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I passed my PMP on May 2020 and recently passed PMI-ACP on 07 May 2021. I want to thank Cornelius Fichtner and team for The PMP Exam Simulator. 
For PMP I studied RITA and for PMI ACP I studied Mike Griffiths book along with Exam Simulators, I helped me a lot in exam. Thanks again.

Doha, Qatar

Thank you PM PrepCast!

Thank you to this awesome service! I passed my PMI exam on my first attempt yesterday, May 10th 2021 with Above Target scores in all 3 areas. This tool has been instrumental in my success. The mock exams are incredible. I did your 4 mock exams and learnt so much from them and was able to apply the learnings to each successive exam and eventually to the actual exam Qs. The tone and kind of questions on the PMP Exam Simulator are very, very similar to the actual PMP exam. The answers to each question on the mock exam are so well explained and everything starts to make sense. 

During the actual exam, I was able to relax in to answering the Qs as my brain recognized the pattern of the Qs and told myself "you have seen this before and you have done well".. This is so crucial to keeping an calm mind..

Thank you to this incredible team for an incredibly high quality product! 


PMP exam

Hi PM PrepCast Team,

I would like to let you all know, I passed my PMP certification yestersday 09-May-2021
Above Target as overall and Above Target in Process and Business and Target in People domain.
It was great experience having PMP Exam Simulator as part of my exam preparation kit.
Some learnings and tips on how I prepared.
I started with PMBOK for 3 weeks, then studies Agile for a week.
Then started Prepcast exam simulator in parallel, I scored 68% then 70.8, post that my scores were 85% and 80.1%.
Other than that used prepcast learning tab for individual domains and solved 100 questions prior to exam. This gave me confidence in exam.
Also I used other exam simulator like Nipotal Ray and Andy Ramdayal his mindset videos are amazing.

Thank you PM PrepCast and team your simulator is close to PMP exam certification.
One note- It is no more PMBOK guide so you may want to alter some questions more to situational also add some control graphs and more of People, Process and Business domain, with most questions not linked to PMBOK. Also one suggestion break the agile questions and hybrid questions from the PMBOK domains it will be good during practice in EXAM simulator.
As per my experience it was 40% PMBOK, 40% Agile and 20% Hybrid questions.

Thankyou Prepcast team!
Good luck to all my PMP friends!!


Best study material

SGT Construction cc

This is the best exam simulator. I used PM PrepCast 2021 version to prepare for my exam and I passed the exam with an above target score.

King Williams town, South Africa, SGT Construction cc



This was the bet test prep I could have done.  I spent 3 weeks studying and taking quizzes.  Due to my home situation (14 month old) I couldn't get a solid 3 hours to sit for one of the exams.  After taking the PMP Exam Simulator, and seeing the questions on it, I can say with certainty these are the closest thing to the actual exam you can study.  Studying HOW the test questions are worded and WHAT they are really asking for, is how I Passed the PMP!

Magnolia, USA, iBio

Overwhelmed & Excellent Sim

I like the way this PMP Exam Simulator works and the way it has been developed. I was Initially speculating to take the Exam, since I was unsure about the preparation for the Exam. But after taking the Exams in the Simulator and the Learnings, I can summarise it as “ adequate / Ideal ". Going forward, I would definitely suggest it my friends and colleagues and future PMP aspirants. 


A big Thank you i Passed all the areas with flying colours

After a very long journey  impacted by the pandemic I failed in the first attempt and then I realised the PMP Exam Simulator will definitely help and this came handy . this is  not only a really good simulator also helped to crack exam , especially the part of Questions along with video frame integration I loved the content and it made me to earn credentials easily . Thank you for great value of the PMP Exam Simulator! i will see you next in My PMI ACP preparation, thank you 

Bangalore East, India

PrepCast Exams and Quizzes Made PMP Exam a Cake-Walk

I'm head over heels, just aced my PMP Exam (People/T, Process/AT, Business Environment/AT). The practice exams and quizzes prepared me very well for the exam. I will definitely recommend PMP Exam Simulator to anyone aspiring to get their PMP certification. 


