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Passed on my first try

Francis Michael Sheehan
Crescent Ridge Consulting

The PM PrepCast program prepared me well for PMP examination - On October 1 I passed the exam with "above target" scores in all domains.  Being able to watch the videos and review them anytime worked well for my schedule.  I found the content well explained with an engaging presentation.  The "slides" in the background were a really nice addition and well done.  First, I watched the overview for each of the Modules then went back to the beginning and watched the lessons in order.  It all started to click for me as I got into project scope and at the end I went back to repeat the Project Integration lessons as well as others that I wanted to review like key lessons in Cost and Schedule

I also purchased the PM Exam Simulator and used it frequently - first with timed quizzes for each Knowledge Area as I reviewed them.  Two weeks before the exam, I took a practice exam close to every other day - 6 of them.  It was not easy to set aside 4 straight hours of the day but it gave me a sense of the pace of the questions, where I could take breaks etc.  The questions were similar to the ones on the exam and if anything the actual exam was easier.  After the practice exam I would review the questions that I answered incorrectly (use the filter) - I also reviewed "my statistics"  to see how I was doing in each Domain and Knowledge Area - it took me a while to figure some of this out  - the simulator is very good and has nice features to support the process.  Using the learning mode in the quizzes was also helpful as I would "show answer" after making my selection and would generally learn something even for those I had the correct answer.

Finally I signed up for a weekend coaching class with Dan Ryan http://www.pmexamcoach.com/  - It was excellent.  In a virtual group setting we went through the areas with a focus on what would likely be on the exam, how to prioritize areas to focus our studies on, and tips/techniques to use when reading and answering the questions.  Being on the west coast, I was getting up early to make the 6:00AM session on Saturday and Sunday - although this is generally "not my time of day" I was most happy that I joined this group.  Dan has a great sense of humor and is "real" about process which made the sessions enjoyable - "Does anyone else's head hurt after that?".......  Dan also leads a group every Tuesday and Thursday evening that I attended the week before my exam - fun, interesting, and engaging discussions generally focused on a specific area - Dan has lot of products and programs that I recommend you check out.  Bottom line for me is that I felt more confident after my time with Dan  - Thank you Dan.

The above programs in total were significantly less than a "boot camp" and other alternatives to obtain the required courses.  All in all, I am extremely satisfied with my experience and would recommend a similar approach to anyone preparing for their PMP certification.

Thank you all!

EUGENE, United States, Crescent Ridge Consulting

I'm certified!

Frédéric camuzeaux

Thanks coach Dan. That was the second time I passed this exam. I needed a small help, especially to get more prepared to answer to multiple choice questions. I wasn't used to it. My result : above target, for each knowledge areas. Thanks again

Paris, France

I passed on my second try thanks to Prepcast


My first try was a disaster! I got back frustrated and needing answers. After some research, i decided to buy Andy Crowe (luckily I had a amazon gift-card as Christmas gift from my mother in-law), second thing was to follow up with PM PrepCast for mock testing... I read his book twice and was finally getting a clear understanding of the systems that makes up the PMI framework. I tried Oliver Lehamann's free tests and was scoring 60% - 65%, i did not give up... Looked through my missed answers and carried on studying. Made a big move of investing $125 on PM PrepCast and it helped me improve my exam taking ability greatly with relevant notes on each question's answer, I was able to read through all my correct answers, other incorrect answers were given a brief explanation which improved me and enhanced what I already knew. I was scoring between 55% and 64% in the full timed tests from prepcast. I continued testing myself on my wrongly answered questions to help me clear those areas i missed.
Yesterday was my exam day, I answered my 200 questions in 3h10mins, had time to use the restroom, stretch my body and came back to look at my marked questions.
Pm Prepcast made my exam easy, quick and fun, thank you to the team 

Houston, United States

Passed on my first try

James Caron

Thanks to the PM PrepCast and PM Exam Simulator, I passed my PMP exam above target in every single process group.  The questions are every similar and really reflect what you will see on the exam.  My advice to you is to take as many quizzes and exams as you can and gauge your progress, analyze your weak points and work to improve them.  The other feature of the exam simulator is that since you are so many test questions, you don't "get used" to too many questions.  THis helps you to answer the questions by your knowledge and not because you memorized the question/answer.  I really do owe my success to this package, it is worth every penny.

Mobile, US

Passed my PMP from the first try, using this simulator

Michael Pozdniakov

Hi folks!
I passed my PMP exam from the first try thanks to this PM Exam Simulator. Please don't be frustrated by the questions in this simulator. They may seem TOO complicated and sometimes senseless from the first look. Chill down :) these questions train you very effective for the real exam. If you achieve 80+ % here it's very likely you will pass real PMP exam from the first try!
Cool simulator with very detailed explanations and results representation. Highly recommended!


