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Are you stressed about the math and formulas you need to study and know for your Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam? Don't worry! There's a better way to study them.

Yes, the PMP® Exam and the formulas are complex, and interpreting their results might be challenging. But The PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide™ was created specifically to provide you an easy reference and study guide. It is your authoritative source to all the formulas and values you need to master for the PMP® Exam as well as guide you through the thought process of selecting the correct answer to the question asked.

The guide enhances your study experience and maximizes your study efficiency by focusing in on the mathematical concepts. You also get explanations of the rationale behind the formulas, so you can do the math and interpret results.

Your PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide gives you a lot more than just a list of the bare bones formulas like so many other PMP® prep books and free PMP® prep websites do. We know that you need more! You'll get The Formula Guide, The Formula Pocket Guide and The 160 Sample Questions with detailed explanations and references. They are all in an easily-downloadable PDF document.

This formula guide is complete, easy to understand, includes sample questions and a pocket guide and has been used by over 6,000 students so far! In short, this is it!

Formula Benefits

You'll study, know and practice the correct PMP Exam formulas.

PMP FlashCard Benefits

  • Know the right formulas
  • Practice all formulas
  • No research needed. Save time.
  • Easy language for complex concepts
  • Ready-made brain dump sheet
  • A one-click downloadble PDF document
  • Study. Practice. Pass!

Formula Features

This is the authoritative guide to all PMP Exam formulas.

PMP FlashCard Features

  • All 50+ essential PMP® formulas
  • 28 must-know acronyms
  • 18 important values
  • Formula concepts and variations
  • Interpretation of formula results
  • Formula keywords
  • Intuitive table layout

Formula Package

The PM Formulas are a simple way to study complex PMP concepts.

PMP Exam FlashCards Package

  • Formula study guide
  • Formula brain dump / cheat sheet
  • 160 formula sample questions
  • Exam discussion forum access
  • Reference articles
  • Experienced Education Provider
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Practice with 160 PMP® Formula Questions

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The best way for you to internalize all the required PMP® Exam Formulas is by answering as many formula-based questions as possible. That is why you receive a 260-page PDF document that contains 160 PMP® Exam Questions (and detailed answers) that allow you to practice. These questions not only test if you know the formula, but they also test if you are able to apply and interpret the formula, and, more importantly, select the correct answer to the question. The PDF document is interactive, meaning you can select the answers directly in the file and save it for further review. You can tick/untick the boxes and save the file as many times as you wish without breaking the integrity of the document. You won't need to print out hundreds of pages, thus eliminating waste and helping the planet.

The PMP® Exam Sample Questions that you receive in this document have been created specifically to help you learn the formulas and values that you need to know. The questions are organized into two sections, interpretational questions and computational questions. The questions cover various formula applications, such as applying one formula, applying two formulas, inverting a formula, identifying the correct formula for a specific problem, and, finally and most importantly for the current exam, interpreting the result of the formula and selecting the best course of action for the project described in the scenario.

Additionally, with the recent changes to the PMP exam, new question types have been introduced. Unlike before, when the exam only included multiple-choice questions, the current exam contains multiple-response questions, i.e., questions with two or more correct answers; drag-and-drop questions, where you are requested to match pairs; hot-spot/point-and-click questions, where you are supposed to select the answer by clickling on an image; and fill-in-the blank questions. Feel overwhelmed! Don't worry. Our PMP® Exam Formulas Guide got you covered - it has all of these question types, including detailed explanations and references.

Finally, according to the current PMP Examination Content Outline (ECO), "About half of the examination will represent predictive project management approaches and the other half will represent agile or hybrid approaches." Did you know that agile projects also use formulas to calculate various aspects of project performance, such as earned value (EV) of a sprint or work in progress (WIP) limits on a Kanban board? To address this part of the ECO, The PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide includes multiple sample questions that will help you do just that.

Anytime & Anywhere. Right In Your Pocket!

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"Print it - Fold it - Study Wherever You Go." This is the motto of your Formula Pocket Guide and Cheat Sheet (Some people refer to this as a PMP® Exam Brain Dump Sheet). This is a one-page PDF document, which contains just the bare bones formulas, important values and acronyms that you need to know.

For easier reference you find them grouped into the following categories: Earned Value Formulas, PERT Formulas, Communication Formula, Probability Formula, Network Diagram Formulas, Project Selection Formulas, Depreciation Formulas, Mathematical Basics, Important Values to Remember, and Acronyms to Remember.

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