(PMP)® Success Journey

Protech Grid Services

I planned to give my exam on 31 December 2020 because the syllabus and the exam pattern were about to change after that day. I finished my practice Rita Mulchay's PMP Exam Prep Ninth Edition by the end of the third week of December 2020. I contacted my instructor, Mr Junaid, from the PMI Lahore chapter, and I asked him what I could do to increase my success chances in the PMP Exam. He recommended that if I am willing to spend a little bit of money, the PMP Exam Simulator for PMP is the way to go. The advantages of this simulator are given below:
1. You can use the PMP Exam Simulator in a wide variety of ways. You can have small, focused quizzes (based on knowledge groups, process groups, not answered before, etc.) or have a complete full-fledged exam simulation. Using this, you can target the specific areas where your concepts are weak.
2. Another nice thing about the PMP Exam Simulator is that in each question, you can understand four new concepts in a sense. The correct answer is given with its explanation, and the three wrong choices are explained too. The explanation of why wrong and why correct leads you to understand four different PMI concepts comprehensively with each question.
3. The scenario-based questions are either of the same difficulty or a higher difficulty level than the actual exam. This makes you exam ready.

After just using this simulator for just a little more than a week, I succeeded in the PMP Exam, securing the above target in all process groups. I highly recommend this simulator to anyone who is going to appear in the PMP exam.

Sialkot, Pakistan, Protech Grid Services

Pass on the first try!!!

First of all, glory to God!!!  By using PMP Exam Simulator, I was able to pass on the first try with 3 Above Targets!  This is a phenomenal tool for anyone who wants to have the best chance of passing this exam.  I took all of the exams, averaging 80% on the scores.  I highly recommend this service for any PMP aspirant...take care and God Bless!!!


PMP Pass!

I passed my PMP exam in April 2021 and I think a big part of that was my time using the PMP Exam Simulator on this site


Thank you PM Prepcast

Good day to the team/s at PM PrepCast,
I needed to convey my thanks and show my gratitude. I've passed my PMP examination with an Above Target rating in all Domains.
Guys I cannot begin to express how happy I am to have earned this and I'd like you to know that it may not have been possible without the help of the booster course to bring me up in my weaker areas (Agile) and the chef-d'oeuvre; the PMP Exam Simulator.
These have provided such guidance, support and knowledge that I was not only able to step confidently into an exam that I've failed previously but I am a better and more well equipped project manager because of it.
The PMP Exam Simulator was much more than just practice questions as I used it to identify and target my weaker areas, understand how and why I answered questions both correctly and incorrectly. The practice exams helped me build the confidence and stamina to sit the exam. It also assisted with my time management and familiarization with a similar exam setting.

To anyone aspiring to earn this qualification I would say this simulator is a must have!
Thank you guys again and until next time ;)

Gasparillo, Trinidad and Tobago

PM PrepCast -- An Excellent Institution for PMP Certification

I Just passed my PMP certification of new format with all three domains --  Above Target Thanks to excellent team of PM PrepCast.
I got a great support  by taking the PM Exam Prep Course and PMP Exam Simulator for 2020 and later subscribed to Simulator 2021.
These Simulators are very helpful. The explanation post simulator attempt for each question is par-excellence and has great depth details. I will 100% recommend to anyone who is looking for and keen on getting the best of the best knowledge for passing PMP.


Passed today 4/9/21


Thanks, PMP Exam Simulator for all the questions, exams and quizzes. The PMP Exam Simulator was very similar to what you will see on the exam. I definitely took advantage of doing as many quizzes that I could and took all four exams. I know for sure I wouldn't have passed with A/T,T,T without this tool. This forum was also helpful with all of the lessons learned and expert judgement. Again thanks

Scotch Plains, United States, Clydesdales

Buy The Prepcast and Exam Simulator to Pass

This course along with the PMP Exam Simulator lead to me passing my PMP exam with "Above Target" in all 3 areas. I didn't purchase the RITA nor did I purchase the Agile book published by PMI. It was literally the normal PMBOK, the course, and the Exam simulator that got me through. The PMP Exam Simulator really prepared me for the real exam. 

I took away a star because I purchased the course before the exam switched and there wasn't enough "required" (it is available as supplemental, and optional) course material on hybrid/agile projects which is a must have (though if you purchase the exam simulator you will have access to plenty of practice questions on this). 

