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2 months 3 weeks ago #23121

Jess Ching

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I just passed the exam 2 days ago
Here is a link to the GMAT sit which has a whiteboard you can practice on

It is exactly the same as the one I used in the exam

Best of luck!
2 months 4 weeks ago #23062


Anonymous's Avatar

I stumbled upon this link just a day before my online exam and at that time I was kicking myself for choosing online instead of Classroom Exam (mainly because of 1) internet/power fluctuations and 2)whiteboard)
But thanks to your comment and the link in that, I was able do couple of practices on the whiteboard, playing around with all the tools (including colors and finer tip).
I can honestly stay your comment helped me get my PMP certification today (and that too with AT/AT/AT/AT/T).
Thanks a million.
3 months 8 hours ago #23027

Alexandra Van Praag

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How did it go? I have been trying to practise with the white board and it's very hard! also, what kind of photos do they ask you to take? Trying to figure out how to make my workspace proctor proof!!
Fingers crossed you passed!
3 months 2 days ago #23003

Gabriella Dellino, PMP

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Hi Kate,

you will find some additional details on the built-in whiteboard at the following link:
That also includes a tool to practice and get familiar with the online whiteboard, before the exam.

My experience with the online whiteboard was not great. I practiced using Paint (as the tool I linked was not available at the time), but my trackpad was not reacting promptly, so I rather preferred to practice using text boxes instead of drawing with my fingers. Not bad in the end, but of course much slower than paper and pencil.
Having no other choice, I just tried to practice, practice, practice, as much as I could—especially to find an effective way to "draw" a schedule network in a text box.

I'm sure you will find many more posts shared in this forum when searching for whiteboard and online/proctored exam.

Good luck on your exam!

3 months 2 days ago #22997

Katherine Patla

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I am scheduled to take my exam Saturday, August 22n, morning. I have been studying for over 2 months, took the last week off from work to focus on studying.
I have been taking the practice exams using a scrap piece of paper and pencil and then I realized, we cannot use a scrap piece of paper and pencil for online.
I rely heavily on the scrap paper and pencil to work through the equations and calculations.
How does the online whiteboard work? Any tips or tricks?
Any additional insight to how the experience went in regards to writing down the equations?
Thank you so much!

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