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2016 PMP® Exam and The PM PrepCast / The PM Exam Simulator

Update status overview:

  • The PM Exam Simulator: 100% Updated
  • The PM PrepCast: 100% updated
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If you are preparing for The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam, then you are probably aware that the PMP® Examination Content Outline has changed, and that Project Management Institute (PMI)® is changing The PMP Exam on January 11th, 2016 .

We have already identified the new exam content and are currently in the process of adding new lessons to The PM PrepCast. We're also adding new questions to The PM Exam Simulator. This is a free update for our current students who have not yet taken their PMP exam.

Here is our FAQ and project status update:

The Agile PrepCast is 100% updated!

As of Septempber 1, 2015 all new Agile Concepts required for the updated exam have been developed, recorded and published.

This means that The Agile PrepCast is now 100% updated to the the new exam specifications. You can confidently use it as your primary source for PMI-ACP Exam preparation.

We are now turning our attention to Module 14, which is a discussion of the PMI-ACP Exam Content Outline. These lessons are a review of the official exam content document and contain no new concepts. 14.00 has already been published and we will publish more over the coming weeks.

PM PrepCast Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you updating The PM PrepCast?

    Yes we are. A team of certified project management professionals is developing new presentations, which will be recorded and published as video lessons for The PM PrepCast. We have also invited several experts with whom we will record interviews on specific topics.

  • Will I get a free update of The PM PrepCast?

    Do you own a license to the current version of The PM PrepCast (based on the latest Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)) and have not yet passed your PMP® exam? If your answer is "Yes I am" then our answer is "Yes you get a free upgrade".

  • I have already passed my PMP exam... can I get a free update too?

    Sorry. No. The upgrade is only for those who have not yet passed their PMP exam.

  • I purchased an old version of The PM PrepCast (version 3 or 4) and have not yet passed my exam... can I get a free update please?

    Sorry. No. Only current students who have a license to the current PrepCast get a free upgrade.

  • When will the update be released?

    It currently looks like we will be publishing about 15 new lessons and interviews. Each of these will be made available to current students as soon as they are recorded. We will add the date of publication into the status updates below.

  • How do I download the new lessons?

    If you are subscribed to The PM PrepCast on your mobile phone or tablet using a podcast software (i.e. "Podcasts" on iOS or "Podcast Republic" or similar tool an Android) then you don't have to do anything. The new lessons will simply show up and download automatically.
    However, you can manually download them from our customer gateway if your prefer.

PM Exam Simulator Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you updating The PM Exam Simulator?

    Yes and No. We are not updating the exam simulator software, but we are adding new questions that are based on the Jan 11 changes.

  • When will the new questions be added?

    We will add the new questions on January 11, 2016.

  • Will I get these new questions for free?

    Everyone who has a paid access to the exam simulator on/after January 11, 2016 will automatically get access to the new questions.

Project Status Update

Date Status Update

Here is the complete list of new lessons that have been added to The PM PrepCast:

  • L01.10 Benefits realization
  • L01.11 Peer-review processes
  • L04.07 Knowledge management
  • L07.07 Project finance principles
  • L08.05 Customer satisfaction metrics
  • L12.05 Vendor management techniques
  • L12.06 Contract management techniques
  • L30.01 Business acumen
  • L30.02 Situational Project Management
  • L30.03 Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Motivation
  • L30.04 Emotional Intelligence
  • L30.05 Generational Sensitivity and diversity
  • L30.06 Lessons learned management techniques
  • L30.07 Meeting management techniques
  • L30.08 Applicable laws and regulations
  • L70.00 PMP Exam Content: Overview
  • L70.01 PMP Exam Content: Domain 1
  • L70.02 PMP Exam Content: Domain 2
  • L70.03 PMP Exam Content: Domain 3
  • L70.04 PMP Exam Content: Domain 4
  • L70.05 PMP Exam Content: Domain 5

All lessons for Module 70 have been re-recorded and published.


L01.11 Peer Review was released today. This is the final lesson with "new" content that we had in development. We are now turning our attention to Module 70. We intend to re-record the lessons that are based on the Exam Content Outline as well.


The PMP Exam changes today. We have removed Module 70 from The PM PrepCast (update is in progress) and we have added new questions to The PM Exam Simulator in order to test you on the new topics that are now on the exam.


L30.08 Applicable Laws and Regulations (audio interview) was released today.


L12.05 Vendor Management Techniques has been published.


L08.05 Customer Satisfaction Metrics and L12.06 Contract Management Techniques have just been published.


L04.07 Knowledge Management and L07.07 Project Finance Principles were published today.


L30.03 Coaching, Mentoring and Training (audio interview) was published today.


L01.10 Benefits Realization (video lesson) and L30.02 Situational Project Management (audio interview) were published today.


Three expert interviews have been published today. They are L30.01 Business Acumen, L30.06 Lessons Learned Management Techniques, and L30.07 Meeting Management Techniques.


The first two interviews of our new Module 30 "Expert Interviews" have been published. They are "L30.04 Emotional Intelligence" and "L30.05 Generational Sensitivity and Diversity".


Now that the first interviews and lesson presentations are done, we can also begin creating new questions for our PMP exam simulator. A question developer has been identified and he has agreed to work on the project.


The presentation for our new lesson on Knowledge Management is complete. It will be recorded in the next 10 days..


The expert interviews on the topic of "Emotional Intelligence" and "Generational diversity and sensitivity" were recorded today. They are now on their way to the audio editor and will be published as soon as they are ready.


PPTX presentations for two new video lessons are nearing completion. These lessons will be recorded as soon as the PPTX are complete.

Interview questions have been sent to several experts and the first 4 interviews are scheduled for recording in a week.


Our update project is now in full swing and we are working toward a swift update of all our training materials. (Please remember that The PM PrepCast ALREADY covers about 90% of the new material!)

We will develop several training videos and record eight interviews with experts in order to cover the additional material. We have contacted five potential expert and asked them if they are available to be interviewed on some of the new topics we need to cover. All said yes. We can now start developing the questions for these interviews.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Simona Fallavolita from PMI® to discuss the upcoming PMP exam changes and record the interview as a podcast. So before you read any further, please click Play below and listen to the wealth of information about the exam changes that Simona has to offer!

Play Now:


Our project team is still finishing up the update of The Agile PrepCast for The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam. As soon as this update is finished, they will turn their attention to The PM PrepCast for the PMP exam.


The "Update Curriculum" -- the list of all the new exam material we have to teach -- is complete. The list is relatively small because The PM PrepCast already includes so much material. We have to develop lessons and interviews for about 15 new topics.

2015-06-15 We are comparing the new PMP Exam Content Outline against the lessons of The PM PrepCast in order to determine what's new and what new lessons have to be developed.

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