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PMP Certified


I sat for the exam on 25th June 2018, I was through PMP. I will give most of the credit to the PM PrepCast for the simulation exams.
The exams are scenarios based, that helped me in coming up with the strategy, to answer the questions smartly like finding the keywords, selecting the best right choice in the exam.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart to PMP PrepCast for helping PMP-aspirants in achieving their PMP dream.



Become PMP Certified on June 8 2018 !!!

Hello everyone,
In order to PASS the real PMP exam, it takes you a whole village because PMP is the toughest exam that you will face in your professional career. I have used the PM PrepCast by Cornelius Fitcher product myself since February, 2018. However, I did not make myself committed enough in order to clear the PMP on my first try. But, it does not matter how many times you take the PMP, and as long as you PASS and that's what matters the most. To make the story short, after I reviewed all the lessons learned from PrepCast and adding more time to my study schedule which made my preparation the crystal clear to me. I am really happy to become a PMP Certified on June 08 2018 because all my hard work has been paid off. Also, I have posted the lessons learned that contributed to my success, too. I want to thank all the stuff that have worked really hard to make this journey possible for me. PrepCast mock exam is the product in the market because it makes you ready mentally to prepare for the worst. And, I became a little nervous because I could never score above 75% on all my quizzes. But, the way their product design is to build your knowledge about PMI tools and techniques. After almost 3 months of hard work, I have decided to take my last chance because I wanted to become a PMP certified so bad, but my dream became true on June 08, 2018 when I went to sit for the exam. After 4 hours sitting and panic on that date, I hit the end exam button and the screen shot on the computer appeared as follow: CONGRATULATIONS !!!! I can never that date which has changed my life. I would encourage anyone that is interested in becoming a PMP certified not to take this tough exam lightly. PMP is made to trick you regardless, but a dedicate plan will make you overcome this challenge. If I make it today it's because of everyone contribution and great thanks to the lessons learned. In addition, all the staff are good in responding quick and PM PrepCast has the best product on the market. I will advertise this product with all my colleagues, friends and families because it has made a big impact in my preparation. Here's a link into my LinkedIn for you to take a look. Also, you can check PMI registry on google to verify my PMP credential, too.  Thanks!!!!!!! 


Passed my PMP exam on the 1st try


I have just passed my PMP exam on the 1st try.  The simulator helped me to prepare and understand how to study for the exam.  Great support on questions feedback and on simulating what the real exam was going to be.   Fully recommended!!!!

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Nestle

Passed PMP on 1st Attempt with 5 AT


PrepCast is all I needed. The program is first rate and covers all required content to pass the PMP. I watched all the video lessons covering the Knowledge Areas and used the Exam Simulator to answer about 900 questions. I took one full practice exam and the remaining questions I answered using 10-20 question quizzes. This combination was more than adequate preparation for the exam.  Once I was averaging about 75%, I was confident. Using the PMBOK Guide as a resource to clarify and review content in the Prepcast and doing quizzes five days a week for 2 1/2 months completed prepared me for the exam. Full disclosure, I have been in finance and project management for over 25 years, so any content referring to finance or general business practices were not difficult for me. The main thing I got out of PM PrepCast was learning the vocabulary, processes and knowledge areas contained in the PMBOK Guide. Understanding this foundation is key to passing the exam and Prepcast covers this very well.  If visual learning works for you, I strongly recommend PM PrepCast and the PM Exam Simulator.

Vancouver, Canada, WCG

PMP Prepcast + Exam Simulator = Success

I was able to pass the PMP Exam on the first try using the PM PrepCast materials.  The PrepCast provided the "glue" I needed to stick with my study plan, while managing a busy job schedule and family life.  I listened to the PrepCast videos on my way to work and watched them in the evenings, during halftime, while waiting in line - basically any free moment that came along.

In addition to the PrepCast, I purchased a good study guide (Rita's), as well as the PMP Exam Simulator and Flashcards.  I studied 1-2 hours on weeknights and roughly 6-10 hours on the weekends, for a period of two months before scheduling the exam.  Definitely schedule the exam, as Cornelius suggests - do not wait!  Scheduling the exam will change your outlook on studying and provide some additional motivation, especially when you know the exam is only several weeks away.  

