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2 months 1 week ago #27440

Hassan Nehaili

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I m preparing my pmp certificate and i faced the same question like you. i think things are evolving as described below :

1- first part of the resouce management plan process is documented which described approach to estimate resources. At thé same time first high level resources calender is develoed containing pm and other resources that we khow they Will be certainly assigned to the project.

2-procss estimate activity resources is carried out. Type and quantity of resources are détermined and à second resources calender version is updated integrating resources types and their durations.

3-process acquire resources is carried out. Thé effective resources assigned are known exactly.
The detailed version of resource calender is then developed as uptadting the second version of it.

Thanks to complete or comment this way of seeing things
2 months 3 weeks ago #27356

Amit Kawle

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Since this question seems to be coming up regularly. I thought I would try to understand how exactly it appears in PMBOK and what is the trail here that we are missing.

1. PMBOK fails to clearly specify how Resource calendar is created the first time. Because that is the main question right. We know it is created as an output of Acquire Resources process. But then it is also an input to the same process.

Adding more to the confusion, it is also an input to the Estimate Activity Resources process.

One possible explanation to this is, it is an iterative process so inputs and outputs keep getting modified.

2. After all the discussion, it somehow does not make sense how exactly it gets created OR where does the information come from, which will be mentioned later in Resource Calendar.

For me, it would make some sense that it actually comes from EEF, in terms of database or information. All the information related Personnel either comes from EEF or gets updated as an output in EEF. If we look at the content of the resource calendar --> shifts, holidays, working days, start-end of business hours, possible parallel assignments on other projects, geographic location constraints.

I would be glad if someone else can also comment on this point of view.
2 months 3 weeks ago #27330

Jodi-Lynn Sanders

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the problem is, it is also an input to 9.2 Acquire Resources, as well as an output. There is no where in PMBOK 6 where is shows first as an output without also being an input. very confusing!!!
8 months 1 week ago #24600


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What’s not clear is when is resource calendars first created as an output?
The reason I ask is that in pmbok6th edition it is also an input to acquire resources as well as estimate resources.

8 months 4 weeks ago #24213


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Resouce calendar is first created at acquire resource process and it is progressively elaborated and updated. It is not well described im PMBOK 6th edition in other than page 331
2 years 4 months ago #16708

Joe Pang

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Hi Erdal,

The Resource Calendar is the output of the Acquire Resource process in the PMBOK 6, you can refer to page 334.

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