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TOPIC: Passed PMP Exam April 18th 1st attempt

Passed PMP Exam April 18th 1st attempt 11 months 4 days ago #7289

  • Kevin Nason
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I started this venture as a New Years Resolution on December 31st 2915. I used the PMPrepCast, PMBOK, and the "Rita M" book as my primary tools for study. I took my time in prepping my application. I contacted my prior colleagues regarding my work experience and got a verbal "OK", as well as mentioning that I may need to get written verification in writing if I should get audited.

My application was accepted with no audit the end of January. I waited about 10 days or so, and based on my Schedule I picked 4/18/2016 as my test date. From February to the test date, I read each book twice cover to cover in parallel. I did each of the "Rita" activities as the book suggested. I started using the PMP Exam Simulator later than I had hoped, as I needed to take a little break from studying, study fatigue was setting in for me. I took a lot of quizzes, some times daily, with 25 questions at a time. I reviewed every question post quiz to understand the questioning technique as well as the answer. I consistently averaged 70% on the quizzes.

I used YouTube to search for some videos on topics such as ITTO's, EVM, Critical Path and PMP Dump Sheet examples. I found one video that shared a method on how to memorize the 47 processes. Within an hour after watching the video I had that to a science. I also found others explanations of concepts to be informative some of their own personal analogies filled in the gaps for me.

Two weeks ago, I took my first Full exam on the simulator scoring a 72%. I reviewed each question, and reviewed the the domains that I needed too based on the results. Two days before the test I took the ITTO exam and scored a 79%. Again I reviewed the questions and the content accordingly. The day before the test. I reviewed my previous exam questions, scanned all of the processes in the PMBOK, including ITTO's, and practiced my dump sheet. I stopped all studying at 5:00 p.m.

I called the test center three days before the test to confirm location, as well as asking them, what materials I would get at test time. They provided 2 non mechanical pencils, a 4 page double sided note booklet, 8 1/2 X 11, totaling 8 blank, non lined, pages. You also had the option to request a calculator or use the "windows" version of the calculator within the PMP test. I received a reminder call from Prometrics on two days prior to confirm address and check in time. It was recommended I arrive early, as they were totally booked that day.

Test Day April 18

I arrived shortly after 7:00 a.m. I was the 3rd person to start the sign in process. Shortly before 8:00 my name was called, and I got what I called the TSA check, with a wand and a visual check to make sure I had nothing with me that I was not supposed to have. I was given my pencils, and paper, and had to ask for the calculator. You have to request the calculator, they just do not give it to you. I was then walked to my seat. I took 10 minutes to do my dump sheet. I had 5 minutes to run through the tutorial. Take the time to do that as there are a few little features you need to be aware which differ slightly from the Exam simulator.

I did my first pass of the test marking 4 questions for review, I took a quick break before I reviewed my questions. The break time eats away time from the clock. You have to be re screened before you can go back into the test room. So plan for this if you plan on taking a break. I reviewed my questions and submitted the exam. I took the 5 minute survey, and still had to wait like 30 seconds for the results to appear, and I Passed!

Post Test Comments
- You know yourself better than anyone else so create a preparation plan that works for you! How I prepared may not work for you, and how you prepare may not work for me. Although my above outline may not look like much, but I did put in just shy of 3.5 months of prep time, averaging 15 + hours a week.
- This has been repeated before, and after you sit for the "official" exam you will understand, but don't just memorize the material understand it. Especially the ITTO flows withing the 47 processes
- Take practice timed quizzes and Exams to get a rhythm of answering the questions. I found myself rushing and misreading the most simplest of questions. I learned to slow it down a little.
- Do take time to be normal and rest before the exam, be rested an clear headed for the exam.

Good Luck to all!
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Passed PMP Exam April 18th 1st attempt 11 months 3 days ago #7294

  • Nikoai
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thanks for sharing your experience. I'm currently studying for PMP and my exam is booked at the end of May. I'm in the process of reading Rita's book second time, I feel like everything is falling into places now.

Could you share the link to youtube video covering ITTOs that you have found particularly useful please? I would like to strengthen this area. What's the best way to study ITTO flow through all the processess, what method did you use?

Also, did you find that PMP exam simulator questions were representative of the exam? I'm planning to start using it after I finished my second review of Rita's book.

Kind regards

Passed PMP Exam April 18th 1st attempt 11 months 2 days ago #7314

  • Tracey South
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Congrats Kevin! Great advice.

Welcome to the PMP club!

Community Moderator

Passed PMP Exam April 18th 1st attempt 11 months 1 day ago #7324

  • Kevin Nason
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I subscribed to Praizion on youtube, he had many useful videos on ITTO's and EVM. Dave Litten, also had a few I found helpful as a quick review and a different presentation perspective. If yo are a visual learner you will like these. All you have to do is search on PMP topics on youtube and videos will come up.

I found the exam simulator to be very helpful in prepping for the exam. The questions on my real exam were all situational, the simulator has them as well, along with some very direct "definition" type questions. You could see a question where you are given some examples of Enterprise Environmental Factors and Organizational Process Assets to choose for a specific Input instead of just choosing EEF or OPA as the answer. {This is were understanding ITTO's are more important than memorizing them.]
Use the simulator to understand what the questions are actually asking, and what is useless clutter in the question. I found the simulator helped my analyze the questions on the exam, as in it prepared me for any type of question.

Good Luck.

Passed PMP Exam April 18th 1st attempt 10 months 3 weeks ago #7338

  • Nikolai
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that's great, thanks for your advice.

Kind regards

Passed PMP Exam April 18th 1st attempt 3 months 1 week ago #9090

  • Mehboob Rehman
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Just one feedback for you, please correct year in the first line, should be 2015 not 2915.



Passed PMP Exam April 18th 1st attempt 3 months 1 week ago #9092

  • Tajudeen Oyedele
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Kelvin Congratulations
Thanks for the learned lessons and preparation materials mentioned.


Passed PMP Exam April 18th 1st attempt 3 months 1 week ago #9122

  • Henry ILO
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Thanks for the feedback Kevin and congrats on the success .
Please concerning ITTOs and process flow for the 47 processes, please whats your advice? Your kind revert is most appreciated. Thanks. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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