In the final weeks leading up to the exam I followed Cornelius's advice and took at least three practice tests using the PMP Exam Simulator.  Looking back, I wish I had taken the practice exams sooner.  The practice exams narrowed in on the areas I needed to focus on and also taught me how to best pace myself.  Take as many practice tests as you can. The Simulator's interface makes it very easy to review wrong answers and at the same time provides explanations as to why the right answer is THE BEST answer.  PM PrepCast is THE BEST!  

Thanks Cornelius!


Great preparation tool

I used PrepCast to prepare for my PMP exam, which I successfully passed in September 2016.  It was a great way to prepare for the real exam, as it helped me to set a pace for answering questions.   Also, the questions were very similar to what appeared on the exam.

Toronto, Canada

Passed PMP Exam

Brookhaven National Laboratory

I passed my PMP exam on the second attempt. The reason I failed the first time is because I used the wrong practice test software. The questions that I was giving was very easy and not like the PMP exam. After taking the exam the first time, and looking for more test like practice I found this PrepCast. I couldn't have passed the PMP exam without it. Cornelius is very good in the videos, but the most important thing the Prep Cast offered me was real life simulation exams. I took about four of them before my test, and I aced the PMP exam. My results when from barely passing to, all above target.

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Great Practice Exams, Course Detailed

I took the Agile Prepcast for my PMI-ACP. I found that the video course was very detailed, but almost too detailed for the purpose of passing the test-- the knowledge was good. I had to skim through and skip certain parts, but it's nice that you can do that since the videos are broken out into sections. The real value I found was purchasing the practice test/exam simulator. The questions I found were ever so slightly harder than the actual PMI-ACP exam questions. If you can get a 75%+ on the exam simulator, you will pass the PMI-ACP no problem. I was above average in knowledge level when my results came in from the PMI-ACP test. Make sure you take the exam simulator in quiz mode so you can review as you go!


Fantastic Prep Course!

I searched around the web and found hundreds of sites with sample exams , tips and tricks for passing the PMP exam however nothing compared to the PM PrepCast. The online exam similator is the closest thing you will get to the real thing when it comes to concepts, timing and content for the PMP exam. The ability to learn at your own pace while to taking the sample exams was a real bonus. The videos were great as well . It was easy to follow along and Cornelius explained the concepts in a way that made the entire program interesting which kept me fully engaged the entire time. I can honestly say this course really helped me pass my PMP exam. Cornelius, my PMP certificate is now proudly hanging on the wall in my office for all to see. Thank you for your regular communication and for offering a fantastic program.  I would highly recommend this to anyone preparing for the PMP exam.

Paradise, Canada

Passed the PMP

NCR Corporation

PM PrepCast Lessons and the Exam simulator really helped me with understanding of the process of preparing myself for the PMP exam. Without it would me much more difficult!

Belgrade, Serbia, NCR Corporation

PrepCast and Exam Simulator were critical in helping me pass!

The PM PrepCast and the PM Exam Simulator were great products!  I would not have passed if I didn't use them!

About a month from the exam, I shifted my focus to using the exam simulator every day and taking short timed or learning quizzes.  That helped me get into the exam taking mode.  The quizzes helped identify the areas that I needed to focus on.
Great product.  Easy to use and vital to my passing the exam.
Highly recommend other use these products.

Vernon Hills, United States

Great Product, Great Investment


I found PM PrepCast to be a useful tool that truly helped me pass my PMP exam.  Not only did I gain the benefit of passing my PMP exam, I also have knowledge about how a project should be managed and what I need to do to remain a successful PMP. 

The training videos are lengthy, with a lot of repetition.  This can be both a benefit and a hindrance.  At first, I was getting frustrated with the repetitions at the beginning of each video. But along the way I started repeating the same materials and in no time I was understanding the video trainings much better.

If anyone is not interested in the repetitions, skip over, but I would advise not to.  Repetition helps it stick!

