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02 Jan 2021 21:40
  • Hari
  • Hari's Avatar
I am planning to have the exam in Feb, can I join the study group ?
02 Jan 2021 21:23
  • Duon Martin
  • Duon Martin's Avatar
I am originally from New Jersey, South Jersey to be exact . I'm located in VA now, but majority of my family is still up in the NJ & Philadelphia area so I'm up that way quite often. It's good to hear that someone is on the EST that is [art of this group. Honestly, I never looked into Rita's process game, but I did try to understand her process chart and I don't get it. I also have 2 more attempts left and until October 2021 to clear this exam. I want to clear this exam on my next attempt so I plan to lock in and focus on the game plan to get us there. I started reading the Agile practice guide just because I had some extra time on my hands during this holiday break since I'm no longer focusing on 2020 content anymore and ignored the guide the first time around because the exam focused on predicative (waterfall) questions in lieu of Agile questions.
02 Jan 2021 21:08
  • Duon Martin
  • Duon Martin's Avatar
I think you done an excellent job with your initial stab at mapping the new outline to the PMBOK 6th edition. I really didn't have to much to add. I noted my additions below to what you already have, but I'm no expert. I was mainly looking into how the new outline applies to the Agile Practice Guide, which I have started reading a little:
Domain 1 People:
Tasks 1, 2, 3 ....PMBOK ch3 leadership styles, ch 9, ch 13
Task 6 ....ch4 (4.4manage project knowledge, ch 9)
Task 10 APG ch 5 (5.2.1 Retrospectives)

Domain 2 Process:
Task 1 ch 4, APG ch 5
Task 2 ch 10, ch 13
Task 6 ch 6, APG ch 5
Task 10 ch4, APG ch 6
Task 11 ch 12, APG ch 6

Domain III Business Environment:
Task 1 ch 8, APG ch 2
Task 2 ch 4, APG ch 5
Task 3 APG ch 5
Task 4 APG ch 6
02 Jan 2021 20:01
  • PMP Aspirant
  • PMP Aspirant's Avatar
Hi Sharon,
I would definitely join your study group once I have got the momentum going for the prep. I would recommend you guys to look over this list of recommended books by PMI for the new PMP exam:

02 Jan 2021 18:39
  • Reader2021
  • Reader2021's Avatar
Hi Sharon,

The breakdown looks great and I would prefer to go by the study plan that you listed by week.
The tasks will get covered in the Agile Practice Guide (AGP ):
Domain I:: Task 7, Task 10
Domain II:: Task 14, Task 16
Domain III:: Task 3, Task4

As I plan to take the exam by end of February will follow your suggestion and combine 2 weeks plan in one week.
I am located in New Jersey and for preparation last year joined Rutgers PMP Prep Bootcamp. We followed Crosswind book by Tony Johnson and it was pretty easy to understand.
I do have Rita's book (9th Edition) and referred it only few times when I needed to understand something or needed additional examples.
But seriously speaking, I did not understand Rita's Process Game. I found that the process names are not completely aligned with what was there in PMBOK but I might be wrong as I did not pay too much attention.
For Process flow understanding I just followed Vargas video. As I have less time compared to all of you I would start with AGP and whenever you guys want to touch base or meet up for discussion will join.
I have until Oct 2021 to clear this exam but am not sure as the year progresses if the exam will get harder or easier.
I did not try any quizzes or the exam in PrepCast 2021 Exam simulator yet but as I progress according to the plan will start taking those quizzes.

Thank You Everyone!!
02 Jan 2021 17:54
  • Sharon S
  • Sharon S's Avatar
I agree, we need to do really understand the material. The new exam has 50% agile. The APG will give us the concept but we need to know how it applies to all the processes and that's not in a book. This is where our group discussions will really be beneficial. We need to see if the Andy Crowe book is getting updated to cover the 2021 exam. BTW we can rent some of these books at 3 months at a time through Amazon. That may work since we plan to take the exam in 3 months.

We would be studying to the exam content. If we all agree on the mapping of each task to a process, we will know that we've studied to the exam content.

