Please note: The CAPM Training Materials have not yet been updated to PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition.
For your Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam Prep:

The PM PrepCast for CAPM® Product Details

Get Ready for High Efficiency Studying!

Please note that The PM PrepCast™ was originally designed for students who are preparing for their Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam. The PM PrepCast for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® described on this page is essentially the same product because it covers everything you need for your CAPM® Exam Prep. Guaranteed!

prepcast tablet 6

The PM PrepCast (for CAPM)™ is a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam Prep Video Workshop you can watch on the go using your tablet or smart phone. If you prefer, you can watch the videos on your laptop or computer also by simply synchronizing the downloaded video lesson using your preferred player. This allows you to enjoy the freedom of studying for the exam wherever and whenever you wish.

What you need for CAPM® Exam Success is 100% covered within The PM PrepCast. The PM PrepCast provides a complete CAPM® exam study approach which increases your chance of passing the CAPM® Exam. Using The PM PrepCast will shorten your study time by keeping you focused. Plus, you have what you need to study at your fingertips and won’t have to carry around and read dozens of books to prepare. With The PM PrepCast (for CAPM) you have over 50 hours of videos available to you to help you be prepared to tackle the exam. It's that easy!

How The PM PrepCast™ for CAPM works

What is The PM PrepCast (for CAPM)? It is a videocast with 140 lessons you can access using a tablet, smart phone, computer, or laptop. Once you make your purchase, you will receive a personal link to download the videos. Each videocast is well presented and easy to follow making it easy to study!

The best software to use for viewing these videos is iTunes. It is a free, robust application, that is extremely simple to use which makes accessing The PM PrepCast (for CAPM) as easy as just 2-3 clicks. If you don’t have an Apple device, that is not a problem; iTunes can be downloaded even if you do not have an Apple device. Once you have installed iTunes purchase The PM PrepCast (for CAPM) and click on "Download All". The download takes approximately 45 minutes (depending on your internet access speed) to download the complete workshop. With these easy steps you will be ready to boost your studies, improve your performance, and be prepared to take the exam all without spending hundreds of dollars!

Registered Education Provider

OSP International LLC is a PMI    Registered Education ProviderOSP International LLC, the creator of The PM PrepCast (for CAPM)™, is a PMI® Registered Education Provider (R.E.P). This means we have been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® and, we have agreed to abide by PMI’s established quality assurance criteria.

Always Updated for the Most Recent CAPM® Exam

Don’t worry about studying out of date information. The PM PrepCast (for CAPM)™ is always updated to the latest official CAPM Examination Content Outline which is based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).


The PM PrepCast (for CAPM)™ costs just $199

Surprised? Don’t be! Many people are skeptical at first about our product because we offer it at an unbelievably low price. Just check out our customer testimonials and you will be able to see for yourself that this is a high-quality product that everyone loves! We happen to believe it is currently the best one on the market!


Wondering what the benefits of using The PM PrepCast (for CAPM)™ are for your CAPM® Exam preparation? Just check below:

  • You can increase your chance of passing the CAPM® Exam. The PM PrepCast (for CAPM) provides you with real-world examples to help you truly understand CAPM® exam concepts. Simply memorizing facts and information won’t get you there. Plus, this course will help to make you a better project manager.
  • You can study anywhere and reduce your study time because you can maximize your time by listening anywhere you can take your tablet or smart phone. You can listen while you drive to work, while riding your bike or doing other outside activities, or even watch a lesson over your lunch break, as you are sitting on the bus or a train, or waiting in line. It is that easy and simple to study anytime.
  • The PM PrepCast (for CAPM) is in everyday English, not the often very difficult to understand language within the PMBOK® Guide.
  • You will hear 10 lessons on Applied CAPM® Concepts. These are based on student and expert feedback. The interviews with experts translate concepts into everyday project management situations that you can use and relate to.
  • You will hear a number of recent exam takers describe their best practices on how to apply, study and pass the exam the first time.
  • The PM PrepCast (for CAPM)  makes what seems to be a complex set of  47 processes and 13 knowledge areas from the PMBOK® Guide seem not as difficult as they may appear.
  • You will be able to clearly understand the Earned Value Techniques and be able to confidently answer questions about them.
  • You will be able to maximize your efforts by using our valuable CAPM® Exam Study Tips.
  • It's mobile! The PM PrepCast (for CAPM) can go with you as your "Personal CAPM® Trainer" for whenever you want to study, wherever you go.
  • Your studies will be more enjoyable and go smoother & faster, but most of all... they will be easier! It's guaranteed!

