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Customer Reviews for The Agile PrepCast

Rated                (4.9/5.0) by 50 clients

Just like my PMP Exam PrepCast; loved the PMI-ACP Exam PrepCast...


I prepared for my PMP Exam using PM PrepCast (over nine years back and it was Audio Only ;-) just $50 !!! ). This content provided me with foundational knowledge in preparing for PMP Exam. I did supplement my final preparation through Rita Mulcahy's book and exam simulator CD. I passed my PMP exam with complete confidence and ease. I gifted this course to my son (who passed his PMP) and my another family member (who is preparing for his PMP Exam)...  I know some of my friends spent in the up to or over $5,000!!! 

When the time came to prepare for PMI-ACP, my first choice was obvious... Yup, you guessed it right - PMI-ACP Exam PrepCast! (this time with presentation slides and just under $200 !!!) . 

1. Once I completed listening to PMI-ACP PrepCast; I then supplemented my study material with John Stenbeck's "PMI - ACP and Scrum CSP Exam Prep" Kindle version. This was a great read with different style and exercises at the end of each chapter. I was able to relate to the content and cross reference with PMI-ACP PrepCast... 
2. I then purchased Mike Griffith's following two books:
   a) PMI-ACP® Workbook - (50 Key topics you need to know to pass PMI-ACP Exam). Great summarized content and exercises. This will continue to stay on my desk as reference for a bit...
Hot Topics PMI-ACP® Exam Flashcards - I liked this because I could randomly open any page of the book and just quiz myself and validate the understanding on the back of the page. Very nice content and this too will stay on my desk as reference for a bit...

I passed my PMI-ACP exam with "Above Target" rating ;-) 

Thank you Cornelius... 

I like your clear pronunciation, measured sentences and steady voice in these PrepCasts and I guess it is for obvious reasons because you are speaking with worldwide audience and not just North America!

PS: I have been your PDUCast subscriber since past few years ...

Best regards, 

Toronto, Canada

Feedback on Prepcast

The Hive Market

Really in depth, well organized and timely for industry.

DARTMOUTH, Canada, The Hive Market

The Agile PrepCast feedback

The Agile PrepCast  online course made a greate contribution to widening my knowledge in Agile. This course is well organised in terms of structure and content, as well as its effectiveness in introduction and conveying the material. The most important and outstanding point was the way that I learned Scrum and XP methodologies that are very demanded in my everyday work. Since I am planning to take the PMI-ACP Exam in the nearest future, I believe that the khnowledge gained from this course will have a greate help to pass it successfully. I highly recommend The Agile PrepCast  online course to everyone who is preparing to PMI-ACP Exam.

Astana, Kazakhstan

Cant understand what he's saying

the demo is completely different than the course, the presenter has such a heavy accent , its not tolerable , trust me
I dont believe any of the reviews are valid, these guys are putting the reviews themselves, 
The guarantee is worthless

OSP offers a 15-day money-back guarantee for The PM Exam Simulator.

yeah it took them 10 days to give me access after I paid, and I kept asking and no one responds


Charlotte, United States

Very useful course


I decided to take the Agile PrepCast not to prepare for the ACP exam but to renew my PMP certification. I use Agile and Scrum for several years now but it was a good surprise to be able to learn more about different agile methodologies and techniques. This is a very complete course which provides the tools to be an Agile Coach inside your organisation. In my specific case I was able to introduce concepts like Rolling Wave Planning and Reciprocal Commitment inside my company, thanks to the Agile Prepcast.

One advice I give to Cornelius is to proofread some of the presentations, because during my study I found minor typos that can be easily fixed (nothing serious).

Porto, Portugal, Jumia

Fast Track for the Agile exam

Thanks Cornelius for the well organized Agile PrepCast! The course is well designed it helps me to understand Agile with a clear and precise explanations as well as the various approaches that its related. The material contents are precise and to the point that it helps me to understand and remember the key points a lot easier and quicker.

With this course, I am now confident in sitting for the exam and be the subject matter expert.


Agile Prep Cast (retrospective)

For everyone that wants to deeply understand Agile and pass PMI-ACP Exam ( like I did! ), this is the best way to start with. The course gives to you a firm foundation of Agile. All the concepts are exposed in a clearly and engaging way by Cornelius. It was a real pleasure to listen his lessons and his interviews with agile practitioners. The course go beyound the barely necessary to know for the exam, giving to you a good background of knowledge. As an already PMP, I earned PDU while listening, so I found the course valuable twice. I highly recommend it!