You'll notice that Domain I tasks are covered in Ch 9, 12, 13
Domain 1
Tasks 1, 2, 3 ....PMBOK ch 9
Task 4, 5.... ch 9, 13
Task 6 .... ch 9
Task 7
Task 8... ch 12
Task 9 ch13
Task 10
Task 11 ch9
Task 12 ch 9
Task 13 ch 13

Domain II tasks are covered in Ch 2, 3, APG, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Domain II
Task 1 ch 4
Task 2 ch 10
Task 3 ch 11
Task 4 ch 13
Task 5 ch 7, 9
Task 6 ch 6
Task 7 ch 8
Task 8 ch 5
Task 9 ch 4
Task 10 ch4
Task 11 ch 12
Task 12 ch 5
Task 13 ch 2, 3, and APG
Task 14
Task 15 ch 11
Task 16
Task 17 ch 4 closing

Domain III tasks are covered in ch 4, 8
Domain III
Task 1 ch 8
Task 2 ch 4
Task 3
Task 4

In summary, we are covering the entire PM BOK.

We will still be responsible for knowing the order of the tasks and the ITTOs because that will be the other 50% (or 85%).

This is why it's important that the mapping of a task to a chapter is accurate.

For each of these tasks, we need to understand the basic principles (ITTOs) and then how to apply it using agile.

What are your thoughts?

02 Jan 2021 17:33
  • Sharon S
  • Sharon S's Avatar
PMP Aspirant, You can join our study group even though you plan to take the exam in May. What we will be studying will be on the exam. Corneilus said that a few of their moderators were allowed to take the new exam to see what's in it and they reported back. That's how they were able to update the prepcast to cover new material. They are currently upgrading all current prepcast 2020 users to the new prepcast 2021. I don't know if they will be changing their prepcast 2021 after they release it between 01 Jan-10 Jan. Corneilus is also providing a booster class for those who have his 2020 class which will cover all the new material. Personally, I wouldn't delay starting to study especially if you plan to take the test in May. I've read that people need a minimum of 3 months to prepare. Even that may not be enough. Whichever way you choose, you are always welcomed to join in at any time.
02 Jan 2021 17:17
  • Sandip Nath
  • Sandip Nath's Avatar
Yes Sharon.. Last time I didn't study that book, Though I didn't get many questions from Agile. I got 2-3 questions from agile practice like Agile planning, retro meeting.. but still who knows what will happen in the next exam..
I also feel the same as Duon said, its not only the giving practice exam.. but more is to check if our understanding is the same as others. and we need to be both precise and accurate.
I am trying to make a list of what we have to refer till now as Study Material:
1. PMBOK 6 +  AGILE PRACTICE GUIDE + The Standard for Project Management
2. Rita M (If we all agree)
3. Ray's Video
3. Andy Crowe (I don't have much information on this)
4. Prep cast 2021 Practice and Lesson Learned.
5. Ricardo Vargas Video
6. Anything we feel to add in the list..
I don't know why it's always hunting me that I am NOT studying as per exam content outline. I am also not sure if PMI asked questions as per  exam content outline or not.
@PMP Aspirant, I really don't have time to wait till May.. I am already running behind my time.. I have 2 attempts till mid April 2021. So I am planning my 2nd attempt by March end max.  
02 Jan 2021 16:14
  • PMP Aspirant
  • PMP Aspirant's Avatar
I am also interested in taking the PMP exam in 2021 but I would wait at least until May/June for the following reasons:
- New PMBOK 7th edition is coming in late March which means PMP training materials, PM Prepcast Exam simulator etc. will need to be updated.
- PM Prepcast is considered a gold standard for PMP exam preparation. Prepcast has earned this reputation over several years/decades so in order for their exam simulator (for the new PMP exam) to have
same reputation, we need to wait and see the response of the folks who are going to use it and pass the exam.