23 Contact Hours Certificate

As part of completing The PM PrepCast (for CAPM)™ you will also be completing the 23 contract hours required to apply for the CAPM® exam. Once you pass the Final Exam you will be able to print a Contact Hours Certificate to use to apply for the CAPM® exam. Because we are a PMI® Registered Education Provider this is accepted without exception by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® and has been used by thousands of our PMP/CAPM students.

Receiving the certificate is an easy process. Two weeks after you start studying with your PrepCast you can take the Final Exam. You can take this exam whenever you want and as many times as you need until you pass. Once you pass the Final Exam, you can then print your certificate.

Contact hours can be expensive! If you are interested in seeing how much you can save just do an internet search and you will quickly see that receiving 23 contact hours will cost much more elsewhere. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars on other products.

Bonus Items

As part of your purchase of The PM PrepCast (for CAPM) ™ you will also receive several bonus items for free:

prepcast tablet 5Bonus Item #1: Certificate for 23 Contact Hours

As part of The PM PrepCast (for CAPM) ™ videocast you will complete the 23 contact hours required by PMI®.

Bonus Item #2: Learn From The Experts - Email Course

In our 10-part email course we will introduce you to our Exam Experts. Each of these experts are former students of our course who talk about their Exam experience. You will be able to see how they structured their studies and what techniques helped them pass the exam. This course will allow you to learn from their experience and achievement. Being this is from PMP® exam students and you will need to adapt their PMP® experience to your own CAPM® approach for maximum success.

Bonus Item #3: The CAPM® / CAPM® Exam Study Checklist

Also included is a checklist which is a great resource to locate additional exam study materials. As part of this checklist you will also find Exam Study Preparation Tips, a series of Exam Study Activities, and lessons on how to Boost Your Studies. Here you will find some great Exam Taking Activities, but most important you will learn what Your Most Important Study Activities are and how to determine if you are ready to take the CAPM® Exam. Follow our guidelines and to help expedite your studies.

Bonus Item #4: Access to our Exam Discussion Forums

Wouldn't it be great if you had a question about the exam if you could reach out to a trusted source to get an answer? Our exam forums are designed to fit that need. Only our customers / students have access to these forums. Here you can ask a question and your fellow students or our staff will help you.

Use Appendix C as your CAPM® Exam Prep PDF

Yes, The PM PrepCast™ was originally designed for students preparing for their PMP® exam but it does cover 100% of what you need to achieve CAPM® success. The video lessons you will receive as part of your purchase will include both those needed for the CAPM® exam and also those needed for the PMP® exam. To help distinguish which lessons you will need to review for the CAPM® Exam, we have developed Appendix C in the Student Workbook. You can use this as your CAPM® Exam Prep PDF.

Appendix C will be available to you immediately once you place your order. This will provide you with the list of recommended lessons you should watch for CAPM® Exam Prep.


The Project Management PrepCast™ covers concepts, tools and techniques you need to be familiar with to take and pass the CAPM® Certification exam. The material covered is from the PMBOK® Guide, and includes the necessary models, theories and formulas not covered in the Guide. These lessons are designed to be interesting and engaging. The goal is to help you understand these concepts instead of memorizing them, not to bore you!

The PM PrepCast™ consists of nearly 140 video and audio lessons. Each lesson focuses on a single concept or process and is is fairly short, averaging 26 minutes length. Overall you will receive over 50 hours of lessons. You can watch each lesson as often as you wish or need to in order to enhance your understanding. Each lesson is numbered allowing for easy sorting on your portable player. Any lessons discussing the Knowledge Areas are numbered following the PMBOK® Guide chapter numbers, for example all lessons covering Project Scope Management begin with the number 05. Here they are:

