Project Management Professional (PMP)® Student Profiles:

Student Profile: Edward A. Johnson, PMP

Student Profile: Edward A. Johnson, PMPMy name is Edward A. Johnson and I am an entrepreneurial thinker and leader who enjoys building high performance cross-cultural teams and the business of technological change.  I have a background of chemical engineering and business but quickly found my way to the City of London where I further developed my passions for new technologies, finance and people.

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Student Profile: Anil Kalra, PMP

Student Profile: Anil Kalra, PMPI have migrated from India to Australia about 20 years ago and living in Sydney I have been working in the IT industry for last 25 years and worked for CSC, IBM, HP and Vodafone in various IT roles. My current role is DBA manager at Cochlear Ltd. managing the company mission critical databases and applications.

I have been associated with many projects implementation and in a way managing technical part of those projects, I would like to move in the role of full time project manager.

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Student Profile: Chris Wolfla, PMP

Student Profile: Chris Wolfla, PMPI am retired from the US Army and have been working as a COO/CIO since 2007 with an entertainment company that manages theme parks.   In this capacity I have served as a Project Manager for both IT and non-IT related projects, mainly due to the fact that the company does not have Project Managers on staff. I have many years of informal project management experience in the Army ranging from planning large scale deployments to gunnery operations.

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Student Profile: Touhami Ghilani, PMP

Student Profile: Touhami Ghilani, PMPMy Name is Touhami Ghilani, I had a master's degree in telecommunications from Paris-Nord University (called Sup Galilée) back in France in 2000, since then I have gained extensive technical skills in the telecommunications and information technology industries in Europe. After being a team leader in several projects. In 2005 I was interested in becoming a project manager, I get a position as technical project manager with eServGlobal (a company specialized in mobile payment solution and product development). in 2009 I get a position as project manager within France Telecom group, where I were responsible of implementing new prepaid systems and handling the migration projects in several affiliates (Orange): Sénégal, Botswana.

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Student Profile: Carlito J. Decamotan, PMP

Student Profile: Carlito J. Decamotan, PMPI am originally from the Pearl of the Orient (Philippines) and migrated to Canada with my family back in July 2009. Before coming to Canada, I had worked in various countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. In these countries, I had collectively acquired more than eighteen (18) years of work experiences in the field of Project Controls and Services in Oil and Gas major EPCM / Construction multi-cultural environment. Having obtained my B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering in one of the best Universities in the Philippines (Xavier University, Ateneo de Cagayan) and had worked in one of the biggest Construction Projects in Southeast Asia back in the late 80’s to early 90’s in the Philippines as a Project Planning, Monitoring, and Control Engineer, it helped me a lot in preparing myself in facing the ever changing and challenging world in the O&G industry.

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Student Profile: Alyssa Combs, PMP

Student Profile: Alyssa Combs, PMPMy name is Alyssa Combs and I became a certified Project Management Professional at the age of 21 and became one of the youngest project managers in the world. I have a Bachelor's degree in Geography from Georgia State University, an Associate's degree in Mathematics and an Associate's degree in General Studies from Georgia Perimeter College. I currently serve as a legislative aide for the Georgia House of Representatives and Director of a youth engagement and development program.

I decided to pursue the PMP certification after speaking with a phenomenal project manager, NeCall Wilson, who spoke with me about how  the work I was doing  resembled the project manager role. After doing my own research, I was convinced that a PMP certification and its teachings would highly enhance my management skills and would be a perfect addition to my career pursuits.

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Student Profile: James Wehmeyer, PMP

I have extensive background in Project, Program, and Operations Management. Recognized for simplifying processes and procedures, reducing organizational costs and attrition, increasing recurring revenue, and building world-class organizations and project teams. Strong ability to develop leaders and assist executives in effectively communicating across the organization. Leverage professional counseling and communication skills to identify, challenge, and amplify employees’ and colleagues’ strengths while helping them mitigate weaknesses.

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Student Profile: Chris Mielke, PMP

Student Profile: Chris Mielke, PMPI’m currently a Program Manager for a company called Epic Games, Inc. We’ve made video games since 1992 for the PC, Xbox, Playstation and mobile phone platforms. I’ve been a project manager for the same amount of time for various industries.

I actually started working on the application 6 years ago before coming to Epic Games in 2007, but it was derailed with the move and immediately producing a new product. This year I became a Program Manager and my supervisor is a PMP who suggested I go and actually get the certification to help him build a PMO within Epic Games.

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Student Profile: Jim Remmell, PMP

Student Profile: Jim Remmell, PMPMy career to this point has been as an engineer and project manager for computer companies in the Silicon Valley.  Process methodology is something I learned in school via the "scientific method", used in the early-middle stages of my computer engineering jobs, then it was formalized when I trained to be a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Certifications seem to have become a very important credential in the job search arena so I decided to take the PMP exams.