Good luck with your preparations!!
02 Jan 2021 00:21
  • Sharon S
  • Sharon S's Avatar
Sandip, Be sure to get a copy of the Agile Practice Guide. We will be using that in our study group.
01 Jan 2021 19:11
  • Duon Martin
  • Duon Martin's Avatar
Thanks for your comment about Rita's book. The boot camp that I took back in March with Reed Integration swear that Rita's book is the best exam prep book to use to supplement the PMBOK and prepare for taking the exam, but I to discovered that it is missing a ton of information when I started using the prepcast simulator. I was totally ignoring the PMBOK up until about November and when I starting taking mock exams I would review my wrong answers and the pages referenced within the explanation, it was then I knew that my approach was wrong and I knew that I needed to read the PMBOK. I thought that I had an awesome strategy to pass the exam, but I think that nerves just got the best of me and I tried to take on too much at one time and didn't really take the time to slow down and try to understand what the questions were truly asking me. I took a total of 4 mock exams, but on my first attempt I was only able to get between 55%-60% on the first attempt. I then went back and did a thorough review on every exam and did them all again and I was able to get between 85%-90%. I made flash cards for all the wrong answers and questions that I didn't understand. I have them stored in sandwich bags labeled Exam #1, Exam #2, Exam # 3, Exam # 4. It was taking me more time to review the mock exams then it did to take the exam. Almost triple the time because it was so much that I was missing inside the PMBOK, so I took the time to read up on the things that I didn't understand. I felt like I was racing the clock. In my mind, I had to get as many mock exams as possible completed in order to pass the exam. I've been watching some videos by Scott Payne, he is awesome as well. He stated that you can pass the exam by just taking one mock exam, 200 questions. It is the quality of the questions and taking the time to understand the questions. So, if I could do it all over, I would slow down and not focus on big chunks of info at a time like trying to understand a full mock exam at a time. I would read a little, test my knowledge on what I read by doing quizzes on that topic and move on when it's locked in. When I think about it, that's more of an Agile approach LOL. If you guys are not going to buy Rita M new book, I won't waste my time buying it either for I find it hard to follow as well and missing some key information. I have Headfirst PMP as well and I like that one better than Rita's book, but I realized that I have an old edition of the Headfirst book. As I mentioned, there is a program called Skillsoft that has a ton of content related to the 2021 exam that could be helpful, but this was something provided my employer. I'm not sure how to go about getting it.
01 Jan 2021 16:29
  • Sharon S
  • Sharon S's Avatar
I agree. I have read that more so in the 2021 exam they will be using even more resources beyond the PM BOK. As I did quizzes in the prepcast 2020 I noticed that they referenced sources that were not the PM BOK for the correct answers. I watched other people who posted that they passed and took a mental note of their resources besides the PM BOK. Several people on various sites said they used Andy Crowe. That was a very popular reference. Another were the Vargas videos and the PMP with Ray videos. People also took an Udemy and used the study material provided by them. The common source was using a test bank. Many, many people who wrote in on many sites said that a test bank made all the difference. I personally found the prepcast test bank the most helpful because it took what we learned and applied it. I think as we do quizzes and we need to do at least 2000 questions by exam day, we need to look up the other references that the correct answer lists as a source. That's one thing that I did not do. The study method that we're supposed to do from Corneilious is study a topic, take a quiz, review the right and wrong answers. Then build up and take an exam even if we didn't cover all the topics. Then repeat the process (study a topic, take a quiz, review the right and wrong answers). We should aim for studying 3-4 hours each week day and 5 hours on each day of the
weekend. Not that we'd be in a group study all those hours. Some of those hours we will be in a group study. During my exam in Dec I thought it was unfair that questions talked about things that people do not normally know. Take for instance they referenced CMMI in a question. Had I not previously been a quality engineer I would not have known that and would not have known that the answer was quantitative analysis as opposed to qualitative. I think our best bet at trying to cover the material is to look up the references that they provide in their prepcast responses, use the PMP with Ray videos since he is updating his videos to the 2021 exam, and within our study group share any other references that we may independently have. Cornielious is giving a booster class for those who took his online PMP 2020 class. At least that's my understanding. I'm looking forward to that booster class and see what's new.
01 Jan 2021 10:07
  • Sandip Nath
  • Sandip Nath's Avatar
Thanks Sharon. I will surely go through all the post mentioned in this group. I have 2 attempts pending by 18th April. The time we are targeting is feasible to achieve.
Lets study together and pass this exam.
01 Jan 2021 09:59
  • Sandip Nath
  • Sandip Nath's Avatar
My experience is totally different. I feel only PMBOK6 is not enough to pass the exam. I have gone through Rita'a 9th edition few initial chapter which my friend suggested my 10days before the exam. Though I haven't ready that book fully, but i feel Rita's book or any other source we need to understand PMBOK fully. There are many thing in PMBOK6 which are NOT explain in detail for exam Role of Different stakeholders.
So we may need some supporting materiel and main point we need to map the new Exam contain outline with the PMBOK6.

I got lots of questions from Communications, stakeholders, Team management and change request.
01 Jan 2021 09:58
  • Sharon S
  • Sharon S's Avatar
Welcome Sandip! You can join in the discussion any time. What we've done so far is look at the Exam Content Outline for 2021. We are reviewing the tasks and mapping it to processes. The earlier chat you can see our initial results of the mapping of tasks to processes. If you could, please review the tasks from the Exam Content Outline and see if the processes and tasks need changes/corrections. We plan to start meeting next week in telecons. For now we are collaborating via this discussion board. Once we all feel comfortable with the mapping, we can start our weekly study sessions. This will be a 12-week study session with the plan of taking the test in end of Mar/Apr time frame.
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