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Student Profile: Cristin Flynn, PMP

Student Profile: Cristin Flynn, PMPI am a mother of 3 boys and have spent most of my working life in business for myself.
I spent a few years in a PMO in London, UK working for the NHS (UK, National Health Services) on a 2 Billion GB Hospital construction project and before that I was involved in smaller construction and NPO projects.  After re-entering a very competitive market place in Africa, where there is a 60% unemployment rate, I found I really would need to up my game substantially and so the PMP seemed like a great qualification to add to my current experiences and qualifications.

Sadly, there are no chapter meetings near to where I live so I have enjoyed listening to the Podcasts immensely.   I am still not in a Project Role due to the chronic scarcity of jobs.  Am really hoping that some good doors will open for me soon, as I am currently in a role that is very far from my passion.

I am a long distance athlete.  I found this helpful in preparation for the exam.  The reason is two-fold.  I listened to hours on my podcast while I ran or cycled and I have the ability to stick to a rigorous schedule and so preparation for the exam was dealt with in this manner.  I did 22 practice (full length) exams and a total of 500 hours.  Read the PMBOK twice, listened to the Prep Cast 3x and went through Kim Heldman’s book and CD.  Downloaded practice exams and made my own flash cards and formula cards.

I would say the best thing is to score 90% consecutively in test exams before going forward – my no. one tip.  Especially in South Africa there are only 2 venues and I had to used the equivalent of an entire months salary to pay for the exam, flights and accommodation some 800 miles from my home.  Needless to say – I passed the first time (and made sure I would).

Thanks for an excellent product!

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