Great presentation and Well worth

When i planned to take ACP exam, i came around Agile prepcast self-paced course. I am glad that i purchased the prepcast as it has lots of helpful information. With the help of prepcast and Mike Griffiths Agile book i successfully clear by exam. Thanks to the team.


Agile PrepCast

After purchasing and following each module in the Agile PrepCast, I quickly found that the Agile PrepCast Team was well versed in knowledge and principals of Agile Project Management. This was well received from a current PMP certified Project Manager. It was refreshing to quickly understand and grasp each unit, how it was organized and subconsciously remembering the information. Each unit had the appropriate level of graphics, content, and references. The Exam Tips are most helpful, in that I am still preparing for the Exam. I do understand that the topics covered in the Agile PrepCast are vast, vary from method to method and are contained in a library of books. The Agile PrepCast Team did a great job on grooming the Library Backlog and summarizing all topics. The interviews with industry experts were very helpful and to the point. What would be most helpful is if you can provide those free Agile PrepCast Student Workbook questions online (inline), adjacent to the appropriate module(s) versus placing them in the PDF Workbook. Since I was online mostly being reinforced by the 1+ months worth of material, having online questions and answers (like a test simulator) would be very beneficial. Thank you, Agile PrepCast Team for making this journey a little easier and more Agile. Mostly appreciated.

United States

A lot of content... But that might be a problem.

I purchased the PMI ACP PrepCast last year and began my serious study for the exam with it.

First of all, I have to say that there is a lot of content! This was both good and bad for me.

Good, because there was a lot of quality content and Cornelius delivers them in a very clear way and you don't feel hurried when reviewing the slide. It being in a podcast format really helped keep the concepts in my brain and recall was really easy to do. The prepcast also covers a lot of Agile methodologies and all of the domains needed for the exam. All of the slides have great suggested reading guides as well useful exam tips (some helped me during my exam). 

For the bad, it suffers from the same aspect of the good. There is too much content and sometimes focuses (dedicated 30 minutes long videos) on very little known Agile concepts, doesn't feel focused and I felt that some concepts were jut skimmed over, and sometimes several concepts are repeated in other study domains. I feel this isn't for someone who would want to fast track their exam preparations but rather for someone who has the luxury of time to review and their exam is scheduled a bit far off.

Overall PROS and CONS:


  • A lot of quality content
  • Instructor is very pleasant to listen to
  • Comprehensive content, if not complete


  • Too much content
  • Lack of focus on practical examples in some lessons
  • Some repeated content in later videos


Very informative, but of little actual use

I purchased the Agile Prepcast to meet the education hours requirement for the PMI-ACP. I had previously read other reviews that suggested focusing on the lean/scrum/kanban/XP sections, and listening at 1.5x speed, so I did.

The good points:
* The podcast covers a very wide range of material, from well-known methodologies like scrum to much lesser-known ones (at least from my point of view) like Crystal and DSDM.
* It covers not just the actual material on agile practices, but also includes some hand-holding regarding things like how to handle a PMI audit.
* If you subscribe to the podcast feed URL, each lesson has both a high-resolution and low-resolution version. (Only high-res lessons are available if you view them on the website.) I did not use the low-resolution lessons but I assume they would be useful for viewing on smaller screens or on data-constrained connections, which is a thoughtful consideration by Cornelius.
* Some general management topics that you might already be familiar with are given an agile twist, like using a burndown chart as a risk management tool to track risks.
* Low price compared to some other companies that offer PMI-ACP prep material.

The not so good points:
* Cornelius speaks very slowly. This can get frustrating. I increased the playback speed to 1.5x and there were still occasions where I think he could have said things a little more quickly.
* The vast majority of the material is only slightly, if at all, relevant to the PMI-ACP exam questions. The podcast just tries to cover too much. That sort of breadth might be appropriate if you want to provide a general overview of agile practices, but a product that bills itself as exam prep material needs to be narrower and more targeted.
* I noticed a factual error in the scrum material; I think it was regarding the length of one of the meetings. Not a big deal, more of a polish issue.
* Some of the content, like on soft skills, is not specific to agile so I wonder why it was included.
* The sections on "when to choose agile methodology X over methodology Y" could present more contrast between X and Y. Often, the points listed in favor of X could almost just as well be applied to Y. 

In summary, the prepcast helped me reach the required hours of formal education at a reasonable price, but contributed little in terms of actual preparation for the exam. Your mileage may vary depending on how much prior experience with agile you have; I took the exam after about 10 months of agile experience. The prepcast provides more hours than PMI requires, so if you just want to meet the minimum requirements for the exam, you should be safe just taking the lean/scrum/kanban/XP sections and some of the lessons that are common to all agile methodologies.

