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Student Profile: Rishi N. Khanduri, PMP

Rishi.N.Khanduri PMPI have a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical (Electronics & Power) Engineering & a Certified SAP-Production Planning Consultant. I have been in the Manufacturing & Information technology industry for almost 15 years now. As a Project Manager, I have lead projects for North Americas leading Beverage Manufacturing Companies.

PMP Handbook not only provides the information on your official foray into Project Management, but also gives you an approach you need to follow for your exam preparation. Reading it twice is advisable.

In my case, since I was thoroughly preparing for the last 3 months, I skimmed the Rita Mulcahy & PMBOK Guide for the 2nd time & gave my 5th Mock exam exactly 6 days before the exam date. Remember, there is no perfect single revision material. A combination of materials is better including the PMBOK Guide.

Make sure to use the Exam Simulators (One of the best products developed by PrepCast team) & review the incorrect answers with explanation given at the bottom diligently. The Exam Simulator not only accesses your strengths, but also gauges your weak areas.

I gave 5 Simulator exams (once every week and the last one almost 6 days before the actual exam date) & got scores of 72, 75, 76, 83 & 80 respectively. I feel that if your average score after 4-5 mocks is in between 75-80% then you should be fine.

Make sure you sleep well the night before the exam, and try to relax. Arrive at the test center at least 1-2 hours before your test, so you don't panic with time crunch. On the longer questions, read the answers first, and then read the last line of the question. This technique will help you to cruise through in the exam. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, mark the question, and move on to the next one, and come back to review the marked ones once you are through all the 200 questions.

Rishi N. Khanduri, PMP 

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