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Customer Reviews for The Project Management PrepCast

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Excellent training and simulator

Transnational Foods LLC

I only used the PMBOK guide, the PM PrepCast training and the PMP Exam Simulator and passed the exam with 3 ATs. I will totally recommend the course. What was a keystone for me was using the PMP Exam Simulator to close the knowledge gaps and what areas I needed to re focus. 

Pembroke Pines, United States, Transnational Foods LLC


Universal Access and Systems Solution

For those who are preparing for the PMP exam and if you came across this PMP Exam Simulator, please please please don’t ever doubt! You are in the right path. This is a very good tool as this will really help you to get your PMP certification. All the questions are legit hard but it will help you to develop the best strategy on how will you understand the questions (because some of it you really need to choose the best answer) and manage your time on the real PMP exam. Definitely worth to buy! Philippines represent! 

Antipolo, Philippines, Universal Access and Systems Solution

3 Above Targets!

PrepCast PMP Exam Simulator was the missing piece of my PMP preparation strategy. The quality, variety and difficulty of the questions provided a challenging practice test scenarios.  The thorough explanations for each questions (and choices) accelerated my study program.  After 4 practice exams and a variety of exams to focus on weak areas -- I passed the PMP exam with 3 Above Targets.
The challenge of the PrepCast Exam Simulators provided the confidence, experience, and knowledge to be successful on the actual exam.
Thanks, John


PMP Success!


The first time I took my test, I was in a rush to get it completed before 2020 ended. I purchased a simulator and a book and eventually took the test and failed miserably. Fast forward fall of 2021, I decided to try one more time, this was a personal goal I wanted to achieve.  I searched for study programs on the web and came across The PM PrepCast, I liked the reviews of the product and decided to purchase a package which included the PMP Exam Simulator.
From the first communication after purchase to now, I have not been disappointed, in fact, I would say, what I gained from this program exceeded my expectations. I loved everything about it, the consistent messaging, the way the lessons were layer out, the simulator for practicing, and the ability to ask questions. It was a complete package! The PM PrepCast was the key to success for me, I successfully passes the exam above target in all three areas. I would not change a thing about it. The material was fresh and current, I have recommended PM PrepCast to several people I know.

Sobieski, United States, LCMC

PMP exam simulator - great product from PM Prep Cast

The PMP exam simulator was so worth full and genuine , which was helped me in clear PMP exam .


A perfect PMP exam simulator which let you grasp the concepts deeply and simulated the tricky nature

The PM PrepCast is really good in helping you to understand the concepts! I dreaded the readings of books with hundred over pages and decided to subscribe with prepcast. I keep doing the questions and gradually grasp the concepts through the thorough explaination PM PrepCast has for each question and each of its choices, allowing me to understand what went wrong. Its mock exams also trained me well in time management for each question.


What a great prep.

The PM PrepCast is very organized and helpful source. It helped me so much in passing the PMP exam. I have never regret subscribing with them. Thank you PM PrepCast!


Excellent PMP course and exam simulator

I have just passed my PMP exam with "Above Target" in all 3 domains. I am here to express my sincerely thanks to the excellent pmp course and exam simulator provided by PM PrepCast. I can also say if you can pass the exam simulator, you can definitely can get a pass in the real PMP exam. I will also strongly recommend who are going to take the PMP exam to join the exam courses. 
Thanks again for the excellent works

Hong Kong, China

Lessons Learned - passed the PMP Exam


First of all , Thanks Cornelius and your team for the PM PrepCast and the PMP Exam Simulator that really helped me  to pass the PMP exam.

1- I strongly recommend that you read the Agile Practice Guide book before the PMBOK. The agile would help you to understand more about Agile topics mentioned in the PMBOK.
2-  Cornelius advise for how to plan for studying worked well for me. So, after I listened to the videos of each Knowledge area, I used the simulator to answer the questions. that helped me much at the end when i answered the full exams of the simulator. 
3- answering the simulator questions after each knowledge area study, will change your approach of studying. Believe me, studying and answering questions parallelly helped me much to study.
4- After watching each knowledge area, I read these particular knowledge area from the PMBOK. that helped my to link the videos to the book.
5- from my opinion, do not spend too much time to study but to answer questions. the PrepCast simulator is the best in the market, believe me i can not recommend it enough.
6- focus on the questions that you answered wrongly and on questions that you are not sure of your answer. you must know why you answered wrong so that you can answer similar questions correctly.
7- if possible, turn off your mobile/emails while studying or answer questions , that would help you to focus and concentrate on your studies and answering the simulator questions.
8- always, answer new questions, do not repeat exam simulators/quizzes unless you finish them all.
9- I scored above target in all domains. Believe me, if you can pass the PMP Exam Simulator, then you are ready for the Real exam.=!

wish everyone a good luck during this Journey.

