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I'm beyond happy to be a contributor and not a listener!! I passed yesterday thanks to The PM PrepCast and the PMP Exam Simulator. Here are my take-aways that may help you (everyone learns differently so keep that in mind when you digest all the feedback you read). NOTE: I took this exam in 2013 and failed; I was just advancing from Lead to a Project Manager so I'm certain that had a bit to do with my failure.
Resources I used:
PM PrepCast:
- I listened to these on my walks with the dog, bike rides, in the car and sitting down to study. I did get to the point that I was not absorbing as much because auditory wasn't my strong learning behavior.

Richard Vargas 49 Process Video:
- 100% a must if you are unsure how all the process groups relate to each other. This helped me so much from a foundational perspective that just makes so much sense.
- I printed out the template using Staples to make it larger and looked at this daily until it was memorized.

Head First PMP: A Brain-Friendly Guide
- This book lays out the vast amount of information in chunks for you absolutely understand. It's THE best book to help understand the why behind all the knowledge areas/process groups/tools and techniques. I used the Rita book in the past, this one is so much better (just my opinion though).
- Read from cover to cover. I mapped out a plan where I would read one chapter for 2 days which included taking the exam questions after a knowledge area.
- BE WARE! Do not solely use this though. It's not 100% up-to-date with Agile information. PM PrepCast Pod Cast contains all the Agile information very detailed.
- www.amazon.com/Head-First-PMP-Management...a-554191189324&psc=1

PMBOK Guide:
- I didn't think I would use this but I did. I love it now (i know, crazy to write that).
- The PM PrepCast Simulator is so FANTASTIC and thorough. Gosh I know writing that took a long time. It has PMBOK references (including page #'s) to where the information from the questions and answer came from. It is so important on all the questions you didn't answer correctly, to take everyone else's advice and just read the rationale why. I swear, it's what helped me to pass!

Agile Practice Guide:
- Read from cover to cover probably 2x's. There are a lot of Agile questions on the exam and PM PrepCast Exam Simulator also referenced pages from this guide so you can go back.
- www.amazon.com/Agile-Practice-Project-Ma...30505&s=books&sr=1-1

PMP with Ray (YouTube):
- This was SUPER helpful for me too. The way he explained the situational questions and what you need to think about prior to answering is SPOT on. It's not going to be 100% but it will help guide your thought process. It's really good to listen. I took copious notes on it.

PMI's App for Exam Questions:
- I don't have a link for that but go to the App Store and locate it
- I opted to have a daily question sent as a notification.
- It is so good too! Their exams/quizzes are awesome too. I just didn't want to take it on my phone all the time. Not sure if you can access from laptop (didn't try).

Quizlet (flashcard app):
- This helped me a TON too.
- Any question I would get wrong, I would make a flashcard for.
- I would review just before bed, during lulls at work and in the AM prior to studying.
- I had 234 flashcards!!!!

Finally, PM PrepCast Exam Simulator:
- THIS is a requirement! It is THAT good and helps so much.
- I listened to many others before me which is to take tests daily. I would take a quiz after every knowledge area I read. If I failed it, I would read every questions that I answered incorrectly and the reason why.
- THEN, which was scary to me, I read a post about taking a full exam. I was so nervous but I did it and I didn't die (LOL). I took 2 full exams prior to my real exam. I failed both with a 65% then a 67%. I felt like I needed to postpone my real exam but work got in the way and I missed my opportunity (48 hrs prior to reschedule and $70).
- So I committed to taking it with the mindset, I'll take it again if need be.

- Studied every morning for 2 hours before work
- 3-4 hours after work for 1.5 months religiously
- Even on my vacation, I studied 6 hrs/per day

Take the day off prior to the exam and R-E-L-A-X, it feels odd but do it! Your mind needs time to digest. Practice some self care :). The day of the exam, I did review Quizlet and tried to find answers in my books on questions I had, but my brain was not into it! Not sure there is value in trying to remember anything else the day of the exam.

In summary, PM PrepCast Exam Simulator really prepares you with detailed questions so you can make educated decisions. The questions on the exam are a bit general and not as detailed as PM PrepCast Exam Simulator but that's why the Exam Simulator is important. It takes you through the details so you can rise above and answer the PMP Exam questions with somewhat confidence!!! I say the confidence piece because I was never 100% confident while taking this exam. I did have moments of confidence though!!! Like others, I love the Lord, so I did so much praying and asked others to also pray. Power of Prayer is amazing.

REMEMBER: Only spend 1.2 minutes on each questions and periodically check your time and # of questions remaining. I did this maybe 8 times and knew my break couldn't be 10 minutes for each!!!

Stick with the information and the tools......YOU WILL ROCK THIS!!!!!!
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PMP LL - Passed Thanks to Simulator 1 year 8 months ago #27957

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Congratulations, Melissa!

Thank you for sharing your Lessons Learned. They are very helpful, especially the point about only having seconds per question - being able to speed read is a key skill I think!

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