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Harry Elston

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I'm sorry to hear that.

Have you asked PMI if you can try it one more time (ask for an extension, perhaps) so that you can get your third attempt in before the exam changes? If you never ask, the answer is always "no" so you're not out anything but a little pride by going to PMI hat-in-hand and asking for an extension. I would ask for 6-weeks, presumably because you've already been studying.

If they grant it, then get to work studying. I would emphatically recommend using multiple resources. I used the PM-Prepcast Exam Simulator and Head-First PMP with some home-made flash cards for the process groups and knowledge areas. You simply must understand how the process groups work together. I had my own study method based on a technique called "circular review" that i found works well. I have a "Lessons Learned" post on how to do it. I posted that back in October.

With respect to the PM-Prepcast Exam Simulator. I found the questions to be spot on in terms of style and function. Find a way to go through all 1600+ questions multiple times. When you are hitting 85% or more on full exams, you should be pretty close to ready for the PMP exam.

If PMI says "no" you're no better or worse off than you are now. If that turns out to be the case, I would strongly recommend that you allow some other folks to take the "new" exam for a few months. This recommendation is based on how standardized exams work: The organization will "qualify" exams and people will take them, but as people answer questions they will find that there are some poor questions on the exam and make revisions. This process may take 4-12 months to get the question statistics correct, and you don't want to be part of the trial set during this period. Watch the boards to see how folks are faring on the new exam and keep an eye out for new/revised material based on the new exam and take the new courses.

Good luck!

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I failed the exam twice and my time expired before taking a third attempt. I will have to wait a year to reapply and the new test will be in effect by that time. What are your recommendations for studying. Should I take time off or continue to study. What Do you recommend I study since the test will be different and how soon should I start?

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