Best Regards,
Mohamed Abobasha, PMP® 


Preparing for PMP Exam

C4 Healthcare Solutions

I used two tools to prepare for the PMP exam.  The first tool I almost memorized all the questions.  The PMP Exam Simulator randomizes the questions so if you take the test multiple times (which they allow), you don't memorize the questions.  Their pool of questions is quite large.  One thing I really liked about The PM PrepCast is that you can take tests by the PMBOK chapter.  If you take a test for a particular chapter and do well, then move to another chapter.  If you aren't doing well on that chapter, then you know where to concentrate your study efforts.  This was particularly helpful to me.  Another thing I liked about PM PrepCast is that if you are struggling in an area, there is a chat where you can see what other students asked or you can ask a question yourself.  Response to my question was very timely and very helpful.  If you are looking for a tool to help you prepare for the PMP Exam, I would highly recommend you at least look at The PM PrepCast.  

Little Rock, United States, C4 Healthcare Solutions

Outstanding Product Passed First Time Go Above Target in All Areas

US Army

The PM PrepCast PMP and PMP Exam Simulator was crucial for me to successfully pass my PMP exam. I logged 53 hours and 21 minutes in the PMP Exam Simulator taking quizzes and exams for approximately 4 weeks. That logged time does not include the decomposition of each quiz and exam that easily tripled the hours I spent studying. The content was extremely helpful for me to develop a study plan, and having taken and passed the PMP exam, I can confirm that the PMP Exam Simulator prepared me for success. I spent a week trying to determine which exam simulator would provide me with the best value, and I can say that Cornelius Fichtner hit a home run with this outstanding tool. Every single question explains why each of the answer choices were either correct or incorrect with detailed analysis. Then, each question and answer choices directs the user specifically to one or many references. This single aspect is one of many benefits that helped me understand the exam expectations, develop an individual study plan, and learn details of the PMBOK guide and all associated reference material that I otherwise would have been unaware of. I feel confident that this simulator not only prepared me to successfully complete the exam, but it also enabled me to learn and retain more about the world of PMP as a whole. Additionally, the frequent emails from the PM PrepCast, as well as the available tools (videos and podcasts) were instrumental in my exam preparation. I highly recommend this tool for anyone who aspires to not only pass the PMP exam but to learn more about the profession of project management as a whole. Well done Mr. Fichtner!

Fort Huachuca, United States, US Army

Cleared PMP with all 3 AT's !!!

Absolutely excited to announce that I cleared the PMP Exam with Above Target in all three areas!  Thank you PM Prepcast.  Mr. Cornelius your PM Exam Simulator and 35 Hour Course were the right ingredients for success!  I advise aspirants not to fret over the new PMBOK 7 as it is just the icing on top of all things learned previously from PMBOK 6.  The course that PM Prepcast in conjunction with the PMP Exam Simulator, your drive and commitment, as well as prayers are what you need to be successful!  Thank you again!  Good luck everyone, you can do this! 


Best Prep for PMP

During my lengthy time studying I struggled to find a program that had legitimate test questions.  PMP Exam Simulator solved that problem.  Worth every penny to help you pass on the first try.  


Great tool for Preparation

Listening to the PM PrepCast and using the PM Exam Simulator. Greatly improved my ability to pass the PMP. The PM PrepCast gave great detailed explanations on the different subjects. Using the simulator made me much more comfortable with the questions on the exam. Thanks to using these tools and the tips shared through the newsletter, I was able to pass on my first attempt and achieve an above average score.

Kanata, Canada

Great study tool

The PM PrepCast greatly helped me review exam material and feel more confident on my exam day.  While the questions I got on my particular exam were much more focused on Agile methodology than what I experienced in PM PrepCast, PrepCast was super valuable for learning to read carefully, pace myself, eliminate choices, and learn (particularly) Waterfall fundamentals.  I’m so glad I used this.  For what it’s worth, I passed AT/AT/AT at the beginning of June and began detailed study in March.  I was scoring mid to high 80s on new PMP Exam Simulator questions prior to sitting for the exam.  For those using Study Hall, I was scoring mid to high 60s on new material, which was so scary.  PM PrepCast boosted my confidence, and I felt very confident I would pass about 45 minutes into the exam on exam day.  Thank you for all you do, PM PrepCast staff!!!!!!