No Lesson Title Type Duration
  Module 00.0 Welcome & Exam Overview
1. L00.00 Welcome Video 28:28
  Module 00.1 Student Workbook
2. L00.10 PM PrepCast Student Workbook PDF --
  Module 00.2 Tutorials
3. L00.20 How to watch The PM PrepCast for CAPM in Your Browser Online Video 02:40
4. L00.21 How to watch The PM PrepCast for CAPM on Your iPod, iPad or iPhone Video 03:33
  Module 00.3 The PMP Exam
5. L00.30 PMP Exam Overview Video 29:35
6. L00.31 What if you get audited? Video 16:34
7. L00.32 Finding the Best Answer to PMP Sample Questions Video 22:35
8. L00.33 Key Exam Activities Video 28:13
9. L00.34 The Day of Your PMP Exam Video 34:30
10. L00.35 Understanding Your PMP Examination Score Report Video 17:42
11. L00.36 PMI’s PDU Secrets Video 34:22
  Module 00.4 The Final Exam
12. L00.40 How to take your Final Exam Video 05:19
  Module 00.9 Pre Course Self-Assessment
13. L00.99 Pre Course Self-Assessment PDF --
  Module 01 Introduction & Project Management Basics
14. L01.00 Introduction to Project Management Video 27:59
15. L01.01 Projects, Programs & Portfolios Video 15:39
16. L01.02 The Role of the Project Manager Video 31:04
17. L01.03.1 Interpersonal Skills 1-6 of the Project Manager Video 29:31
18. L01.03.2 Interpersonal Skills 7-12 of the Project Manager Video 22:58
19. L01.04 Business Case, Project Statement of Work, & Project Charter Video 29:37
20. L01.05.1 The Project Management Plan - Overview Video 12:18
21. L01.05.2 The Project Management Plan - Subsidiary Plans Video 28:23
22. L01.06 Activity List, Attributes & Requirements Traceability Matrix Video 22:06
23. L01.07 RAM, R&R and RBS Video 18:52
24. L01.08 Competing Project Constraints Video 20:20
25. L01.09 Baselines Video 21:45
26. L01.10 Benefits Realization Video 21:58
27. L01.11 Peer Review Video 35:56
28. L01.99 Self-Assessment for Module 01 PDF --
  Module 02 Project Influences and Life Cycle
29. L02.00 Projects and Organizations Video 32:21
30. L02.01 Organizational Process Assets Video 17:22
31. L02.02.1 Enterprise Environmental Factors - Part 1 Video 39:11
32. L02.02.2 Enterprise Environmental Factors - Part 2 Video 26:50
33. L02.03 The Project (Management) Team Video 32:30
34. L02.04 Project Life Cycle and Project Phases Video 19:13
35. L02.99 Self-Assessment for Module 02 PDF --
  Module 03 Processes, Process Groups & Knowledge Areas
36. L03.00 Project Management Processes Video 16:34
37. L03.01 Process Groups and Knowledge Areas Video 17:22
38. L03.99 Self-Assessment for Module 03 PDF --
  Module 04 Project Integration Management
39. L04.00 Project Integration Management Overview Video 28:22
40. L04.01 Develop Project Charter Video 25:38
41. L04.02 Develop Project Management Plan Video 25:18
42. L04.03.1 Direct and Manage Project Work - Part 1 Video 15:37
43. L04.03.2 Direct and Manage Project Work - Part 2 Video 25:19
44. L04.04 Monitor and Control Project Work Video 30:15
45. L04.05 Perform Integrated Change Control Video 32:51
46. L04.06 Close Project or Phase Video 29:01
47. L04.07 Knowledge Management Video 37.10
48. L04.99 Self-Assessment for Module 04 PDF --
  Module 05 Project Scope Management
49. L05.00 Project Scope Management Overview Video 21:54
50. L05.01 Plan Scope Management Video 18:10
51. L05.02.1 Collect Requirements - Part 1 Video 23:55
52. L05.02.2 Collect Requirements - Part 2 Video 27:25
53. L05.03 Define Scope Video 28:19
54. L05.04 Create WBS Video 28:57
55. L05.05.1 Validate Scope - Part 1 Video 23:57
56. L05.05.2 Validate Scope - Part 2 Video 16:23
57. L05.06 Control Scope Video 28:23
58. L05.99 Self-Assessment for Module 05 PDF --
  Module 06 Project Time Management
59. L06.00 Project Time Management Overview Video 29:32
60. L06.01 Plan Schedule Management Video 22:37
61. L06.02 Define Activities Video 36:23
62. L06.03.1 Sequence Activities - Part 1 Video 13:47
63. L06.03.2 Sequence Activities - Part 2 Video 24:16
64. L06.04 Estimate Activity Resources Video 22:10
65. L06.05.1 Estimate Activity Durations - Part 1 Video 26:26
66. L06.05.2 Estimate Activity Durations - Part 2 Video 32:13
67. L06.06.1 Develop Schedule - Part 1 Video 20:13
68. L06.06.2 Develop Schedule - Part 2 Video 16:40
69. L06.06.3 Develop Schedule - Part 3 Video 22:55
