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Pooja K

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Thanks !
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Thanks Pooja!!

We all get nervous.. I dont think there is a way to avoid that feeling.

Just prepare, study and you will be fine.
2 years 2 months ago #14847

Prashanth S

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hi Pooja,

Just boost your confidence and be relaxed.
2 years 2 months ago #14825

Pooja K

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Congrats ! And Thank you for the tips .. I have my first attempt scheduled on Sep 7th and I'm getting really nervous as the day approaching .. Your advice will definitely help
2 years 2 months ago #14821

Ty Weston, PMP

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Augusto James

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I just back from the testing center with a big smile, as I was able to pass my PMP exam on the first pass.

Scored above target in 2 areas and on target on 3.

Because of that I want to share things that worked for me, in order to help other avoid my mistakes.

Main Mistake:

I waited for the last moment to take my test, my PMP eligibility period expired on August 11th and yea.. I Took the test on August 10th.
This created an additional pressure, because I had no option but to pass on my first and only try, in order to avoid application re submission and payments.

Advice #1 : Take your time, prepare for the test, and once you feel you have a good understanding submit your application and that way you will have 1 whole year to take the test ( 3 times if needed)

Advice #2 Ritas Pmp Book: for me I went over this book twice ( last time just a few weeks prior to my test)

Advice # 3 PM Book Guide : I went over this one once.

Advice # 4 PM Prep Cast Simulator : Wow I did over 1500 questions and when I had concerns or questions marked wrong I made sure I studied them all and followed it with the PM Book. This was a great help, it allowed me to think in terms of PMI and understand the reasoning behind the questions.

Advice # 4 : Mare sure you understand the 49 Processes in the PM Book, the following link was helped memorize them and learn.

Advice #5 : Ritas Process Game , make sure you also study and learn this by heart, i use the following online game

Advice #6 : ITTO"s dont memorize them but learn to analyze them, there are few patterns that these have that can help score questions rigth with no memorization, i used the following:

Advice #7 : Youtube lots of materials and videos available

Advice #8 : Watch the PMP Prepcast videos at last... and use these videos to refresh and review and put everything together.

Advice #9 : PM PrepCast Exam Formulas great value for just $20, it comes with a complete guide and pocket summary the best way to practice your formulas is to practice, after a good amount of practice, you will know them by heart.

Advice #10 : Relax, take your time, take it easy ... If you prepare you will pass.

Advice #11 : The day before the test.. dont study, try to take your mind of this ( yes dont study you wont learn in one night.. what you have not in a long time ) get some exercise, spend time with the family, watch a movie... give your mind a break.. you will need that the next day.

It took me 3 months to get all this done. I hope it helps

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