Peoria, United States

My gratitude to PM PrepCast!


Today! I feel much relieved as I have passed my PMP certification scoring above Target in all three domains. All credit goes to Project Management PrepCast Team, without taking this course and practicing The PMP Exam Simulator I wouldn’t be able to pass this exam.

Without any doubt I recommend PM PrepCast for all PMP aspirants.

Bundle of Thanks to PM PrepCast.

Melbourne, Australia, Deloitte

Passed PMP exam with time to spare

I passed my PMP exam yesterday with 30 seconds remaining.  The PMP Exam Simulator was truly a great help in preparing me for the exam.  I would recommend taking the text exams as much as possible with a focus on time management.  The question quality on the PMP Exam Simulator is outstanding and really gave me a huge advantage taking the exam yesterday.  AT/AT/AT   


Thank you!


I just passed my PMP exam on the first attempt scoring Above Target on all three domains. Your PMP Exam Simulator proved to be an invaluable resource to prepare for the exam. I took all the quizzes and all 5 tests in the simulator, reviewed all response explanations you provided. The scenario-based questions on the exam today were very close in style to what is in the exam simulator. I was well prepared for the tricks and ambiguity in the exam questions wording (which were plenty). Thank you for your great product and for your excellent job! 

Moscow, Russia, Accenture

PMP - A long lived dream


Hello all,
I am Udayan Mankar. I am working with Honeywell from last 13 years in Oil and Gas Industry. I work as Team Lead with fair bit of an experience of Project Management as well. I recently achieved my PMP Certification and big share of thanks goes to PM Prepcast team and especially to Cornelius.

My Lessons Learnt:

This was my first crack at PMP Certification. I attended an in-house 4 day seminar to get my mandatory 35 PDUs back in 2019. At the end of this seminar, I was all pumped up to prepare quickly for the PMP Certification exam and get it done within 2-3 months. but it took me almost 2 years to bring this dream to reality. Several reasons such as travel due to professional commitments, COVID-19 Pandemic and lack of motivation are to name a few. But came 2021 Q2 and I decided to take this seriously and prepare rather sincerely. Being completely aware about "me", I first booked the test date for exactly 2 months after and then start preparing. I wanted that constant haunted count down counter to keep me motivated and prepare regularly.

Material I used for my Preparation:

I used PMBOK, 6th Edition, Udemy Course offered by Mr. Joseph Phillip and of course  PM PrepCast led magnificently by Cornelius.

As started earlier, I prepared for exact 2 months, I had a target of using this 60 days time frame as follows:

45 Days for sheer preparation using all available resources and last 15 days dedicated only for problem solving and analyzing the mistakes and finalizing the strategy to not to repeat them. This strategy worked for me wonderfully well. In the first week of my preparation, I complete Udemy course by Joseph Philip at 1.5X speed to refresh my memory  with all the concepts and PMI terminologies. I read a lot of reviews from many test takers from 2021 and realised one thing that I am not going to mug up anything to prepare for my exam. Instead I will put in effort to grasp the concept and try and relate it with my day-to day work. Having said this, this may backfire if you always think from your personal experience point of view while solving the PMP Questions. PMP Questions are required to be tackled by keeping PMI concepts and values in mind at all times.

After completing this Udemy course, I began my preparation with PM PrepCast. I decided to completely immerse in all the available material offered by PM PrepCast. I started watching all the Podcasts on my mobile on daily basis. I used to watch few in my morning session before the start of office hours and then few at the end of the day before going to bed. I literally played these Podcasts in my car while driving (of course not to watch but to listen to them) so that I will keep on hearing the PMI terms at all times. I forcefully stayed away from social media and OTT platforms to focus completely in my preparations.

To keep a track of approx. 200 podcasts, I did my time management in such a way that I will listen/ watch each podcast at least once. You might have noticed that I have not mentioned much about using PMBOK so far. This is because I seldom use this book for some of the complicated concepts only. I could not complete PMBOK Cover to Cover (which I always dreamed) but it is highly recommended to complete PMBOK cover to Cover at least once to have all bases covered.

As stated earlier, I planned to complete my preparatory work in 45 days with last 15 days dedicated only for problem solving. In reality, I took 55 days to complete the preparations leaving only 5 days for problem solving. In these 5 days I could not take any of the full length simulation test offered by PMP Exam Simulator. But I took full advantage of small question sets and used them thoroughly. While doing this problem solving, I realised one very important thing. It is not important how many questions you solve during your preparation. What matters the most is how do you analyse your performance by going in details of each mistake that you commit. This gives you a fair idea as to where your thought process is deviating from standard PMI Mindset. This helped me immensely while I was solving my final PMP Examination question on test day.

