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8 months 3 weeks ago #16739

Jenikka Ebias

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Hi Simon,

Congratulations on passing the PMP Exam! Thank you for the wonderful feedback on our materials. We're beyond pleased our materials helped you achieve such an amazing milestone on your career.

Furthermore, thank you for sharing your lessons learned with us here. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!
9 months 2 days ago #16684

Simon Livy Masike

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First let me thank PM Precast Team for All the Good Work put behind the Exam Preparation Material. The best material ever.

In 2017, I got a job in Germany as a PM. I relocated from my country Botswana. By that time I was only Prince2 Certified Practitioner. I had a plan for PMP. I started registering for PMI March 2018 and as a PM and always on the road, It took me time to prepare myself. But my Friend in Botswana recommended me to PM Precast and the from the first video, I could tell I made the right decision. I really needed this as my company in Germany use PMI standard so I made sure that I will have to get certified.

After learning the material, i thought I was ready, that was last summer and I was so busy that I could not prepare. This year I made a resolution, and after the 7th January, I started and preparing very hard. I then subscribed to Dan Ryan coaching class in January this year to get upto the speed and get a form of revision. It really helped. After that, I started all going through all the PM Precast Videos, until the week of the 22 February and at that point, I had to make a decision to either book for the exam or defer until April after LENTEN Period. I made a bold decision and scheduled my exam a week before, apply for a leave right away. I said to my self, the week of the exam, I will do at most 4 simulator exam in a real exam environment. I did the first one on Sunday, second Monday, Tuesday, and last one Wednesday. In between, I would review the whole exam with explanation for each question.

Sim Marks got 1st 57.5%, 2nd 55%, 3rd 67.5%, 4th 68.5%.
I was so worried that 2 days before my exam, I could not get more than 80% or 70. In all the exams, the first one managed to finish only 145 , 2nd 155, 3rd 182 and 4th 186 questions. I had difficulty finishing all the exams on time. Ironically in the PMP FINAL EXAM I managed to do only 182 questions. I thought I failed but to my surprise, I passed. Though I did not finish on time only managed to to answer 182/200, The thing is I could see, I knew most of the answers to the questions I answered. That confidence, was due to PM Precast Exam SIM and answers explanation. I could see that I have a valid answer for each questions. Some were difficult but did not lose focus.
After analysis, i could see that, only Initiation and Planning needed attention and I really reviewed all the processes.

The explanation on the answers on the Exam Sim really help. On the day of the exam, I reviewed the Control and Monitoring Exams part of the SIM Exam and the explanation made sure that I understood all the areas.

On the exam day, I could see that the EXAM is similar to the PM Precast Exam Sim. I smiled and I knew my day will be better. I could see the PM Precast SIM and the review really prepared me. I used the tricks identified in the SIM to know which processes is referred to in the exam questions. I could easily identify the process and what the questions need. Thanks to PM Precast team.

I passed my exam with 4 Target and 1 Above Target.

My Take/
- I only used the PMBok Guide and PM Precast Material and PM Precast EXAM Simulator, with this that's all what you need.
- PM Precast help me get to know how to answer the questions. How to respond to scenario questions and act in the right manner by selecting the right question as expected.
- Exam Sim is a best tool to use and please review all the answer even those you got correct as there are more explanation to other options. So its like reviewing all areas when you review.
- I only booked my exam within a week and took a leave and with the exam on Friday of that week, I had 7 days to finalize and the SIM really helped.
- Know the difference between what PMI says not what your experience tell you.
- K now the difference between processes
- Lastly do at least 4 SIM exams and review all the answer and other options.

My first try I passed. Thank you Cornelius, Dan and the Team at PM Precast. I am now qualified and got value money. I will come back for more options like Agile Certification. Surely I am so happy with the way Cornelius delivered the Material.

Until NEXT TIME.. HAHAHAH I will get the PMP AGILE prep from PM Precast. That's a promise.

Thank you

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