I passed my PMP exam on the 2nd attempted with Prepcast

Vincent Chi Vinh Lam

Hello there,
The PM PrepCast course and the PM Exam Simulator are great for studying the PMP Exam. 
Along with the PMBOk guide(after all, the exam are based on the PMbOk)
The PM PrepCast(1st, a must!) will prepare you for a very good foundation for the PMBOk.
Then the PMBOk guide will be a lot easier to read(not as dry anymore nor fall to sleep, especially prep for my 2nd test)
Lastly, make a strong commitment to STUDY, STUDY and STUDY !
Wish you all the best for the PMP exam!
Vincent Lam


Passed my PMP exam today

Eduardo Fuenmayor

Hi there,

 I just wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam today with "Above" target in all domains.
The PM Exam Simulator was very helpful so thanks for the good work.


Montreal, Canada


shalima jain

Just wanted to thank you all for the information and simulations which are available in this website. I cleared my PMP in the first go and a lot of credit goes to you all for providing the material for study.
Helped a lot !! Thanks again



I passed my PMP exam!

Brooke Hinson

Hi Dan,

I am happy to report that I passed my PMP exam today with 2 Ps (executing & closing) ; 1 MP (Planning) ; and 2 BP.

I appreciate all of the documentation and coaching you provided during our sessions. The information and having you as a resource was integral to my success.

Thank you!


Thank you for all your help!

Kerry Soltysinski, PMP

Hi Dan,

This is Kerry Soltysinski.  I wanted to let you know that I passed my PMP exam today!!  I'm still a bit overwhelmed, but I'm sure it will set in soon!!  I sat there, my heart beating a mile a minute...then, to see the "Congratulations..." was such a relief (as compared to the "Unfortunately...").

As you know, this was not my first attempt, but rather my third (and last shot for this application).  After my second attempt, I had to step back and assess what can I could do different for the next time because what I was doing wasn't working (obviously).

Right after I got home after my second failed attempt, I got online and first wanted to know how many people fail it twice (had to see how I compared - that's just me though).  Then, I started reading about how important it was to take practice exams.  That was one key thing that I did not focus on and one thing that I could do different to improve.  I did comparisons of many simulators.  When I came across the PM Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner, I jumped right on it and got the simulator the very same day.

I took some time before I activated it.  What was great was the free 30 minute coaching session (another thing I could do differently).  That is where I was introduced to you.  From there, I joined the 6 week online training course.  This really helped me to look at questions and apply logic differently. 

Your guidance and help, and applying that to the practice exams in the simulator is exactly what I needed to do differently to finally "get it."

Perseverance and hard work is key, but I couldn't of done it without your help, so thank you!!


I passed!!!

Bob Welsh

Thank you for all your help. It made a difference. - Bob Welsh


Great Coaching Material!

Farhiyo Igal

Hi Dan,

You are the first to know about my success in ‎the PMP exam today. I want to thank you very much for your guidance and support. Your tailored coaching material for the exam helped me a lot and I hope it will help more people.

Thank you



Passed the PMP exam on the 2nd attempt

Craig Abrams

Hey Cornelius, with your help I passed the PMP exam on the 2nd attempt. I couldn’t have done it without help from your PrepCast, the Exam Simulator and especially your coach, Dan Ryan. Now I’ll take a little break, wait for my PMI cert, and then look into your PDU podcast products.

Thanks again!


Passed the PMP exam!

Jai Narain

I successfully passed the PMP exam. Thank you so much for the help and the guidance. It was a pleasure to have personal coaching with you. The study material you provided were very helpful. I also appreciate your flexible timing at my convenience.


Yes, it's worth it!


I would like to keep it short and to the point. I had failed the test twice before purchasing the pmp coaching. The most important item that really helped me to pass the PMP test on January 8, 2016 was the notes (23 notes) that I recieved as part of the coaching package. It really helped me to see through the material and understand the relationship. In one word it made it to CLICK for me. The notes have some typos which needs to be fixed but other than that it is really powerful and to the point. I would recommend the coaching package to other students.   


PMP Coaching Feedback

Paul Faucher

Hello there,

As requested, I am sending you feedback on the PMP coaching experience.

I passed my PMP Exam in late December 2015.

My coach was Dan Ryan.

Dan was great. His style is direct and to the point which works really well for me. Dan's coaching directed me to key study areas for me to focus on. He also spent time preparing my thought process in responding to a question which proved to be a vary valuable tool. Scheduling was a little difficult as there is seemingly a large demand doe Dan's time. We did manage to get the sessions delivered in conjunction with my date to write the exam. 

The area that could use a little more guidance is the PMP Coaching Checklist and how to navigate the Integration Workbook. I was a little confused at first on how to fit these together and the flow of information. I eventually got it but I would suggest for future students that you may want to either have a clear tutorial online or a better overall guidance document on how to use them. Once I got the hang of the documents and their structure they did prove useful.