I used flash cards provided by my earlier coach (the one from whom I took the seminar in 2019) to keep the important terms on top of my mind. I used whiteboard and marker setup for all the practice that I did.

On Test Day:

I made sure that I will get enough sleep a night before the test day. I had early morning (8:00 AM) Exam appointment booked. I usually do not read anything on test day just to stay as relaxed as possible. I reached the exam center well before time and could complete all paper work and formalities at ease.

During Examination:

I pre decided to take optional 10 mins breaks that are available after every set of 60 questions. These breaks proved to be extremely effective in my case as they helped me get fresh, relax a bit and refocus for next set of questions. though it is totally up to an individual, my suggestion to you all will be to use these breaks for its greater effect. Thanks to god that I could keep up with the ticking clock and could complete all my 180 questions with around 5 minutes to spare. I wanted to review around 10 questions in that last 5 minutes as I flagged them earlier, but I was too tired and drained out that I give that review a miss and submit my exam only to see a much awaited congratulatory screen. I did it. I was so happy to read that message and to realise that I excel in all areas with "Above Target". I exited the exam center with utmost satisfaction as my 2 months hard work finally paid off.

In this whole journey of 2 months, I spent maximum amount of time with PM Prepcast for my preparation. I found the material to be a one stop shop for all your PMI related questions and concerns. The speed of each podcast video, the slides, the pronunciation everything was just perfect for me. Even the questions offered by PM Prep Cast were tougher than what I actually got in my real PMP Exam. Since I was prepared for tougher questions, It helped my in actual exam.

In a nutshell, it was an accurate decision to go for PM Prep Cast as primary source of preparation as it paid of big time. I am now preparing for my PMI-ACP Exam and needless to say that I am with PM Prep Cast again.

I wish all the very best to all those who are reading this. just before signing off, a friendly word of advice. "Believe in your self and your instincts...Instincts are correct more often than naught". 

Your friend is waiting for you on the other side of finishing line folks. hurry up.

Mumbai, India, Honeywell

Only wish I had started sooner

Fantastic product and now recommending to my PMO for those who pursue PMP.

PM Exam Simulator simulates very well the actual exam in all areas; formulation of the questions, timing and interface.

I initially took quizzes without spending too much time reviewing the questions I failed but that's where the nuggets are in my opinion.

After I started reviewing those, I started increasing my results by at least 5% each subsequent try.  I only wish I had started using the tool to the full extent earlier but I did pass AT/AT/AT even with a late start.

Seeing frequent comments, answering questions as well as encouragements from Cornelius in social forums such as Reddit was all the confirmation bias I needed from a company backing it's product.

Thank you!



Today, I passed my PMP exam. And Thanks to PM PrepCast’s PMP Exam Simulator. I highly recommend it! Increase your chance of passing PMP!

Although I did not pass the 4 exams ( My scores were between 65%-68%) in Simulator, I could pass all the domain AT in the real PMP real exam.

The good point about PM PrepCast’s PMP Exam Simulator is that it gives you reasons why each option is correct or wrong, which I found it very useful!

Montreal, Canada

Highly recommended Exam Simulator

Despite putting in my own effort, I struggled to achieve a good score in all mock exams. Searching on the internet, I found The PM PrepCast to be a suitable method for testing my knowledge and learning more about the PMP. I ordered PM PrepCast, and yes, it was vital to my journey of passing my exam. I would recommend Prepcast if you are planning to take PMP Exam.  

You can take up to five mock exams, with questions similar to those on the PMP exam. In addition, the explanation for every question is really great, with details that help you learn and gain more knowledge. I passed the PMP exam st attempt with all 3 domains scoring above target.



The PM Prepcast has been the way for me to get the PMP Certification.
Doing learnings, reading the answers, checking the time used to answer has been very useful.
After the learnings and the Quiz, I made 4 of the PMP Exams, and done.
Well, I also made a training on PMP in a school.
Questions are really linked to the exam I had. English is a bit hard for non-English mother tongue people, but still possible to understand and learn. The English, I had on the exam, was much easier to understand.
Maybe, in the future, some questions, can be translated, but, I agree it's difficult to decide in which language.

Any way, thanks a lot for your help

Corseaux, Swizterland

Very concret test case

The PM PrepCast is a great quiz for PMP preparation.
It guides the learning of PMBOK by associating the relevant chapters with each question. It is also a good way to acquire a general culture on project management due to the various reading references offered and the concrete questions of the PMBOK lessons.
Thanks to PM PrepCast, I obtained my PMP certification and increased my general knowledge of project management.