70. L06.06.5 Develop Schedule - Part 4 Video 22:08
71. L06.07.1 Control Schedule - Part 1 Video 17:44
72. L06.07.2 Control Schedule - Part 2 Video 28:09
73. L06.08 Network Diagram Video 44:24
74. L06.99 Self-Assessment for Module 06 PDF --
  Module 07 Project Cost Management
75. L07.00 Project Cost Management Overview Video 16:23
76. L07.01 Plan Cost Management Video 30:21
77. L07.02.1 Estimate Costs - Part 1 Video 22:21
78. L07.02.2 Estimate Costs - Part 2 Video 22:51
79. L07.03.1 Determine Budget - Part 1 Video 20:23
80. L07.03.2 Determine Budget - Part 2 Video 24:47
81. L07.04.1 Control Costs - Part 1 Video 15:53
82. L07.04.2 Control Costs - Part 2 Video 26:59
83. L07.05.1 Earned Value Management - Basic EV Video 29:25
84. L07.05.2 Earned Value Management - Advanced EV Video 42:13
85. L07.06 Advanced Cost Theory Video 36:38
86. L07.07 Project Finance Principles Video 30:22
87. L07.99 Self-Assessment for Module 07 PDF --
  Module 08 Project Quality Management
88. L08.00 Project Quality Management Overview Video 28:13
89. L08.01.1 Plan Quality Management - Part 1 Video 19:12
90. L08.01.2 Plan Quality Management - Part 2 Video 34:07
91. L08.02 Perform Quality Assurance Video 29:56
92. L08.03.1 Control Quality - Part 1 Video 13:24
93. L08.03.2 Control Quality - Part 2 Video 20:05
94. L08.04 Advanced Quality Management Tools Video 32:21
95. L08.05 Customer Satisfaction Metrics Video 24.:07
96. L08.99 Self-Assessment for Module 08 PDF --
  Module 09 Project Human Resource Management
97. L09.00 Project Human Resource Management Overview Video 25:42
98. L09.01 Plan Human Resource Management Video 39:33
99. L09.02 Acquire Project Team Video 25:14
100. L09.03.1 Develop Project Team - Part 1 Video 21:32
101. L09.03.2 Develop Project Team - Part 2 Video 15:58
102. L09.04.1 Manage Project Team - Part 1 Video 20:26
103. L09.04.2 Manage Project Team - Part 2 Video 26:52
104. L09.05.1 Human Resource Management Theory - Part 1 Video 27:17
105. L09.05.2 Human Resource Management Theory - Part 2 Video 24:54
106. L09.06 Delegation Video 20:52
107. L09.99 Self-Assessment for Module 09 PDF --
  Module 10 Project Communications Management
108. L10.00 Project Communications Management Overview Video 27:36
109. L10.01.1 Plan Communications Management - Part 1 Video 18:14
110. L10.01.2 Plan Communications Management - Part 2 Video 26:00
111. L10.02.1 Manage Communications - Part 1 Video 26:27
112. L10.02.2 Manage Communications - Part 2 Video 30:37
113. L10.03.1 Control Communications - Part 1 Video 13:06
114. L10.03.2 Control Communications - Part 2 Video 22:13
115. L10.99 Self-Assessment for Module 10 PDF --
  Module 11 Project Risk Management
116. L11.00 Project Risk Management Overview Video 21:50
117. L11.01 Plan Risk Management Video 35:02
118. L11.02.1 Identify Risks - Part 1 Video 19:07
119. L11.02.2 Identify Risks - Part 2 Video 26:32
120. L11.03.1 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis - Part 1 Video 16:29
121. L11.03.2 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis - Part 2 Video 17:01
122. L11.04 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Video 37:50
123. L11.05.1 Plan Risk Responses - Part 1 Video 22:24
124. L11.05.2 Plan Risk Responses - Part 2 Video 23:05
125. L11.06 Control Risks Video 32:23
126. L11.07 Decision Tree and Expected Monetary Value Video 26:07
127. L11.99 Self-Assessment for Module 11 PDF --
  Module 12 Project Procurement Management
128. L12.00.1 Project Procurement Management Overview - Part 1 Video 22:27
129. L12.00.2 Project Procurement Management Overview - Part 2 Video 22:38
130. L12.01.1 Plan Procurement Management - Part 1 Video 26:48
131. L12.01.2 Plan Procurement Management - Part 2 Video 17:31
132. L12.01.3 Plan Procurement Management - Part 3 Video 35:43
133. L12.02.1 Conduct Procurements - Part 1 Video 21:48
134. L12.02.2 Conduct Procurements - Part 2 Video 17:51
135. L12.03.1 Control Procurements - Part 1 Video 16:54
136. L12.03.2 Control Procurements - Part 2 Video 17:26
137. L12.04 Close Procurements Video 27:21
138. L12.05 Vendor Management Techniques Video 30:45
139. L12.06 Contract Management Techniques Video 20:59
140. L12.99 Self-Assessment for Module 12 PDF --
  Module 13 Project Stakeholder Management