Puerto Rico

PMP Passes PMI-ACP on first try

I am glad I invested in the PMI-ACP prepcast.  It is very thorough.

Along with the Agile Prepcast I studied Mike Griffith's PMI-ACP Exam Prep Premier Edition Book and purchased the sample exams recommended by Cornelius Fichtner -

I think that being a PMP helped accelerate the learning process and helped enable me to study and pass the ACP-Exam on the first try. 

I listened to the PMI-ACP prepcast for two weeks, Did 40-80 exam questions per night for a week, and read Mike Griffiths book for a month.

If the PMP PrepCast has other prep materials for other PMI exams, I would purchase them.




PMP Passes PMI-ACP on first try

I am glad I invested in the PMI-ACP Prepcast.  It is very thorough.

Along with the Agile PrepCast I studied Mike Griffith's PMI-ACP Exam Prep Premier Edition Book and purchased the sample exams recommended by Cornelius Fichtner -

I think that being a PMP helped accelerate the learning process and helped enable me to study and pass the ACP-Exam on the first try. 

I listened to the PMI-ACP prepcast for two weeks, Did 40-80 exam questions per night for a week, and read Mike Griffiths book for a month.

If the PM PrepCast has other prep materials for other PMI exams, I would purchase them.




Great videos and great presentation

Just the kind of webcast I needed to understand the Agile world and how it can impact project management. As a PMP certified project management this webcast has allowed me to see the differences between waterfall prpject management and agile project management. A must see.


Start to finish in 25 days!


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I used the Agile PrepCast to earn the 21 training hours of training in agile practices to prepare for the PMI-ACP exam.  I had previously used the PM PrepCast for my PMP certification, and I liked the depth and thorough explanation of all the concepts to be tested.  Upon purchasing the Agile PrepCast, I had the same hopes—this is my review.

If you have a decent amount of work experience in agile practices (you should since there’s a 1500 hour requirement to sit for the exam), you may find some of the videos to be too long and drawn out.  For example, my experience was in Scrum, and watching the Scrum content, I didn’t really feel like I learned anything new.  However, take that comment with a grain of salt—some organizations say they practice Scrum but actually practice some off-hand (maybe even incorrect) variant of it, and using this experience as a knowledge anchor for you to prepare for the test could be your downfall.  I passed the PMI-ACP test on February 5, 2016, and the majority of the methodology questions were Scrum-related, so a mastery of the “correct” way to do Scrum is absolutely essential.  (For the record, I purchased the Agile PrepCast on January 11, passed the test to earn the training certificate on January 25, and then passed the test on February 5—essentially a 25 day time period from start to finish.)

The Agile PrepCast goes into similar depth with XP, DSDM, Lean, Kanban, and Crystal.  I remember getting no more than 5 questions relating to these practices on the exam.  To become a well-rounded agile practitioner, it’s great to understand these practices with depth; however, if you are short on time, I’d consider these optional.  You can learn the important aspects of these methodologies (i.e. pair programming, TDD, continuous integration for XP & WIP limits in Lean) with any PMI-ACP exam book.  On the flip side, if you can stand not getting impatient and a little board, the videos do a great job of beating agile thinking into your head so that answering PMI-ACP questions becomes easier because of an intuitive feel you generate.

The remainder of the Agile PrepCast videos on communication, stakeholders, monitoring, soft skills, analysis, estimation, leadership, etc. are standard are valuable to reinforce the agile mindset.  The videos cover what you need for the test about 2-3 times.  Since I used the PrepCast to earn my 21 training hours, I already had a great understanding and knowledge baseline for the content.  In fact, I used Mike Griffith’s PMI-ACP Exam Prep (Second Edition) book to prepare, and I felt like I was reading content I already learned through the PrepCast.

Overall, I recommend the Agile PrepCast as a great way to earn your 21 training hours.  If you already have your training hours, you could make better use of your time and go straight to exam preparation guides as you may feel that the PrepCast is repetitive and unnecessary. 

Many people compare the PM PrepCast (for the PMP) to the Agile PrepCast, but I feel that this is an unfair comparison.  The PM PrepCast blazed the trail for affordable, in-depth content for the PMP.  Since the PMP requires knowledge and understanding of all the processes (all of those ITTO’s!!!), the depth is absolutely necessary, and many people benefit.  The Agile PrepCast goes into this similar depth with agile practices, but that depth is not necessary as the PMI-ACP test focuses on thinking versus encapsulating knowledge.  In that respect, some may find that boring.  In the end, I believe the Agile PrepCast to be a great resource and would recommend it as it was a major reason why I completed this process in a short 25 days (while also working full time).

