Project Management Professional (PMP)® Student Profiles:

Student Profile: Renato Santos, PMP

Student Profile: Renato Santos, PMPI’m from the Philippines and worked in the Middle East and Asia as a Senior Planner/Scheduler for almost 17 years. I was privileged to worked for DOD projects in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as US embassy projects. Currently, i’m running a tiny consulting firm in Manila which support PM and contractors as their strived to achieve a project on time thru hard core planning and scheduling implementation and provide PM and Forensic Delay Claim seminar.


From my very first construction work I was always been fascinated by the complexity of Project Management … the roaring sounds of heavy equipment and the untiring workers that move in ndpart of prestigious and challenging work we called “project”. Pursuing this dream motivated me to put up a tiny consulting firm named “PROJECTRAK” helping companies implement Schedule Management continuous improvement and providing project control support. In pursuit of excellence to provide services governs by PMI which is becoming highly recognize in the Philippines, and most of all putting the 3 letter words after the name after hard preparation is quite fulfilling.

Before I decided to acquire PM PPrepcast , I thought  Risk Management and Procurement Management were the most difficult chapters, However, after the actual examination I found out that these two chapters that I scared of turned out to be the easiest and fun. Thanks to Cornelius and PM prepcast. In regards to personal schedule , the PM prepcast gave me tremendous help to shorten my preparation considerably.  I only got PM Prepcast 2 months before the actual examination and I don’t feel confident enough that time until I heard all the podcast…”Its not that difficult!” that what you can shout after you hit the complete button of prometric survey.

I usually watch youtube trying to find some techniques and advice on how to pass PMP. Fortunately, I saw Cornelius video  “Random facts about the PMP” where he tried to do yoga  standing still on one leg while wearing swiss shirt. He was so funny ! Learning should not be boring after all.

None that I know of, I think PM PrepCast is pretty much all we need to prep us for the actual exam and feel confident and ready to sit for the judgement day. Even the one paragraph statement about critical chain on the PMBOK was in depth explained and elaborated by Cornelius on one of his podcast.  Its was my favorite podcast , I think i already played it 20 times while driving to work .

First just like what I learned from Cornelius, it is more beneficial to read and fully understand the concept of ITTO rather than memorizing it word by word. Once you comprehend the purpose understanding and retaining it surely comes next. Get the opportunity to acquire the best podcast ..PM PreCast its like having a hundred personal coaches that you can hear even while driving.And most of all strive hard to practice simulated exam as many as can…just like Cornelius said PMP means Practice Makes Perfect !


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