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Customer Reviews for PMP® Exam Coaching

Yes it worth it!

I would like to keep it short and to the point. I had failed the test twice before purchasing the pmp coaching. The most important item that really helped me to pass the PMP test on January 8, 2016 was the notes (23 notes) that I recieved as part of the coaching package. It really helped me to see through the material and understand the relationship. In o...

Release Date : 22-01-2016

PMP Coaching Feedback

Hello there,

As requested, I am sending you feedback on the PMP coaching experience.

I passed my PMP Exam in late December 2015.

My coah was Dan Ryan.

Dan was great. His style is direct and to the point wich works really well for me. Dan's coaching directed me to key study areas for me to focuss on. He alos spent time preparing my thought process in respondi...

Paul Faucher
Release Date : 22-01-2016

My feedback

I ordered the Executive Package with personal coaching and free prepcast, simulator and so on. I was impressed about the very high quality of the study materials and the simulator. I think that the package of study materials and coaching complement each other perfectly. My coach made a study plan for me which helped me to focus on the relevant substances and gave me frank feedback. I don’t ...

Kaare Falbe-Hansen
Release Date : 00-00-0000

Terrific Coach!

I had the misfortune of taking a PM Prepcast competitor's 35 hour in-class course. This was the instructor's second class he taught, had terrible communication skills, and when I was done I had more questions than when I started. I had regretted signing up for my PMP certification, but my Manager asked me to press on. Finding the PM Prepcast website, enrolling with the podcasts, downloaded e...

Grant Binder
Release Date : 00-00-0000

Dan's Coaching was incredible

Dan was an incredible help to me as I was studying for the PMP Exam. I was first exposed to him when he contacted me for a complementary one-on-one session that came with the PM Prepcast. Immediately I knew his coaching would be very valuable and I signed up for weekly group sessions.  There were three things that were very instrumental in helping me pass the test. First, Dan is avid about...

Kathrine Glass, PMP
Release Date : 04-01-2016

Passed my PMP exam

Thanks Prepcast for being the main resource (after PMBOK) for my PMP preparation.

I took the Executive package with personal coach and I believe thats what helped me succeed with my PMP exam.

I had been thinking of taking PMP exam for a few years now, but every time I started preparing on my own, I'll either lose motivation half way or self doubts would creep in to my mind. PM P...

Sandeep Shukla
Release Date : 29-12-2015

Thank you Dan Ryan

I studied and prepared for a whole year for the PMP exam, I attended courses, group studies, read the PMBOK over and over, did over 4000 questions in a year that included the exam simulator and others, yet I failed my first attempt and had only a month left in my eligibility. ReadMore

Salah Borno
Release Date : 12-12-2015