more. Reading each chapter in the PMBOK guide after listening to the PM PrepCast made it so much easier compared to trying to read those chapters without someone talking me through the content beforehand. The PM PrepCast covers all important topics. At times the PrepCast is a bit too much repetitive and prolisso, lucky I had a player that offers the function to adjust (increase) playback speed.
In hindsight I waited a bit too long before attempting the PM PrepCast exam to earn the 35 PDUs required to initiate PMP certification. The PM PrepCast exam is really not very difficult. Since my application got audited by PMI causing some delay, in the end I missed my original target date for completing certification by a few weeks. This I could have avoided had I taken the PrepCast exam off my critical path by attempting it early on.
The simulator was just like the exam. I highly recommend adding it to your purchase. Doing test exams helped me identify knowledge areas that needed further attention.
The formula study guide was also helpful, though of the 3 products I purchased that was of least value to me. Overall formulas and calculations in the PMBOK and the exam are pretty easy and somewhat overrated. There is really no need for a separate formula guide. Table 7-1 in the PMBOK covers a large portion of the formulas, building on that you can quickly create your own comprehensive formula sheet.
Besides the PM PrepCast I read two books as well, both excellent: Rita Mulchay, PMP Exam Prep 8th edition and Jennifer Greene & Andrew Stellman, Head first PMP 3rd edition.


Highly recomended

I have been a project manager for approximate 5 years but it was not until May 2016 that i decided to get serious about getting my PMP certification. I discussed with other colleagues in my company about the learning methods they took to pass their exam and I did some online research on my own. I started to hear the PM PrepCast on project management topics and that was where i heard about one of their other products, the PM PrepCast. After a comparison of options i chose the method that better fit my learning style. I got the PMI membership so I got the PMBOK, I purchased the Rita Mulcahy's book and flashcard and they were helpful but by far what accelerated my learning was the PM PrepCast.
Why do I recommend this product?
1- Flexibility: I downloaded the videos/audio to my phone and that gave me the flexibility to take my study resources anywhere with me, I could listen in the car while driving to and from work, at the gym while exercising, or even when going shopping with my wife (hey, at least I was present even if not necessarily listening :) ).
2- Methodology: Cornelius take every aspect in the PMBOK guide and other topics not included there and break them down in to simple portions easy to understand, in an everyday language and with plenty of examples. Every chapter also comes with sample questions where you get the chance to check how much did you learn and gaps that need to be covered
3-  Relevance- The PM PrepCast are continually being updated to the latest changes in the PMBOK guide, but also the prep-cast includes interviews with experts in different areas of project management for a more detailed discussion.
In addition to the Prepcast I also purchased in a combo pricing the PM PrepCast/PM Simulator which I also recommend. Learning the material for the exam is half the battle, the other important aspect is being prepared for the exam conditions. 200 questions in 4 hours in a new environment and conditions could add unnecessary stress to the process. By practicing sample questions in similar conditions as in the exam you could increase your confidence level for the test day.
Today I am proud to say that not only I passed the test but the leanings are still part of my day to day activities and not just information for the exam day only.
Thanks Cornelius (and Justine)

United States

PMP Best Friend

I just can't thank enough !!

The PM PrepCast is all you need if you really want to pass the PMP exam. Each chapter is important in this bundle and the simulator is top notch. You don't need any other exam simulator if you have this. 

I passed my exam studying only from PM PrepCast and PMBOK. Don't overburden yourself with plethora of study materials. You need to have your concepts clear to pass the exam and for that you have PM PrepCast. Go for it !!

United States

Excellent Product

I was very pleased with my subscription to the PM PrepCast. I found the course content easy to follow and the concepts were very well explained, making it very easy for me to grasp. It was simple to download the videos on Podcast and I watched it during my daily commute to work. I appreciate the occasional sense of humor that never failed to make me laugh. The study tips and self-assessment test were helpful for my exam preparation as well. I passed the PMP exam on 5th Sep and I would like to thank Cornelius Fichtner and his team for putting together such a great product. Overall, it was a 5-star experience for me! I would recommend this to anyone.


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