141. L13.00 Project Stakeholder Management Overview Video 33:10
142. L13.01.1 Identify Stakeholders - Part 1 Video 17:04
143. L13.01.2 Identify Stakeholders - Part 2 Video 22:45
144. L13.02 Plan Stakeholder Management Video 29:39
145. L13.03 Manage Stakeholder Engagement Video 25:55
146. L13.04 Control Stakeholder Engagement Video 32:19
147. L13.99 Self-Assessment for Module 13 PDF --
Module 30 Expert Interviews
148. L30.01 Business acumen Audio 28:27
149. L30.02 Situational Project Management Audio 47:32
150. L30.03 Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Motivation Audio 41:12
151. L30.04 Emotional Intelligence Audio 38:09
152. L30.05 Generational Sensitivity and Diversity Audio 35:18
153. L30.06 Lessons Learned Management Techniques Audio 31:35
154. L30.07 Meeting Management Techniques Audio 45:22
155. L30.08 Applicable Laws and Regulations Audio 40:03
  Module 40 Interviews with Successful Exam Takers
156. L40.01 Peter Dakessian, PMP Audio 27:49
157. L40.02 Kevin Reilly, PMP Audio 33:11
158. L40.03 Renata Weir, PMP & Mercedes McShane, PMP Audio 1:03:19
159. L40.04 Bill Rouck, PMP Audio 38:48
160. L40.05 Jonathan Hebert, PMP Audio 50:16
  Module 50 Agile Project Management
161. L50.00 Agile Project Management Overview Video 34:32
162. L50.01 The Agile Manifesto Video 37:08
163. L50.02 Introduction to Scrum Video 37:52
  Module 60 Code of Ethics
164. L60.00.1 The PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct - Part 1 Video 24:45
165. L60.00.2 The PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct - Part 2 Video 24:22
  Module 70 PMP Examination Content Outline
166. L70.00 PMP Exam Content Overview Video 20:48
167. L70.01 PMP Exam Content Initiating Domain Video 27:13
168. L70.02 PMP Exam Content Planning Domain Video 26:41
169. L70.03 PMP Exam Content Executing Domain Video 17:56
170. L70.04 PMP Exam Content Monitoring & Controlling Domain Video 20:53
171. L70.05 PMP Exam Content Closing Domain Video 22:14
  Module 80 Applied Concepts
172. L80.00 Applied Concepts Overview Video 03:56
173. L80.01 Authority Audio 50:48
174. L80.02 Project Monitoring Audio 28:12
175. L80.03 Risk Attitudes Audio 27:55
176. L80.04 Team Development Audio 30:14
177. L80.05 The Communications Plan Audio 34:24
178. L80.06 The Value of Quality Audio 28:25
179. L80.07 Earned Value Audio 36:09
180. L80.08 Critical Chain Audio 55:06
181. L80.09 Virtual Team Management Audio 30:31
182. L80.10 Requirements Gathering Audio 21:22
183. L80.11 Culture Shock Audio 19:00
  Module 99 Goodbye
184. L99.99 Goodbye Video 16:27

The total file size for all of these high-resolution lessons is approximately 11.13 gigabytes. It is strongly recommended that you use a high-speed internet connection is for downloading these lessons. One thing to keep in mind is many companies have corporate firewalls in place that may prevent you from downloading these lessons on your work computer.

Slides & Transcript Not Included

Neither a transcript nor the presentation slides are part of the PM PrepCast™ package, nor are they available for purchase separately.

Technical Requirements

To access The PM PrepCast (for CAPM)™ you will need:

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How To Access The PM PrepCast (for CAPM)™

There are several methods you can use to access the PM PrepCast (for CAPM):
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Supported Devices

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The Free PM PrepCast

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If you have already taken the Final Exam for your 23 Contact Hours Certificate, you cannot ask for a refund.

Discount Coupons

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  • Purchase of The PM PrepCast (for CAPM) does not grant you a perpetual ("continuous" or "indefinite") license to the product. You are purchasing a license to access the current version of the product, which you may use to prepare for the current exam.
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The above is just to serve as informational highlights. Please read the Terms and Conditions where all the details are explained prior to purchasing.

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