Haslet, United States, None

Passed PMP 1st attempt

I passed my pmp exam today with 4AT's and 1 T.I would like to thank PM PrepCast team. The mock exams were by far closest to the exam . Helped me alot during preparation. Thank You again .


Excellent Prep course! Passed in 1st attempt.

Thank you Mr. Cornelius Fitchner,

I passed PMP (PMBook5) in my first attempt with above target score, but got little late in writing this review. I started off reading only PMBOK5 initially for a couple of months and then one of my friend referred about this wonderful site which changed my way of preparation. Normally I prefer to read than watching the videos, but in this one the way Mr. Fitchner explained each topic was interesting. The best of the course package is the Simulator exams. They are pretty close to the actual exam. Treating each simulator exam as an actual one and referring to the material for the incorrectly answered topics immediately has helped me tremendously in my preparation. And the concise format of all the formulas put together was very handy and saved my time.  And just one week before the exam, I have completed the self-assessment questions in all the topics successfully which boosted my confidence. Thanks again Mr. Fitchner and the PMPrepcast team.

Cleveland, United States

Awesome Test Prep Material

I spent a week preparing for the CAPM exam, with the last three days using the CAPM test simulator program...awesome.  I cannot imagine how anyone could pass the simulator exams and not pass the real test, because the simulator truly ensures you understand the PMBOK.  I will most definitely utilize PM PrepCast when I sit for the PMP exam.  If you're on the fence about whether or not it's worth the money, don't was the best investment I made to ensure I would breeze through the exam.


Customer Review

Shelby Consulting Group LLC

Using the Project Management PrepCast was great way to study and learn the materials for the PM exam.  As I am a person who is more of a vision learner to understand methodologies and concepts.  With the PM PrepCast, it allow be to learn in a style that is useful to me and  time requirements.  I have recommended this tool to others as they prep for there PMP exam.

Detroit, United States, Shelby Consulting Group LLC

Thank You!

I took the PMP Exam Simulator coaching for my PMP examination. I received Above Target for all the process group. The exams helped me to think differently and focus on key words. I have already recommended my friends to sign up and recommending you to do the same..

Jeddah, KSA

Thank you

I passed my PMP exam(Pmbok5) with Above target score in all domains on Mar21st. Its my first attempt and was pleasantly surprised to receive the final result. Exam took me 3hrs 40minutes to answer all questions which was much longer than mock exams. Most questions were around integration, quality and risk. Formula questions were only a few and mostly around SPI, CPI.I want to mention special Thanks to Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM for all the training videos and mockexams in PM prep cast simulator for helping me in preparing well for the exam.
Thanks again!


Great Prep Course. Passed on the 1st try!

Atlanta Public Schools

This is a great prep course and an amazing deal for the cost.  The courses materials are very detailed, but the most valuable part of the course are the practice exams.  I believe that's what made the most impact. I felt very prepared on test day after two and half months of studying.  I passed the exam on the first try.

Marietta, United States, Atlanta Public Schools

Thank God for PM Prep Cast!


I was scheduled to take the PMP exam on 3/22/18. PMI/Prometric cancelled the exam and did not provide any possible reschedule dates before the exam was changed over to PMBOK 6. Many people were affected by this and after spending $100's & 100's of hours prepping for the exam on PMBOK 5, I now have to re-tool and rededicate myself to pass the new exam.
I went to PMI for assistance and they offered no relief...
I emailed Cornelius and the PM Prep Cast team and they immediately understood and upgraded my PMBOK 5 premium access so that I may prepare for the new test!
As if that is not enough, PM Prep Cast is a stellar product! 
The content and delivery is robust. The material is logically presented in a manner that easily aligns itself with creating a study plan to achieve your certification goals. The lessons are packed with relevant information and are arranged in such a way that  they accommodate any schedule.
Thank you Cornelius Fichtner and thank you PM Prep Cast!

Hawthorne, United States, Consultant

Great value for money

I used the PM PrepCast and PM Simulator to prepare me for the PMP exam, because I needed flexibility and a cost effective way to prepare for the exam. The PM PrepCast and exam provided this with great quality. The amount of information was extensive and there were more than enough questions in the simulator to practice. I highly recommend it. I passed my exam the first time with Above Target on all areas.

