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2 years 9 months ago #25244


Rajagopal 's Avatar

Abid Answering to your question , The change request is raised which is under CCB approval now, The CCB can perform Approve/Deny/On-Hold the change request, these status should be updated in
changelog first. Say if the change request approved, then update changelog status as approved. Follow up with proceed on communicating the impact of the changes to corresponding stakeholders.

Share the latest configurational updated Project doc / Managment plan to all, ensure the team is working on the approved requests with latest documents.

Then you can change the status in issue log.

So updating Changelog is the first priority than updating the issue log.

Note: It's based on my experience, someone can correct if am wrong.
2 years 9 months ago #25045

Abid Hussain

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One more question to understand the flow of issues, situations, problems.
Issues arises, gets logged in issue log, if it requires change, gets logged in change log, perform PICC, implement change. update the issue log.
Do you update the change log first or issue log? or it does not matter?
Also does it it go to lesson learned as well?
Thanks you
2 years 10 months ago #24359

Joe Pang

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You are correct Kabilan, any updates to the change request will be recorded in the change log first.
2 years 10 months ago #24351

Kabilan Kangeyan

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One question -

So as soon as the change request (CR) is submitted , it is registered in Change log right? In other. regardless whether a CR is accepted or rejected it should be first registered in log as soon as the CR is submitted?
4 years 8 months ago #16233

Joe Pang

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Hi Don,

I agree that your example is one of the possibilities that may happen in a project:
1. Issue arises and gets recorded in the Issue log
2. After some assessments, it is determined that a change is required
3. Change request is submitted
4. Change request is then recorded in the change log

Do remember that not all issues will require a change request.
and only change requests that have been submitted will be recorded in the Change Log.

For your second question, I know that the PMIS that my company uses has that feature. However for exam purposes, I don't think I have seen any questions in regards to the interconnection of these documents.

Hope this helps.
4 years 8 months ago #16133

Don Warren

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My understanding is that the Issue Log precedes the Change Log in regards to the whole project management process. If there are things that are wrong with the project, they would be brought up in the Issue Log, and then after some consideration, they would be prioritised and added to the Change Log. Is this correct? So the issue is the past, and the change log is the future? Or the other away around?
Also would there be some field in the Issue Log providing a link to the Change that addresses that issue in the change log? E.g. if we have an issue that "The door is broken", there could be a field "Change ID" that would refer to the change "Add a door". So if the id of "Add a door" is 5, then we could have for issue "The door is broken" a "Change ID" of 5.

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