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The PM FlashCards: For PMP® Exam Preparation & Certification

The PM FlashCards are currently NOT available
We recommend The PM PrepCast on-demand exam prep course instead.

Easily Master PMP® Exam Concepts!

The PMP® Exam eFlashCards™ help you Master Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Concepts and terminology because you can use them right on your smartphone. Great for those moments when you just have a minute or two to review a few concepts. Just take out your phone and study. Also available in PDF format to print at home.

The eFlashCards are Images that you use on your Smart Phone, Tablet or PC. The first image shows the question, the second image has the corresponding answer, the third image shows the next question, and so on. In this way you swipe from image to image, from question to answer, allowing you to study the project management concepts and facts you need to know for the PMP® exam.

Your PMP® Exam eFlashCards™ are written in an Easy to Understand, straightforward style. You get the facts and technical language that you need to remember for your PMP Exam. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of project management related terms and facts you must know.

Most of these can be found in the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). But not all of them! Experts generally agree that about 75%-85% of the concepts you need to know for the PMP® Exam are directly related to the PMBOK® Guide. The rest comes from various other sources. That is why your PMP Exam eFlashCards were Created from Multiple Sources to ensure that you get the width and breadth you need.

So don't do what many PMP Students do - don't “wing it”. Be Prepared. Use every cost-effective tool available to you to put you in the driver's seat. Study the right material. Take advantage of the experience and knowledge that was put into your easy to use PMP® Exam eFlashCards.

FlashCard Benefits

Be confident in your knowlegdge and understanding of PMP Exam concepts.

PMP FlashCard Benefits

  • Master PMP Concepts
  • Understand PMBOK® Guide terms
  • Get better with every card
  • Learn faster. Save time!
  • Know the PMP Exam language
  • Be ready for your PMP Exam!

FlashCard Features

Study PMP concepts anytime and wherever your smartphone goes.

PMP FlashCard Features

  • Very intuitive. Just swipe!
  • For Phone, Tablet or PC
  • 10 Question/Answer styles
  • Available for "print at home"
  • Friends can easily quiz you
  • Based on the most current PMBOK® Guide

FlashCard Package

The PM Exam FlashCards are a convenient "always on" study tool.

PMP Exam FlashCards Package

  • 1,500 eFlashCards
  • 3 Randomly Shuffled Card Sets
  • PMP Exam Mindset Email Course
  • Exam Discussion Forum Access
  • Experienced Education Provider
  • Just $29.99

Study Faster, Smarter and Easier

Order Now - Just $29.99

Your PMP® Exam eFlashCards™ help speed up your PMP Exam studies:

  • In Your Pocket - Simply copy the eFlashCards to your smart phone and you are ready to study.
  • Master PMBOK® Guide Concepts - You will learn concepts, terms and PMI-isms from the PMBOK® Guide because the eFlashCards will teach you the complete PMBOK® Guide Glossary definitions.
  • Practice PMP Exam Language - Don't let the exam language blindside you. Study the meaning and description of terms like the tornado diagram, central tendency, Monte Carlo simulation, parametric estimating, PDPC, regression analysis, RACI chart, and hundreds more.
  • Maximize Your Time - Got five minutes to spare? Just whip out your phone and study a few new concepts.
  • It's Easy - Read the question - Think of the answer - Swipe with your finger - See if you were correct. What could be simpler?

Anytime & Anywhere. On Your Phone!

Order Now - Just $29.99

Your eFlashCards give you the freedom to do a quick review of exam concepts whenever and wherever you want. This could give you the edge that puts you into that group of project managers who pass the PMP® Exam.

Also Available as a Printable FlashCards!

Do you prefer printed, physical flash cards? That's not a problem with the PMP® Exam Printable FlashCards™ (PDF). Please visit The PM FlashCards website for details on the printable version:

The PM FlashCards are currently NOT available
We recommend The PM PrepCast on-demand exam prep course instead.

Visit The PM FlashCards Website

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