Elgin, USA

PMP Success with PrepCast

I am a Clinical Research Project Manager and I have been wanting to get my PMP for quite some time. After deciding to begin my journey, I did lots of research on which online courses offer the best comprehensive lessons and practice material. Time and time again, PM PrepCast came up so I decided to go with it. I give large credit to PM PrepCast for my success in achieving the PMP. 

The courses are broken up into manageable units which makes spacing out the studying very easy and accessible. Cornelius approaches each chapter with real-life examples, so it makes learning the concepts much more simple. I studied these courses for about 1 month and spent my last month of studying working on the exam simulators offered through PM PrepCast. The PMP exam simulators were one of the biggest factors on why I achieved my designation. The content matched the real PMP exam more than any other full-length simulators I did during my studies (and I did many!). The responses were also accompanied by detailed description of why the answers were correct or incorrect. This was a great supplemental learning tool to the courses. 

I will absolutely be using PM PrepCast moving forward on my other Project Management endeavors. Thank you to Cornelius for making this otherwise dry journey a memorable and easy one! 

Toronto, Canada

Good Exam Prep Questions

I found the videos to provide a very good informative overview of Agile. However, what helped me the most with studying and passing the PMI-ACP exam was the Exam Simulator. The questions are much more like what is on the exam than what you find in free prep exams online. Very situational and make you think of how to use the ideas of Agile rather than being remember and regurgitate style questions.


exam simulator very helpful

I used the PMP exam simulator during my self studying and preparation time. Learning effect is great and it was very helpful for me.

Passed the PMP exam at first attempt with "above target" in all five domains.

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,



PMP Exam Success!

I used the PM PrepCast to prepare for my PMP exam.  I studied for about 3 months, using the online tutorials.  I downloaded the tutorials to my phone and played them via Bluetooth in my truck while driving to work.  The tutorials were very thorough, almost too thorough at times.  I also purchased the exam simulator which is a must.  Taking the full 200 question exam over and over really prepared me well for the long exam. In all, I would certainly recommend this product to others.

Hope Mills, United States

I passed with PM PrepCast

Advanced ICU Care

One year ago, I failed my PMP exam...for the second time.  I was utterly frustrated with the level of training from a local bootcamp that I had paid a lot of money for.  Five days of constant information being thrown my way, and I tried very hard to disseminate it all.  At the end of the third day, my brain was numb and overwhelmed with the amount of information and speed it was being given.  Suffice to say, I did not pass and earned Moderately Proficient and/or Below Proficient in all areas.

When I realized that the Sixth Edition was upon me, two months before I was to take the exam I re-read Cornelius' website and began listening to the  PM PrepCast!  This is by far, the best information I have received to understand the topics tested in the PMP exam.  The consistent nature of the podcasts and the wonderful way I was able to listen either at home on my computer, on my phone with headphones or in my car through my phone (on the drive to/from work).  This was an amazing way to learn the information on a speed and level at which I needed.  The PM PrepCast reviewed all terms and items I saw in my exam, and did so with such a fundamental and easy-to-understand way of teaching that it did not even feel like teaching.  It felt like one large process that Cornelius was able to explain in terms and steps I could understand.

Between the PM PrepCast and Cornelius' PMP Test Simulator, each went hand-in-hand teaching the basic parts of the processes, terminology, order of knowledge areas and even great work on understanding the ITTO's without memorization!  I committed a full two hours of study 5 days/week with 3 hours of study on weekends, and the addition of taking one full 200-exam one time each weekend.  I did add a tutor, closely aligned to Cornelius' teachings to this study plan, the PMBOK for referencing all of my Q&A's I missed and Andy Crowe's book.  This training plan progressed for nine weeks before taking the exam.  I passed with Target in all areas and one Above Target!!  Thanks to Cornelius' PM PrepCast and Exam Simulator, I was able to feel 100% better when taking this exam, felt confident with the large majority of my answers and finished with plenty of time to review!  I KNOW this was due to the PM PrepCast and PMP Exam Simulator.  Many, many thanks for your help in getting me across the finish line!!

