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Henry Gorman

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Thank you! Surprisingly, I did not have many math problems (I think about 3 questions reference to math calculation), which I did not use the calculator at all... but I have a good amount of drag and drop and multiple answer choices (pick 2, 3, 4), which is about 20% of the exam.
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Caprice Scott

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Thank you for this post. Very helpful indeed. Did you have to any math on the exam?
1 year 1 month ago #27418

Stan Po Admin

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Congratulations on passing your exam!

Thank you for sharing your success and lessons learned. We are glad to hear that our products helped you prepare for and pass your exam.

Good luck in all your future endeavors.
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Henry Gorman

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I passed the exam today, Above, Target, and Above.
Material Used:
- YouTube - PMBOK Guide by Ricardo Vargas
- Scheme through the PMBOK version 6, the book is good for reference, but not for studying
- Simplified PMP by Andrew Ramdayal, the book is also free 35-hour training on his website along with over 800 questions.
- Project Management Prepcast Simulator <---- GOLDEN SOURCE

I spent over 200 hours of study for three weeks straight between my MBA and Ph.D. break; while working full-time and full-time single parent with two little kids. I would recommend the scheme through the PMBOK and Aglide Guide, then watch Ricardo YouTube's video to understand how all 49 processes within 5 process groups connecting each other. Also, if you could memorize the processes and order at the point would be a big help through through the lectures and textbook of Andrew Ramdayal. Once you are done with Simplified PMP and video lectures.

Spend at least 2 weeks, which I did only one week on Project Management Prepcast Simulator.
Try to make 60 questions per learning/quizzes at the random selection. This will help you to deal with the real exam because you are allowed to take only 60 questions per section, and you will not be allowed to go back for review once you move on to the next.
Complete at least 600 questions in learning /quizzes a random selection before attempt to take the practice exams.
- Go over one question at a time to understand why you got it right, and why you got it wrong. This is a big help to continue for your to gain the knowledge that reflects you back to the PMBOK knowledge.
- Although Andrew Ramdayal's practice questions are free, Project Management Prepcast Simulator is much closer to the real PMP exam format.

- For the real exam, take your breaks, you need them, go to the restroom and wash your face walking around help to refresh your brain.
- Spend no more than 70 minutes on the first section, 70 minutes on the second section, 90 minutes on the last section because you will feel fatigued after reading so much texts and critical thinking.
- I flagged questions, but I did not really review them because I felt if I read the question twice to determine the answer...there is no way I can re-read to get the right answer in minimal time.
- Use the strike-through and highlighter tools in the exam to eliminate the choice, which helps you to focus on the remaining choice.
- I believe the Project Management Prepcast Simulator content questions are harder, but the real exam language structures a bit difficult to read. I got zero targets on the simulator, but I did well in the exam.
- Do memorize all the formula, theories, charts, diagram, process, and project documents
- Do not memorize ITTO, just understand what they do and why they are there.

-I wish I could spend at least another week on Project Management Prepcast Simulator, but it is time for me to return to the MBA program at the Imperial College London. Therefore, I have to take it today.

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