I also purchased your project Management Prepcast service which was a very good complimentary tool to my coaching with Dan. This was recommended by Dan. I had previously used AME Group Exam Simulator. As both were good, I did find that your PMP Exam Simulator provided a better level of preparation for me in my way of learning.

For the exam the keys to my passing were the creation of my brain dump (2 pages formulas and ITTOs) and many passes through the PMP Exam Simulator. I strongly believe that passing the exam requires a complete knowledge of ITTOs. The PMP Exam Simulator prepared me best for the situational questions relating to specific processes.

Thank You,

Paul Faucher, PMP 


My feedback

Kaare Falbe-Hansen

I ordered the Executive Package with personal coaching and free PrepCast, Simulator and so on. I was impressed about the very high quality of the study materials and the simulator. I think that the package of study materials and coaching complement each other perfectly. My coach made a study plan for me which helped me to focus on the relevant substances and gave me frank feedback. I don’t know anyone in my country (Denmark) who has the certification so I had no one to give me advice and feedback from. Therefore, it was essential for me to have an experienced coach and he was a great support. English is not my first language and I found my coach and Cornelius (videos) very easy to understand. The only thing that didn’t work out so well were too many reschedules of meetings with short notice. But the money was well spent and I would like to buy more. Perhaps a follow-up package included coaching so you can keep your PMP knowledge up to date?


Terrific Coach!

Grant Binder

I had the misfortune of taking a PM PrepCast competitor's 35 hour in-class course. This was the instructor's second class he taught, had terrible communication skills, and when I was done I had more questions than when I started. I had regretted signing up for my PMP certification, but my Manager asked me to press on. Finding the PM PrepCast website, enrolling with the podcasts, downloaded eBooks and practice exams, I was finally able to get into the course, but found it overwhelming at what I had to learn and the best way to do it. Getting Cornelius's email about PMP Coaching, I came across Dan's bio, and contacted him for help. Dan replied to me later that day, and I was getting info for the first session right away. The weekly one hour sessions were a tremendous help. Dan gave me an app to practice my ITTO's, study notes summarizing each Process and Knowledge area, more practice exam questions, and a manageable daily schedule of what I had to do. Dan had a great sense of humor and knew what to say when I was getting frustrated, but also kicked my butt when I needed it. He's black and white honest in letting you know what you need to hear, and cheers you on when you're making progress. He was always available between the weekly sessions if you had a question. I wrote the PMP exam this past week and passed with flying colors. Without Dan's coaching, I wouldn't have had the confidence of being ready. As a thanks to Dan for his Coaching, I'll be cheering for his Rangers this hockey season!


Dan's Coaching was incredible

Kathrine Glass, PMP

Dan was an incredible help to me as I was studying for the PMP Exam. I was first exposed to him when he contacted me for a complementary one-on-one session that came with the PM PrepCast. Immediately I knew his coaching would be very valuable and I signed up for weekly group sessions.  There were three things that were very instrumental in helping me pass the test. First, Dan is avid about starting exam questions right out of the gate. I used the PM Simulator, among several others, and probably answered over 2500 questions by the time it was all said and done. I did various length practice tests and completed four 200 question tests. The reality is that doing the tests is the only way to really practice the knowledge and to understand how to pace yourself for the grueling four hour exam. I would have not been as disciplined with the practice tests had it not been for Dan’s guidance. He also suggested a few ITTO apps that I referenced at every free moment I had. Doing those drills helped me to connect the ITTO dots.  Again, something that I would have likely not done without Dan.  And finally, Dan is available. He answered questions when I had them and always provided moral support when I sent my practice test results. Working with Dan helped me to not feel alone in the process, as well as providing me with tips and tricks that I would have never known about.


Passed my PMP exam

Sandeep Shukla

Thanks to the PrepCast for being the main resource (after PMBOK) for my PMP preparation.

I took the Executive package with personal coach and I believe thats what helped me succeed with my PMP exam.

I had been thinking of taking PMP exam for a few years now, but every time I started preparing on my own, I'll either lose motivation half way or self doubts would creep in to my mind. PM PrepCast helped me with both those issues. While Dan Ryan did an excellent job in keeping me motivated and confident about my preparation, PM PrepCast provided an ideal platform with all the resources necessary for PMP in one neat package. Both these things helped me propel through the exam with flying colors!

Thanks again!

United States

Thank you, Dan Ryan

Salah Borno

I studied and prepared for a whole year for the PMP exam, I attended courses, group studies, read the PMBOK over and over, did over 4000 questions in a year that included the exam simulator and others, yet I failed my first attempt and had only a month left in my eligibility. 

That is when I called Dan and he agreed to give me a one on one 5 hours couching.  Dan immediately knew my weak points; he tweaked my knowledge areas, directed me how to prepare and approach the exam, and I passed.  Thank you Dan.


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