Wendi Short
 St. Louis, MO 

Waterloo, United States, Advanced ICU Care

Best Way to learn for the PMP Exam

I can highly recommend to use the PMP PrepCast to learn for the PMP Exam. It is really the best way to learn where you want and when you want. It is easy to allocate some time every day to go through the lessons. 

The Simulator is also very realistic and everybody should use this opportunity to simulate a 4h Exam under realistic conditions. Afterwards, you have to chance to go though the wrong answered questions. 

Schwetzingen, Germany

Cleared PMP on Feb 28 2018

I cleared my PMP on feb 28 th 2018. I did my prep cast exams , I completed almost 7 exams with my scores being 

Timed Quiz9/1090.0%
Timed Quiz7/1070.0%
PMP Exam 7144/20072.0%
PMP Exam 6145/20072.5%
PMP Exam 5160/20080.0%
PMP Exam 4155/20077.5%
Timed Quiz8/1080.0%
PMP Exam 3141/20070.5%
PMP Exam 2133/20066.5%
PMP Exam 1131/20065.5%
offcourse the real exam was much tougher than PM Simulator exams. Definitely this simulator helps you prepare for the real exam. Sitting for 4 hours is a real challenge and this exam really helps you achieve this. 

Redmond, USA

I Passed because of your help

So excited to say I passed the PMP exam on my first attempt on Friday March 23 thanks to PM PrepCast. I felt pressure to “get it done” since the exam was changing on Monday March 26, 2018. The thought of starting over on PMBoK 6 edition was not a path I wanted to take. Who wants to be the guinea pig on the 1st exam. 
To prep for the exam I purchased the PM Prep-Cast on January 4th with the exam simulator. I watched the core PodCast during my morning walks or when driving to work and took 8 out of the 9 test and saw my scores continued to better. I found the best feature was to see the results sections in the exams which showed areas (knowledge or process) that I was struggling in to re-watch PodCast and then retest. 
If I were to do it again (thank goodness I don’t need to) I would not just listen to the PodCast but instead watch and listen to them together which was a useful way to remember the concepts. I also found the simulator test through PM PrepCast to include more detail than the exam which were more vague and if you didn’t understand the concept, there were multiple answers that would fit. Understanding the process is key. 
The weekend of March 10 & 11 I signed up for Weekend Coaching session with Dan Ryan and he simplified so many of the concepts and help me prioritize what information I should focus on. He also shared some worksheets and excel document with Knowledge Areas and Processes that linked to each other which helped me sort out in my mind the process and connections between inputs, outputs and ITTOs. This training was invaluable. 
Good luck to you, hope this helps.

Pace, United States

Proud new PMP

I just got my PMP certification and I am so proud of myself.  This was the most studying I have had to do in many years.  The PM Prepcast was such a huge help.  It is tailored in nice size packages that are easy to digest.  I came up with a schedule to review the videos and then read through the corresponding PMBOK section.  After I was done with all I read through the PMBOK a 2nd time.   The best advise I could give is to purchase the simulator exams.  I took all 9 and felt very comfortable going into my test.  I knew my pace.  The simulator was extremely close to the real deal and I wasn't hit with anything unknown on my test.  Doing the simulators also helped me determine my weak areas.

I thought the cost module would be my tricky area so I memorized all the formulas.  Doing the simulator test I determine ITTOs were a weak area so I also created an excel spreadsheet of all the ITTOs and created a scramble game for myself.  

I passed with an above average score in all areas.  Yeah me.  I'm giving myself a break of 2-3 weeks and then starting on my ACP certification.  I will be using PM Precast.  Thank you Cornelius.

Warwick, United States


With PreCast simulator I took only 4 complete exams and I have never passed all these exams the marks I got it was 57%, 63.5%,65.5%, 66% respectively. I was afraid if I am going to pass the real exam since many of the sites recommend to pass above 71% marks for mock exams, and I have a little time remained to sit for exams I didn’t have time to attend the remained mock exams, since it was switching to Sixth edition. No way out I needed to sit for exams.

