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TOPIC: Passed my PMP exam 11/15/23! Most efficient study methods.

Passed my PMP exam 11/15/23! Most efficient study methods. 8 months 2 days ago #31009

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I passed my exam first try and had a pretty efficient study method.


1. make a plan, I linked mine below.
-->(1hour to make the plan, 20min each weekend to review the plan)

2. watch the PM Prepcast everyday on the way to and from work.
-->(15min each way per day)

3. Use flashcards, I linked mine below.
-->(10min per day until you're done)

4. Print out Ricardo Vargas process flow diagram 6th edition on 6 pages, tape it together and post it on the wall.
-->(review this when you get questions wrong in order to see why from a process perspective)

5. Take learning quizzes and review each wrong item.
-->(20 questions each) (1hour x 5 times or until you get a feel for the questions)

--> 4hour exam Saturdays ( do these the three weekends before your test and when you're about halfway through the prepcast)
--> 2hours to go through each question I got wrong and write down why I got it wrong.(very important)

7. Get ready for the PMP exam.
-->Take the day off work, sleep in, get to the exam center 30min before you appointment time. Know where the bathroom is. Do the tutorial (helps to calm nerves)
--> LEAVE your phone, watch, wallet. and test notes in the Car! (you don't need them and don't want to risk having your exam invalidated.)
--> BRING ID, clear water bottle, snack into the test room for your two breaks.
-->The Real PMP test questions are a bit vague but the prepcast does a really good job preparing you for them. Don't let it throw you off.

7. Celebrate.
-->IF you study these steps, you have a good chance of passing.
Exam question progression during studying.
1.Learning quizzes (20 questions ea x 5)
2. Timed quizzes (60 questions ea x 3)
3. Full practice Exam 1 and question review
4.(if first exam was around 60+ percent then proceed)
5.Full practice Exam 2 and question review
6.Full practice Exam 3 and question review
7.Full practice Exam 4 and question review
8.Real PMP exam ( the week after your final practice exam)

At first I was a bit lost as the study material seems to be all over the place and hard to know what is important. But after taking the test I can confidently say I made the right choices. I wish I had this list when I started studying.

First I made a calender in google sheets with my study plan. Each weekend reviewed I colored the finished tasks green and red for anything I missed.
MY STUDY PLAN: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11nqbyWVA...2Fg/edit?usp=sharing

During my commute to work, I put on the PMP prepcast videos(15min), then during lunch I did flashcards(10mins), then on the commute home, I watched PMP prepcast videos(15min).
This daily study routine fit into my existing work really well and after two months I had covered all the material. It didn't really fell like a lot of work since I did it every day in small chunks.
MY FLASHCARDS: www.brainscape.com/p/5GJ0P-LH-CVIAT

On the weekends I spent some time in the morning getting ready, light studying, then I would take an exam for four hours. Then review the questions I got wrong.

What I did do:
-->Prepcast EXAM simulator take exams and review wrong answers.
-->PM Prepcast (very highly recommend as Cornelius is a great instructor and keeps it interesting even after 50+ hours of content)
-->Watched the prepcast videos on 1.5x speed when I could still see the screen but wasnt really engaged in anything else(commuting)
-->Take notes on prepcast videos where there was a lot of information I didn't know such as DSDM, SCRUM SAFE, CRYSTAL, etc. (Yes these are on the actual test).

What I did not do:
-->Do not read the PMBOK Guide, Process Groups Guide, or Other reference texts because they are very poorly laid out and way to confusing to understand the information. Basically a waste of time in my opinion. Prepcast has you covered in this regard.
-->Do not watch the prepcast videos while sitting down at a desk. I lost focus when prepcast was the only thing I was doing so that didnt work for me.
--> Do not stress out if you are getting many questions wrong. Instead think of each one as a learning opportunity to do better next time. You will improve significantly if you study for 2months.

Passed my PMP exam 11/15/23! Most efficient study methods. 8 months 19 hours ago #31013

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Congratulations on passing your PMP exam! Thank you for sharing your experience and preparation for the exam in great detail. I am sure other students will find this helpful. Take some time to celebrate and all the best in your professional future as a PMP.

Daniel Soerensen, PMP, CSPO

Passed my PMP exam 11/15/23! Most efficient study methods. 7 months 3 weeks ago #31025

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Hi, I see that you have mentioned you read the guide whne you got the questions wrong. But the links don't seem to take me to the right place, any suggestions for that?

Passed my PMP exam 11/15/23! Most efficient study methods. 1 month 2 weeks ago #31503

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Wow, thank you so much for your thorough breakdown and generous sharing of resources/links. Sounds like we are similar in terms of ability to focus. This is all incredibly helpful information.

Thank you, again, and congratulations!

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