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TOPIC: Question I passed the PMP Exam Today 27-July-2011.

I passed the PMP Exam Today 27-July-2011. 6 years 10 months ago #2319

  • Tarek Al-Fahham
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I passed the PMP Exam Today 27-July-2011 5:30pm :cheer: .

I would like to share my experience during this journey.

For my Study, I used:
- PM PrepCast as my main study material. This is the BEST thing I have done to prepare for my PMP Exam.
- Took a lot of hand-notes about 200 pages while using PM PrepCast. Writing what I understand helped me a lot. Also, this step helped me improve my hand-writing and note-taking skills, since I almost lost them due to using the computer almost for everything.
- PMBok guide which I was able to read thoroughly only the first 3 chapters. During work, being engaged with family…etc., it was nearly impossible for me to read PMBok Guide and understand. I guess everyone knows why.
- Internet Search: Google. Find more about concepts which are not provided in PMBok.
- Google Bookmarks and Google Docs: To keep a record of important concepts, other resources, and Huge Sample PMP Exams Questions I found in PDF files. This helped me locate related concepts quickly every time I want to remember or recall anything or find related questions/answers. When I search for any PMP Related concept, Google does a great job locating related information, based on my record.
- Google Group "PMP Cert Online Study Group ": was truly if a great value discussing with others any ideas not clear, exchanging ideas, and solving questions.
- Sample Simulated Exams total 6 with 1200 questions. See details below.
- What I should have used for my study also: Rita PMP Exam Prep. You must get this book.
- Time/effort spent for Study: From June-2011, 4 weeks during work with 1-2 hours per day and 4 weeks during my annual vacation in Cardiff, UK, with 6-8 hour per day.

After I completed PM PrepCast, 13 days before my PMP Exam day:
- Memorized the Brain Dump Sheet: Page 43 of PMBok, 15 EVM Formulas, Sigma values, Cost Estimates, and Network Diagram Box (ES, EF, LS, LF, Float). The Brain Dump Sheet was useful, and I used only 60% of this sheet during the exam, and I referred to it a few times. I reviewed this sheet on every morning.
- Did a complete and quick review for ITTOs from PMBok.
- Took Head First Free Exam. I scored 78%. I found a few mistakes in the justifications of the answers and decided not to complete the review.
- Purchased Exams 1-4. They worth every penny. Stop! Read the last sentence again. I completed the 4 exams (70%, 76%, 72%, 73%) in 9 days. After each exam, I spent about 12-15 hours reviewing the incorrect answers reading from PMBok and looking for info via Internet Search. This step gave me a great push forward, especially Google Bookmarks and Google Docs. The justifications and answers of exams were very useful and most of them referred me to PMBok.
- The fact that I used the PM PrepCast, then the PMBok became very easy to digest. I was reading and flying with the book. I can say, I covered at least 60% of PMBok during my review of the incorrect answers.
- Took SimpliLearn Free Exam and scored 66% just the day before the PMP Exam. I reviewed only the incorrect answers quickly in 5 hours same like before. SimpliLearn exam was really difficult and it helped me cover those areas which I missed during my study. The vast majority of the answers/justifications referred to external sources (very few referred to PMBok), and it seemed to me that the answers are based on the personal view of the persons who prepared the questions. But, they were really helpful.

On the day of the Exam:
- Verified the address one day before.
- Went to the Exam Center 2 hours ahead of time.
- Followed all the great tips from PM PrepCast. I prepared a check list and implemented it before going to the Exam. All tips were of great help.
- I reviewed the Brain Dump Sheet.
- I kept a manual record of marked questions and classified them as High/Medium/Low. I marked about 40 questions. The questions marked High, it means I MUST check them if I have time.
- I was able to write the Brain Dump Sheet and complete the Exam Tutorial in 15 minutes.
- Completed the exam in 233 minutes without any break. I was able to review only 2 questions marked “High” and corrected them. Then I ended the exam.
- I cannot say that the exam was difficult. I faced some tough questions though. As a matter of fact, SimliLearn exam made me feel nervous, while the in the real exam, I was confortable.
- I was only allowed to use the Windows Calculator. It was not confortable using it though. The Keyboard does not work with the calculator, so you have to use the mouse.

I passed the PMP Exam with 3 areas Proficient, and 3 areas Moderately Proficient.

Special Thanks:


Finally, I want to, first of all, thank my wife for her great support. Without her support, it would have been nearly impossible for me to be a PMP. Also, great and warm thanks for my mother and all other family members for their support. And of course, thanks Cornelius for PM PrepCast, and everyone who shared his experience and helped me clarifying PMP Concepts.
I hope this will help you pass your PMP Exam also, and I wish you all the best of luck.
With my great regards to all…

Tarek AHF., PMP

Re:I passed the PMP Exam Today 27-July-2011. 6 years 10 months ago #2364

  • Mohammed Abdelhadi
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Dear tareq:
Congratulatios for passing pmp
Mohammed abdelhadi

Re:I passed the PMP Exam Today 27-July-2011. 6 years 10 months ago #2368

  • Audrey Mugisha
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you are so blessed to have passed.

I have my exam on Aug 23 - I am really anxious and want this so bad. I dont feel like I have studied enough though. I have only a couple of days left. I really want this so bad.

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have been studying / reading on my own on an on and off basis since last year. I have not done any simulation exam yet. I opened this message you sent to see if I can find any links to where to find free simulation exams so that I take one today.

I bought the PRECAST only recently becuase I do not have a credit card to had to buy through a friend in the states. I am now spending lots of time trying to download with each episode taking over an hour to download. I am stressing out really. I was hoping the prepcast would be useful but down loading has become an issue.

Please send me any hints you thinks can be helpful. my email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Congs and again and hope to hear from you,


Re:I passed the PMP Exam Today 27-July-2011. 6 years 10 months ago #2370

  • Tarek Al-Fahham
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Hi Audrey,

I am glad to help you, and I wish you best of luck.

I have mentioned everything I know that will be helpful in my LL in the this thread. Also, you must joing Google Group:

You can search against my name "tarekahf" or "tarek" and you will find a lot of useful posts.

If you have any specific question, please do not hesitate to ask. The real exam is not difficult, but you must STUDY and make the effort to the best you can.

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