I also took away a star because some of the new exam simulator questions were a little less complex in the sense that I had to answer almost a flashcard type of answer, rather than show that I understood the concept . For frame of reference, I had access to the Exam simulator for the old version of the PMP Exam, and noticed that there were a lot more concept questions, leading me to expect that as the content creators get more accustomed to the new format, the questions will become a bit more complex. 

Overall, I can't complain though, because I did also pass with flying colors :). I would highly recommend this product to any and all who are interested in taking the PMP exam.  


As close as the real thing

Just passed my PMP 2021 (AT/AT/AT) on 27/03/2021

Thanks to PMP Exam Simulator which has been key to getting me as close as possible to the real PMP exam. I like summaries so here's mine for Pros and Cons
- High Quality: 
    - No grammar or spelling mistakes, based on PMBOK material and other PMI acclaimed resources
    - Provides explanation to the right answer as well as the wrong ones making studying much more productive
- Controllable: gives you the ability to take short quizzes from a pool of 2000+ Qs so you can juggle with your busy schedule
- Great User Interface: Although you can't copy for obvious reasons, the user interface is much better than other simulators 
- Great support: If you have issues with questions, they have a "live feedback" option to raise queries to their team of highly knowledgable team
- StatisticalGives you the ability to measure your performance and see what % you are likely to pass according to historical records
Suggested Improvements:
- Replicate the PMP interface: 
Students might get a bit thrown off by the real exam's interface (Pearson) which is far worse than Prepcast's. An additional "prep" measure would be to have the simulator provide the same experience and functionality as the real exam interface.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Great Knowledge Library - PMP

I started preparing for PMP last November 2020 and wanted to finish the year with PMP certification. Read the PMBOK guide thoroughly and appeared for my first attempt but unfortunately didn't clear. 
Purchased the PMP Exam Simulator in Mid-December and continued to study and practiced the PMP Exam Simulator as many times as possible. Thanks to the PM PrepCast team for having real time based Q&A. I was able to clear my exam in my 2nd attempt on 28th Dec, 2020. It really helped me to prepare well withing very short span of time.

Thanks, #PMPrepCast Exam Simulator 2020.


Amazing Simulator For Studying

Purchased the PMP Exam Simulator in Mid-December but did not continue to study as there were no dates to give the exams after Christmas 2020. Thanks to the PM PrepCast team for extending my subscription to the beginning of April 2021.

Accomplished a major professional milestone - Obtaining my PMP® Certification on 19-03-2021.
"Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24
A big thank you to my family for putting up with my tireless study schedules, constant encouragement, and support.

Thanks, #PMPrepCast Exam Simulator 2021.
I answered many timed quizzes on the simulator whilst studying to understand the concepts and making notes.

#simplilearn study central materials too for applying the PMP Certification at PMI

Exeter, United Kingdom

Passed 1st time!!!!

Took the new PMP exam today (the new agile orientated exam from 1st Jan 2021) and the PMP exam simulator really helped me to prepare and focus on the kind of complex, nuanced questions that PMI ask.  The exam was hard, there´s no getting away from that.  Lot´s of ambiguity and questions where multiple answers seem right, but the PMP Exam Simulator helped me to get my head into that way of thinking and be able to navigate the difficult questions.  

Thanks PM Prepcast!!!

Good luck to everyone when you take your exam.

My advice, do lots of simulated exam questions, LOTS!  (I did almost 3000 before the exam).

Madrid, Spain

I am here because of PrepCast

It's been about 2 years since I sat for the PMP examination back when we were maskless and things were a lot less gloomy because of a certain pandemic. Nevertheless, it was still a trying period what with juggling and ongoing project with balancing the other life as a father to a rambunctious 2 year old. Studying for the exam then was a breeze, honestly, but trying the simulated exam questions from various vendors led me to question my own understanding of Project Management. It was only when I got PM PrepCast to help me with anticipating the real exam questions that my confidence levels kept growing by the day. It helped to strengthen my knowledge and by the time I was on the exam floor, my PrepCast education helped a lot in going through the motions. All in all, I spent many hours on PrepCast but it was all well worth it. As such, I am where I am now because of it. 

Singapore, Singapore

PM PrepCast is the way to go!

