Project Management Professional (PMP)® Student Profiles:

Student Profile: Pranesh Biswas, P.E., PMP

Student Profile: Pranesh Biswas, P.E., PMPI am currently working as Lead Structural Engineer in very large oil & gas EXXON's offshore EPCM project in the USA.
It was always fascinating for me to explore in depth how project management tools and techniques help to complete multi-billion dollar projects on-time and on-budget while personnel and companies from several countries are involved in the same time from across the globe.

My biggest challenge - I was extremely busy with my work and life with little daughter at home and other multiple engagement, so less time for exam preparation. Moreover, keeping motivated also was a big challenge for me. I overcome through listening several times PM Prepcast, youtube  and other videos in my iPhone while driving to work and back. Luckily I found a virtual study partner for week-end study who kept me highly motivated all the time. PM Prepcast also saves my valuable time and big money for mandatory 35 hours for exam eligibility.

I learned about the PrepCast as I was googling for low cost and high quality online PMP exam prep audio-visual material and I found the cheapest and one of the best quality in PM Prepcast.

How to improve the PM PrepCast? Create virtual study group using SKYPE, gTalk etc. among PM Prepcast clients who can study together on-line and keep motivated.

My advise to PMP aspirants - Keep motivated and always think (in your head) yourself as a project manager and you’re managing big project. Keep listening to your weak areas of chapters again and again until you get it, while alone walking or driving. And of course, solve as much as questions as possible. I’m deeply into learning from iPhone Apps and online videos, so I did download several PMP related Apps in my iPhone and practice them whenever I had little opportunity. Collect as much wisdom as possible from people in the web and create your own strategy for the exam prep and the day of the exam. Do not quit until you pass, even you fail 2-3 times, this is the greatest motivation I got from my virtual study partner who actually passed at 4th try.


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