United States

Well worth the money - plan for the time to view all agile podcasts

I highly recommend the Agile Prepcast!  The value alone will give you more information about Agile principles than anything out there.  Whether this is for personal use or in preparation for the PMI-ACP exam, you will learn so much and be kept entertained along the way.  These podcasts/videos are thoughtful, easy to understand, humorous and light.  My only caution is to give yourself plenty of time to go through these podcasts, as there are so many in this series.  Bravo Cornelius & Team! - Kim F, credentialed PMP & PMI-ACP



I am a PMP and have several other certifications so have prior experience with
buying learning courses online. But i must say, with all honesty, that the
Agile Prepcast is one the best quality and best value training material i have
seen although i am just halfway through the material. Here are the reasons why
i think so and i will keep it brief.

Course is very Thorough and delivers intelligent commentary on all aspects of
Agile, going into the minutest details.

Upto date with latest learning platforms and interfaces like mobile, web,
podcasts and print.

Flexibility provided with various learning tools and the software is wonderful.
It is extremely well-designed. For e.g. ability to download the videos for
online viewing, or choose the sequence of viewing.

The clarity of thought and commentary is crystal clear.

negative point is that it dwells for too long on certain sections which may not
be important from an exam perspective, but again may be so from a learning

summary, it brings the joy back into learning what can at times be a dry




I really enjoy the web casts.  I'm able to stop and start as I take notes which is very helpful for me.  One thing I wish was available, is being able to download the images for review, especially the Scrum sprint process.  Thanks!


PrepCast worth every penny

I took the Agile PrepCast for my PDUs requirements . I really like it. It was very well organized, with all the details exam preparation and application details.

Each module is well divided into different related sections, I can take my time to complete one or two  modules  during my walk  after dinner .

The best part is: I can use different media -- my IPhone (when I am walking or in the bus or waiting for an oil change) and my Mac ( when I am home).

I especially like the way how they provide tips to ask you to focus on certain areas and not to overly concerned about certain things.

It is worth every penny.  I have learnt a lot of good information on Agile processes, tools and how it shoud be done.

The material is very useful. Thank you





Fantastic Course

Dear Cornelius,

I have to say : CONGRATULATIONS !!! You've created a gorgeous material to be able to improve our time to prepare the PMI-ACP Exam. I bought the PMI-ACP PrepCast and I'm following the lessons quietly because I'm plenty of tasks to do but I'm pretty sure it will lead me to the final exam success. The contents are very understandable and the way you explain them make the learning is really amazing.

Thank you very much.



Agile PrepCast

Yesterday, I have passed the PMI-ACP exam proficient in both knowledge and skills and tools and techniques. This prepcast with mike griffith's book were the reason I passed with flying colors.

The prepcast is great in terms that if you purchase it, you have unlimited time access. I purchased it a year ago, but not until this year that I really had the time to sit and study for the PMI-ACP certificate.

The information is detailed and covers more than what the exam requires. It also helps you in your career. 

The pictures with the slide information is very useful as most of the artwork is amusing, like a programmer under water. It helps you remember the information.

However, i felt it was a bit long, as a feature request if you can make a couple of videos as a whole review summary for what the exam focuses on, for the night of the exam would be great. 


Thank you for everything, 


PMI-ACP Passed in 31 days


 I have passed PMI-ACP test in 31 days from the beginning to finishing.

Here are the steps I followed.

1) Applied for PMI-ACP prepcast subscription and downloaded the video and listened to it once.

2) Studied Mike Griffiths book.   The book material is good, but the font size is too small for me to read well. 

3) I was not planning to buy PMI-ACP book by Andy Crow initially, but after reading Mike's book many times decided to buy.   This book is good for the exam point of view.   The flow is good and is easy to retain the subject matter.  

4) I read "Scrum Guide"  by Ken and Jeff sutherland 

5) Scrumdan's PMI-ACP study guide is fantastic.  It is a fantastic document.

6) Completed the Final Exam in prepcast, applied for PMI-ACP certification and got approval after 7 days.  The sameday after approval scheduled for exam and finished the exam.

7) In the exam first pass was over in 1.5 hours with 15 questions marked and I had time to review all the questions again.   There were no questins about Crystal, DSDM.   

8) The exam  much simpler compared to PMP.

9) I might have spent about 4 hours each day for the exam.

10) I practiced about 1000+ questions in all (all were free questions)


Sekar B


Project Manager

Hi, Excellent material combined with clear and precise communication. Does take you through the basics of Agile into deeper territory. Flow of concepts and lessons are very good and easier to follow. Would recommend this to anyone.


