Our Team

  • Cornelius Fichtner
    Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM, PMI-OC Fellow
    Founder and President

    Cornelius is involved in all aspects of the company. As President and Founder, he defines the strategic direction and works with trainers and coaches to design and develop new products. You probably know him best from his podcasts: he records and narrates lessons for our students.

    For Cornelius, no day is like the previous one. He answers student questions in our forums and on email, develops sample exam questions and even edits webpages if needed. During the development of our new products, websites and services he always demands and expects that what we create is beyond reproach. It simply has to be 100% correct but at the same time provide an "edutainment" factor so that students and customers enjoy learning and using our products.

    Cornelius came to project management by accident. He started out as a software developer but quickly realized that he preferred talking to people to writing code. He moved into what was then called "organizational planning" and even became certified in the field. It took him about 3-4 years to make the switch and completely leave software development all the while leading more and more complex and important projects.

    Cornelius has been working as a Project Manager in his native Switzerland, in Germany and in the USA since 1990 and received his Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential in April 2004. He has led projects for a management consulting company, a national retailer, an internet startup company, and for one of the oldest financial service providers in the USA.

    Cornelius says: “I think the main way I help customers pass their exams is by letting my enthusiasm for project management shine through in our training lessons. Students often comment how I'm able to make a dry subject like PM theory come alive. I'm able to motivate, excite and inspire them on this "dry" subject, and so they keep going on the road to passing their exam. I'm able to put myself into the shoes of our students and see our products from their perspective. This enables me to create training material that has the customer at heart and will help them to not only prepare for and pass their exams but also helps them become better project managers. I'm the voice and face of pretty much all our training lessons. However, I definitely have a face for radio!”

    Cornelius holds PMP and CSM credentials. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona, USA with his wife and their four computers. He is a member of the American Wine Society Tucson Chapter. He enjoys juggling and says that he is excellent with 3 balls, OK with 4, but can only keep 5 balls in the air for a couple of seconds.

  • Shawn Pendley
    Shawn Pendley
    Vice President

    Shawn is responsible for the overall administration of the company. Her role as Vice President includes managing the budget, HR, overseeing the day-to-day operations and ensuring compliance with all Federal, State and international regulations. She is sometimes called upon to be the project sponsor for new products.

    Shawn’s projects include managing the company’s migration to a new HR platform, developing Workplace Safety programs, producing an Employee Handbook, and ensuring compliance with all Federal and State regulations.

    Shawn got into project management by accident. When she was working for a Medical Device company she said, "There has to be a better way to do this!" Her boss told her to make it happen. He made her a technical lead, responsible for implementing a regulatory affairs management system, and after the official project manager left, she took on the PM's responsibilities. Three years later, the project was a success, and she had realized that project management was the career for her.

    Shawn says: "As co-owner, I could see that the business was growing enough that I needed to come on board full time. I realized life was short, and I had the opportunity to change my life and live it in a different way than before. We both wanted to spend more time with our families, and we have been able to do that. Besides the camaraderie, I like the flexibility. We have the ability to travel and work wherever we are."

    Shawn is based in Tucson, Arizona with her husband and two rescue cats and holds a BA in Journalism. Inspired by the wonderful flora encountered in many hikes the world over, she is an avid gardener, preservationist and plant purist. She strives to create a local ecosystem in her garden, using only plants that grow naturally within two miles of her house. She enjoys hiking, yoga, reading, writing, music, traveling to and meeting people from all parts of the world.

  • Yazmine Darcy
    Yazmine Darcy, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
    Director of Operations

    Yazmine is responsible for organizing and overseeing the daily operations of our company. She evaluates the efficiency of business procedures and applies improvements. She oversees customer support processes and organizes them to enhance customer satisfaction. She is also responsible for leading initiatives around product development and support. Together with the rest of the management team, she defines and implements strategic goals that promote the growth and profitability of the organization.

    Yazmine’s background is in consultancy, primarily in IT and change management for the finance industry but also on projects as diverse as HR, government and aeronautics. Her experience spans building data warehouses, complex online and mobile applications, implementing process improvements and defining executive balanced scorecards. Getting the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential was a natural progression.

