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Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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Cynthia Lim Louis, PMP

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Oh... one more thing I would like to add. Go to Appendix X6 on page 685 of PMBOK 6. The tools and techniques table helps me a lot when I was studying for my exams and I hope this will help you too :).

Best of luck in you upcoming exams.
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Cynthia Lim Louis, PMP

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Hi Sabina,
I agree with John. The best study plan is something you come up for yourself based on your work schedule, social life and commitment at home. What I did was I work backwards from the date of my exams. Weekdays I studied from 9-11pm. On weekends, I only studied on Saturday morning till noon (family commitment) and I don't study on Sunday because of church, grocery shopping and spending time with family. Most importantly, once you have a study plan, stick to it as much as you can. In your study plan, remember to add mock exams (i put mock exams as a "break" for me even though I have not finished studying some chapters).

Part 1 and part 2 of PMBOK 6 are the same except that...
- Part 1 is arranged by knowledge areas which include ITTOs, as well as the new 4 sections (key concepts, emerging trends, tailoring considerations and consideration for agile/adaptive environments) at the start of each knowledge area chapter.
- Part 2 is arranged by the 5 process groups. They only showed Inputs and Outputs. Much simplified as compared to Part 1.
In essence, part 1 is more detailed than part 2, and so if time doesn't permit, then concentrate on Part 1 and glossary would be sufficient

Hope this helps! :)
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nitzan omer

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Did you get an answer ? I'm trying to figure out the same thing
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Zhenni Liu

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I have the same question about PMBOK part 2.

Do we need to cover that for PMP exam?
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John Wolverton

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Sabina Akhter
The best plans are the ones you come up with for yourself. I do recommend that you take a pre-test (free one) to see what areas you are weak in. I also recommend that you follow the plan that works for most people, prep-cast style videos, a study guide book and the PMBOK. You can enhance your training with flash cards you make from the PMBOK Guide. Plan on a couple hours a day 5 days a week and the plan backwards from your test date. There are many examples on line if you Google them.
Best Wishes

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