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Olga Panina

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i would say it depends. usually i would take the submitted change requests to the meeting with the engineers team and technical subject matters experts to review the impact and business value of this change request. after that we would decide to either put it into the planning and do prioritization, request more info on the request to the stakeholder or reject it. Sometimes if the change requests required more technical expertise, the engineering team would take time to analyze the request.
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Thanks for the reply.
However, if the stakeholder asks for a change to Project Manager, should the PM submit the change request or evaluate it or pass on to team for evaluation.
2 years 4 weeks ago #28618

Olga Panina

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basically when stakeholder identified something new, the stakeholders is supposed to first submit the request to the responsible party (usually project manager) through change request template.
once the template is submitted to project manager, project manager and in some cases engineers are going to analyze it before implementation. so the order is: submit change request (document)-analyze change request- plan for implementation or reject.

hope this helps
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Same problem I have faced, but I never get a response from Prepcast. So, mentioning it here.
Question ID 6113361

The request from stakeholder must be analyzed first, then submitted to CCB as a change request.
But the answer from Prepcast mentions it the other way round.

How does PM judge whether the request from stakeholder is worth the time and effort of CCB?
Please answer
5 years 11 months ago #12611


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Thanks for the clarification.
5 years 11 months ago #12594

Tracy Shagnea, PMP

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Since the question arose as to whether a requirement needs to be included, it's certainly appropriate that the issue be added to the issue log. At this stage, the PM is not going to do an in-depth analysis of the impact of the requirement on the project (e.g., impacts to cost, schedule, etc.). The issue could be resolved in a number of different ways (e.g., everyone could agree the requirement is not needed and could be eliminated or delayed to a future, post-project date). If, however, a change request asking to add the requirement is generated then it will be necessary for the PM to assess the impact of the project in a much more detailed fashion and present that to the Change Review Board who would either accept or reject the proposal.

With regard to an "initial analysis" during the evaluation of the issue, this could certainly happen. But in no case would resolution of the issue on the issue log be tantamount to approval of the change - such approval only happens though the process as defined in the change management plan.


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