I purchased PrepCast a little over a month before sitting the PMP exam. I was feeling a bit scared about the types of questions the exam would have and that's why I decided to invest in the Simulator. At first, I tried the quizzes. To be honest, the first few times I didn't perform too well on the quizzes. But PMP Exam Smiulator provided me an explanation for each possible answer, why one is correct, and why the other three are not the right choice for the given scenario. These quizzes allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. So, I started to focus on each knowledge area. This helped me a lot because I knew I wasn't comfortable as yet to sit the exam. Because of PrepCast I reviewed additional literature to strengthen my knowledge and retook the quizzes. Thereafter, I went to the exams. I set time aside to sit the practice exam as if I were in the actual exam environment. After each exam, I would review all 200 questions and answers. The key is to reviewing the questions that you got right, not only the ones you failed. Why? Because it helps you to understand why your chosen answer is right and guides you to think in the right mentality. PMP Exam Simulator provided me with confidence and peace of mind as the exam day got closer. I highly recommend PMP Exam Simulator. If I hadn't made this investment, I don't think I'd have gotten the results I did. I successfully passed the PMP exam on my first try.


Invaluable for passing PMP

The PMP Exam Simulator is one of the only resources out there with an up-to-date focus on the 2021 PMP exam. 
I passed the exam on my first try with 2 domains Above Target and one on Target.
Thank you!


Failed the first time but above Target on the second after purchasing Prepcast


Failed the first time think that work experiences and PMBOK alone would be enough to pass and thinking that USD 100+ was pricey. The second attempt, I purchased PM PrepCast and passed after 10days of preparation with above Target! Prepcast is really my kep to earning my three letter after my surname!

Dubai , United Arab Emirates , Freelancer

Very helpful!

I purchased the PMP Exam Simulator to supplement the questions from another course I was taking to pass my PMP. I'm so glad I did as I passed the PMP the first time. The questions were worded differently from my other course so they were very helpful to make sure I truly understood the material instead of just being good at answering the other courses questions.

Corning, United States

Cleared the PMP on 29th Oct 2020

Hello PMP Aspirants,
I am glad that I cleared the PMP exam. I would highly recommend the PMP Exam Simulator to practice before you go for the D-day. I found the level of these simulator exams is a bit higher than the actual PMP exam. These exams boosted my confidence to crack the real PMP exam. I strongly recommend instead of searching and wasting time in other products, the PM PrepCast will be the empowered engine for your PMP journey. Thank you and best of luck to all.

Toronto, Canada

Prepcast prepared me solidly to face and pass the exam

PMP Exam Simulator is well known simulator. Every penny is worth it. It prepared me for the kind of exam questions. The explanations for the answers and the wrong options are great. This truly prepares anybody to understand the concepts and give the best efforts for the exam. I passed, u can pass too ?


Prepcast Moct test

Purchasing the PMP Exam Simulator from precast has helped me clear my PMP examination with flying colours.


I passed the new 2021 PMP!

Hello - I attribute much of my success to the PMP Exam Simulator. The questions were very close to what I experienced on the exam and got me very well prepared! The explanations for right and wrong answers were easy to understand and helped solidify my understanding of PMBOK and Agile Practice Guide concepts. Thank you!

Stafford, United States

Made me well prepared to ace the exam!

I took the PMP exam yesterday. I think I did pretty well with "above target" on all aspects.  I did review the PMBOK and the AGILE guide, though it was tiring to review and remember everything. One thing, I did do is exhaust the quizzes and test exams on PM Prepcast.  I did sign up for quizzes on other competitor sites as well, as I did not want to rely on one. Key differentiator on PM Prepcast's PMP Exam Simulator that was extremely helpful for me is how they go through each answers and say why this is wrong and why this is right. and THE HINT.  I reviewed it for all my answers, both right and wrong religiously. I believed this helped me tremendously on the test. I think my money here is well spent and I thanks the PrepCast team for a job well done and helping me!


Less Than A Month-PASSED

I'm pleased to share that, with the PM PrepCast's help, I passed the new PMP exam a few weeks ago.  I began studying on January 4, 2021. I refreshed myself on a lot of project management fundamentals, vocabulary, and formulas for a week or so. Then for the remaining 3 weeks, I took practice quizzes/exams on the PMP Exam Simulator. The detailed explanations of all the correct/incorrect answers were invaluable and are 100% the reason why I passed the new PMP exam on 1/27/2021. I cannot recommend thePM PrepCast enough. It's an unbelievably amazing resource, especially to help with learning Agile (which 50% of the exam is now!!). My biggest study tip is this: BUY IT! Then take your time studying the answers and understanding why answers are correct/incorrect. If you invest the time in the practice questions, you're golden!

