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3 years 2 months ago #13312

Deepak Dahiwal

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Hello Cornelius

Please let me know if i can submit PMP exam application before taking final exam which award me 35 hours training certificate. I want to take exam before cut off. PMI will take 5 working days to assess the application and by that time i pass the exam.

5 years 5 months ago #6506

Timothy Cheng

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Thanks Cornelius. Appreciate your thoughts and help!
5 years 6 months ago #6479

Cornelius Fichtner

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Hello Timothy,

Don't worry... the horse is still alive and kicking. The question you're asking is not an unusual one. Here are my thoughts.

First of all, KUDOS for being ethical and honest. It is refreshing to see that there are project managers out there who are indeed taking the code of ethics and "doing the right thing" seriously. Bravo.

Second, I have changed my recommendation about the "early application" slightly over the past few years. Originally my recommendation was "apply as soon as possible", but now the recommendation is "apply as soon as you meet all the PMI mandated eligibility requirements".

This is not just a small but important difference, but it is also the answer to your question: You should not submit your PMP exam application before you meet all the requirements. Period.

My recommendation for you at this time is therefore as follows
  • If you haven't done so yet, start the online application process today. You can fill in the application without sending it off.
  • Speed up watching the training lessons so you can get to your 35 hours quickly. For example, you can watch all the knowledge area overview lessons (those ending in .00), and go through all the lessons in module 50, 60 and 80. If you need more hours, then include Module 70 as well.
  • And as soon as you meet all the eligibility requirements you can click "send" on the application form.
In that way you are both doing the right thing and you increase your overall knowledge for the exam.
5 years 6 months ago #6478

Timothy Cheng

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Hi Cornelius/Tracey,

Not to beat a dead horse (but I may be doing it ;) ). Following up on the above question. I took and passed the Prepcast test (23/25 – yeah!). So I’m able to apply for test authorization. However, to be candid, I have only finished a portion of the 35 hours.

-At the behest of Cornelius’ videos and advice from others, I’m watching a section of prepcast video 1 day, then reading a study guide “How to Pass on First Try” the second day. As you can imagine this is slow going. According to my study plan, I won’t be finished until later Dec.

- Cornelius (videos) and other also recommend signing up for test ASAP. 1) Helps with motivation 2) Good to “fast-track” while studying 3) Since Jan 11th rolling around, be good to save a spot first. So, I’d like to apply around now.

- However, I also want to model good integrity. I know getting certified 35 hours through exam is a mandatory dependency of getting authorization. Is watching the 35 hours a mandatory (moral) dependency of getting the 35 hour exam certification? Let me be clear, I WILL watch all 35 hours, it will just take some time.

Hope this makes sense. It’s a strange question I know. I want to get authorization so I can schedule my test ASAP, but also want to do the right thing. My feeling is that if I passed the test and do plan to watch all 35 hours, it should be a moot point. But wanted to check with the experts.

Thank you!
5 years 6 months ago #6451

Timothy Cheng

Timothy Cheng's Avatar

Thanks Cornelius.
5 years 6 months ago #6449

Cornelius Fichtner

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Tim -- there is no limit.
But trust me... it's really not that difficult. Most pass on the first attempt.

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