I passed real PMP exams, with BT, AT,T,AT,AT in the respectively domains on the first try!  I recommend this tool to anybody who has a dream to certify for PMP.  It explain different tricks for exams questions and concepts!!! Try it and I am sure you will come back to this site to give testimony for your success!  

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Amazing content and simulator


I used PrepCast simulator for almost 2 months and gave 5 simulation exams. I covered almost 70 percent questions on the simulator. Simulator questions are close to the real questions which would appear on the exam. I actually reviewed multiple simulator before buying this one and  I am glad that my decision was right.

Few things I found very useful. Among them was the feature to review the question which were answered wrongly. So I had two passes on the exams, one the real ones and one with the wrong questions. 

Also, you can mark tough questions and visit them later on.

Language is simple and there are very minimum errors and typos. Quality is a big plus point with this simulator. It will not confuse you as many others can do with you. 
Overall I am quite satisfied.  I cleared the PMP exam on first attempt and had "Above Target" in all the domain areas. 

Thank you team PrepCast for coming up such a wonderful product. 

Bangalore, India, Oracle


With PreCast simulator I took only 4 complete exams and I have never passed all these exams the marks I got it was 57%, 63.5%,65.5%, 66% respectively. I was afraid if I am going to pass the real exam since many of the sites recommend to pass above 71% marks for mock exams, and I have a little time remained to sit for exams I didn’t have time to attend the remained mock exams, since it was switching to Sixth edition. No way out I needed to sit for exams.

I passed real PMP exams, with BT, AT,T,AT,AT in the respectively domains on the first try!  I recommend this tool to anybody who has a dream to certify for PMP.  It explain different tricks for exams questions and concepts!!! Try it and I am sure you will come back to this site to give testimony for your success!  

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Excellent start to my preparation for the PMI-ACP Exam

The Agile PrepCast was an excellent beginning to my studies for the PMI-ACP Exam. I found the content to be well organized and clearly presented, with plenty of real-world examples. The style was consistent throughout most of the episodes, except for (understandably) those included from the PMP PrepCast. As my first formal Agile training class, I found the series to be an excellent introduction to and explanation of all the component parts of the PMI-ACP certification. I appreciated the opportunity to gain not only the required contact hours of training, but the 37 PDUs I earned were a huge bonus that enabled me to renew my PMP certification early!

Ultimately, the Exam Simulator was key to my success in passing the PMI-ACP Exam on my first try. I scored 75% after completing the course, then studied from the Mike Griffiths PMI-ACP Exam Prep book and workbook to expand my understanding. Afterwards, I repeated the Exam Simulator test 3 times until I got my score above 90%. That built my confidence and enabled me to pass the exam on my first try.

Fort Collins, United States

Cleared PMP exam in first pass


I cleared my PMP exam today. Your daily  free PMP Sample Exams helped a lot. The exam was intense, complex and surprisingly had a much higher difficulty level than all the online tests available. Your questions were closest to the actual exam. I would suggest to increase the number of situational questions in your mock exams just as the real exam.


Stamford, United States


Interface: Pretty similar to the actual exam, minus the ability to highlight sections within the question or strikeout answer options.

Question Bank:  I passed the PMP exam today (23MAR2018) and I thought questions in the PM Exam Simulator were worded extremely close to the how questions were presented in the real exam.  However, where I think the Exam Simulator falls short is the specific difficulty in answering.  I found the exam to generally have 2-3 plausible answers for a large portion of questions that required thorough understanding and/or analysis.  The simulator, on the other hand, had too many direct questions with one very obvious answer.  Rarely did I have to perform any typical test taking strategies, like eliminating 2 answers on the exam simulator.

Retrospect:  I passed, but I can't quantify how much this software in fact helped.  I guess it certainly prepared me for the reading/comprehension of questions, but I don't think it helped much towards answering them.


Must Buy: real time simulator, Cleared in first attempt


 I gave my exam yesterday , on 22nd March 2018. I didn't know about this simulator until 15th March 2018, YES until a week before my exam. My good friend from USA, who also recently cleared PMP in the year 2017 asked about my progress and suggested to purchase this. 

