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2 years 4 months ago #16751

Prakash Ravindran

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Hi, I would like to get an expert opinion on my PMP application, I had already prepared my experience but, I need to get an opinion on the description before submitting,
here are the two projects I led and directed for your review.

Project: IT infrastructure Readiness across UAE for Landmark group Outlets
Outcome: deliver fully function IT setup with time budget and handover to business
Title: Assistant Manager IT
Manager: Thyagarajan

My role is to manage the project plan and Lead the team
IN: Initiate a meeting with team members by gathering information by a brainstorm
and conduct meeting with stakeholders and develop project charter obtain approval
PL: plan and assign team member for the site and provide responsibility to execute
MC: manage team status meeting either virtual or on premises, track schedule of each deliverable as planned,
assign responsibility to team members to execute the task (internal)
PL: update risk register, and stakeholder register accordingly
EX: communicate stakeholders for site readiness and audit the team quality of work carried out.
close all procurement invoice, payment to the vendor and prepare handover document and close the project and avail feedback from the business.

Project 2

Project: Execute IT Infrastructure readiness at outlets across UAE
Outcome: deliver complete IT readiness within target time budget and transition to support
Title: Team member
Client: Mubeen

My role in this project is to execute the project plan as directed by PM
IN: understand the key deliverables, visit the site identify and register the risk on
site condition, identify mall contractors, MEP on the site and update stakeholder register
PL: Plan IT vendor for schedule meeting for installation at site, coordinate with MEP and merge
your WBS along with MEP for the smooth commissioning of fiber&CAT-6 installation.
manage weekly meet and update internal stakeholders about the site status.
M&C: monitor & track deliverables like Network/windows/application are pre-installed and ready for dispatch to the site. audit the quality of work carried out by IT vendor & Internal Team,
prepare for pretest environment and follow checklist if all passed, update status report for go-live confirmation.
CL: prepare closure checklist and transition documents verify all information like (IT asset/network layout/Asset) are captured & validate the transition document sign-off
and get feedback sign-off from retail operation.
2 years 6 months ago #16413

Kamiya Malhan

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I am a team lead for last 3 years in HR Domain(Operations) and do not have a direct Project Management Experience. I have just finished my PMP Training and concerned how I should I fill up the application form as it only requires experience in Project Management role. Please can you guide and help in filling up the form.

Many Thanks!
2 years 7 months ago #16012

Sukhwant Badesha

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Hi Rahul

Can you please share the project description you had. How did you summarize all the similar but unique small projects. That will help me in writing my project experience.

thanks for your help!!
3 years 7 months ago #12687

S. L.

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Thanks for sharing your application process and results. After grouping similar projects together, how many projects did you end up submitting on the application?
3 years 10 months ago #12079

Mark Wuenscher, PMP

Mark Wuenscher, PMP's Avatar


I would probably keep them as separate projects. It is important to note that the PMI handbook clearly states that in order to qualify to apply for the PMP certification you must have the required number of hours leading and directing a project or projects. Simply being a project contributor is not enough. You will need to include projects on your application for which you were legitimately the project manager, project leader or project supervisor. Note that any references you include will also need to confirm your role. Please review the PMP Handbook here: www.pmi.org/-/media/pmi/documents/public...ssional-handbook.pdf

I hope this helps.

3 years 10 months ago #12074

Travaar Armstrong

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I also have a similar scenario. I work as a project coordinator, but I have multiple projects that I over see at a time. I can ultimately be responsible for 5-10 projects per month and they last about a month per project. Should I include each individual project or sum everything up?

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