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Jason Rodriguez

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Thanks for the feedback on the brain dump during exam day. I might have to make a judgement call if I invest the 10 mins to write everything down or go off memory.

In regards to question 1. So far taken four exam (1, 2, 3, & 4) with 83%, 82%, 83%, and 82%. Hopefully this is a strong indicator that I am ready for the real exam. I noticed some of the mistake i made are 1. not fully reading the answer (plain dumb mistake by selecting wrong choice on my part), and 2. knowing some of the ITTO for every process (esp tool/tech). I get the big ticket items in the processes but when it ask for make something more details; for example a specific Data Analysis technique I narrow it down to two but pick the wrong one. I might have to come to conclusion I might not know every single ITTO by memory but know enough...hoping my mock exams are reflective of the real exam.
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Cornelius Fichtner

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Your second question (brain dumps) is answered here:
1 year 4 months ago #17321

Jason Rodriguez

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Hope to acquire some feedback from folks within this forum.

1. I just taken 3 Mock Exams (1, 2, & 3) and scored 83%, 82%, and 83%. I intend on taking the PMP exam 12-May-2019 and like to re-strategize my approach over the next three days before the big day (if needed). My original goal was to take two more mock exams (or should the ITTO test be taken). From prior users, 1) how many mock exams should be taken to feel really prepared? 2) Is the score range I am currently achieving good indicators of readiness?

2. I hear conflicting messages from prior exam takers on BRAIN DUMPS. Are test takers allow to capitalize on time during the 'how-to' instruction of using the computer module to brain dump knowledge?

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