Project Management Professional (PMP)® Student Profiles:

Student Profile: Jeremy Papp, PMP

My name is Jeremy Papp, and I have worked in QA and as a Producer in the console gaming and slot gaming industries. I currently am Quality Assurance Analyst and ScrumMaster at Clio - Practice Management Simplified. www.goclio.com

What made me consider to have the PMP Certification are my strengths and career path have always centered around owning and delivering software projects. My main motivation was to complement my experience with formal accreditation and show my commitment to Project Management as a profession.

The volume of time and effort required to complete the studies and pass on the first examination attempt was difficult but manageable. A true exercise in planning and executing to succeed!

I learned about the The PM PrepCast through web search. I narrowed down some attractive looking courses and content. When I found the PrepCast, validated it with all of the positive feedback, and finally with price point that was affordable and valuable for me after a trial my mind was made up. I don't regret it.

I used an iPhone to watch the PrepCast videos. I wouldn't necessarily say anything was missing but it would have been nice to have.

My #1 recommendation for those studying for the exam: Make a plan. Set some goals for studying and regular test score targets (I used weekly). Don't be afraid to inspect and adapt that plan to meet your needs. Above all else, put in the effort and time required until you understand the content.

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