Passed the PMI-ACP Exam

Thanks in large part to the PMI-ACP prepcast, I passed my exam on my first try -- Proficient in both Domains.



This is a fantastic product. The product is easy to register and download. It can be viewed anytime and also in podcast on mobile device. This product saved me lot of time during the study of Agile process. I had to get information on Agile very quickly and I would recommend this product to anybody who is interested. The amount of information is detailed starting from the introduction to concepts and other details. Cant wait to apply some of the concepts in my current work. The content is well prepared and well designed with real practical insight and examples. The new way of learning and earning credits for learning is really amazing.




I am a certified PMP and started to work towards my PMI-ACP certification. 

Following are the positive I observed in Agile Prep Cast

1. The training course covered the depth about Agile Principles, Framework, Methods, Concepts, Tool and Techniques. Clarity in each and every training session is really great.

2. Since I am into Agile based project, I wanted to use this training to improve my knowledge on Agile. This training served the purpose.

3. Practical discussion in Kanban traninig was really great.

4. Downloading the trainings into IPad and going through the training in Free hours helped me to go through trainings. 

5. Great to earn 37 PDU's.

Oppurtunity for Improvement

1. Trainings are really great, but it would be even better if most of the framework tranings are made like Kanban practical discussion where the real time experience is shared.

United States

PMI-ACP on first try

The Agile PrepCast is not only a very inexpensive way to complete the PMI-ACP contact-hours requirement, but is also perfectly designed for the exam. I've been a Scrum Master for a few years now, but had little exposure to the other Agile disciplines like DSDM Atern and Crystal Family. The PrepCast material covered everything I needed to know to earn the certification. Thank you, Cornelius!

United States

Enjoyed this Agile Course

I was looking for an online course that would serve as an entrance and overview of the agile principles, methods, frameworks and references for further study without necessarily approaching it from an examination point of view and tried Agile PrepCast.   I enjoyed the structure of the course, the coverage, the materials and off course the motivational, fluent and articulant voice of the Teacher.  I am very happy with the time invested and benefit received from this online course and thank Cornelious, the Agile PrepCast team for putting this offering together. 



Project Manager

I am an extreemly busy person, and it was so dificult for me to sitdown and study for ACP exam for hours. I heards about Agile PrepCast and looked up about it on the internet it seemed like a good solution. I bought the license and started listening to it. I applied for PMI ACP and every possible roadblock that an applicant face was there. However, Agile PrepCast helped me in each and every step.

1. I was audited and approeved by PMI and I cleared the audit

I listened to prepcast three times in sequence and I read Scrum and XP orignal site materials and took couple of practice test. This exam turned out to be easy one. Without prepcast, I would have had to read for hours and days. I am very thankful and happy that I bought Agile PrepCast and now I am PMI-ACP certified.




Delivery Manager

The Agile PrepCast is a great online training and guide to become a PMI-ACP certified. It helped me to understand in great detail all the tools and techniques / knowledge and skills required to pass the PMI-ACP exam. In addition, the material includes a student workbook which is a great aid that provides additional materials and links. The student workbook describes in detail the process to take the test, it also provides an overview for each lesson with additional practice exercises.

I found the Agile PrepCast a great tool to become PMI-ACP certified. All I can say is that I AM A HAPPY CUSTOMER :)



United States

Letter of recommendation

I have purchased the Agile PrepCast two month ago and I am still really happy with my decision. One big advantage is that I can claim the required contact hours without travelling to a training centre. I could study at home to my preferred time and of course I could decide how much input per day fits into my brain. I can't imagine that anyone can remember everything what will be mentioned in a three days training course. With the Agile PrepCast I could watch the videos as often as I wanted.

As I am also a certified PMP it was really nice to see that I was also able to claim PDU's for this course on the top.

Really this is the future way of learning and I hope this successfull story will continue maybe also with other topics or certificates.



Dear all,

I really enjoyed the course; the material is well organized and easy to understand. I’m currently studying Agile; and I already start using some of Agile in the projects. I intend to complete the lessons and take the test.




Agile PrepCast Testimony

Before I starated listening the videos, my primary objective was to complete the lessons/chapters for the purpose of the PMI Agile exam.  But, after watching the videos I discovered that a strong transformation has happened in me regarding my views and apporach that I have to listen this videos again and again no matter about the result of the exam certification. The videos provide so much useful content that I need to apply and practice the concepts not only  in day to day events in the projects but also in the personal life. Unlike other books/videos, I just can not get away with these videos after the exam.

Also, the videos contain chapters that includes real world professionals to present chapters like 'Kanban', I really love this idea.



