Project Management Professional (PMP)® Student Profiles:

Student Profile: Ian Slade, PMP

Student Profile: Ian Slade, PMPHi there. My name is Ian Slade. I am a nurse by trade and I have been in the Healthcare Informatics arena for a decade now. Recently I started my own Healthcare IT consulting company. We help hospitals implement complex systems in a timely fashion.

IT implementation solutions is one of our core competencies. The Project Management Institute has created a very helpful framework for running projects across multiple industries. The discipline of going through the PMP certification process has helped me become a better resource to my clients.

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Student Profile: Susan Mealiea, PMP

I am a Project/Program Manager for a large Technology Services company. Although my company is international, the nature of my projects are domestic. Specifically I work on several projects for the US Army and US Army National Guard. The primary focus of all of my projects is distributed learning operations and training management. We do not develop training, we support the distributed delivery of the training and the management of the records from that training.

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Student Profile: Brenda Smith, PMP

Student Profile: Brenda Smith, PMPI am a Project Manager within the Contact Lens Manufacturing and Software Development field. Achieved Six Sigma Green Belt in 2007. I considered to have the PMP Certification because it is very well respected within both manufacturing and software development fields.

The most difficult part of your PMP studies is finding time to study; being disciplined. I learned about the The PM PrepCast through several online chat rooms and project management boards.

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Student Profile: Guillaume Babbi, PMP

Student Profile: Guillaume Babbi, PMPI come from France, and it's been two years now that my wife and I are living in New York City. I am an IT project manager, in a french bank. I used to manage IT project for 5 years (I started in Paris), and last summer my manager encouraged be to get this PMP certification.

After my boss told me about PMP, I did some research on the Internet and found that it was indeed a world-wide certification. I think what convinced me the most was to be able to have a well recognized certification in addition to a strong framework to base my daily tasks on.

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Student Profile: Caio Moldenhauer Peret, PMP

Student Profile: Caio Moldenhauer Peret, PMPI live in São Paulo, Brazil, with my wife and daughter, and work as a Project Leader for a multinational company specialized in designing and building automotive Paint Shops. I’ve always had a very strong technical background, even with a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, but my career led me towards a more generalist Engineering and Project Management position.

I have  always been pushed to a “specialist” position, which I didn’t want. I like to work on the interfaces, negotiating, devising strategies, leading people towards a common goal. I saw the project manager profile as a very good complement to help me on this career movement. It complemented my lack of knowledge on some topics, helping me to understand how the work should be done and improving my leadership skills.

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Student Profile: Jason Yamane, PMP

I have over 20 years experience in IT, and a little over 10 years as a project manager with a Fortune 500 company in San Diego, CA. I recently began a new career in a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that is growing rapidly.

As I mentioned, I have more than 10 years' experience as a project manager, but I decided to pursue the PMP certification to demonstrate my commitment to the profession, as well as to further sharpen my skills in a structured manner.

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Student Profile: Rhonda Hoskins, PMP

Student Profile: Rhonda Hoskins, PMPMy background is non-stop project management and project leadership for the last 20 years, all involving fast paced software implementations. Most of my roles have been leading professional services and/or PMOs. I love the satisfaction of taking an objective and translating it into a project, then mobilizing a team to get it done.

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Student Profile: Cristin Flynn, PMP

Student Profile: Cristin Flynn, PMPI am a mother of 3 boys and have spent most of my working life in business for myself.
I spent a few years in a PMO in London, UK working for the NHS (UK, National Health Services) on a 2 Billion GB Hospital construction project and before that I was involved in smaller construction and NPO projects.  After re-entering a very competitive market place in Africa, where there is a 60% unemployment rate, I found I really would need to up my game substantially and so the PMP seemed like a great qualification to add to my current experiences and qualifications.

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Student Profile: Mike Adurogbangba MBBS, PMP

Student Profile: Mike Adurogbangba MBBS, PMP I am a general physician with over 20 years of clinical and progressive healthcare administration/ management experience. My role as an administrator and manager demanded extra skills in relationship building, negotiation and robust expertise in communication to sustain engagement with my stakeholders. It was while seeking the best way to meet up with this demand that I first heard of Project Management.

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Student Profile: Barbara Barlow, PMP

Student Profile: Barbara Barlow, PMPI am a 50+ year old woman working in the Information Technology Division at our local community college in Oregon.  Information Technology is notorious for being a male-dominated field, and it is as true here as anywhere.  I have been employed here for nearly 14 years now, with my first 9 years as the coordinator for all the campus computer labs and classrooms.  As the years have progressed, my position has morphed into the lead project coordinator for the IT department, working directly under the CIO.  I manage a couple of our many projects personally, while providing training, guidance, and support to all our other project leads.

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Student Profile: Dwayne Robinson, P.E., PMP

I am an LSU graduate with a BSEE degree and have been managing projects since 1992.  My background extends from Electrical Engineering (Power) to Construction and Land development.  I enjoy fishing, biking, and restoring classic cars.

My desire to have the PMP Certification stems from wanting to be recognize by the industry as a professional at what I do, to be acknowledge as being at the top of my profession, and lastly to strengthen my project management skills and knowledge.  I believe our customers view the PMP Certified project manager as one who can deliver high quality products and services.

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Student Profile: Nira Mahesh, PMP

Student Profile: Nira Mahesh, PMPI really enjoy project management and feel that it can benefit many industries and endeavors.  I am a Healthcare Consultant for Hayes Management Consulting based near Boston, MA.  I truly think that project management can be fun, and try to use my creativity to bring that to my project teams.  I live in Boston with my husband and enjoy gourmet cupcakes, entertaining and traveling. 

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Student Profile: Todd Bauer, PMP

I am a 40-year old Project Manager and Business Analyst for Security MicroImaging.  We are a top-tier Hyland reseller and provider of ECM solutions.  I have been technical for many years and evolved into the Project Management sphere, eventually arriving at a point where experience wasn’t enough and I needed a serious education and credentialing to move forward.

The PMP Certification was originally suggested by my supervisor.  I was not previously familiar with PMI.

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Student Profile: Karthik Vivekanandan, PMP

Student Profile: Karthik Vivekanandan, PMPI am Karthikeyan Vivekanandhan and I hold an Bachelors degree in Engineering(Mechanical) and a Masters degree in Business Administration. I have  been  working with Hewlett Packard over the past 10 years. My professional competency includes Project Management, Test Management and Agile.

The changing business environment requires practicing project managers to have a formalized education/certification  on the time tested methodology of Project Management named PMP.

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Student Profile: Ann Koermer, PMP

What better testimonial than a live coaching  student becoming a brand new PMP. This past Thursday< June 7, at approximately 3:45 PM, I viewed the "Congratulations" on my monitor after patiently completing the Prometric survey.

My journey began in 2001, when my favorite manager at IBM placed me on the project management baseline.  I was always too busy with work and family and yes very intimidated by this PMP thing. I thought a degree in Project Management would be necessary. I had taken many of the IBM Project Management courses, but had never attained the degree. In 2010, I decided enough was enough and I would try to achieve the PMP status.

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