    Yazmine was a PM PrepCast customer before joining the team. In her current role, she is always learning. Be it understanding more about a methodology, process, or technology from soup to nuts, or gaining insights from employees, prospects, and customers.

    Yazmine says: “I too have listened to Cornelius' voice during lunch breaks, in the car and while on the go. I used a self-study approach and relied mainly on the PMBOK ® Guide and the PM PrepCast for my preparation. I was happy to pass on my first attempt. It was serendipity then that I worked as part of the team that updated the PM PrepCast.”

    Yazmine is a PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, and Six Sigma Green Belt. She holds a BA in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from Wellesley College and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. She enjoys cooking, writing, and board games and is based in Arizona, USA.

  • Jonathan Hebert
    Jonathan Hebert, PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM
    Director of Sales and Business Development

    Jonathan's current responsibilities are split between planning and executing OSP's Business to Consumer and Business to Business sales strategies. He works closely with the senior management team to assist with marketing, product development, pre, and post-sales support, order fulfillment, the establishment of effective B2B invoicing, and strategic planning and execution. He also oversees the OSP Sales Affiliate program.

    Jonathan's academic background is in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. He holds a BS Chemistry and began his career in drug discovery as a Medicinal Chemist. During this time, he advanced his synthetic chemistry and drug discovery skills and developed a background in information systems and information technology.

    During his time in the pharmaceutical industry, he held roles as a business analyst and then project manager. He collaborated with colleagues worldwide as the technical project manager to design, build and deploy a unified data warehouse of chemical structures and biological data of drug candidates. He assisted in the worldwide deployment and adoption of this warehousing solution.

    Jonathan served in this role until accepting the position of Senior Project Manager with a leading ophthalmic medical device firm. Jonathan managed the development and delivery of product lifecycle management systems internationally. During this time, Jonathan met and worked with Shawn Pendley while managing a project for the business' Regulatory Affairs group.

    Jonathan was hired as a contract project manager for OSP, managing efforts to develop and improve new product features and improve product pricing structure. While at OSP, Jonathan used the company's flagship PMP and PMI-ACP products to train and obtain certifications as a PMP, PMI-ACP, and CSM. As a project manager, he contributed to and managed product development projects such as upgrades to the PM PrepCast PMP Exam training course and the PM Exam Simulator. During this work, he successfully recruited two project managers into the company: Yazmine Darcy, Director of Operations, and Stas Podoxin, Senior Project Manager.

    Jonathan transitioned to a full-time role in 2009 as a senior project manager and managed projects while supporting company sales. Most recently, Jonathan was promoted to his current role as Director of Sales and Business Development.

    Jonathan says: “The flexibility of being able to work remotely as part of a very successful, supportive, and highly experienced team is a rare find."

    OSP International's company values, vision and mission, and management align with his beliefs and customer-focused business philosophy. Working with the challenges of a virtual company and remotely located support staff is a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding experience.

    He goes on: "At OSP, we work in an inclusive and professional atmosphere, where humor, fun, open dialog, and debate are all encouraged. Teamwork and agile project management methodology are the cornerstone of how we do business. We produce products that help project managers improve their project management knowledge and skills and obtain project management certification and credentials. Our work positively impacts the careers and livelihood of our customers and strengthens their businesses and project management expertise that they use to serve their clients. Being able to have direct contact with our customers and share in their successes is very gratifying."

    Jonathan is a PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, the father of two adult sons, and one of five siblings. An avid cyclist, he also enjoys kayaking, rowing, music and woodworking, and home improvement projects. He lives with his wife, son, and a rather large black German Shepherd in Fullerton, CA.

  • Shannon Weidemann
    Shannon Weidemann
    Sales Support Assistant

    Shannon graduated with a BS in Anthropology from Michigan State University. She has been working in the online space since 2002, getting her start in affiliate marketing. Along the way she has done everything from Wordpress website building and maintenance, content creation, social media management, blog and social media graphic creation, executive assistant functions, email marketing and management, creating SOPs and business strategy.