Cleveland Heights, United States



I can't thank PM PrepCast enough for the breadth of content available in the PMP Exam Simulator for the 2021 PMP Exam. I started studying for the exam in December 2020 using a training course by a PMI Authorized Training Partner. I knew full well that it was too late to sit for the old format and thus, my mindset was focused on taking the new format in 2021. However, my biggest question was where can I go to get accurate exam questions to practice? In my estimation, an important factor for everyone pursuing the PMP certification and actively studying is finding a simulator which can replicate actual exam questions as best a possible . I am ABSOLUTELY convinced that PMP Exam Simulator is the best simulator that you will find on the market! I purchased the PMP Exam Simulator in 2021 on New Year's Day and I continually used the simulator throughout the month doing all quizzes and mock exams. I sat for the PMP exam the first week of February and PASSED "Above Target" in all Domains. I recommend this PMP Exam Simulator to all pursuing the certification and even though I did not utilize PrepCast as my Authorized Training Partner for the review course , I also recommend doing it all here as a "one stop shop". PM PrepCast thanks for all that you do. I am living proof that what you're teaching is relevant and it works. And to all those still studying, don't give up because it is attainable.
James Houston, P.E., PMP          

Chicago, USA, WSP USA, Inc.

Passed 2021 PMP Exam with 3/3 ATs!

I would highly recommend PM PrepCast!  I just passed the PMP 2021 Exam yesterday with 3/3 Above Targets and this company was instrumental in that process. 

With the changes in the training from REP to ATP, I believe the PM PrepCast Videos I watched are no longer viable, but I would still highly recommend PM PrepCast.

I ordered their PM PrepCast Elite, which included the Training Videos, Formulas, and a Study Guide. I also added on the PMP Exam Simulator 2021. The PMP Exam Simulator is a MUST. There is an overall explanation summary for every question and then an explanation on each individual answer and why it is right and wrong, which is a great way to learn. 

Also, PM PrepCast has great customer service via email. I had a lot of questions in the beginning of the process and the team was very prompt to answer and helpful in sharing their own experiences. 

And the last thing - Cornelius does Facebook Live events and those are a great way to get your questions answered directly from Cornelius himself, in real time.

5 out of 5 stars! Thank you, PM PrepCast Team! 

Arlington, USA

Essential in preparing for PMP exam

I learned about the PM PrepCast through testimonials of those who successfully passed the PMP exam. Everyone described PM PrepCast as a game-changer, the tool that provides knowledge and confidence. I agree with all of that and more. 

The web page is professionally set up, and it is easy to navigate through. The questions are nicely worded, and if needed clarification, everything is there. The answers are explained in detail. 

You have the option to practice and learn through quizzes or do the full-length exam. 

Don’t wait too long, do yourself a favor and start learning and practicing with a PM PrepCast. 


Passed exam on my first try- Exceptional Study Tools

Cornelius’ PM PrepCast package was the most beneficial study tool for the PMP exam. I watched his videos and used the PMP Exam Simulator to prepare for the exam.  He is engaging and explains difficult concepts clearly. The PM PrepCast was the biggest factor in helping me prepare for and pass the exam on the first try. The price point in comparison to other products on the market is extremely reasonable. I highly recommend Cornelius and the PM PrepCast!   


Excellent Products...A Must Get For Preparing For PMP Exam!!

I purchased the "PMP Exam Simulator 2021" and "Booster Course for The 2021 PMP Exam" in preparation for my 2021 PMP Exam.  Both products were worth their weight in gold as study materials for the PMP exam.  I would say the "PMP Exam Simulator 20201" is a MUST.  The quizzes and tests are great with the "Lesson" version, the ability to review the questions you missed, and the reasoning for the answers.  I will say I wasn't thrilled with some of the "Gotcha Questions", but they helped solidify the principles.  If you're new to the Agile world, the "Booster Courses for the 2021 PMP Exam" is a great tool to give you a quick overview...much easier to the highlights as opposed to spending hours searching for YouTube videos.

