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MUhammad Younas Khan

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Can you please share in 550 words a high-level description that summarizes your experience on this project and includes:
• • The project objective
• • The project outcome
• • Your role on the project
• • Your responsibilities and deliverables for each of the domains for which you are submitting experience hours
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Hi Everyone !

I'm in the process of filling the PMP application and I would really appreciate feedback on my Project Description format. Just need to know if I'm going in the right direction.

This is the detailed description, Process-wise:

Objective: To conduct summer camp in 18 school units to engage and develop primary school students through activity based learning

Initiation: Identified stakeholders; I held regional meetings with principals to inform them about the selected schools and camp dates. I held meetings with private secondary school chains inviting them to nominate volunteers for social internships

Collect Requirement; I requested and received regional requirements of activity material from the Head Office
Estimate activity resources; I estimated the logistics requirements, held meetings with vendors for quotations, analyzed and chose within the budget
Identify Risk and Plan Risk Response; I predicted 20% volunteer dropout due to high temperature and arranged a support/backup group

Perform Quality Assurance; I instructed my team to conduct pre-camp tests with students of 5 locations out of 18 to gauge their improvement with post-camp tests at the closing
Acquire and Develop Project Team; I arranged and conducted interview sessions at selected colleges, conducted orientation, divided the volunteers into groups and assigned supervisors

Monitoring and Controlling:
Control Costs; I disbursed activity material from the backup inventory to limit and control external buying
Monitor and Control Risks; I filled in new volunteers from the backup pool due to expected volunteer dropout

Close Project; I managed preparation of theatrical performances by the volunteers and students for the closing ceremony

The Summer Camp was conducted targeting more locations than previous cycle

The condensed form within 500-Character Limit for the same project is as follows:

"To conduct summer camp in 18 schools, I held meetings with the selected school principals schools. I negotiated terms with logistics vendor. I arranged backup for volunteer dropout. I conducted orientation, created groups and assigned supervisors. I assigned my team to conduct pre-camp and post-camp tests at 5 locations for assessment. I disbursed activity material from inventory to each location. I replaced dropouts from the backup. I managed theatrical performances for the closing ceremony."

Would really appreciate feedback !
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Jenikka Ebias

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Hi everyone,

My apologies but I have to remove your email address in your posts. This is a public forum, anyone can visit it so it is best that for your protection, we do this. For anyone who wants to send an email to anyone within this forum whose email address is removed, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will then forward your email to them. Please make the subject title of your email "Project Description for PMP Application Forum".

Thank you and have a good day, everyone!
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Hi Clint,
I’m trying to edit my experience as well.
Would it be possible to email me a sample of your write up for project descriptions? My email is (email address removed by moderator) .
Thank you so much
4 years 2 months ago #14541


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Thanks for sharing your blog. It's so much help.
4 years 3 months ago #14449

Tamika Sanders

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I used the same format for my status report and yearly reviews.
-Name of project
'Summary description
-How I successfully implemented the project by explaining my responsibility in the process groups at a specific phase.
Note: Note all projects were implemented because an other project may have incorporated the business need. Some projects I led the implementation and/or monitor and controlling effort.

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