    She is a lifelong resident of Michigan, where she lives with her husband, teen daughter, and two dogs in Royal Oak, a suburb just outside of Detroit. In her spare time she enjoys reading fiction, working in her butterfly garden, and knitting.

  • Elizabeth Harrin
    Elizabeth Harrin
    Project Manager

    Elizabeth works on a variety of projects making sure the websites have up-to-date, relevant and reliable information. She works behind the scenes ensuring our articles and resources are as accessible as possible, and she loves anything that demystifies and simplifies the world of project management!

    Elizabeth says, "I joined OSP in 2019, although I've known Cornelius and his work for years after we met at a PMI event many years ago. The ethos of the company, the values and the culture really appealed to me, even then. I'm delighted to now be able to contribute to making our websites a to quality source of information for people looking to take the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam."

    Elizabeth's academic background is English Literature and Linguistics. She began her career in financial services as a business change analyst, before moving into project management. She has over 20 years of experience managing business and IT projects across financial services and healthcare. She has led teams of project managers, shaped PMO services and delivered large-scale change.

    Elizabeth is a Fellow of the Association for Project Management in the UK and a PRINCE2 Practitioner. She holds a BA(Hons) from the University of York and an MA from Roehampton University. She lives in the UK with her family, and a small vegetable patch.

  • Rochelle Martinez
    Rochelle Martinez
    VA Team Leader

    Rochelle manages our virtual team. She is responsible for the smooth running of day-to-day company operations and the skills development and training of all virtual team members. Rochelle developed and maintains the company’s Policy Handbook and manages payroll.

    On top of her role keeping everything on track daily, she also helps with responding to customer tickets through the Helpdesk. She ensures that the community moderators are actively participating in the forums, providing assistance to customers as required.

    Rochelle says, "I was hired by OSP and so far this is the best job that I have had since I became a Virtual Assistant. Cornelius and Shawn treat us like family and everybody in the team is so warm."

    Finally, Rochelle is instrumental in ensuring that the company maintains its R.E.P. status through her work managing the renewal with PMI.

    Rochelle is based in the Philippines and holds a BS in Accountancy. She enjoys travel and promises to come back to Japan to witness the cherry blossom and South Korea to experience the winter wonderland. She says that chocolate is her best mood-lifter.

  • Gwenn Doria
    Gwenn Doria
    Digital Marketing and Social Media Team Leader

    Gwenn is responsible for creating digital marketing plans and managing the Marketing and Social Media team. She is the editor of the PMP Exam Tips newsletter.

    In her team leader position, Gwenn is responsible for a number of marketing initiatives including search engine optimization for all the company websites, social media management, newsletter management, and other digital marketing efforts. She also provides day-to-day management for the team including training and onboarding new staff.

    Gwenn’s background is in online project management for an expert SEO firm, customer service, and article writing.

    Gwenn has been with the company for almost 10 years and here is what she has to say: “The company is like family. Everybody is supportive to each other because this is how Cornelius is to us.”

    Gwen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Behavioral Science. She is based in the Philippines. She recently developed a love for lofi hiphop music. A blissful day for her is staying home with her family and pet Shitzu named Lex Gyeong. She also loves to read, listen to audiobooks and write during her free time.

  • Carlo Molina
    Carlo Molina

    Carlo is an all-around web developer knowledgeable in all aspects of websites and web development, web infrastructure, systems administration and web deployment and integration. His primary focus is ensuring the functionality and efficiency of the OSP web infrastructure, and making sure that OSP websites are functional, user-friendly, visually pleasing, and up-to-date. He makes things happen and he figures things out!

    He accumulated his skills and knowledge from practical on-the-job learning, and gathered experience and levelled up from one job to another while maintaining good relationships with all his previous employers and coworkers. He is a good communicator, articulate in sharing and expressing ideas, and a general facilitator and troubleshooter.

    Carlo is constantly aware and on the lookout for what is happening all around, and is always considerate of the different objectives and views of all the different stakeholders and participants in different undertakings.

    He believes in the need for an equilibrium among interests and concerns for everyone to be harmonious in any working environment. Carlo is based in Makati City in the Philippines.