Thank you to you and your team for providing such materials!


Altoona, US

PrepCast Materials and recommendations to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam

American Red Cross

PMP PrepCast

I studied for months before one of my friends at the Project Management Institute, New Jersey (PMINJ) Debbie Cleary, who used these materials to pass her examination, presented me at PM PrepCast.It was a great experience for me because I took her advice to buy the PM PrepCast at the end of November 2020 and passed the exam on December 29, 2020. I wish that I have more time to study the PM PrepCast but regarding time constraint to change the exam on January 2021, I had to take my exam in December otherwise I would have to study the PMBOK Guide of the 7th edition while studying the 6th edition for my prep exam.

The PM PrepCast is well organized and user-friendly for taking quizzes and examination of PMP Exam Simulator. All the questions from the knowledge areas and domains are similar to the exam simulators and really prepare you to tackle the real PMP exam questions. I advise candidates to practice quizzes and scoring 80% or 85%, that may not happen the first time but you can improve your performance by practicing those quizzes until you get ready to practice the exam simulators.

I took all the quizzes for knowledge areas and areas and 4 exam simulators. I advise you to read all the answers.

The PMBOK GUIDE provided me with a reference for the PrepCast . The explanations we have about the PrepCast are pertinent to the PMBOK Guide. I used the Rita Mulcahy prep, eight editions to help me understand many concepts and put you to the test at the end of each chapter. Project Management formulas are also essential for successful completion of the PMP exam

It was a busy time for me while I was studying PM PrepCast while I was working every day and occasionally I had a day off for the week. I study whenever I have time on my hands. In the morning before I leave for work, I like to read PMBOK and Rita. I continue to draw the 46 processes with the knowledge areas whenever I have nothing to do. I have it on a board in my room and I look at it at any time. For formulas, I remember them mainly by practicing quizzes when possible, I can study 4 hours a day from the time that I purchased the PM PrepCast.

If you plan to take this test at a facility, please arrive as soon as possible to check the parking and allow yourself time to check in without any pressure. I knew before the place that I have to take my exam, I left home early to give me chance if there some inconveniences such as traffic or roadblocks to get there on time.

During the test, be calm and take the time to draw the 49 processes and 10 knowledge areas along with the RMP formulas. That will save you time when to answer some questions as you know exactly in which process that you are in and the formulas will help you to make calculations easily. If you apply all the recommendations as you really study the PM PrepCast with all the tools that Cornelius has provided you should be confident to pass the PMP exam in your first try or if you missed it previously with The PM PrepCast you are in the right spot to pass it next time.

My thanks to Cornelius Fitchner and the entire PM PrepCast team. They answered my e-mails in response to questions and concerns. They have been very helpful in helping me achieve a significant milestone in my career by being a certified project manager. This is a credential around the world and believe that the time and money you have spent to reach this goal is worth it.

I would definitely recommend ordering PMP PrepCast.

Maplewood, United States, American Red Cross

Perfect PMP prep material

PM PrepCast was the perfect prep material that helped me boost my interest in reading the PMBOK completely. Prior to the PM PrepCast, I dreaded (ie, avoided) reading thru the dry material in the PMBOK guide. But going thru the PM PrepCast helped me understand a lot of the concepts including learning new terms that are not necessarily described in the prep books used. The PM  PrepCast definitely helped me complete my study and prepared me to take on the PMP exams.

United States

Passed the PMP Exam on first attempt

Peace Corps

Reading the PMBOK is a must, at least twice. Take time off from work, at least two weeks to study. I also made my own flash cards on each PG and KA. I bought the Cornelius Fitchner's PMP Exam Simulator and did 3 complete exams as well as practice tests on specific KAs. Also helpful was watching Linked In Learning courses on PM

Georgetown , Guyans, Peace Corps


I Passed my exam in mid of Dec in 2020 with my first attempt. I practiced 6 sets of exams provided by PM PrepCast which strengthened my knowledge areas and improved my confident.  Not like other peers, PrepCast did very detailed explanations with sources gleaned from PMBOK which is reliable and follow the outlines of PMI.  ALL  answers with explanations is my favourite part. Their customer service respond your question in a good time manner as well. It's a really wise investment to make sure you're confident to pass the exam. 

