Project Management Professional (PMP)® Student Profiles:

Student Profile: Krishna Anantharaju, PMP

Student Profile: Krishna Anantharaju, PMPI am currently working as eCommerce Specialist in a very large electronic distribution company Arrow Electronics Inc., for one of its divisions. This company is the second largest distributor in the world for electronic distributions. My work location is Denver, CO, USA. It was always fascinating for me to explore in depth how project management tools and techniques help me work in multi-million dollar projects. I always want to be organized in whatever work I am engaged in including development through management. Initially, I was working in consulting Service Company and then moved to this current US based distribution company. Definitely, there were a few challenges in switching from seller’s perspective to buyer’s perspective in managing the projects.

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Student Profile: Frank Klaczik, MBA, PMP

Student Profile: Frank Klaczik, MBA, PMPI work in the Information Technology industry and primarily from the management of software application development used by the top life sciences companies managing regulatory and compliance driven solutions.  I started my career as a software developer and transitioned to the management track where I was introduced to managing projects.  Previously in the software developer role we all perceived the project manager as that vexatious person continually pulling you into team and status meetings. 

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Student Profile: Janet Pinto, PMP

I work as a management consultant in application integration and strategy projects primarily in the financial services, banking and telecom domain.Completing the PMP certification was more organizationally motivated. As I had worked in a PMO role, a PMP was a big help in my current role in the organization.

After being out of the "study mode" for 2 years, it was difficult to hit the books again. Once I got over the mental block of studying "seriously", thats when it all came together. It is more of a mental game, and once I had scheduled the test date, it was easier for me to force myself to actually get down to studying given that I was working full time as well.

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Student Profile: Renato Santos, PMP

Student Profile: Renato Santos, PMPI’m from the Philippines and worked in the Middle East and Asia as a Senior Planner/Scheduler for almost 17 years. I was privileged to worked for DOD projects in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as US embassy projects. Currently, i’m running a tiny consulting firm in Manila which support PM and contractors as their strived to achieve a project on time thru hard core planning and scheduling implementation and provide PM and Forensic Delay Claim seminar.

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Student Profile: Michael McCaughan, PMP

Student Profile: Michael McCaughan, PMPI live in New Jersey, USA and have been working in Information Technology for about twenty years, fifteen of which has been as a project manager.  I currently work in finance but have worked in various industries, including publishing and media.

I decided to get my pmp certification recently due to it becoming more prevalent within in our industry.  Also, the majority of my work colleagues in the PM group had the certification already.

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Student Profile: David Andrew, PMP

Student Profile: David Andrew, PMPI am a Project Delivery Manager for an IT company with 8 yrs of experience in various technologies. Worked for number of clients and customers in various project spans from 4 weeks to 2 yrs long projects.

From the moment I was promoted as a Project Manager, I had the urge to do PMP, also my friends and colleagues who were PMP certified really inspired me to go for it.

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Student Profile: Eimear Brennan, PMP

Student Profile: Eimear Brennan, PMPI live in Dublin Ireland, I work for SAP as a project manager and managing global projects.

I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could get the official accreditation. The preparation and study was a great learning experience but the opportunity to test my knowledge and understanding in an exam was a great challenge!

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Student Profile: Luis Moscoso Boedo, ME, MBA PMP

Student Profile: Luis Moscoso Boedo, ME, MBA PMPI am already a little bit old and I have been involved in many interesting projects in my professional life: Chemical Plants, Nuclear Power Stations of both types, heavy and light water reactors, building of ships, bottling plants, preparation of big international tenders (privatizing of Argentinean Airports, Urea Plant Bahia Blanca, Argentina), etc. I am born in Argentina, however I have been working many years in Germany and I have currently both nationalities: Argentinean and German. I am working since 9 year as Contract and Claim Manager for the construction of the Finnish Nuclear Power Station Olkiluoto 3, based in Germany.


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Student Profile: Pranesh Biswas, P.E., PMP

Student Profile: Pranesh Biswas, P.E., PMPI am currently working as Lead Structural Engineer in very large oil & gas EXXON's offshore EPCM project in the USA.
It was always fascinating for me to explore in depth how project management tools and techniques help to complete multi-billion dollar projects on-time and on-budget while personnel and companies from several countries are involved in the same time from across the globe.

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Student Profile: Fouad Al-Ruhaili, PMP

Student Profile: Fouad Al-Ruhaili, PMPMy name is Fuad Alrehaili.  I have a Master of Engineering degree in Construction Engineering and Management.  Graduated from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals.  In addition, I have a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the same university.  Working as a project manager for a number of projects including Mega Projects in MARAFIQ, Saudi Arabia. Managing the different aspects of any given project.

