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1 year 5 months ago #16708

Joe Pang

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Hi Erdal,

The Resource Calendar is the output of the Acquire Resource process in the PMBOK 6, you can refer to page 334.
1 year 5 months ago #16706

Erdal Biberoglu

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I would like to bring up this subject , it is a simple document, but I can't understand when it is created in pmbok 6
3 years 3 months ago #10500


's Avatar

I think part of the confusion is that you have to start somewhere. So where do you start? Does it matter? Why doesn't the PMBOK say start with X, then do Y, and improve this iteratively as you go?

Ahmed suggests that we first create the Resource Calendar during Plan HR Mgmt.... but the Resource calendar is an INPUT to Develop Schedule. So, then do we create a rough draft of the Resource Calendar before we get to Plan HR Mgmt, or are we only using RC as an input to Dev Schedule in a later iteration of the schedule?
6 years 6 days ago #4505

Sven Gruendahl

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Hi there,

I agree with Ahmed . The problem appears again and again during the first time students read the PMBOK stuff.
In the first step you need to learn all the processes + knowledge areas on page 61 and ITTO's . In the next step
you are able to identify how they are all linked together. As Ahmed has mentioned everything is iterative and cyclic.
Don't give up Subhajit it will be clearer and clearer !

6 years 2 weeks ago #4471

Ahmed Amin

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Hi Subhajit.

There is no contradiction between what is mentioned in the PMBOK. As processes in the PMBOK are iterative and cyclic.
in the example below, Resources calendar is created during the "Plan Human resource management", at this stage you usually don't have exact names of your team so you create a high level calendar with the needed roles and the duration needed for each role. at later stages during the "Acquire project team", you have the exact resource names and their updated calendars (available time, planned vacations, other assignments, etc.), so at this stage you will be able to create a more detailed resource calendar.

The resource calendar will then be part of your project management plan which will get updated during the project life cycle during the project monitoring and controlling and other various activities.

hope this clears the confusion.
6 years 2 weeks ago #4470

Subhajit Palit

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PMBOK(5th Edition) Page-265 --> Resource Calender created as part of "Human Resource Management Plan".

Again in page-267 of PMBOK(5th Edition) : it says "Resource Calender" is created as output of "Acquire Project Team" process !!!

Which is correct then ?
Can anyone comment on this please ?

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