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Kevin Gauthier

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Suad Ahmed

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congrats!, can you please share the link on where you found the PMI practice exam. I cant seem to find it online.

thank you!!
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Yolanda Mabutas

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Hi Kevin,

Congratulations on your great achievement!
1 month 2 weeks ago #23472

Kevin Gauthier

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My experience is below, hopefully it’s useful to some in their endeavor.
I planned on absorbing the PMBOK to assist me in the profession. I wanted this to be an asset and not a hurdle I’d forget in 3 months.
Organization strategy
Figuring I’d be referencing my material for a while I deliberately took notes in consistent manner so I could revisit and elaborate more as I learned. Use at least a full page for every process, you’ll be back to add more as you read, get questions wrong, and make sense of the bigger picture.
Knowledge uptake and contact hours requirement
Hardcopy of the PMBOK, PM Precast course and Google.
There are a lot of moving parts, the checklist provided as part of the PM Prepcast software package was very useful. Worked through the Prepcast over 5 months while working full time. Read the PMBOK chapter by chapter as I worked through the Prepcast chapter by chapter. Took the quizzes at the end of the knowledge area and didn’t move forward until the score was decent. Google something that does not stick, there is more than one way to describe a thing.
Application process – don’t start the application until you are ready to apply, Prepcast completion certificate, Google, and peers.
Confirm you have done everything you need to this point per the checklist. For each entry open your PMBOK to page 561 in the English version and use it to help support you claims. Read the PMI checklist before you submit anything.
Exam Prep – Planning to take 1.5 months, I scheduled the exam as such., PM Prepcast Exam Simulator, PMI practice exam, Notes, Vargas video, ITTO video, Flashcards.
Reddit and the Simulator were key factors. I made a study plan that lasted 1.5 months, studying a few hours each day. Took 6x Prepcast exams @ 2 per week with an average of ~77% then took the PMI practice exam 1 weeks before the real thing. Know why you got something wrong, amend your notes, and move to the next one. Every few days go through your notes again. Force yourself to make flashcards if needed. I didn’t utilize the quizzes until the end, but I’d recommend a few of those before you take a full-length practice test. Vargas is useful so do that once a week. Know the formulas.
Exam Day Online Proctoring
Be physically and mentally prepared to sit still for 4 hours, answering a question every minute, and flagging them a moving on if you need more time. Use the opportunity provided to get to know the software, it could mean getting a few more questions right at the end of the day. Read the last sentence, read the question, read all of the answer choices. Know which process group you are in, know which process you are in, then your prep will take over.
I did not enjoy the remote proctoring service. Just read the rules carefully and pretend you’re in elementary school... ask permission to move to go the bathroom. It sucks. I was given a warning for moving my head down out of camera view once. Honestly if you can avoid interacting with them, do that.

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