Till then, I was trying solve free exam questions available online. Honestly I was worried to spend another $100 as I was only 6 days away from PMP exam. I knew I won't be able to solve all 8 exams, which come with the package.  But after reading reviews and going with friend suggestion I bought it. 

This exam gives you real exam feeling as you have to spend 3.5 minimum hours to complete and level is similar to what I got yesterday in PMP exam, 
My plan was to give 5 exams and go through all questions, I mean all questions whether it is correct or wrong ( Correct question :You have go back back  and understand again why you marked that and see if it aligns with your thought) . Its a real time simulator. From exam 1st till my last PM-simulator 5th exam I was ranging between 80 to 90 %. I was happy with my progress. But as said I was still sitting another 2.5 hours in analysing both correct and wrong question and putting notes in my notebook where I lacked the gaps. 

Certainly, this is a must buy.  

BURLINGTON, United States, Analogic

Great Program!

I was fairly new to the official ways of project management and the PrepCast gave me the best foundational understanding I could have asked for. The videos were easy to understand and entertaining to listen too (not dry like the book). The videos took the very technical terminology and made it easy to comprehend and relate to my everyday life.  Being able to listen to them on my very long commute helped with items I needed a refresher on or needed more clarification. Thank you!!

Houston, USA


I took my pmp exam today 3/21/18. and i passed above target in all domains. Bottomline, the prepcast made me pass.
i started studying in Jan 18. i read the Rita exam prep cover to cover and i took notes. i later purchased the prepcast early feb and went through all the test scoring 67% on the first one i took and averaging 80% in all subsequent test. anyones i got wrong i went back to review and also read through the answers. it gave me a good insight on how to answer the questions especally the tricky ones.
for anyone that wants to take the exam in the future, i suggest purchasing the prepcast and go over all the test. questions in the real pmp exam were very similar. asper the ITTOS, you dont need to memorise them, just understand the relationships. I will like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the prepcast crew.


Take the exam simulator...if you want to pass !!

I just passed my PMP with overall mark Target. It was my first attempt. I got Target on planning and closing, all the others Above Target. The difficulty is this: In most of the questions, the 4 choice answers ARE NOT stated directly as it is written on the PMBOK. Example: if you read on the book that the PM has to closely monitor a high-power high-interest stakeholder, you won't find in the choices this statement, instead you may find: "send weekly performance reports", "always invite him to the  focus group meetings"...and so on. You have to figure it out the synonymous of the phrase, this added to the fact that you only have 1 minute per answer, is the main challenge. The exam simulator is so crucial that I would say don't even dare to sit at the real exam if you haven't gone thru the simulator ! 

Toronto, Canada

Passed my PMP-1st Attempt

My PMP journey started 5 years ago having purchased the PMBOK which 'patiently' gathered dust in my shelves.
In 2016, I paid for some classes which in all honestly left me more confused. I then applied for professional development training scholarship from pmief towards the end of 2016 and was successful. I enrolled and watched the prepcast videos which were very insightful and gave me a better understanding of the Pmbok. Cornelius is an amazing teacher. I have to admit though that I  didn't do much studying in 2017. (Let me digress abit, I have missed out on 2 eligibility periods between 2015 and 2016 mostly out of fear)
Finally I went into panic mode when I realized the standard was changing and I had to take the exam before March 26th.... So I paid for the exam in January and set the date for my exam as 16th March.
I started studying very seriously in Mid January 2018.
2 weeks before I sat for the exam, I took 2 weeks off from work and spend 4 hours studying and 4 hours doing a simulation exam. My results rated between 80 and 89....average I think was 82 or 81.
On 15th of March I took the last simulation exam and was confident I at least had the endurance to answer questions for 4 hours. Please do not underestimate just how long four hours can be.
On the exam day I went through my notes and went for the exam and I was super excited to have scored Above Target on 4 Domains and Target on one domain. I finished answering the questions in 3 hours and spent the next hour reviewing all my answers especially those ones I had marked.
My  overall score was above target which is something I am proud of.
I wish anyone who is taking this PMP journey the best of luck. Make the PMBOK your best friend.
Best of luck,

Nairobi, Kenya

PMP PrepCast

The PMP simulator mocks tests very helpful. I took 5 tests before final PMP exam and cleared. As most of questions in PMP are scenario based and mock tests will help understand scenarios rather remembering ITTOs.

