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PMI-ACP® Exam Format Quick Facts

factsHere are some quick tips about the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam format that will make you feel more comfortable when sitting for the exam. There are a total 120 questions on the exam. However, not every question counts toward your result. 20 of the questions are considered pretest or experimental questions and are not scored when you take the exam. This is an effective way for PMI® to test the validity of possible scored questions on future exams. So your result will be based on the remaining 100 scored questions. The caveat is that you will not know which questions are unscored and which are scored, so be sure to answer them all as if they will be scored.

You have 3 hours to complete the exam. After you are shown into the exam room the proctor will normally start the exam for you. But before you start the actual exam, you are presented with a 15-minute tutorial on how to take a Computer-Based Test (CBT). This tutorial is just a few screens long but I strongly recommend that you watch it. It is important to note that once you click ‘Finish’ on the CBT tutorial, or if the 15-minute time limit of the CBT tutorial elapses, your actual PMI-ACP® Exam will start, whichever comes first.

Once the exam has officially started you should take a few minutes and write out your 'brain dump'. You are not allowed to write anything down before clicking the start button.

Writing down your brain dump after the exam countdown has begun will of course "eat up" exam time that you could spend answering questions. So if you are concerned about not having enough time to answer all questions, then spending time to write down your brain dump may not be for you. However, spending a moment of your actual exam time in the act of getting everything you memorized onto paper will additionally give you confidence in your exam knowledge, and you now have a physical reference to go back to during the heat of the exam.

When you have completed the exam and click the ‘submit’ button, an Examination Report will be displayed showing your test results as either pass or fail. You will also be handed a printed copy of the Examination Report by the Pearson VUE proctor. Although this report will not indicate what specific questions you answered correctly or incorrectly, it will indicate your proficiency in each of the domains described in the PMI-ACP® Examination Content Outline as either proficient, moderately proficient or below proficient. For additional and more detailed facts about the PMI-ACP® Exam, please refer to the PMI-ACP® Handbook.


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