With 3 ATs at my first PMP attempt...the PMP Exam Simulator sets the tone for the PMP exam and prepares you mentally on the logic behind the answer as well as the time to completion for the entire exam


Cleared PMP AT/AT/AT


The PM PrepCast is a much have tool for PMP aspirants. I used mobile for learning section which helped me a lot but unsure whether mobile app exist. Even though I scored in 60s in all four complete mock ,I was able to score AT in all domains.
One of the Key for success item, I believe is the mindset when we keep learning in learning section and after complete mock.

Brisbane, Australia, Downer

Passed in first attempt with AT ranking in three topics

Passed in the first attempt with AT ranking in three topics. The material provided was on point and the 800 questions I solved were enough to pass the exam as it provided knowledge on what to expect in the exam.

Vancouver, Canada

Highly recommended study tool

The PM PrepCast was by far the best study tool I invested in. 
It took me from a NI/NI/BT/BT/T on my first attempt, to AT/AT/AT on my second.

As a time-poor working professional, being able to access the PM PrepCast to assist with studying helped immensely. Having previously used another online learning course (Skillsoft PMP), the PM PrepCast is:
- way more engaging
- provides highly relevant and applicable examples
- is much more convenient in content delivery
- minimised the amount of heavy reading required

Definitely worth the investment, it certainly paid for itself.



Dear Cornelius Fichtner,
Thank you so much for your PMP Exam Simulator!
I passed my PMP yesterday from the first attempt and the questions were very close to the ones I met in this PMP Exam Simulator.
I took only two of your full exams (I was short of time) and scored near 60%, but I've scored above the target in all three domains at the exam.


Yerevan, Armenia

Cleared PMP exam with AT/AT/AT

Today(31/07/2021), I cleared my PMP exam with AT on all the three domains. PMI ID: ‎6817852‎

Preparation plan:

1. "PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU" from Andrew Ramadayal on Udemy. 

2. PMP Exam Prep Seminar - 2021 Exam Content with 35 PDUs.

3. PM Exam Simulator


Had started my preparation last year. Started reading from Sep 15 2020 till December 2020. Was planning to take the exam by December 2020 before the new format. However I didn't know that I have to schedule the exam couple of months early. When I tried to schedule it in December for the month of December, there were no slots available. Sadly, I stopped reading the PMP for 2 months. Later,

Started reading again from March 01, 2021 desperately to clear my PMP exam. This time scheduled my PMP exams for the month of July in May itself.

1. Last year went through "PMP Certification Exam Prep Course 35 PDU Contact Hours/PDU" from Andrew Ramadayal on Udemy. This year the course was updated with Agile concepts. Went through them as well. Personally prepared a good notes of almost 250+ pages.

2. This year took "PMP Exam Prep Seminar - 2021 Exam Content with 35 PDUs" from Joseph Philips which was already updated with new content. Updated my notes with additional content.

3. PM prepcast Simulator - Purchased the PM Exam Simulator on July 6th, 2021. Helped me to really understand how the questions are in the real exam. To be honest, I never passed any of the 4 PMP exams presented in the PM PrepCast. My scores were 66, 65, 67 and 69 respectively. I had no hopes that I will Pass the real exam. However reviewing the questions and understanding the reason why one particular choice is correct really helped me.

Thanks again for the PMP Exam Simulator. Its a must for any PMP aspirant.  

Bangalore, INDIA

Great Quality and Professional

Ryke Development Consult

I took my PMP certification exam today and i passed with above Target in all the domains, and thanks for the PM PrepCast. I practiced with the prepcast for only two weeks because of the time constraint imposed by PMI to take exam. In fact, the product help me to understand how to answer the PMP exam question because the PMP questions are not direct. I only invested $146,and is not in vain.  

Thanks Again,

Dr. Ibe

Balch Springs, United States, Ryke Development Consult

Excellent exam preparation!

I'm really happy to share that I passed PMP exam last week with Above Target with all three domains! Thankfully to PM PrepCast! It is a very useful tool to prepare well for this specific exam: it has a high quality, incredibile easy to understand material conducted in very professional manner by Cornelius and the team. I strongly believe that The PMP Exam Simulator was a key success factor for passing this exam, because it helped me understand better all the material I've studied with Cornelius. Great content and amazing job: very appreciated!!