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Student Profile: Sophie Kenny, PMP

Student Profile: Sophie Kenny, PMPI've been a project manager for the past 5 years, although my roots are in telecom. I was a telecom adminstrator back in the 80s and 90s for a large canadian life insurance company. In 1994 i changed companies to the pension sector, initially in a telecom role and shortly after due to restructuring, telecom was moved to our service desk area and I stayed on in IT taking on infrastructure projects.

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Student Profile: Talat Shaikh, PMP

Student Profile: Talat Shaikh, PMPHi there, I am Talat Shaikh, Software Project Manager by Profession with around 10 Years of experience in Software Design, Development and Operations Support, currently working in Charlotte USA,. I hold Bachelor of Engineering in Computers from Government College Of Engineering, Pune(C.O.E.P.), India. In my free time I like to play, watch and follow Cricket.

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Student Profile: Uchenna Davis Uchendu, PMP

Student Profile: Uchenna Davis Uchendu, PMPMy name is Uchenna Davis Uchendu. I work as a project engineer in oil and gas construction in Nigeria. I entered for the PMP certification process, because I needed world class knowledge on project management and an edge in the applying the project management processes, tools and techniques to projects I was involved in.

Studying for the exam was quite challenging, especially the ITTOs. I got to know about the PM Prepcast through a friend in 2010.

My recommendation for anyone preparing for the exam is to get the Exam Simulator. It helped me in no small measure!


Student Profile: Lenin Quintero, PMP

Student Profile: Lenin Quintero, PMPI have over 15 years of experience in the IT domain and more than 5 as a PM.

I believe that the right way to demonstrate my compromise with the career path chosen was obtaining the PMP certification. This demonstrates that you have the experience and the necessary knowledge to succeed in your projects using and applying the best practices for this profession.

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Student Profile: Bryan Ziebart, PMP

Student Profile: Bryan Ziebart, PMPMy name is Bryan Ziebart, I am from Brea, California and presently work at Southern California Edison as an IT Project Manager.  I am passionate about pursuing my education and recently completed my MBA as well as Six Sigma Lean Green Belt (SSLGB) and ITIL V3 certification programs.

The next level positions I am interested in pursuing strongly recommend the PMP certification.  In speaking with various recruiters and members of our own HR team, the PMP (not where the project management education hours were obtained) was really the most important piece.  Most of my peers with their PMP attended the UC Irvine program, spent thousands of dollars over several years and then finally took the exam.  Now we both have the same certification - I spent 10% of what they spent though!

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Student Profile: Sachin Vehale,PMP

Student Profile: Sachin Vehale,PMPHi, I'm from India.I got my bachelor's degree in Electronics & Telecommunications from Pune University in 2005.I am an IT professional and working in IT industry for about 9 years now; have worked with and led project teams in India, USA & Australia.

Even before entering professional life, as a student I have been always fascinated towards managing things better and efficiently.During my career, my professional duties threw the practical challenges at me and I started noticing the gaps in the practical world of project management.I considered PMP certification mostly because of my interest towards managing & overcoming practical project management hurdles.

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Student Profile: Shireen Sayed, PMP

I am a project manager with 20 year experience in the engineering and construction sector working in both Ireland and South Africa. My career started in Civil Engineering quickly evolving into the role of managing projects. I am now the business owner of a South African based project management company and we operate in the engineering and construction sector.

PMP Certification was a requirement for my business, ASPIRE Project Management and I have a masters in project management so the next natural step was to obtain the PMP.

The most difficult part of your PMP studies is balancing work demands, home demands and study time required to prepare for the PMP.

A colleague who had also used the PMP PrepCast ( and passed) recommended The PM PrepCast. In my view, the PrepCast had everything. Although I did use other material.

My #1 recommendation for those studying for the exam is make the time to study. Listen to the PrepCast in any free time you have


Student Profile: Joy Iyer, PMP

Student Profile: Joy Iyer, PMPI am a Lead Engineer working in the Middle East in an Oil and Gas production company. I have been working in Oil and Gas offshore projects for over 12 years.

I had been contemplating attempting the PMP certification for quite some time, but was unable to do so due to my busy schedule.

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Student Profile: Audrey Muratore, PMP

Student Profile: Audrey Muratore, PMPI've spent my career as a NASA contractor, beginning as an engineer and moving into team leadership, engineering and management process development, and management.  I'm currently a member of the Project Management Office in our organization, working on a project to upgrade the famous Mission Control Center.

Our contract is coming to an end and I may need to find my next job in the commercial sector.  PMI and the PMP certification is becoming more common in my NASA world but it didn't take long to figure out that it is almost required for commercial sector project management jobs.  Becoming a PMP seemed to be the best way for me to broaden my options.

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