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The following Forum Policy applies when posting in our forums:

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  • We take copyright violations very serious. Any copyrighted materials will be removed and the posters account will be deactivated
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  • If you are posting a sample exam question then you must 1.) Include information about where you found this sample question and who owns the copyright, and 2.) you must clearly state that you have permission from the copyright owner to post the question here. Any posts with sample questions not following this requirement will be immediately removed.
  • This is a business website. Please treat other users like you would treat your colleagues at work.
  • AI-generated content is permitted in posts, provided it is clearly identified as such. We reserve the right to use AI detection tools on posts, and any content found to be AI-generated and not properly labeled will be subject to removal.

If you are including links in your forum post then honestly disclose any affiliation to the links you include. Examples:

  • I work for company X and this link is to our own product.
  • I am an affiliate of this product and will earn a commission.
  • I bought this product myself and really liked it.

Forum posts that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted.

By submitting your post to this forum you give OSP International LLC permission to republish your text (using proper author attribution) through other publication channels including but not limited to articles, videos, other websites, blogs, newsletters, eBooks, twitter or facebook. Our goal is to give each forum post as much visibility as possible, because we feel that the information you post in our forum should be shared with everyone out there who is preparing for a PMI® exam.

This policy is subject to change without notice.

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