Milan, Italy


I have written the exam on 20-07-2021. 
Preparation plan:

1. I have gone through the entire PMBOK once which took 3-4 weeks for me. Then I was searching for dependable material for exam preparation.
     After searching google rigorously, went with below options: 
    i)  PMP Exam prep seminar-Joseph Phillips
    ii) PM PrepCast. 

Mr. Joseph's videos helped me to understand the concepts but the real help came from The PM PrepCast. The kind of questions in the sample exams almost matched with the PMP exam. It helps me to understand the depth of questions so as to eliminate the other 3 wrong options. if you are serious and afford The PM PrepCast, I would recommend going for a subscription. All the best.


Passed my PMP Exam !

This course really prepared me for passing my PMP exam all above target mark. It is by far the best and the most realistic simulator exam right now.    The PM Exam Simulator questions are formulated so close to the real exam. My score was above target in the 3 domains and must say that I found the exam easy! Mind you that I had read the PMBOK and the Rita's 10th edition before. So I only purchased the PMP Exam Simulator without the video and it was well worth to test my knowledge.

It is an amazing tool to add in your study kit....  

Toronto, Canada

3*AT In all domains

Umeme Limited

I aced my PMP Exam with PMP Exam Simulator being the gamechanger, its scenario based questions presents the best environment for the real exam!

 The score of Above TARGET In all the 3 domains was an enjoyable experience

 I used the following Materials
• Joseph Phillips Udemy Course • PMP Exam Simulator • Rita Book 10th Edition • Andrew Ramdayal Weekly Youtube sessions key in changing the Mindset. My readiness assessment was when I got above 72% in the Prepcast Mocks .

 Thank you Prepcast

 Davis Egesa, (PMP)®

Nakawa, Kampala, Uganda, Umeme Limited

100% recommend

I've tried so many simulations/programs since the beginning in Oct. 2020... and only when I tried PMP Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner that I was able to be ready for the real exam.  Clear explanations on the wrong AND the right answers.  With reference to books.  Also, in the explanations, it tells you why this answer is right or wrong.  It make sense out of the scenarios.  When we need assistance, they are always here to answer any questions within 24 hours.  I 100% recommend this program.  I've cleared my PMP exam in July 2021. 

Montreal, Canada

I passed The EXAM

I am very grateful that  I've passed PMP Exam in 2020. Thanks to PM PrepCast, the situational case described here is very very very good. A lot of similarities with the real exam. I think the exam is sometimes easier compared to this Prepcast.

I have recommended this PM PrepCast to my colleagues, and for everyone who is pursuing PMP certification, please try this!


PASSED my PMP exam


PMP Exam Simulator exams are the closest to the real PMP exam. I will recommend everyone to invest in buying the premium exams in order to pass the PMP exam on the first attempt. 

Kigali, Rwanda, Consultant


Avantel Limited

Finally, I passed the PMP exam after so much hard work. Thanks to the PM PrepCast. Let me share my success with you.



I read PMBOK guide a couple of times. My key focus was on the following:

  1. Key concepts
  2. Trends and emerging practices
  3. Tailoring considerations
  4. Considerations for agile/adaptive environments
  5. Project management plan components
  6. Project documents
  7. Key inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs
  8. Process flow
  9. All the definitions

I don't understand why people don't enjoy reading PMBOK, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. No offense, I hated Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep.


I tried to read the Agile Practice Guide, but this document really bored me. It didn't make any sense to me rather.

So, I watched the agile part of Joseph Phillips Udemy course three to four times. He covered everything.

His ITTOs part is messy but the agile part is spot on. It helped me to understand various agile practices, concepts and terms.

Man, I love this guy.


I would like to thank Cornelius Fichtner, for his exhaustive set of PMP practice questions.

The situational questions rocked.

I have solved 1940 questions (1220 practice questions and 4 PMP mock exams (720 questions)).

On an average, I scored 76%. (1478/1940).

I have revised all the "marked" and "answered incorrectly" questions twice. This helped me correct my mistakes.

I tried the ITTO only exam, but I didn't like it. I just thought why someone would ask such questions in the PMP exam.


I took a home proctored exam, so I had to login using the link provided.

It took me 20 minutes to verify my photo, ID and check the room.

Then, my exam started.

The exam was divided into three parts. After completing every 60 questions, there is a break of 10 minutes.

It is better to take the breaks because PMP is a very gruelling exam.

Most of the questions were situational. This is where Prepcast helped me a lot.

There were no calculations.

For most of the questions, I could figure out the correct answer from the options. Thanks to Prepcast.

