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PMP PrepCast

The PMP simulator mocks tests very helpful. I took 5 tests before final PMP exam and cleared. As most of questions in PMP are scenario based and mock tests will help understand scenarios rather remembering ITTOs.

Irvine, USA

Passed first time thanks to Prepcast exam simulator!

I scheduled my PMP exam the week before it switched to sixth edition and with only 3 weeks to study, I had to get focused. I read many blogs and attended webcasts looking for some lessons learned and best practices on studying for the exam. Many of my resources recommended the Prepcast exam simulator, so I gave it a try along with copious note-taking and study from the PMBOK. I spent about 30 hours in the simulator over 2 wks and took all 9 exams, as well as several smaller times exams and they really helped prepare me for the types of questions I encountered on the PMP exam. Being able to see why my responses were correct or incorrect, and take tests based on the answers I’d gotten wrong was an invaluable tool. I was able to pass the exam with Above Target scores in all domains on the first try! I would recommend this tool to anyone. It’s easy to use and incredibly worth your time!

Arvada, United States

Successful way to the certification

Rockwell Collins

The PMP PrepCast is a perfect method to lern for the PMP Exam. You can really lern where ever you want (and can). The very good prepared Video Material and the additional contend is very helpful to pass the Exam. The  exam simulator, which I really suggest helps to get a feeling how exhausting it is to answer 4h questions. 

I can really recommend the PMP PrepCast for archiving the PMP Certificate. 

Heidelberg, Germany, Rockwell Collins

Mr. Cornelius was sooo wrong!

Hill International

He said once (I'll took that liberty to paraphrase hi just a bit):
"There is only one magic word:PRACTICE!"

And I say: he was DEAD WRONG!
There are three magic words: PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

No, wrong again!

Dear Mr. Fichtner,
Thank you and the rest of your team as well, very much for a tremendous help with my PMP that I completed just today. Every cent I've paid was worth it  (and what's more, kind Mr. Jonathan has even given me a special discount aas something went wrong during my unforeseen risk occurred, I guess. :)). To be frankly, after so many PMP exam mock ups I found all around the web, I was quite skeptical at the beginning. Luckily, and I was dead wrong, just like you. :)
However, it's done. And it would be way more difficult without PMP simulator. Thank you for being there!

Your sincerely,
Aleksandar Gutesa, PMP

Zagreb, Croatia, Hill International

PrepCast Review

The PM PrepCast contained excellent exam review questions that allowed me to gauge where I was with my knowledge and understanding of the PMBOK material. The videos contained practical interpretations of the PMBOK's vocabulary and mindset.

Surrey, Canada

Above target

I did use the PMP Simulator ( Just bought the questions) , and I must say that it does give you a feel for the real exam. It is not like you will get exactly the same questions on the real exam, but there are some very easy questions on the real exam. The exam on a whole is annoying and tricky and some may view this as being tough ,but I just took the exam today, and passed with AT in all areas. I had plenty of time left. I finished the exam in one hour 50 minutes, used an hour to review marked questions and then every question. So, I clicked on the "End the Exam" button after 2 hours and 50 minutes which meant I had 1 hour and 10 minutes left. What I used to study: PM Study for 149.99 Euro (Online access), read the Rita book, skimmed the PMBOK about two times but only skimmed.  The exams I did were 800 questions from PM Study,1100 questions from PM Training and 1800 questions from PM Simulator. PMI really needs to consider allowing a short break during the exam where you clock stops. I took 5 minutes from my own exam time to go take a pee break and then had to be checked all over again-It is really stupid. I wonder which guy in his right mind thinks that normal people do not need a toilet break in 4 hours:)



Hi Cornelius,

I have used PMP exam simulator and tried 4/5 exams including ITTO.
This simulator helped me clearing the exam  in first attempt. I feel if we score around 68-74% in simulator can make a student pass the exam in first attempt. I hope this helps in your statistics collection.



Passed PMP Exam Today

This simulator is very close to the actual exam. I recommend this for anyone taking the exam or in need of a foundational view of the project management concepts.

New York City

pmp pass

simply  outstanding...!
make use of complete  question bank. n rest will be history. 


Best Foundational

I was fairly new to the official ways of project management and the PrepCast gave me the best foundational understanding I could have asked for. The videos were easy to understand and entertaining to listen too. They took the very technical terminology and made it easy to comprehend and relate to my everyday life.  Being able to listen to them on my very long commute helped with items I needed a refresher on or needed more clarification. Thank you!!