Gopalakrishnan Kanabirnan Sundararamanuam


Mr John Dennis PMP MBA

My overall experience of the Agile PrepCast was a positive one. There are several aspects that Cornelius and his team should be praised for, and I have listed them below under the title 'positives". I have also listed some negatives and offer a suggestion. I am a 13 year veteran PMP but previously had little exposure to Agile methods. Positives. 1. The TECHNOLOGY used for the prepcast tutorials, the videos and the user interface was very good. Everything loaded fast and without delays. I experienced zero technical problems with any of the website or website based materials. 2. The course is very THOROUGH and BROAD and covers every aspect of the Agile system. There do not appear to be any gaps or weak areas. 3. The voices of Cornelius and the other presenters are all very clear and easy to listen to and understand. 4. The videos have clear diagrams, charts and visual aids where required. 6. The ability for the student to pick and choose the order in which they take the different chapters and a positive aspect of the course 7. The ability for the student to stop and start his/her studies are any time of the day or night, and then return to where they left off a positive aspect of the course. 8. The final test contained questions that were fair and not confusing with too many possible/ conflicting correct answers. Negatives 1. There are large amounts of the material ( maybe as much as 25% ) that take many hours of time to study but which in practice ( in the real world !) a Project Manager would very rarely want to use or get the chance to use. Some of it is very theoretical ....interesting however not very practical. ( Cornelius also makes this point in his "what I really think" video ) 2. Sometimes the same teaching point was repeated too many times, after I understood and grasped the concept the video would go on for another 10 minutes repeating the same concept, or it would come up again and again in other videos. I believe that some of the videos could have been shorter and still succeed in getting across the same teaching point. 3. A "fast learner" or someone with experience in Agile already would find the course too slow. Perhaps it is drawn out to so many hours because PMI requires at least 1 hour of "teaching time" for 1 PDU ? I think this is a shame because it does not take into account that different people learn at different speeds. I finish with a suggestion: Perhaps Cornelius and his team could offer a "condensed" or "speed learning" course package that gets across all of the same important teaching points however does it in half the time. This would be chosen by people who are fast learners or have enough real world experience to be able to quickly understand and absorb the key concepts. The test at the end of the "speed course" could be designed to be actually MORE difficult than the "full course" as a deterrent to people who just want to get through fast and not actually understand the subject matter. This would be advertised "upfront" .... "Speed Learning Course with more difficult test" !


Outstanding Resource

As a certified PMP with several years experience managing Agile projects, I definitely see the value of the Agile PrepCast as a study aid for the PMI-ACP Exam. During my time studying with the product, I found it to be well-paced, informative and extremely useful. I will be taking the exam within the next couple of weeks and look forward to adding my lessons learned to the site.


Passed First TIme

Many thanks to the ACP PrepCast team!  I used their very affordable materials in combination with Andy Crowe's exam prep book and passed first time.  Actually the contrast between the two tools is revealing.  Andy Crowe covers a lot of what you will need for the exam - and that's all.  The Agile PrepCast goes into a lot more detail, and has real education value.  Risk Management is a good example: Crowe gives a paragraph on the principle - probably all you'll ever see on the exam.  The PrepCast demonstrates risk burndown and other techniques. 



Hi, I am a certified PMP and started to work towards my PMI-ACP certification.  I like Cornelius's PMI-ACP PrepCast.  He covered all the topics and had been very engaging.  I strongly recommend his prepcast videos.  It not only gets you the 37PDUs but also the 21 educational credits needed for PMI-ACP application process.

Thank you Cornelius!




Passed PMI-ACP Exam

I passed PMI-ACP Exam today with profecient grades in both categories.

My sincere thanks to Corneliusfor his wonderful Agile Prepcast, Which according to me is quiet sufficient material for aspiring exam takers



Passed The PMI-ACP exam

I passed my PMI-ACP exam two days ago on Sept 25, 2013. I used Agile
PrepCast on the go for a lot of time while I studied a book at home. I must
say this training covered different agile frameworks, agile skills, and
tools and techniques in great details for an easier understanding. I can't
imagine if we need to learn about any other agile framework other than
whatever is covered in this training for the exam purpose. I enjoyed
listening through all the course material.

It was fun to watch Cornelius in one of the vidoes. I also liked the kanban
interview with Josh Nankivel and it was very interesting to listen to the
conversations to be able understand the concepts quickly and easily.
Finally I will say thumbs up to the training for all the coverage it
provided so clearly for passing the exam. I will say I am going to watch
these vides again for reference in the future whenever I need.