Of the three parts,

1st part - 60 questions - 72 minutes - 28 flagged - reviewed a few – questions were straight forward

2nd part - 60 questions - 84 minutes - don't know - didn't review at all to save time for the next part - questions were very tough

3rd part - 60 questions - 74 minutes - 08 flagged - reviewed all - questions were straight forward

There were around 10 - 12 questions of multiple answers and match the following which were pretty straight forward. Prepcast questions were tough compared to these.


My heart beat doubled when I was clicking the "END EXAM" button, more so, because I failed in my first attempt.

Seeing the word "CONGRATULATIONS" on the screen was the most relieving and most satisfying moment there is.

I passed with above target in all the three domains.

My hard work paid off.

My first attempt, I must admit that I was in a war zone.

I got so much confused with the questions and more so with the options, and ultimately, I messed it up.

This time I wanted to do it at any cost and I did it!!!


More agile questions and less predictive questions. I must admit I get more confused with the ITTOs. I didn't memorize them and I didn't have to tackle with them. I thank God for that.

Situational questions similar to Prepcast. For many questions, I didn't read the entire question and could easily identify the answer.



Visakhapatnam, India, Avantel Limited

Great Prep Materials


I had signed up for the PM PrepCast and PMP Exam Simulator back in 2019.  I took almost the full three years to finish the PrepCast.  I worked at it whenever my work and life schedule allowed.  It was very convenient, I accessed the material through their podcast and through the web browser on both mobile and desktop devices.  This has been one of the best online learning experiences I have ever had, in terms of the quality of the material and ease of access.  I found the knowledge assessments in the PM PrepCast very helpful to gauge my understanding of the PMBOK guide and other relevant course material.  I would recommend this course for anyone needing to fulfill the educational requirement for admittance to the exam.

As happy as I am with the PM PrepCast, I am that much more pleased with the PMP Exam Simulator.  I passed the PMP Exam on my first attempt.  I do not think that would have happened without the time I spent in the Simulator.  The user interface was flawless.  It was very clear, very well laid out, very easy to use.  The questions in the PMP Exam Simulator closely mirrored the style of questions encountered on the exam.  I feel like the PMP Exam Simulator did a great job of covering the entire breadth of material contained in the current PMBOK Guide and Agile Practice Guide.  The PMP Exam Simulator even covered material not contained in those guides.  The explanations for the questions greatly helped me get into the correct frame of mind to understand what the exam questions were looking for.  Over the course of three weeks, I spent over 15 hours in the Exam Simulator.  I covered 50% of the questions contained therein, including 3 of the 5 practice exams.  The Simulator provides the user with detailed statistics regarding the questions, quizzes, and exams taken.  These metrics were a great help to me in charting my progress.  They clearly demonstrated my knowledge gaps when I started and then over the course of my study period helped me to feel confident that I was ready to take the Exam. 

This was time and money very well spent. I highly recommend this tool for anyone preparing to take the PMP Exam, you will not regret it.

Winston Salem, United States, EXP

I passed PMP


Passed with above target performance in all three domains after preparing through the PMP Exam Simulator. PMP Exam Simulator and scenario review helped a lot to understand situations while answering the real exam.
Thanks Prep-cast  

Johannesburg, South Africa, NA


Passed my first exam with above target performance in all three domains after preparing through the PMP Exam Simulator. 


Agile Prepcast and Exam Simulator

After successfully passed PMP exam at my first try with the help from PM PrepCast, I decided to come back for OSP product to prepare for PMI-ACP exam. I purchased Agile Elite package which includes both prepcast and exam simulator, and they are the only source of materials that I used.
 - Prepcast: I like that it contains inclusive agile content, not subject to only for having an exam but also provides other project management knowledge and skills. My recommendation is to add an option for several vdo player speeds for the audiences to adjust to their preference.
 - Exam simulator: Situational based questions similar to the exam, a bit harder. Play a big part of my exam success.
Highly recommend for both of them.




I will definitely recommend, as already done a few times, the use of PM PrepCast to pass the PMP exam.
Use the PMP Exam Simulator, revise the alternatives, learn with your mistakes, book the test and get approved!
It helps you to practice for answering the test in time and improves your positive results by far.


Successfully Completed Project Management Professional (PMP)

Proud to announce my new achievement and being one among the elite to hold Project Management Professional Certification from PMI. Many Thanks to PM-Prepcast especially for your PMP Exam Simulator that allow me to crack PMP on my first attempt. Even though I am not quite sure that my approach was right or wrong, I would like to share my experience with all PMP aspirants. I never mugged up PMPBOK guide (not even go through many of the page) rather I was fully concentrating on PMP Exam simulator learning mode and try to cover as many question that I can that gave me very good idea and knowledge about the exam content along with my work experience as Project Manager. I gave my full concentration nearly two weeks to crack the exam.