Irvine, USA

Passed first time thanks to Prepcast exam simulator!

I scheduled my PMP exam the week before it switched to sixth edition and with only 3 weeks to study, I had to get focused. I read many blogs and attended webcasts looking for some lessons learned and best practices on studying for the exam. Many of my resources recommended the Prepcast exam simulator, so I gave it a try along with copious note-taking and study from the PMBOK. I spent about 30 hours in the simulator over 2 wks and took all 9 exams, as well as several smaller times exams and they really helped prepare me for the types of questions I encountered on the PMP exam. Being able to see why my responses were correct or incorrect, and take tests based on the answers I’d gotten wrong was an invaluable tool. I was able to pass the exam with Above Target scores in all domains on the first try! I would recommend this tool to anyone. It’s easy to use and incredibly worth your time!

Arvada, United States

Successful way to the certification

Rockwell Collins

The PMP PrepCast is a perfect method to lern for the PMP Exam. You can really lern where ever you want (and can). The very good prepared Video Material and the additional contend is very helpful to pass the Exam. The  exam simulator, which I really suggest helps to get a feeling how exhausting it is to answer 4h questions. 

I can really recommend the PMP PrepCast for archiving the PMP Certificate. 

Heidelberg, Germany, Rockwell Collins

Mr. Cornelius was sooo wrong!

Hill International

He said once (I'll took that liberty to paraphrase hi just a bit):
"There is only one magic word:PRACTICE!"

And I say: he was DEAD WRONG!
There are three magic words: PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

No, wrong again!

Dear Mr. Fichtner,
Thank you and the rest of your team as well, very much for a tremendous help with my PMP that I completed just today. Every cent I've paid was worth it  (and what's more, kind Mr. Jonathan has even given me a special discount aas something went wrong during my unforeseen risk occurred, I guess. :)). To be frankly, after so many PMP exam mock ups I found all around the web, I was quite skeptical at the beginning. Luckily, and I was dead wrong, just like you. :)
However, it's done. And it would be way more difficult without PMP simulator. Thank you for being there!

Your sincerely,
Aleksandar Gutesa, PMP

Zagreb, Croatia, Hill International

PrepCast Review

The PM PrepCast contained excellent exam review questions that allowed me to gauge where I was with my knowledge and understanding of the PMBOK material. The videos contained practical interpretations of the PMBOK's vocabulary and mindset.

Surrey, Canada

Above target

I did use the PMP Simulator ( Just bought the questions) , and I must say that it does give you a feel for the real exam. It is not like you will get exactly the same questions on the real exam, but there are some very easy questions on the real exam. The exam on a whole is annoying and tricky and some may view this as being tough ,but I just took the exam today, and passed with AT in all areas. I had plenty of time left. I finished the exam in one hour 50 minutes, used an hour to review marked questions and then every question. So, I clicked on the "End the Exam" button after 2 hours and 50 minutes which meant I had 1 hour and 10 minutes left. What I used to study: PM Study for 149.99 Euro (Online access), read the Rita book, skimmed the PMBOK about two times but only skimmed.  The exams I did were 800 questions from PM Study,1100 questions from PM Training and 1800 questions from PM Simulator. PMI really needs to consider allowing a short break during the exam where you clock stops. I took 5 minutes from my own exam time to go take a pee break and then had to be checked all over again-It is really stupid. I wonder which guy in his right mind thinks that normal people do not need a toilet break in 4 hours:)



Hi Cornelius,

I have used PMP exam simulator and tried 4/5 exams including ITTO.
This simulator helped me clearing the exam  in first attempt. I feel if we score around 68-74% in simulator can make a student pass the exam in first attempt. I hope this helps in your statistics collection.



Passed PMP Exam Today

This simulator is very close to the actual exam. I recommend this for anyone taking the exam or in need of a foundational view of the project management concepts.

New York City

pmp pass

simply  outstanding...!
make use of complete  question bank. n rest will be history. 


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