I did register PMP PrepCast from OSP International LLC for my PMP plan during last year and then I had passed the PMP Exam on May 2012. Wonderful. 

And now, I continued to register the Agile PrepCast for earning 37PDUs as well as PMI-ACP Exam. I really enjoyed the PMI-ACP PrepCast and I do recommend this PrepCast to those people that have a plan for the PMI-ACP Exam. It is extremely completely in covering all necessary knowledge as well as material for the studying. You can get lesson learned from another person that also fit in the package. In short, it is really usefull for the preparation of  PMI-ACP EXam with reasonable of time and money.



Love the Presentation

I truly enjoyed using the Agile Prepcast for my PMI-ACP preparation as well as my future in Agile Project Management. I will keep the podcasts as I believe they will prove useful in the future as a reference tool. Thanks Cornelius!


Agile PrepCast is Awesome

In order to fulfill the PMI PDU requirements and keep myself intellectually engaged while recovering from surgery, I recently purchased and completed the Agile PrepCast.  I used the PM PrepCast while studying for the PMP Exam, which I thought was great, so I thought I would purchase The Agile PrepCast.  What a great course!  It was affordable, informative, comprehensive, available when I was, at times humorous...and I got 37 PDUs.  I used my iPad for the Agile PrepCast and it worked great.

I also thought it was kind of cool that you added the video of yourself while in the studio.  You should consider adding more "live" video in the future.

Keep producing these types of courses/PrepCasts.


Agile PrepCast is a great way to prepare for your PMI-ACP Certification

I have purchased Agile PrepCast about 2 months ago. I am very happy with my decision to use this resource to prepare for my PMI-ACP certification.

I have downloaded all modules to my Android Device (Motorola Droid 2) which was very easy to do by following the instructions provided by the website. I am finding it very useful to use my Android device to watch the Agile PrepCast Lessons offline whenever I can.

Every day, 5 days every week, I drive from/to home & work and I spend about about 1.5 hour. I also go to the Gym 3 times per week, and this give me at least additional 3.5 hours.  I have decided to use this time (5 hr per week) to watch the video lessons, and repeat every module in case I did not get full understanding of it.

Also, I can easily find 2 additional hours every week to watch additional modules while I am home, or going out to have a cup of coffee. This was possible using the portal which provides online access to all modules using my Windows Laptop and also my Chromebook.

So far, I have completed about 60% of the modules (videos), which is a very satisfactory achievement for me. 

Not to mention that I have the Student Book, the forum, and the 10 Cornerstones Email lessons, which are a great addition to the study material, and yet I have to start using them.

I have used before PM PrepCast (in 2011), and I was very happy with it, because it helped me get my PMI-PMP Certification. I am now confident that the Agile PrepCast will also help me to get my PMI-ACP Certification.

The only difficulty I faced is to synchronize the lessons I am downloading to my device, since I purchased the course when it was not ready 100%. Then I had to search carefully for the new lessons, and copy them to my device, so that I will not lose the track of what I watched before. Also, there was a technical problem to play the lessons from my Work Laptop, but with the help of technical support, it was solved.

Thank you so much for making it so easy to prepare for PMI-ACP Exam and Certification.


Saudi Arabia


I went into the PMI-ACP and prepared as though I were going to take the PMP exam, which is to say, I made plans for the next few months, made sure the couch was comfortable for when the wife stopped speaking to me, and I cleared out my Neflix cue (just in case). I watched the Agile PrepCast twice, and then I read 1 book (User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development by Mike Cohn) out of the 11 that make up the AgileBOK because, well I thought I was going to end up reading a lot of those.

The turn around was very sudden when I received my approval from PMI to take my exam, and I just didn't think I needed any more preparation, months, couch, or a cleaned out Netflix cue, and most of that is due to the thoroughness of the PrepCast. It covered everything and then some. By the time I took my exam, the test was so easy. I don't think I even hesitated when answering any of the questions.

My wife would like to thank you for saving our marriage, Cornelius. And I'm just glad that I decided to go ahead and go for it when I did. I am very proud to be one of the early adopters of Agile practices, and even more proud to be one of a couple thousand certified PMI-ACPs in the world. I expect to get a lot of career agility with this cert, and I could not have done it without the Agile PrepCast.


Super Agile

Cornelius Fichtner is a super man. I used his PM PrepCast plus questions package. It was very helpful for my PMP.

And now when I am preparing for PMI-ACP, I am just loving the PodCast. Its very very helpful to understand what Agile is.

Plus their respond time is very effective. When ever i have any question they help right away and later ask for their respond if they were satisfactory.

You guys are very well organized.