Practice makes perfect. I finished practice exams with 3 weeks to sit in the exam and pass it thanks to PrepCast. I highly recommend you to go with this reliable brand for exam preparation!


PrepCast Mock was helpful

Hi Friends,
I appeared my PMP on 17th Dec 2020 and cleared with 4 AT and 1 T, i was dreaming about getting this from 4 years but couldn't made my mind or circumstances never happened, unless covid-19 pandemic hit and i was laidoff, sold stocks to pay exam fees and PMP Exam Simulator (but was worth)
I started preparing for PMP from Oct 2020 and registered for exam immediately when i got to know that the pattern was about to change.
My lessons learned is shared as below
Initially i was confused where to start from when your surf internet you will get tones of courses and matter, go to YouTube its loaded with millions of videos, don't get confused, Finally i decided not to go for class and do self study (due to cost factor)

follow the below points i hope this would be helpful
opt for any one good course or trainer in my case i did self study, join a good facebook group of PMP

My study pattern.
Preparation takes 360 hrs from day one (Arrange it accordingly)
Booked exam date at least 45 days, once you make up your mind (60 to 75 for working employees with 2hrs regular study)
Took Udemy Joseph Philips as my mentor for his PMP exam prep lectures
1. Gone through RITA to clear concepts (read it twice cover to cover solve exercise)
2. Took PMBOK guide as reference, and made notes of it (cleared concepts from RITA, youtube videos)
3. Understand concepts well, read handbook and exam content outline (Very imp)
5.  Take chapter test, PMP Exam simulator Qns once you are confident
6. Prefer reading chapters which fall in Process group (like for initiation, read chapters project integration management and last chapter stakeholder management...and so on for planning, executing, monitoring, and closing)
7. Reading exam content outline will make you realize the important process group which has majority of Qns, like Initiation and closing and so on. (There is one video on youtube PMBOK guide explained by Ricardo Vargas, go through it)
8. Questions are situation based but easy not tuff
9 Take PMP Exam Simulator (the quality of questions is great with detailed explanation)
10. Once you get PMP Exam Simulator scores of around 75% plus revisit and gain confidence

Friends don't postponed the exam date (fixed date will make you more dedicated and stay focused), at times you will feel worried when you feel success rate of prepcast falling in 5th, 6th,7th and 8th mocks (the standard of this test is at higher level to make us grill around all aspects)
 real exam pattern questions mostly fall under mock 1 to 4.

Everyone can do this PMP thing is don't get distracted with the content and discussion of friends, people around, its nothing like that, exam runs on basic understanding of project management framework once that fits in our mind we can easily sail through questions.

One final tip, practice full length exam and analyze wrong answers, and right answers its boring but its most helpful, make notes of why answers went wrong (one will realize this during main exam)

All the best,
You are going to be PMP soon...
 you can connect with me on my email

Mumbai, India

Best tool I have found for PMP

On my first attempt at the PMP exam (December 2020), I didn't pass.  The PMP Exam Simulator and information provided was invaluable in helping me to pass my PMP exam second time around (on 15 January 2021).  I did 9 mock exams using the PMP Exam Simulator - this provided me with similar types of questions in the exam, as well as preparing my mind-set for taking the exam and presenting me with topics that I may not have covered in my revision or hadn't studied well enough.  I recommend using the resources available from the PM PrepCast to help you pass the PMP exam.  I failed one of the mocks and got early to late 70s for the other exams, which helped keep me grounded as well as encouraging me to keep going and pass the exam.  Thank you very much Cornelius and associates.  I am now the very proud owner of the PMP accreditation.

Worcester, UK


I passed PMP exam last month. Thanks a lot PM-PrepCast. 


The Best PMP Exam Simulator

Cleared the PMP exam in first attempt.  I used PMP Exam Simulator after reading Rita Mulchay's book and PMBOK 6th edition. PM PrepCast, Formulas and PMP Exam Simulator were just awesome; Simulator was key to my success and I highly recommend it. 
Big thank you to the team and Mr. C. Flichtner.
Siranush, Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia

Just Passed! Can't believe it!