For me majority of the questions are from Hybrid approach and it is of practical kind of question that surely you can experience while taking PMP-Exam Simulator. Hence I will surely recommend students to PMP-Exam Simulator.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Passed PMP in first try!

Prepared for 2.5 months and passed with above target scores in all three domains. Thanks to PMP Exam Simulator! Great product and definitely recommended.

chicago, USA

Good Practice Exams


Passed my PmP exam today with AT/AT/AT... I was not 100% sure while answering most questions but decided not to waste time second-guessing myself, as I had practiced with PMP Exam Simulator and it worked out well

Singapore, Singapore, MICRON TECHNOLOGY

Passed Now PMP Certified

I was very scared, and practicing every type of PMP material. I was reading everything but my scores were not good. I was not understanding what I was missing, or why I chose a certain answer. I ordered PM PrepCast, and yes, it was vital to my journey of passing my exam. I would recommend, and I do to anyone looking to take their PMP Exam. Why PrepCast? The questions structuring and the concepts were similar to the exam. But it explained why each question was wrong or right. That was the most helpful. It helped determine what the question was really asking you, and why the answer selection was part of the selection. It ensures that you will not just answer the question, but trains your mind to think PMI. I love the different options of how you can customize your test question selections. You can definitely identify what knowledge area or process group you are struggling with.

Little Elm, United States

Passed the test AT/AT/AT in my second try and first try with PMP Prepcast

Hi everyone, after 5 months of preparation I passed my PMP exam in my second try.

First exam fail 
I took my first test in 12/29/2020, I had the pressure of the test changing and I found a space available in St.Louis (I live in Chicago).  
I was prepared but not really trained for the test, I studied for 2 months but I only took 2 complete tests and I failed in both with 65% and 60% before my real test. Looking back, it was a mistake to take a test when I was not ready a 100%.
The day of the exam, I was a little nervous and I had a low start but after 15 minutes I was doing well. The big problem started when the test cut me out for review after 89 questions, I calculated my time for 100Q and I did my review but I took more time than planned. In the second part of the test I started with 118 minutes for 110 questions. I was really nervous and I started to drop some answers and answer only what I knew.
At the end, I fail for a little according to the test review.
Preparation for the 2nd test
I started from the beginning with the PMBOK guide and other books and tests, I studied for 3 months and I thought I was ready and I tried first the free PMP Prepcast test 2 weeks before my dated test. I did 60% in my first try and I felt that I was not enough prepared but this time the test seems very close to the real test. 
I decided to postpone the exam to May and I purchased the PM PrepCast, I started to do 1 exam of 30Q and 1 hour of complementary study daily. The tips, the forums and articles help me a lot to understand how really works the exam. I did a lot of tests always scoring more than 70% and 3 complete test of 180Q with 72%, 75% and 80%.
Second exam
This time I prepared all the details before the test, I visited the center 2 days before the exam. I did an exam and review 1 day before the test but I stop to study in the early afternoon. I had 8 hours of sleep and a good breakfast before the exam. I arrived 20 minutes later and I waited in the lobby. I did my registration and I started the exam as planned.
This time I knew that every 60Q you can take a 10 min break, I already knew my time for each part of the exam. I decided to take less time for the first 2 parts and have more time for the third part because normally you're tired and stressed at the end.
I had a low start but this time I was concentrated and if I was not sure of an answer I used the techniques learned with the PMP Prepcast like specificity, long answer, answer with words of the question. In this first part I marked for review at least 10Q. Once I finished the first part, I start to do my review but I respected my frametimes.     
The second part was more or less the same as the first and the third was much more easy but every exam is different.
I have only 1Q to calculate, some questions with multiple answers but less complicated than the PMP Exam Simulator. More than 80% of the exam was situational hybrid questions. If you understand how it works and recognize the phase of the project, normally you have 2 options to go, is very important to review the question if you have doubts.
At the end, I had 5 minutes to review the last part and after that I submitted my answers, after 5 seconds I had my results....
I passed with AT/AT/AT !!!!

I have to thank PMP Prepcast who help me a lot to prepare myself for the new Exam!             

Chicago, United States

Passed My EXAM (AT/AT/AT)

Hey Everyone just want to share that , i have passed my Exam with Above Target in all the areas. Thanks the Prepcast team for this wonderful PMP Exam Simulator. It really helped me a lot. 


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