  • Yolanda Mabutas
    Yolanda Mabutas
    Admin Support Assistant

    Yolanda is responsible for assisting customers day-to-day. She manages a lot of the administrative tasks that ensure customers get the best possible service, including handling subscriptions and sales transactions. Customers get in touch with queries about a wide range of subjects from re-activating their subscriptions, forgotten login details, declined credit cards and more – and Yolanda is there to help get their studies back on track.

    Yolanda is also responsible for internal company metrics including preparing management information and reports and updating statistics on the company websites. She also does research work to investigate ways to improve the websites.

    Yolanda holds a BS with a major in Accountancy and is based in the Philippines. She enjoys watching YouTube videos, parenting and exploring the beautiful and natural wonders of her country.

  • Kate Padua
    Kate Padua
    Marketing Assistant

    Kate is responsible for managing The PDU Insider website and newsletter. She also plays a key part in company marketing activities on social media, and helps moderate the website and forum comments.

    As part of the Marketing and Social Media team, she works on all aspects of company marketing including reviewing new tools and techniques to help spread the word about our products.

    Kate says: “What I like most about working for OSP are the people I work with and for. They're the nicest, most considerate and friendliest people I've worked with.”

    Kate holds a BS in Nursing and is based in Quezon City in the Philippines. She loves cooking and says she eats a lot. On weekends she enjoys preparing special meals for her family.

  • Jared Vicencio
    Jared Vicencio
    Customer Service Manager

    Jared oversees the day-to-day customer service operations from both the B2C and B2B spaces. He ensures all Systems Admin Support Agents address all customer requests and queries correctly and effectively. He is also responsible for the improvement of various processes within the organization especially in those that affect the customer.

    Jared is an Organizational Development Consultant by specialization. He has extensive experience in the different facets of Human Resources, from recruitment, learning and development, and strategic HR management. As a consultant, he worked with different organizations improving their processes and HR initiatives and programs such as performance management, succession planning, business continuity planning, change management, leadership and management development, and strategic planning.

    Prior to working as a freelance consultant, Jared was exposed to working in various industries honing his skills in customer service and learning and development. His work background includes the academic, NGO, restaurant, training, hotel, and BPO industries.

    Jared graduated with a degree in BS Business Administration from the University of the Philippines. To pursue his passion for learning and development, he also minored in education.

    Jared joined the team in 2021 and began reviewing the various processes in Customer Service Operations. He worked on standardizing the customer service processes as well as introducing improvements for a better customer experience.

    “It’s great to be in this team!” is Jared’s mantra for work, and we feel the same about working with him.

  • Joana Talusan
    Joana Talusan
    Customer Support VA

    Joana is responsible for answering customer queries and providing email support to aspiring project managers. She prides herself on great customer service in a fast-paced environment, as there are regularly new guidelines and product updates that she can share with customers. One of her other responsibilities is to make sure our online help guidance always reflects the latest information.

    Joana believes that brilliant customer service enables students to focus more on their learning because they know the team is there to support them. Next time you contact the team with a question, it might be Joana on the other end helping to resolve your query!

    Joana earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication at De la salle college of Saint Benilde Antipolo. She lives and works in Antipolo Rizal, Philippines.

    In her free time, Joana likes to read self-help books and binge-watch sitcoms and true crime documentaries on Netflix. She has a very small playful "Horgi": a mixed breed dog that is a cross between the Siberian Husky and Corgi, who is full of energy. She is looking forward to traveling with her family during her vacation time.

  • John Paul Bugarin
    John Paul Bugarin
    Administrative VA

    John Paul is responsible for managing various administrative tasks that help customers get the best service. He also manages social media promotions for the PM Podcast and updates the PM PrepCast and PM Podcast websites as necessary. He also manages the two websites’ forums by answering customer inquiries.

    John Paul also collates Zendesk ticket metrics, gather statistics and social media reviews. He has vast working experiences as a virtual assistant and web developer.

    John Paul says: “It is important to build rapport with the customers in order to have good communication and be able to understand what the customers need. This can serve as a testimony on how we treat the customers.”

    John Paul holds a BS in Information Technology. He loves playing online games like League of Legends. He is a dog lover and has two dogs; a golden retriever, and a labrador.

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