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Student Profile: Manjeeta Sitaula, PMP

I am a Civil Engineer with five years of experience in construction management and design. I am currently enrolled in a Master's degree program in Structural Engineering which I will be finishing in December of 2013.

Since I was already working in construction management, PMP was an obvious choice. For me the PMP certification would help fill in gaps in knowledge and improve my skills, and hence help me in my career advancement.

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Student Profile: Jeffrey Chin, PMP

I work in the semiconductor industry and design microchips for a living in Singapore. I passed the PMP exam on my first try in September 2012 with 5 "P"s.

I realized I had little knowledge of project management although it was a large part of my job scope. I googled about it and found out about the PMP certification. It wasn't so much the certification itself, but the knowledge I could learn by studying for the exam.

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Student Profile: Janat Horn, PMP

I have been working in the financial industry for many years and have managed many projects.  The Product Development team is involved in all aspects of  project development from inception to closure.  The ability to describe the project so that other teams can build right the first time is essential.  The PMP formally sets the standard for the language and the process.

My unit is currently involved in a number of large projects. Although I am not a member of IT or project management, PMP certification was recommended by the CIO and head of the PMO.  

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Student Profile: Jesus Rojas, PMP

Student Profile: Jesus Rojas, PMPI am from Venezuela, I have been working in the telecom sector since I got my BS in Electronic Engineering and I have participated in projects in the Americas including: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and USA.

I believe this as an important achievement in my career and also I think it is crucial for management positions. Many important companies also recognize this certification for their project managers and I am pushing inside the company I work to consider this as a mandatory requirement for all project management positions.

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Student Profile: Jean Bosco Rwagaju, PMP

My name is Jean Bosco Rwagaju and I’ve post-graduated in Human Resources Management and Labor Law from Paris-France. I started my career in Paris as Employee Relations&Safety Counselor. I moved to Corporate Labor Attorney, then to Director of Human Resources/Project Manager. Due to economic crisis, my company closed out and I lost my job. I applied for the same positions, but the outcome was negative. So, I decided to prepare an international certification in order to relocate. I started enhancing my English skills. One of my friends advised me on LinkedIn to take the PMP courses and become self-employed by creating my consultancy firm.

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Student Profile: Elina Zlotchenko, PMP

Student Profile: Elina Zlotchenko, PMPMy name is Elina Zlotchenko. For the past 7 years I've been working as MPO/RPO (Metropolitan & Rural Planning Organizations) Program Manager with the NC DOT.

My husband took a PMP prep course several years ago and encouraged me to start studying to obtain my PMP certification.  Last year I started reading on internet about PMI and decided that it would really help me in my career as well as help me to learn best practices, "sort all the stuff out" and get you on the same page with other project management proffesionals.

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Student Profile: Michael Beyers, PMP

Student Profile: Michael Beyers, PMPI work in the medical device industry where I’m an district operations manager and Six Sigma Black Belt. I cover the northwest US and I’m based in the Seattle area. I’ve been in this field for the past twelve years. My organization has a weak matrix structure, so I fulfill many of the duties that a PM would handle in a more matrixed environment. Projects that I manage will range from leading Kaizen events, to software/process deployments (beta and validation tests) to moving entire facilities- start to finish. Before working in this industry, I spent two years with the federal government working in field operations- mainly on projects, and before that I worked in film and multi-media production working primarily on...yes, projects.

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Student Profile: Daniel Mayorga Gomez, PMP

Student Profile: Daniel Mayorga Gomez, PMPI have a Master degree in Management Information Systems, with 10+ years of professional experience in the IT industry. Originally from Colombia, but living in Bratislava, Slovakia since 2009. Happily married and with two children. I have been working at Hewlett-Packard for the last 3 years as IT Project Manager, on-boarding and implementing Asset Management solutions for EMEA customers.

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Student Profile: Nimesh Karia, PMP

Student Profile: Nimesh Karia, PMPI am Nimesh Karia and I am graduate in Production engineering with 14+ years of industrial experience in various domains. Currently associated with Larsen &Toubro Technology Services and we are into business of providing engineering service to various clients across the globe.

Project Management has been part of my life for quite some time now & PMP certification was always on radar for the reason that it not only clearly differentiates you from the crowd but also it changes the way you start managing project.

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Student Profile: Nupur Jain, PMP

Student Profile: Nupur Jain, PMPI am an IT professional, working as a Project manager/ Business Analyst for the last 4 years. I have worked in varied industries like Banking, Financial Services, Legal and IT. My foundation stems from my degree in Business Administration.

I considered having PMP Certification because I believe in learning and collecting knowledge from everywhere I can. As I got to know about the PMP certification from my friend, I searched it online and went ahead with it as it serves my personal goal as well as help me in with career too.

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