PMI-ACP Exam Passed

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the PMI-ACP  PrepCast and Simulator. I have you gone through  PrepCast and Simulator and Passed the Exam Today. Your simulator exams were tough to compare to PMI-ACP actual exam. I took four reviews, and the maximum score was 60% and able to get above target in the Real Exam. Thanks again for your help with the PrepCast and Simulator. It is very quality material and very close to the actual exam.

Another Note:
I have used your material for PMP exam also two years ago and Passed. Excellent Product!!!.

Laurel, US

PMP exam passed in the first try using PM PrepCast

I had a small two month window in which I needed to study and take the PMP exam. I decided to go with PM PrepCast as it gave me flexibility to study as and when I wanted. PM PrepCast also has the best reviews for any online PMP course. I was not disappointed with my choice! The lessons are extensive and cover the PMBOK guide in detail and also include some concepts that are not in the PMBOK guide but could be a part of your exam. I followed the instructions as given and first went through all the overview videos and then decided to tackle each module at a time. The videos are clear, address the subject in detail and Cornelius Fichtner gives many everyday examples to make the concepts easier to understand. My only negative comment would be that sometimes the videos are too detailed and repetitive and could probably go faster! I watched the videos of all modules up to module 13. After completing each module, I read that module in the PMBOK guide. It helps in understanding the language and subject better if you read the guide post watching the videos as the language in the PMBOK guide is very dry. I did not watch anything post module 13 as I did not have the time to go through the rest. I then solved eight exams including three from the PM PrepCast exam simulator. It is very important to have mock exams as a part of your study process and the PM PrepCast simulates a real life exam very closely. It also gives you a good idea of what to expect in the exam and to manage your time effectively. I passed the exam in my first attempt! I scored two domains at 'above target', two domains at 'target' and one domain at 'needs improving'. I am very thankful for choosing PM PrepCast as this was literally the only course material I used to study for the PMP exam.

Toronto, Canada

Review of the PMPrepcast for PMP

First of all, thank you, Cornelius for your outstanding work on the PrepCast series.  The series was my first set of material used in my PMP exam prep journey. I passed the exam, thanks to the concise yet comprehensive material.  Although it is recommended by most to read the PMBOK guide cover to cover several times, I had skimmed it only once. I tried reading it a second time but found that it took too long.  I resorted to using the copious notes I had taken while listening to your podcasts.  That worked for me.  Along with another study guide,  I was confident enough to pass the exam.

I do have a couple of suggestions:

1 - While I know that the questions in the PMP exam is different for everyone, mine felt like most of the questions had more than one "very good" answer.  It was stressful throughout the exam trying to pick the best one.  My experience with the PrepCast mock exams were a little different in that most of the answer choices were clear that there is only one good answer.  As such, I was able to finish the mock exams within 3 hours every time and score well.  On the real exam, I took the 4 entire hours and could have used a few more minutes to review the marked questions.  The suggestion here would be to incorporate multiple good answers in your questions to better mimic the real exam.

2 - On your calculation questions, it would be good if the bar chart (introduction to the question) is different in every mock exam.  I found that every time I see the same bar chart, I'm "cheating" when I get the question correct because I had seen the chart before and did not need to read the details more carefully.

Other than the above, all is great.  Thank you again.



Thank you

The PMP Simulator helped me tremendously! I passed my PMP exam today on my first try!


PMP exam testimonial

RAB Lighting

Pm-prepcast was key tool in my exam preparation. The presentation helped me understand the PMP-BOK guide much easier. Reading the PMP-BOK after listening to the presentations, made the content in the book very easy to follow. I would highly recommend pm-prepcast as must have for PMP exam. I listened to all the presentations. I revisited some of them after reading PMP-BOK, to grasp the vocabulary words and understand differences between similar sounding words. Passing PMP in first try was important for me since, the exam was changing in Mar of 2018. I appeared for my exam in Feb 2018 and was able to pass. PM-prepcast material made me go in exam with much confidence. I am sure the 6th edition content will be equally useful. To all future PMPs, good luck with Exam preparation. 

Morris Plains, United States, RAB Lighting

Olga Nikolenko

Dear Cornelius and your team!
I am very happy choosing you as a guide (couch, lecturer) to help me with my PMP.  Thanks to that (I am sure) I was able to pass exam with performance "above target" and with preparation just in 3 months.
Your program is nice structured, your explanation is easy to understand (that's most important for me, because english is not my native language).
I recommend to everybody who are going to pass PMP use your program. This is really effectively.

