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1 year 8 months ago #15024

Joe Pang

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You did it! Congratulations!

We would love to hear your story about how your hard work leads to success, if possible can you share with us on the Lessons Learned forum?
1 year 8 months ago #15023


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Dear All,

Thank you all for advice, I passed the PMP exam today.

1 year 9 months ago #14819


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Thank You, got Rita book already and I have started reading. Took the remaining month off work to focus.

I am going to pass the exam.
1 year 9 months ago #14816

Joe Pang

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Hi Taiwo

I had the same feeling as you few months ago. The first 4 of my mock exams are 59% 55% 51% 53%.

First of all, if possible, you can reschedule your exam before the 30-day mark. That would automatically take away some stress off you.

Secondly, you said you read through the PMBOK but scored badly on the exam. One of the reason is because you didn't remember the concepts, you only recognize them as you read through

Strongly recommend you order the Rita book. Use the triangulation method (ex. For a specific chapter, read PMBOK+Prepcast first, then the same chapter in Rita's, finally pick off the really hard concept by watching a visual demo like Youtube). I guarantee you will significantly increase your next mock exam score using this method (for me, my 5th exam was in the 75% range)

For the first few mock exam, review ALL questions even the correct ones. Do as much mock exam as possible (PMzest, Prepcast, OliverLehmann etc etc). Jot down why you answer the question wrong (is it something you never encountered? something you don't remember? or simply just human error) and go back to that specific section in the PMBOK to review.
1 year 9 months ago #14808


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Thank you. All the best in your Exam.
1 year 9 months ago #14807


's Avatar

Hello Taiwo

You are doing fine... just to give you an idea.. I have my PMP Tomorrow.
I have read the PmBook Guide
Ritas PMP Book
PMP Fast Track Video
I have done over 1500 questions.. and still my scores are not why i Want... every time i take a test.. I make sure I review the questions I got wrong and take note... ITS A FAILURE UNTILL YOU DECIDE TO QUIT... Take it easy and just focus , get extra learning aids and dont.. worry , just keep a positive attitude and put in the hours to improve.

You still have time... besides its just a test... its not a life or death issue.. so relax

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