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TOPIC: I did not pass PMP exam 3x

I did not pass PMP exam 3x 3 months 1 day ago #17515

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I would like to ask you about advice how I should learn, because unfortunately I did not pass PMP exam 3x during last year.
I spent with learning a lot time.
My experience with PMP:
I was 3x on exam:
1) 1x I went to exam after boot camp in Brussels in September. During training we did test simulation – my result was 83% so I got recommendation go to exam ASAP. I went to exam and my result on exam was poor – far away from target.

2) 2x I went on exam 8.4.2019 the questions were easy. I filled all questions after 2,5 hours, then rest of time I spent with double-checking. I felt very comfortable because I understand all questions and I knew answers. I was sure that I passed the test. But now I see that I was naïve optimistic. Result of test was fail again, but I was very close to target. So I took result from PMP exam and I learned all part where I saw I need to improvement.

3) Last time I was on exam in April. This was awful. The level of question was totally different. Almost all questions were very very difficult as for super master. I did not understand question due to difficult English, when I understand question and I know the answer – the answer was not there. I knew after 50 questions that I cannot pass. I was just guessing answers. This level of questions s not available in any of simulators so I am not able prepare for this questions.

I read PMP book 3x, I read Rita book 1x, I have PM Prep Cast simulator - I filled almost all 1600 questions, I had another simulator 1 200 question - I filled all.

I sent appeal to PMI, because I could not use language aid (my language is not available) - I wrote them "I believe that all candidates should have the same conditions on exam and I see very unfair that I cannot use language. If cannot have the same condition as other people, the target for passing should be also different :). They wrote me back (after 40 days): PMP candidates for whom we don’t have a language aid in their native tongue can request additional time to complete their exam. This would need to be requested prior to scheduling their exam. As a one-time courtesy PMI will reopen your past PMP application and provide to you an opportunity to sit for the PMP exam with additional time. Please be advised that if you are unsuccessful, you will need to wait one year from the date of the attempt before re-applying for the PMP certification.

So I can go 1 more time to exam. Super :unsure: How I should learn please? Thank you

I did not pass PMP exam 3x 2 months 3 weeks ago #17548

  • Patricia Rios
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First of all, let me say I am sorry you did not pass the test I am sure it is the language issue that is holding you back. I am very surprised at the response PMI gave you. I would have though that they would have been a little more supportive. I guess not. Sorry, I don't have any advice since I am still studying for my test and I am failing the simulator test so I can not provide anyhow to when I am not even doing that great myself.

I did not pass PMP exam 3x 2 months 3 weeks ago #17551

  • Cornelius Fichtner
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I too am really sorry to read that you did not pass. But I am also happy to hear that PMI has given you another opportunity. That shows that there are "real people" working at PMI who care about their exam takers. That is good to know.

Let me start out by being 'brutally honest' with you because you wrote that "Almost all questions were very very difficult as for super master". That is not surprising because as a PMP you are expected to be a "master of project management". Everyone who can put PMP behind their name has mastered project management to a high degree and has now only shown that they have the experience, but that they can answer really, really hard questions about the exam. So you have to expect that you will see very hard questions on the exam.

My second observation is that you are very likely struggling with the language during the exam as well. I had exactly the same problem! My English was a lot worse when I took my exam back in 2004. In fact, in addition to answering questions on project management, the exam back then also felt like an English test to me. There were so many new words that I had to learn (i.e. what on earth is a "baseline" or "total assumption"?). So I feel for you, because I've been there. And unfortunately, the only way to overcome this is to get better at both the English language and also at the "PM Language". There is no way around it.

My first recommendation for you is to listen to this interview here with me and Kevin Reilly: . We discuss a number of reason why people fail the exam and we also give advice on how to overcome it.

My second recommendation is for you to consider purchasing The PM PrepCast training program. (I think you 'only' have the simulator). By listening to and watching the episodes you will get 66 hours of lessons in project management. This will boost your language and knowledge of project management.

Also, don't forget that we offer a free 90-day simulator extension to our customers who did not pass the exam. Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include a photo your exam report. The team will then grant you an additional 90 days.

And then, my final recommendation is for you to watch The PM PrepCast lessons, absorb everything, and continue taking as many simulator exams as possible. The combination of training and answering questions will take you a big step closer to exam success.
Until Next Time,
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM
President, OSP International LLC

I did not pass PMP exam 3x 2 months 2 weeks ago #17613

  • Erms Suripatty
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I feel sorry for your exam results.
Although it is not clear from your post what areas you need to improve, you may try to read 'other sources' to provide a 'different angle' on the materials.
Please check this:
Hope you are well. All the best!

I did not pass PMP exam 3x 1 month 2 weeks ago #17911

  • Ahsan Asif
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Hi Alexandra,

I have the same exact issues as you. Can we connect and have a chat to share lessons learnt and I could also use some guidance regarding how to apply for a time extension?

Thank you.

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