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Student Profile: Krishna Anantharaju, PMP

Student Profile: Krishna Anantharaju, PMPI am currently working as eCommerce Specialist in a very large electronic distribution company Arrow Electronics Inc., for one of its divisions. This company is the second largest distributor in the world for electronic distributions. My work location is Denver, CO, USA. It was always fascinating for me to explore in depth how project management tools and techniques help me work in multi-million dollar projects. I always want to be organized in whatever work I am engaged in including development through management. Initially, I was working in consulting Service Company and then moved to this current US based distribution company. Definitely, there were a few challenges in switching from seller’s perspective to buyer’s perspective in managing the projects.

As I deal with many vendors and customers in my daily life, I wanted to learn people management, procurement management skills from the industry. So, I discussed with many of my friends and found out that PMP is one of the best credentials to have to learn all these sorts of skills. Then only I started exploring the options, materials and process of completing this course and certification. I did my research for almost 6 months before I purchased PM Prepcast. I reviewed many testimonials, forums and reviews in the web to decide on this material. I am very happy to say that, my research did not go waste and I got the best course material and help from PM Prepcast and OSP International.

Most difficult part of my PMP studies was time and concentration. In fact, I became a member of PMI and purchased this PM Prepcast material in October 2013. I studied on a high level, and received the 35 hours contact certificate. I applied for PMP certification in PMI and my application got approved. But after that, my studies did not go well due to my project, personal emergencies and lack of time. In May 2014, I sat and analyzed my situation of PMP studies. Then, I decided to register the exam to set a target for further studies. I registered my exam for August 6th, 2014 and decided not to change the exam date in whatever scenario. This definitely helped me in focusing on studies.

I was browsing through web and found many vendor details for these PMP courses. I started reviewing the forums, comments and testimonials on the web sites. I have subscribed to receive the free materials and exams from OSP first. After studying and answering free questions, I have decided to purchase this material.  I went with my gut feeling and purchased PM PrepCast material, Exam Simulator and Formula guide all at once. After that, a few of my friends suggested to go for a different boot camp sessions, other materials but I did not want to change my decision. I kept studying this material and PMBOK.

I think, many successful PMPs must have given the same advice. Interactive communication is always better than Push/Pull communication. We tend to be more active and time sensitive in interactive sessions. If there is a way to create virtual class room orientations or online courses. That would really speed up the study process.  PM PrepCast is a very good material and process to follow but it is very tough to sit and study continuously with one way communication. If there is anything can be done towards this suggestion, then that would make the PM PrepCast unbeatable in the market.

My advice to all PMP aspirants –

1)    Motivation and continuity in studies are more important factors in this preparation. As everybody says, please set a target first and give yourself around 200 to 300 hours of study time before your exam date. It is 100% true that (at least in my case) - we get real motivation only after registering the exam date
2)    Try finding friends/colleagues who are giving/interested to give this exam in the same time period. Combined studies will help in speeding up the process. If not, work with your spouse as your study partner. Anyway, you are not having quality family time during this preparation. At  least studying with them would allow you to spend your family time qualitatively.
3)    Do not expect the same questions you practiced in PMP real exam. Situations and Scenarios are completely different.
4)    PM exam simulator will definitely guide us in the right path to understand what types/categories of questions we may expect.
5)    ITTO's are definitely scary in the beginning but once you understand the concepts it is easy. Questions on ITTO's are not that tough in real exam.
6)    Please plan to study PMBOK at least 3 times during your study process.
7)    When I started my exam in the test center, I initially lost my confidence at one point and started praying. As I read all the concepts end to end, I was able to regain the confidence and successfully finish the exam. I got 3 Proficient (Intitiating, Executing, Monitorting & Controlling) and 2 Moderately Proficient (Planning & Closing).


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