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Afraa Ghoulam

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Im taking mine next week :)
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Mahmoud Shahda

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I passed my exam from the first time with "Above Target" in all domains.

- I did study for a round 3 months.
- I did read "Head first PMP" and "Exam Prep by Rita", Used "PMBOk" as a reference.
- I did watch the PrepCast Videos.
- I solved all the PrepCast Exam Simulator questions "Twice" - except ITTO, The simulator was the most valuable source. I used to take learning exams, check the answers and read everything mentioned in the answers
- I used many online free exams, I didn't trust the answers so i was doing research to find the right answers by myself.
I used to google every topic that i feel i am lacking in, read and understand from multiple sources gave me the best results.

- The questions was more than 95% situational, No direct ITTO questions, only two formula question (didn't use the calculator).
- Many questions was related to Stockholders Management.
- The most important point in answering any situational question is to know first at which stage you are now.
- It was really challenging physically and mentally at the end of a four hours exam to stay focus and sharp, train your self by taking full four hours exams.
- English is not my first language and the questions was very tricky (I did want to take the exam in English), I had to read the questions 2 or 3 times to make sure i clearly understand it, I did finish all the question with only 15 mins left, went through the questions i marked for review quickly, i did end the exam with less than a min left.

- Use multiple source for you study: between books, PrepCast simulator, free exams, flashcards and websites.
- Read and understand everything mentioned in the PrepCast Simulator answers even if you answered correctly, understand why the correct answer is correct and why the wrong one is wrong, reference PMBOK if it still unclear for you.
- Understand and memorize the Process and the Formulas.
- No need to memorize the ITTO just you have to understand each one of it.
- Take a rest the day before the exam as you will need it.

Good luck.
Mahmoud Shahda.


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