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Sandeep Sharma

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Hi aspirants,
I managed to pass exam on 1st attempt in Aug 2019. Just want to share my preparation and experience with the real exam if that can be of any help.

How I had prepared:
1. Few years of PM experience really helps as it gives you context and correct perspective. Either you have worked as a PM or are aware of and closely follow what all your project PM does from the time project is initiated till closure. Personally, even before I started preparing for PMP, I was quite familiar with at least 50% of of the topics/ terms in real world.
2. Go through the prepcast lessons (the 10 domains which are tested) few times until you have a good grasp of concepts. I reviewed 3 times
3. Take all sample tests/ questions seriously to understand why the answer is correct. Especially know why the next closest option is wrong!
4. Read PMBOK at least 2 times. DO NOT memorize but read through and understand the content. I read through 2 times. You may feel you forget some of the content, but thats really OK as the exam is not a test of memory really.
5. I did not purchase or read any other preparation book or brain dumps. The prepacast simulator is sufficient to prepare for the exam. As mentioned in point number 3, please attempt the questions sincerely.

The exam:
1. Questions are close to prepcast simulator questions.
2. Time management is the key. I completed first round to go through 200 questions in 3 hrous 20 mins approx. That left me with just sufficient to review the 25-30 questions I had marked (skipped or not sure of answer)
3. Questions did not really test memory. So with sufficient preparation rote learning is NOT required or recommended.

Best of luck to all!

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