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5 years 1 month ago #17669

Jenikka Ebias

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Hi Vignesh,

Congratulations on passing the CAPM Exam! We're glad to hear about your success and we're thankful for sharing your experience and lessons learned with us. We wish you all the best in your career and your future endeavors. Have a great day!
5 years 1 month ago #17660

Vignesh Kannan

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I usually take notes when I am watching the videos like everybody else. But in addition to that I usually keep my PMBOK on the side and started underlining the important keywords in the book. This would be useful when you start revising the concepts. Regarding taking notes I usually try to contain my notes within two pages for each knowledge areas (First I started taking notes of the whole thing but later I changed my mind). I am doing that because helps me to focus on key topics during the revision rather than going through lot of things at the end. Always take Self assessment exams at the end of each chapter and review the questions you had answered wrong before proceeding to next one. Based on the number of questions I answered right I would rate my knowledge level at each chapter by scoring system 1-5. For example if I answered 11 questions of out 15 questions right. I would rate my knowledge at that particular chapter as 3/5. When I am revising everything second time I would insist myself to study more carefully based on this scoring. The above things may or may not work for you try to adapt the methods that's more suitable to your style. Good luck for your exams.
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Vignesh Kannan

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To answer your question I don't think PMI had published any information on how they calculate the passing score. My best advise don't worry about the passing score prepare well for your exam
you should be ok.
5 years 1 month ago #17644

Shannon Yadao

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Thank you so much for all this feedback. Just started PMPrepCast and I am liking the structure. There is so much information and I am trying to make sure I understand each module before moving forward. Do you have any advice on study techniques you used? For example, I watch a video and take notes simultaneously. Then I read the PMBOk section that refers to the video. Then go onto the next video and do the same. Once I complete two videos I go back to the previous video and review my notes, flashcards, pmbok guide and understand it before moving onto the third video. I figure I continually repeat this process for each understanding and then recall it to cement the understanding. Any advice would help. Thanks
5 years 1 month ago #17633

Beverly D'Souza

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For CAPM, do you need to only score above 61% or do you have to get above target in each process to pass ? I was told you don't have to get above target in all for CAPM, only for PMP. Instead, all you have to worry about is getting above 61% for the CAPM EXAM.
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Thanks Vignesh. I am planning to take one in August or September. Your post provides me an idea that the timeline I have set is possible.

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