Passed the PMP Exam on the first try with around 2 months of studying using ONLY PrepCast!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Pass My PMP Exam


Hello Everyone.

Delighted to share my success story. Passed my PMP exam today. Attempted all the MOCK exams at PMP Exam Simulator including ITTO

Mock 1   75.5 %                           
Mock  2   78.5%
Mock  3   74.5%
Mock  4   74%
Mock  5   73.5%
Mock 6   69.5%
Mock 7    68%
Mock 8    75.2%

Also attempted the PMI 200Q exam which gave me a more realistic idea of how the real exam would be. Got 65% in the first attempt and then 78% in the second attempt.
Also watched Joseph Philips's video course at Udemy. His short and concise videos helped a lot to keep moving forward as compared to PMPREPCAST's long videos. Aileen Alis's course also helped me a lot to clear many concepts like RISK & PROCUREMENT

Would love to recommend PMP Exam Simulator to pass the PMP 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, CORE

Passed PMP Exam

Thanks to PM PMP Exam Simulator. I passed my PMP exam yesterday. The practise exams really helped me to go over 1600+ questions. 

One suggestion I have is that the practise exams should follow the same 10 min break rule as in the actual PMP exam. This is very confusing to candidates taking the exam. When I took the exam, I got the screen to review my first 89 questions. Then when I clicked submit, It asked me if I wanted to take my break. After the break, you get only the time that is remaining. I was kind of short of time on answering all the questions at the end, but still managed to pass with "Above target" grade.

Also I suggest the taking the class in person at a site is preferred to taking it online. The main advantage is you get a Paper & pen & calculator. If you do it online, you have to use built in white board and calculator. Which would take a lot of your time solving scheduling questions.

Good Luck to those planning to take the exam in the future.


Passed the PMP exam in First Attempt!

Passed the PMP exam in first attempt. Thanks to the PM PrepCast and the PMP Exam Simulator that were key to my success. 

The PM PrepCast made it really easy to follow through the study material. I made detailed notes following along Cornelius’ video lessons, which became my go-through reference guide. 

PMP Exam Simulator was the ultimate tool that I absolutely needed to ace the exam. These exams are well crafted to handle the situational questions in the real exam. Especially, at the end of each exam, every question is thoroughly reviewed to help understand the basis of selecting the right or wrong answer. 

I took the online Proctored exam using a Mac computer and had no problem at all, just followed the instructions. For future aspirants, I recommend doing system check a day before the exam to make sure the Pearson software is appropriately configured in the System preferences. Also, having a power back-up for the computer and the wi-fi will definitely demonstrate your risk managing ability as a future PMP. 

Thanks a lot team PM PrepCast!     



Yesterday I cleared my Pmp exam, it was my first trial, I read the pmbok guide 2 times, I did some free tests and Cornelius test was one of them, which I chose straight away since it is by far much more detailed and logically structured than the other exams. I purchased then PM PrepCast Elite plus 2 months ago. This product worth much more than the money value of its purchase.it is done perfectly and you feel that Cornelius is trying more than his best to make you assimilate this material, especially the detailed explanation for each of the four answers of each of the 1800 questions as well as the illustration of precast videos. In summary, it is and an elegant excellently done job.
Finally, I would like to thanks Cornelius for helping me to pass my exam from my first trial through his PM PrepCast Elite plus.

beirut, lebanon

The Best PMP Exam Simulator

Hi, I used PMP Exam Simulator after reading Rita Mulchay's and PMbok 6th edition. The simulator was eye opening for me. I knew which areas I have to concentrate and how to interpret the questions and the Pmbok guide. I saw a gradual improvement of 10 additional questions answered correctly. 1st -119 2nd -128 3rd- 140 4th- 149 So it goes on like this. I passed my PMP with my best score of above target in 3 domain ans target in 2 domain. If I have to choosed PMP Exam Simulator or other I will choose PM PrepCast again. Thanks Mr.Cornelius for your services.

United Arab Emirates

I passed my pmp

The PM PrepCast really helped me to pass the pmp test very easily and i finished my exam even before the time and i had more time to go through many questions again. I recommend everyone who’s planning to take the pmp exam to solve all the questions in the prepcast and solve as much exams as they can to be in a good shape for the exam. 

All the best to everyone one


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