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TOPIC: Awful experience with PEARSON VUE when taking PMI ACP exam from home!!!!

Awful experience with PEARSON VUE when taking PMI ACP exam from home!!!! 7 months 2 weeks ago #18713

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i will like to share with you my experience today while taking (for the first time) an exam from my home with the hope that this can help others when scheduling their exam from home and keep into account some variables.

Today was the DAY. I studied well (i hope!) with Griffiths book and the Exam SImulation from Prepcast, so far so good, i felt confident and schedule my exam for today after 1 month of full studying.
I paid the fee and chose to take the exam from my home because otherwise i will have to drive almost 2 hours to get to the nearest exam center (i live in the southern part of Switzerland).

Before taking the exam, i follow the guidelines from Pearson (company in charge of the exam) and make a full test connection with the computer at home, and everything went well. The check was done last week.
I used an Imac.

This week I updated my IMAC with the new MacOS operative system (Catalina) and today, as far i logged into the system (30 minutes before the exam time) there was a message that said that the exam program was not compatible with MacOS Catalina operative system.
So as good PMP Certified, i used my contingency plan and tried to log on using my Macbook PRO which has not been updated to the new operative system.
i follow the instructions and test connections and everything worked. At the end i was watiing for someone that will monitor me and make some checks of my physical environment.

the exam was scheduled for 1.45 pm, and it was 1.50pm, so i thought i made something bad and had to log again and redo the checking procedure from scratch, and still witing. at 1.58pm this person called from PEARSON, in India with a delay of 13 minutes, i was becoming nervous because time was passing. He made all the checks/audio and video tests and then finallly he allowed me to start the exam.
Before starting he said "we are watching you and you cannot move away from your webcam. Whenever a problems arises click this emergency button and we will call you immediatly.."
the exam started, first question, i was reading it and a popup message alert me that "Adobe Air was having some issues (or something like that) " and the window closed!!!! the exam window closed! before it got closed i had time to click the emergency button.
So after that, i got in panic and try to log again but the system told me that i cannot longer take the exam.
I said, ok someone from PEARSON will realize i am not longer there so they will call me.
tried to google PEARSON phone number and noone answered.
i had to call PMI and raise the issue, and ask for a real phone number from this people.
At the end, to make it short, a case was opened and PEARSON will take from 3-5 working days to analyze the issue and will let me know what to . do.
in the meantime i lost time i ask permission at work and the stress will be extended till who knows when!!!
very bad experience and very bad service from PEARSON. at least if something is not working they should call you back. I almost got a heart attack!! i studied hard for this and perhaps who knows, they will say i need to pay again because there were technical issues on my side!!!? who knows....
one thing i know, Switzerland has one of the best internet bandwith in the world so they cannot blame me for bad connection, i stream 4k on 4 TVs and several devices so the problem is not on my side....
sorry for this long story but i had to vent!
thanks for your understanding, i will keep you posted!


I CLEAR THE EXAM!! 7 months 1 week ago #18757

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DEAR all,
I want to share my happiness.

happy ending.
Last Tuesday PMI recongnized there was a problem with my first exam and gave me the chance to retake It again, but this time they warned me if the system goes down again they will not be responsible.

So I decided TO DO NOT TAKE THE ONLINE EXAM and take it on a physical center which is in Italy (I live in Switzerland). I prefer to reduce the risk of application failing again and drive 1.5 hours to the closest test center.

I took the exam today and I passed with all DOMAINS "ABOVE TARGET"

EXAM was easier, not difficult as the exam simulator I took from Cornelius..!! I barely got 70% on PREPCAST's exam on all the 4 exams (as an average) so I got many doubts whether I can pass or not the real exam...

hopefully I did, finish 30 minutes before expected and got a good mark.

I also read Griffith PMI ACP Exam preparation (read 2 times) and read also "Head First Agile" and took exams from this book.

to be honest, PRepcast exam was MORE MORE difficult Than the real exam, I cannot recall any similar question on the real exam, but this helped me to prepare for the worst.

I saw instead similar questions and approach of the exam questions found on the HEAD FIRST AGILE.

moreover, I can confirm that many of the questions on the real exam were chosen following the approach "choose the less worse answer from all 4", many of the answers were not correct at all and that was the type of questions I found on HEAD FIRST AGILE.

that is all folks, happy end and a new certification....

hope it help others to clear their doubts about the exam .

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Awful experience with PEARSON VUE when taking PMI ACP exam from home!!!! 4 days 9 hours ago #21276

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Dear all,

It's a real mess regarding the online exam, Pearson uses resources from India for some reason.....and PMI cooperates and establishes this union with Person.
My recent experience was on the 23 of May and resulted in the below subjects:

Major Issue No. 1 :
Proctor requested to remove the Monitor which was used to see through a larger Screen. A monitor, not a second Laptop or Computer.
I kindly requested during the evaluation to send me the link confirming the policies verifying this, which he just confirmed with a chat message.

The proctor also asked to remove the power plug cable of the TV which was situated 4 meters away from the office.

By removing the main power cable, I accidentally power off the router and we lost time completing the evaluation.

Problems identified with the ID through the , resulting in not being able to upload two photos simultaneously. The Proctor then after much deliberation send a second link where I managed to upload the two photos, one in the back and one in the front.

Major Issue No2 :

Upon completing the first 100 questions there is a 10 minutes break, where I decided to use the restroom.

I returned when the time was 2 minutes and 30 seconds and then a message appeared stating that proctor left the discussion chat resulting in not proceeding the rest of the exam.
I also send a second email stating the below :

Following the previous email please state what measures or risk contingencies have you taken into account when something similar happens?

In ECDL for instance when something similar happens there is an alternative option for an applicant to continue from the point the exam stopped.

One is giving the exam, halfways and uppon any error of the system, each applicant has to be Involved through several PMI, Pearson customer services departments in order to get an answer after 3-5 working days?

Have you taken into account the human factor, the frustration for someone to be evaluated through Pearson after 25 minutes waiting to give his exam?

Have you taken into account that someone very committed to the PMP cause has to repeat the exam from the start due to this incident?

Please also state an official response explaining thoroughly what was the originated problem that cancelled my exam.
(Without any notice).

By all means please state the reason why Pearson did not sent a cancellation email after this incident.

Is this a communication monitoring method from Pearson which PMI empraces?

I'm quite dissatisfied and disappointed about the whole procedure and really I'm thinking of not becoming a PMP member due to all these incidents and the non professional attitude towards a learner.

Thumbs up for PMI and Pearson.
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