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3 months 1 week ago #21786

Harry Elston

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The short answer is "no": Here's a link to the same question on the boards several years back: .

The longer answer is "why not?" The paid membership gives you access to a boat load of materials for professional project management. I get it that professional society memberships are expensive: I pay well over $1000 USD per year to maintain society memberships because there is value in those memberships. I can categorically state that ROI for PMI membership is higher than the other two professional societies of which I belong.


3 months 1 week ago #21780

Elizabeth Harrin

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Hi Rohit.
Currently, PMI membership is $129 per year. You can see the pricing on the PMI website:

The CCRS pages on the website will help you better understand the requirements for PDUs. It's 60 per 3 year renewal cycle. If you want to keep your PMP credential, you will need to meet the PDU requirements.
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Ive recently got pmp certified. I took the membership as well.. I know my pmp is valid for 3 years.
Want to know do I have to pay for next two years for the membership if I want to remain the member of pmi.. How much is the membership fee for each year.
Also, please tell me do I've to submit 60 pdus every year or just at the time of renewal..
Do ive to renew my pmp before it get expired? Please tell about the renewal fee as well..
Thanks in advance..
5 months 2 weeks ago #20568


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If you are based in Brazil, you may get the same deal like I did this year, and I would suggest you renew it now if you can.
I just renewed my PMI membership and my PMP certification. I only paid $15 for my PMI membership.

I paid BRL 536 ($105) for the PMI membership (incl. application fee), plus $60 (BRL 306) for renewal. Total BRL 842 or $165.

1 year 1 month ago #18242

Scott Gillard

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I just renewed mine.

I used a combination of books, giving to the community and "on the job".. I filled in with the non-premium content. One thing that helped is that lets you filter " already watched" and also filter by the 3 pillars (Technical, leadership and Stategic & Business). This made it easy to know what I needed to fill in to complete my 60. I then paid the $129 (+ $10 FEE) to PMI membership, which dropped the renewal cost to $60 for a total of $199. I assumed that you would order both the membership and the renewal at the same time. This is not true. You have to do 2 seperate purchases with PMI. Had I known this, I would have become a member sooner. However, there is PLENTY of free content without being a member to watch enough training webinars.
Why be a member then? Because now, if I finish my PDUs in the next year, I still get to renew for $60 (for 3 more years) because I will still have the PMI membership.

There are other benefits to the membership, but thought I'd throw out that tidbit about re-renewing in your first year.
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you can renew membership ONLY for one year (just before renewing your PMP certification )
So you pay 129 +60+10 =199 instead of 150
So you get one year membership for effectively 49 .
And in that ONE year you can earn lot of PDUs .
Then You keep PMI membership discontinued for two years .
SO IT IS GOOD IDEA to renew strategically once in three years.

Thanks Cornelius!

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