Tiraspol, Moldova

PMP Prepcast does what is says on the box

The PMP PrepCast was extremely effective in preparing me for the exam - if anything I felt overprepared by the time I got to sit the exam.

Highly recommended

Basel, Switzerland

Excellent product

I have never regretted making such a bold investment by buying the PMP prepcast simulator. The best simulator for PMP exam in my candid opinion. It aided me to pass my PMP scoring above target as my overall score. I am highly recommending it for anyone preping for the test.
Best wishes



I am having a hard time getting through these precasts because, although the content is thorough, it is difficult to listen to. There are two issues. First, the speaker has an odd speech tic - he pauses in the middle of sentences and then runs on from the end of the sentence to the next sentence. It makes it hard to grasp the content of the sentence before linking to the next sentence. Second, the content is presented like reading a chapter book. The medium is audio or visual, but the content is a book. A lot of the concepts could be presented in forms suitable to the medium - ie. storytelling, interviews, case studies. Just going from one concept to the next in predictable order makes it extremely difficult to retain what is being presented.


PM-PrepCast is a great Teacher

PT. MHE-Demag, Indonesia

First of all, thank you Cornelius.  I passed with a high score at the very first attempt.  As I was taking such this  exam at a  relatively later part of my career life,  I experienced that the stress was much more than what I remembered I had during my college days.  But thanks to PM-PrepCast, it  made the whole study a lot simpler.  The videos also made the whole course so very interesting. The main concepts were repeated many times which made us realize how important and useful they are for answering the situational questions.     There are very important clues and tips at the end of some of the chapters which were so relevant.  Now I can look back and say that PM-PrepCast alone is sufficient  to pass the exam.

In the nine practice tests, it was also mentioned that continuously scoring above 80% would mean one is ready for the test.  Perfectly said, but I felt that the questions in the exam were a shade tougher than what I experienced in the PM-PrepCast test module.  Possibly you can have a look at that.

I also purchased the flash cards as I had determined to pass the exam in my first attempt which I did on the 14th of February.  Somehow, I did not get impressed with the flash cards.  First of all,  there were too many repetitions and secondly I felt that the wordings of a few questions could be done better. At times I had to really wonder as to what is it that is being asked. 

Surabaya, Indonesia, PT. MHE-Demag, Indonesia

Thank you!

Arrowhead Promotion

Due in large part to the PM Prep Cast materials and PMP Exam Simulator I passed my test on the first attempt. I will recommend this to colleagues.

Grand Rapids, United States, Arrowhead Promotion

The PM PrepCast is all you need

Passed my PMP exam successfully today, above target in all areas. My main source for the exam was the PM PrepCast. The only other source was the PMBOK Guide. I listened to the videos first and then read the PMBOK guide. To be honest, the videos are all you need. They contain all the necessary information to pass the test. The Exam Simulator gives the added value you need to get routine in the exam environment. After some tests (and reviews of my wrong answers) my scores went up and I was confident to pass. And so I did.

For me, the combination of the PM PrepCast and the Exam Simulator was the road to success and I can fully recommend it to anyone wanting to pass the PMP exam successfully. Many thanks to CorneliusFichtner and the team for the great work done.

Reinbek, Germany

PrepCast - first aid to pass the PMP

IBM Global Services

Investing in the PrepCast was definitely the best thing chosen to aid my PMP studying and pass on the first attempt. At the time I purchased the program, I had almost gone through the PMBOK once and had a strong base. I could then do the entry test in the PrepCast and see where my gaps were. Then I went and picked up those chapters, listened carefully. The structure of the program is amazing. One can pick chapters by knowledge area, by ITTOs, by level of difficulty. Procurement is considered to be one of the most difficult chapters by many. But the way Cornelius explains it is so logical and easy. It made Procurement be one of the easyest chapters for me. I didn't have enough time to go through all of the lessons. I think if I did, my result would have been "above target" at all process groups - I scored 3 above target, 2 on target and the exam was easier for me than the full 4 hour-exams from the PrepCast. Yes, I wish I did purchase the PrepCast earlier, but I am happy I have found it in the last 2 months of my studying before taking the exam. It's what made the difference, I am certain and happy now.
Thank you, Cornelius! I am looking forward to purchase your program with the updated lessons for PMBOK6 - because it will ultimately make me a better project manager. 

