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TOPIC: Passed my PMP exam on first attempt @17th Oct'17

Passed my PMP exam on first attempt @17th Oct'17 2 years 11 months ago #12217

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Hello Friends,

Just passed PMP exam this morning with 3x AT, 2x T. Drop a note here to thank PrepCast team for the study material and mock questions.

It is indeed a very exciting journey to pass this exam. Let me provide some info for those who will be taking the exam....before i forget those "memorable" questions in the exam

I finished answering all 200 PMP questions in 3 hours 40 mins. This is the longest time i took compare to all mock exams i did. I do not have enough time to review all marked questions.

PMP questions general observation
1. There are MANY questions on change request management. However, many of those are quite straight forward. You should study all possible scenario on handling change request in real life PM process. Understand in details the DFD flow for change request from PMBOK perspective.

2. Really no point memorising all the ITTO details. I did not see a single straight forward ITTO question, all are situational questions. You have to understand how to apply the processes. In my opinions, understanding the basic content is a must, on top of that, you need to train your concentration to analyse the questions and chose the right answer. I strongly suggest you to find ways to train it before entering the exam room. 200 x 4 = 800 answers to consider, lacking concentration will slow you down in deciding which questions to chose. Trust will NOT have enough time.

3. I have a few questions (3+) on power and influence model (aka stakeholder analysis). Like Keep Informed for high interest and lower power stakeholder. Again, the questions is asked in a quite tricky way. You need lot of focus to identify those key words.

4. There isn't lot of math questions. Less than 6, but again, it is not a straight forward calculation, It keep draining your brain power and concentration.

Exam Preparation Tips
1. I believe no need for me to mention those usual items like read the PMBOK guide, page 61, do mock exam questions etc.

2. On top that, i suggest following (Make a Excel Spreadsheet Study Note, the size of this file reached 26MB before my exam day :)):-

a. ITTO sheet - page 61 PMBOK guide, add additional column to indicate the process description so that you do need to refer to PMBOK guide again and again.

b. ITTO sheet - highlight those key ITTO input and Output. No need to memorise all, just those key ones will do. Like key Define Scope output is Project Scope Statement.

c. Made some DFD diagram on several key items like Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information, Change Request, Change Log, Issue Log etc.

d. add a Flash Card sheet - i basically read and retype all the PMBOK glossary AND search internet to retrieve on all the document template in pictorial format. You look at the picture (like check-sheet, quality metric ) help you understand faster than reading those 'boring" words.

e. Create a Formula Sheet - write out all formulas

f. Keep update the Flash card sheet when you encountered some new definition or knowledge from mock exam. Example like WBS quality principle 2

Feedback to PreCast Team
1. Those 1800 + ITTO questions helps but can be improved. It is very clear to me the level of difficulty (tricky questions!!) of real PMP exam is much higher.

2. I would agree those questions are very good to ensure you have a good understanding of the PM processes. Appreciate that indeed.

3. I would suggest you to consider add another level/set of questions entirely consist of situational questions and come out with a systematic approach on how to answer those questions. Such approach has to fit into that 1.2 mins answering window per question. Not just like many people sharing on youtube the answering approach, If i have like 5mins per questions, i would have gotten >90% per exam. :)

Thx All and Cheers.

Hope this help and good luck in your exam.


Passed my PMP exam on first attempt @17th Oct'17 2 years 11 months ago #12221

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Dear Kok Wai Lai,

Congratulations on passing your exam!

Thank you for sharing your success and lessons learned. We are glad to hear that our products helped you prepare for and pass your exam. Thank you for your valuable suggestions. Such suggestions help us in our continuous improvement efforts.

Good luck in all your future endeavors.
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Passed my PMP exam on first attempt @17th Oct'17 2 years 11 months ago #12222

  • Laura Mentgen
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I agree with feedback number 1. Degree of trickiness is much higher.
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Passed my PMP exam on first attempt @17th Oct'17 2 years 11 months ago #12228

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Hi Lai/Everyone,

Based on your learning, could you kindly advise what are the possible scenarios to cover to master the change request management area. For ex. which sections of the PMBOK to cover w.r.t change request management, etc.

Are the questions on change request straight forward or tricky?

Passed my PMP exam on first attempt @17th Oct'17 2 years 11 months ago #12230

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Could you advise what are the possible scenarios that would touch on the subject of change requests and change management? Any specific areas of the PMBOK that we should pay more attention to for this?

Any other areas or topics that you consider important for review?

Passed my PMP exam on first attempt @17th Oct'17 2 years 11 months ago #12232

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Kok Wai Lai well done and your right on target with your review of the exam. I took the exam today and failed. But I have to say I knew better and should have re-scheduled.
Getting back home and some time to think I'm more fired up than ever to get back to studying, taking practice exams and taking the test again and passing!
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Passed my PMP exam on first attempt @17th Oct'17 2 years 10 months ago #12238

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For Change Request questions, please refer following scenarios that I remembered from the exam:-

1. Stakeholder request features change at the late stage of the project under over budget, behind budget etc. You have to decide to:-
==> Accept CR or Reject CR
==> Escalate to sponsor
==> Refer to CCB

Note :
a. The questions will ask a different type of change request. Of course, if it is lack of benefit or not clear cost-benefit (gold plating type) of CR, you can consider rejecting it in my opinions.

b. Majority of them can refer to CCB board. I remember there is one question with 2 very tricky answers to chose on CR handling:-
==> A. Refer to CCB board
==> B. Perform Integration Change Control

It took me a while to decide which answer based on that scenario.

2. In sum, the different CR scenario can be related following combination I believe, others can add if you have other thoughts.
==> A. Influence Power of the CR requester - what if a super important stakeholder requesting CR, how do you handle the situation?
==> B. Status Quo of the project - Late/Early/Under budget/Over budget, how do you handle unexpected CR?
==> C. Blocking CR, meaning customer will decline deliverables acceptance if it is not added, how do you handle it?
==> D. What is the right PM process to handle CR?

1. As mentioned in my first msg. Strongly encourage you to develop own DFD diagram for change request management. Like following:-

a. Which process group generates CR ? It is coming from Executing/Control/Planning (Plan Procurement)
b. Then CR goes to Perform Integration Change Control process to generate Approved/Reject CR (Also updating change log etc)
c. Then the Approved CR goes to Control Quality/Control Procurement & Direct & Manage Project Work

Hope this help.

John, keep it up. You will nail it for sure. Cheers.
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