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Yolanda Mabutas

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Congratulations, Jing!

We are glad to hear that our products helped you prepare for and pass your exam.
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Jing Ya Chen

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I just pass the exam yesterday with 4 above target and 1 at target. Yay! I just realized how much PrepCast exam simulator helped me breeze through the actual exam. No sweat at all!

Study Materials:
1. The PMP Exam- How to Pass on Your First Try by Andy Crowe
2. PrepCast Exam Simulator

Yes, I did not read the PMBOK guide itself. I tried to read it when I first started studying, but it was too dry and too much. I am not sure what information is critical when each page is fully piled with essays. Once I finished the How to Pass on Your First Try, it is much easier to skim through PMBOK guide then, but I honestly never did. I would recommend to go through the PMBOK at least once after you finish the side study book if you have time.

2 month and half. about 2 hours each day with very a few skipped days.
1.5 month just focused on the book mentioned page by page with a lot of notes (especially since I was not planning to read the PMBOK guide)
Spend the last 1 month just focusing on PrepCast simulation exams.

Reading through the side study book provided me a good framework and important knowledge areas to focus. Simple read, understand and memorize. No tricks. I think doing the PrepCast's simulated exam then study the reasoning behind all the questions really zoomed in my focus on the details within the framework. That is the key contributed to my success. I took 5 simulated exams with these first attempt score: 1) 64% (Fail) 2) 74.5% (Pass) 3) 75% (Pass) 4)78% (Pass) 5) 77%(Pass). I spend a lot time reading through the answers. By the 4th exam. I know my scores are very consistent and I am ready. I did the 5th one anyway just to maintain my focus and momentum until the scheduled exam day.

Exam Day
I scheduled the online exam at 2pm. That is when I typically take the PMP simulations exam and feeling productive. Take the advantage of the online testing that is almost available 24 hours a day. Schedule it at the time you typically study for the exam or feeling energetic. I ate and drank 3 hours prior to the exam and no more water drinking after that. Make sure to use rest room right before exam check in!!! I was horrified to hear someone have to take the exam while enduring the rest room urge. That was the most helpful tip I received. Hope you plan your diet timing smartly that day. I also took a power nap around noon. These minor preparations really set me ready for the 4 hours exam.

Actual Exam
I found the actual exam to be easier than the PrepCast exam questions and I hear many others felt the same. The actual question is shorter and more straight forward. The wording style on the actual exam is a bit different than the simulation, but the difference is not drastic and I got used to it very quickly. If you went through a few simulation exams with confident, the actual exam will be no sweat at all. I finished the exam 23 minutes before time is up just like my timing on the simulation exam. I prefer trust first time choice with no reviews and that works out for me. Find your best approach.

After Exam
I got to be the few fool that almost missed exam result! At the end of the exam, there is no dramatic PASS nor detail by domain provided on the screen!!! Just a small congratulations message. I was expecting to see the detailed report or a huge pass. Nope. so I clicked through the Congratulations screen thought it was congratulating me for just finishing the exam:whistle: :whistle: :whistle: so I did not get to take a moment to enjoy my success. so...make sure you pause and read, my friend.

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