Brno, Czechia, IBM Global Services

Cleared my PMP Exam

First of all I would like to thank Cornelius for the great tool which helped me a lot to get through the Final exam. I did all 9 mock exams and could manage to score Target and Above Target in most of them. Set of questions were very similar to the real exam. Most of the questions refer to the PMBOK and the explanations are very elaborate. I would highly recommend using the simulator to get your exams passed with full confidence. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It's your future, do the work.

I had been practicing Project Management at my organization and had my CAPM for about 5 years. I had put off taking the PMP for a year or so after eligibility. (Primarily out of fear to fail.) I used the massive bank of practice exams this site offered to help me pass.
I did pass on first try!

CAPM and all the other certs I had acquired were pretty easy, study the material and pass. I knew I would need help to pass the PMP and for me , practice tests have always been best for studying. 

Would take a full practice test on day 1 , then review on day 2, followed up with a retest on day 3. Sometimes I would condense it into two days but typically 3 days.  I did this for over a month straight , every day.

One of the great benefits of this was training for the endurance needed for the exam.   If in the last several years you've been multitasking and context switching every 15 minutes, relearning the discipline to sit still for 4 hours is hard.

Memorize the stuff you can memorize, names, formulas etc.. Try to learn some itto's but to sit and pass this exam you have to think like a PM according to PMI. Forget about trying to memorize questions from brain dumps, that will not help you at all. 

Math: know how to figure out communication channels and how to determine if something is behind/ahead schedules and budgets. you aren't going to be asked some math question that takes 10 minutes to figure out. spending time to write down formulas at the beginning of the test would have been a waste of time for me.

This is not an easy exam! 2 people at work followed me to try it and both failed. This is going to take commitment and work from you. 
take these practice tests, watch PM you tube videos, read your books and having experience and background in handling people and projects is helpful as well.

Houston, United States

Worth EVERY penny!

 I passed my PMP exam yesterday (2/16/18)!! Thank GOD! My PMP journey began in November 2015 when I streamed a 6 week course and acquired my 35 contact hours. I did not feel anywhere prepared to sit for the exam after the course concluded (and I'm glad I didn't). I decided to self-study but I was inconsistent with that process over the following two years until late November 2017 when I decided to submit my application to PMI. The application process went smoothly and I scheduled my exam for February. I created a schedule with milestones and ensured that I followed it. To begin, I used Andy Crowe's Prep book (read it and took notes from cover to cover), the PMBOK (read it cover to cover and took notes to fill in gaps in my knowledge). Last but not least, I was ready to take practice exams. I quickly found out that there were numerous exam resources out there but their quality varies. After extensive research, I determined that the PM simulator fulfilled all the requirements of what I was looking for in practice exams. I purchased it and I can honestly say that it was worth EVERY penny! The PM simulator helped me to integrate all the knowledge I acquired and challenged me to apply it in each situational question it presented. To be very sincere, there were at least three moments during the real exam that I told myself, "You're going to pass, hands down!". The PM simulator boosted my confidence and thoroughly prepared me. I felt that there were minimal surprises on the real exam because the PM simulator presented similar situations/questions for roughly 90% of the real exam. A huge thank you to Cornelius Fichtner and his team for a job well done in creating an amazing product!

P.S. For anyone wondering, my exam scores were: Exam 1: 72%, Exam 2: 83% Exam 3: 80% Exam 4: 85% Exam 5: 85% Exam 6: 83%  Exam 7: 83% Exam 9 (ITTO): 93.5% I only took 8/9 of the exams. 