Agile PreCast beta test feedback

Dear Cornelius,

I would like to express my appreciation for allowing me to be a tester of the Agile PrepCast product.In the past, I have purchased and used the PM PrepCast which was a critical ingredient to my strategy of passing the PMP exam at the first try.So, when the opportunity came to be a part of the beta test group for the Agile PrepCast, I enrolled whole heartedly knowing that I was contributing to another great product from OSP international LLC.

The Agile PrepCast was great but the only challenge I had, was trying to download it on a galaxy android tablet.I had to seek a techie friend to assist me with this and I'm not able to replicate the process he used to make it work on my galaxy.If there is a way that this issue can be reserched and resolved so that this great product is available on the android device, that would be extremely helpful.

All in all, the content was spot-on and I would recommend it to anyone to use as a supplement to passing the PMI-ACP exam.

Thank you,



Project and Process Manager

I loved the PMI-ACP PrepCast.  It was thorough both in the breadth of the topics it covered as well as the depth it went into each topic. I especially liked the ability to listen to each module in the car.  This converted 2 hours of dead time a day into 2 hours of study time.  The PMI-ACP PrepCast was instrumental in helping me take and pass the exam on my first try receiving the highest feedback category PMI provides: "Proficient."  

The prepcast’s modular design makes it easy to focus study time on particular areas of need.

As expected, Cornelius really delivers in this program.  I highly recommend the PMI-ACP PrepCast to anyone considering sitting for the exam or needing to become an effective agile project manager.

United States

Excellent Course Material for PMI-ACP available on the Internet

I just thought to provide my feedback on the courseware provided by this website, because I am near to the completion of this course; so let me start with What I Dislike first and next go with What I Liked.

What I Disliked:



What I Liked:

1. Nice outline of the course material from beginning till the end. Concepts required for the training and the preparation for the PMI-ACP exam are structured very well.

2. Simple and to-the-point graphical presentation with no messing around, all videos are interesting and are NOT lengthy and or cause any boredom.

3. You do not find any video where there is a deviation from the original agenda, and the presentation skills are excellent, with crystal clear and easy to understand language.

4. Good advice and quick support from the helpdesk for any kind of queries related to the subject/exam/professional development.



Overall, I should say that the courseware for the PMI-ACP is probably the best course I have ever taken in my life.

It is well organized and well presented, with good humor here and there. I am very much impressed and I have no regrets on my decision.

So much said, what I personally believe is that at the end of the day it also depends on the attendees zeal, learning interest and hard-work to pass any exam. 




Being a beta tester for the Agile PrepCast was a rewarding and educational experience. Solicitation for the feedback I am writing is a testament to Cornelius' dedication to ensure customer satisfaction, delivering value for the investment made by his customers, and identifying opportunities to improve an already great service. Prior to closing any project lessons learned must be documented to ameliorate the delivery at the next delivery cycle. Lessons learned become part of the overall Organizational Process Assets and this feedback mechanism supports the activity.

1- Initial access to courses via web browsers faced issues with proper display of videos. This was remedied in a very short amount of time. I personally prefer to download the videos using iTunes and watch them locally on my laptop or iPad/iPhone. However beta testing requires testing all facets of the delivery methods and not just the preferred method of the tester her/himself as a beta tester is supposed to test on behalf of all users and not based on idividual preference(s).

2- Course content addressed all relevant topics per PMI's standards for PMI-ACP certification

3- The addition of audio interviews with existing practioners of Agile techniques and recent professional who earned their certification provided actual examples of how others used the study material, how their experience helped them, and how they prepared for the examination. By understanding what has worked for other clients Cornelius offered PMI-ACP candidates lessons learned and scenarios that could be used

4- Customer service staff during beta testing was truly efficient and effective. Issues reported were addressed in a very timely manner and corresponding troubleshooting/feedback delivered the proper resolution.

5- I recommend providing customers the option to download course content either in high resolution videos, low resoultion videos, or both by providing three different URLS. Currently both high resolution and low resolution videos are available to download at the same time. This approach makes it diffult for customers who only want to download the video quality of their choice as they have to spend extra time identifying the videos and download them. Customers who automaticall subscribe to the podcast end up having all videos (HiRes and LoRes) downloaded which takes up extra hard disk space for content that will not be used.

Thanks again Cornelius and OSP International staff for delivering great value for the investement and providing an excellent service to the Project Management Community.




Really enjoyed the PMI-ACP PrepCast, it is extremely comprehensive in covering the material and great for studying on the go.  Not only did I use it for the PMI-ACP, I also used it for the CSP exam prep as well.


Training for Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®, and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®