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OLIVER LEHMAN (75 QUESTIONS) 6 months 6 days ago #8343

  • Maria EUgenia Labajos
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Hello everybody!

Could someone explain the following question to me? It´s from Oliver Lehman 75 questions and I don´t understand why the first option is the correct one (I hope you can see the network diagram).

You have just created the following network logic diagram to describe the planned flow of activities for your project which will start tomorrow:

Which potential inconsistency in the diagram should you solve right now to ensure that the activities and the milestones "Start" and "A-F finished" are correctly linked?

Activity E is open ended (a "dangle") in relation to the finish milestone path convergence.
Activity F is open ended in relation to the path divergence after the start milestone.
You cannot calculate a critical path when lags and/or leads are calculated in percent.
Activities E to F need another task drawn as a hammock to calculate level of effort.

Thanks in advance and best regards,
Mª. Eugenia Labajos

OLIVER LEHMAN (75 QUESTIONS) 6 months 1 day ago #8393

  • Ganavel Dorai Rethinam, MSc, PMP
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Hi Maria,

I read in another forum and this is what was explained.
"Relationship can be in % which means based on x% of predecessor the successor can start/finish depending on type of relationship. However, you cannot calculate critical path when relationship are in % and not absolute duration (e.g. days)".

Based on this explanation, the best choice would be C. But the answer given online is A.

OLIVER LEHMAN (75 QUESTIONS) 6 months 19 hours ago #8397

  • Maria Eugenia Labajos
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Thank you, Ganavel.
I also thought that C was the correct answer, but I got confused with the given solution.
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