Tips in Passing PMP Exam

These are my tips, experienced and review in passing the PMP Exam on first try;
1. Preparation is the key
It all started in October 2017 when we were required by our Company to complete all E-Learning about Project Management Team, ePMT. A total of 22 ePMT e-learning is a must before the year ends. My goal is to complete at least 1 e learning everyday, despite busy at work due to my duties and responsibilities as lead cost engineer in our division i always find a way to complete the e learning. When I completed the whole e learning, i was inspired to take the PMP exam since it is being highly recognized in our Department. In fact all names with pictures who successfully passed the PMP exam were posted in our department flat screen monitor. I promise to my self that one day my name and picture will appear in our department monitor.
In November 2017, I started searching for the best PMP Exam simulator in the internet has to offer, then i found PM Prep Cast. I only bought the cheapest package plus the formula. The next morning, I started to register as PMI member Saudi Arabia and started applying for PMP exam. I scheduled by exam on the fist week of January 2018 but i realized I need enough time to boost my readiness in the exam with a goal of passing the exam on first attempt only so i decided to rescheduled my exam on January 31, 2018.
2. How do I study?
I studied every night for at least 4 hours Sunday to Thursday. During Friday, I studied for 12 hours and 8 hours every Saturday. Honestly, I did not read the entire PMBOK, instead I repeatedly took the exam simulator for at least 3 times and counter check the answers using the PMBOK pdf file, just click control F to search for key words. When i downloaded PMBOK, I removed the password and printed the glossary, ITTO and types of organization. I also created a separate excel file for ITTO and printed it in tabloid size for 5 pages then post in my room's wall. Every morning when i woke up, the first thing that i saw is the ITTO that i printed, this makes memorizing ITTO easy and after taking a bath, I played a you tube channel in my smart tv, offering free PMP exam questions to keep me refresh. I did this routine from November 2017 to January 2018. I also have a separate notebook in which I take down notes and all my answers, problem solving solutions and all correct answers in every exam that i took.
3. The Day before the exam
The day before the exam, I felt relaxed and focused. My office mate wish me good luck. I did not work overtime, I ate my dinner early and I slept early.
4. Tips During the Examination Day 
I woke up 5am, take a bath, ate my breakfast and drink a lot of water. Note: No coffee please.
Tips while taking the exam;
A) make sure you ate your breakfast coz you will not be allowed to eat or drink during examination.
B) make sure to arrive at least an hour before the exam time, this will make you feel relax.
C) make sure to bring with you your passport aside from your iqama.
D) make sure before you enter the examination room, you already urinate as much as you can because during examination, no break, your not allowed to stand up eat or drink.
E) always prepare yourself for some noise disturbance such as hard coughing from one of the examinee. cover your ears with ear plug or ear muff. 
F) always remember that the first 10 questions are hard, this is the strategy of an examiner to test your patience, readiness and presence of mine & time awareness. what i did is that i click review all, then i started from question 200 going down.
G) always marked questions if your not sure if your answer is correct. remember that your first answer is always right. follow your instinct, trust your self coz you know your prepared a lot.
H) be smart be reading when reading long questions such as questions presenting a scenario, read directly the question and read carefully the choices and strike out unnecessary choices.
I) make sure to strike out a least 2 wrong answers. this will leave you a 50-50 chance is answering the correct answer.
J) always review your marked answers. remember that your marked answer is always your final answer regardless if your time is running out.
K) do not rush in answering, always take your time, if you feel nervous take a deep breath, close your eyes and pray.

God bless to all of you who's brave enough to take the challenge and passed your PMP Exam.

Ras Tanura, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

High quality, useful, and engaging

I used the PM Prepcast videos and other tools to prepare for my PMP exam and they were great. I'll be taking the final exam tomorrow, but I've been on target or above target on all sections of the multiple practice tests I've taken so far. I can say with certainty I will get my PMP Certification and that is thanks to the help of the PM Prepcast video series and tools.

Garden Grove, United States

Very useful

St John LLC

 I bought the Prepcast along with the  PMP exam simulator. I found the material very useful and the explanation of the questions. I  was able to complete all 9 exams and reviewed all question with the explanation. I think that was the most contributor to me passing the exam at the first attempted.  I highly recommend getting through the exams. 

Miami, USA, St John LLC

I Passes First Time!

It was tough, but I did it! The PM PrepCast helped me prepare and I would not have passed without Cornelius

Knoxville, USA

PMP on First Attempt

I passed the PMP exam on my first try after 4 weekends of practicing. The PM Prepcast practice exams were critical to my success. In addition to this tool, I used the PMP ITTO iPhone App and the book “Simple PMP” by Phil Martin. Key points: Memorize the processes and what they do. Know what ITTOs are used for. Pray!


PMP Success on the First Try

The Project Management PrepCast is an exceptional resource to prepare you for PMP Exam success. The material is presented in an organized, sensible, and engaging way. After watching the presentations and performing multiple practice exams, I went into my actual exam session with confidence. I scored Above Target in all Knowledge Areas and Process Groups. I strongly recommend this course to everyone preparing for the PMP exam. A great value.


Very Good Tools

Very good simulator. I just passed my exam

great quality questions and very good explanations . challenging to make you study best

Medellin, Colombia

The Best

I strongly recommend the PMPrepcast simulation by Cornelius to anybody that is ready to pass PMP.
The simulation boost my confidence and really made the PMP look like i was taking one of the simulation exams.

Abuja, Nigeria

Passed on my first try!

I felt I had to take a moment and say thank you for this program! I took an 8 week prep course, which was helpful but having the practice tests scored as they do in real life really helped me zone in on what I needed to focus on knowing better. I walked into the test knowing what to expect and confident that I was ready. 
Thank you for making this program affordable and for helping me prepare for the test!


Floral Park, United States

Passed 1st Try Above Target

I took a project management course in 2010 that was based on PMBOK version 3 through a university.  I had been running projects since and decided it was time to get certified.  PrepCast provided an excellent foundation for getting re-acquainted with the PMBOK and passing my test.

The key take aways:
1. Memorize the Process Group and Knowledge Mapping table so you can write it out before the test. (I did this each time I took a practice test)
2. Memorize the table Cornelius teaches for earned value analysis formulas (I also made up my own for EAC and TCPI).
3. Brain dump these on a piece of paper beforehand for quick reference during the test (and before each practice test).
4. The practice tests were extremely helpful, and I don't think I would have passed without them.  Review all wrong answers at a minimum.
5. With the test questions you need to determine in which knowledge area and process group the question is referring to. You can then rule out wrong answers. 
6. Make extensive use of the "line out" and “highlight" features within the test to help you better decompose the question and find the correct answer through the process of elimination. (The practice tests also have this feature)
7. Cornelius is a great teacher, but he speaks a little too slow for me.  To speed up the video presentations in PrepCast play back at 1.5x speed and follow along in the PMBOK with a highlighter.  Stop playback as needed.


Best simulation practice

I used their free PMP exam simulation on the day before the exam. In retrospect I must have taken it a week ahead. Great set of questions and amazing detailed explanation. The fact that they are 3 sets of 30 questions rather than one set of 200 questions is good in order to review and learn from the mistakes made.


PM PrepCast EQUALS Success

I passed the exam for the first time on 12/30/17 with Above Target in most areas.   I  recommend the PM PrepCast and the Exam / Test Simulator (well worth the investment). These services helped me successfully prepare for and pass the exam.  I recommend this service for anyone studying for their PMP Certification.  PrepCast ensured I was better organized and focused, and the Simulator was extremely helpful with the way questions were presented.  I studied routinely for 8 weeks with PrepCast.   Although I'm an experienced Project Manager, you need to understand the philosophy and foundation as outlined by the PMI.  It's absolutely imperative to supplement the PMBOK with a service like PM PrepCast.   Prior to purchasing, I spent 4 weeks studying and didn't feel confident.   PM PrepCast gave me the confidence I needed.   

United States

Passed PMI-ACP

I passed my PMI-ACP right after the New Year (2018). I can't give the PM PrepCast ALL of the credit because I used multiple sources and books to study as well, BUT even with that, what I will say is the following:

I took the precast training back in July and took gobs of notes
I bought 2 books by Mike Griffith and Andy Crowe and read them cover to cover 
Lastly I purchased the $99 PrepCast testing suite and took all 4 tests

That last push with taking all the tests is what I think put me over the top for the test which was harder than I expected, BUT I received ABOVE TARGET in all categories and feel good about all the studying and pre-tests that I took..

Austin, United States

Passed PMP. Andrei Samarin.

Thanks for your service, helped a lot. Passed exam on 29/12 with overall - Above target.


Wise Investment


Hi Team PrepCast,
I am dropping by to give enormous thanks and a big shout out to the entire Team for the quality mock exams you guys provide. I was fortunate enough to purchase the PMP Exam Simulator mere weeks prior to my exam, able to sit ONLY four [4] of them;with my highest score being 74.5%, sit the exam and PASS on my first attempt [21st December, 2017] with Four ABOVE TARGET and one BELOW TARGET. Oh, on the same morning, one hour before the exam i did 20 ITTO questions, got 62% and thought "ok, good enough", but that too even added a boost in confidence. So again, much thanks and for those out there looking into passing the exam on their first attempt - START and END with the PM PrepCast Team. I could only imagine what the outcome would have been if i had purchased the entire package and did all the simulation exams. Its your future and a very good financial investment with fruitful returns.
Sathesh Ramesar, PMP
Trinidad/ Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, ADNOC

PM Prepcast Review


The PM PrepCast was perfectly designed to meet my needs for the 35 contact hours as well as preparing me for the PMP exam in a hurry.  Along with some practice from one of the exam simulators, the entire certification process took me 6 weeks from beginning to finish (and it would have been 4 weeks if it were not for the fact that I got randomly picked for the application audit.)  The PM PrepCast's contents were well presented and the tips relevant.  The only surprise I had in using the PrepCast was that the main section videos alone added up to more than 60 hours, instead of the bare minimum 35 hours I expected -- think of that as extra value if you like.

Granada Hills, USA, WGroup

Success on the 1st try


I would like to thank PM PrepCast for providing the valuable foundation for me in preparation for my PMP exam.  The videos and the PMP Simulator were the primary sources for my study.  I made note sheets and flash cards using the PMBOK but the information contained in the PM PrepCast materiel provided the guidance and directions in for that effort as well.  I tested this morning after 3 months (purchased a house during this time so it took me longer than I wanted) and scored Target, Target, Above, Above, Above.  I was told that bootcamp was necessary to past the PMP the first time, PM PrepCast proved that wrong!

With regards to the PMP Simulator, I took 9 tests but only finished 2.  I still studied the other ones (unanswered and missed option) in preparation for my test.  I found that the test itself was easier than the PMP Simulator tests. 

Daleville, USA, GTS

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend the PM PrepCast and the Exam Simulator. They were key tools in me successfully preparing for and passing the exam. I'm confident in saying that these 2 resources are the primary reason I did well on the exam. The lessons are arranged in a very logical fashion and paced in such a way that the learning is gradual but before you know it the concepts are connecting and the sample exam questions are getting easier and easier. I certainly recommend this set of tools for any PMP exam student and absolutely suggest the Test Simulator as well. The simulator ensured I was 100 prepared and comfortable not only with the way questions would be presented, but with the navigation of the exam and questions as well. Cheers. 5 stars for the PM PrepCast and congratulations on such a wonderful product set.

Boston, MA

PMI-ACP Exam Prep

This review is targeted for the PMI-ACP prep content as I already hold the PMP (2005). I added PrepCast to my preparation regime for my final 30 days prior to taking and passed the exam on the first attempt with all domains well 'above target'. While I feel there is need for the question database to be larger, the value of this product is there, speaking from over 30 years of experience. Having used many prep materials over the years I rate the PrepCast tools for the PMI-ACP exam preparation as excellent with special attention to the detailed test result analysis for quizzes and exams with detailed responses to why answers were the best choice and why incorrect ones are not.




I luckily by the sponsorship of PMIEF got the free training from PM PrepCast online training. Mr. Cornelius Fichtner has recorded very good videos explaining the Project Management plans in detail. At the end of every video the sample questions and answers gauge our understanding well. I would recommend this OSP international to my friends and relatives.


The Project Management PrepCast is Great

Hello I'm Marco Calle from Ecuador. 

The Project Management PrepCast for the Project Management Professional is great and really usefull. The best are the exams include in each lesson. 

After read the lessons and lesing the audios a went to take the exam and I could approve in the first try.  The lessons are really good and easy to understand. 

Cuenca, Ecuador

Thank you

Thank you Cornelius,
 Its because of your teaching style and methods that not only helped me pass the exam but even appreciate the subject.


Passed the exam with Above Targets

Thank you so much for this amazing material. I can't say enough about the quality of your programs. The prepcasts are so detailed and explain everything in an easy to understand format with real-life examples. The simulator was also a huge help. I went into the exam more than prepared. Thank you!

Milton, ON, Canada

The PM PrepCast helped me pass my PMP!

Passed my PMP on the first try in November! I got the PM PrepCast with exam simulators bundle to help me prepare for my exam. I could say that it was a good decision and well worth the money spent. I read Head First PMP before viewing the podcasts.  The podcasts served as a review of what I read in HF.  The eight practice exams that I took helped me learn how to pace myself as well as gave me a good practice of answering questions. Although the actual exam questions were harder, I believe the sims prepared me for them.  I would highly recommend the PM PrepCast with exam simulators.


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The PMP Exam is Changing in 2018
Simona and Cornelius
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This interview with Simona Fallavollita (LinkedIn Profile) was recorded at the magnificient Project Management Institute (PMI)® Global Conference 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. We discuss the how, what, why and when of the changes that are coming to the PMP exam.

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Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM